Tripwire Funnel: Secrets For Converting Traffic Into Sales

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The tripwire funnel is currently becoming quite popular among marketers. Since cold traffic can easily be converted to sales. This may seem new to many. But Russell Brunson has talked about this in detail long before. He has shown how to convert cold traffic with a light push.

Russell Brunson wants to keep you ahead of others with constant new ideas. He has given a good idea about this in the Dotcom Secrets book. This is one of the hot sales funnels. Those who are new may not have any idea about the tripwire funnel.

Today we will do a basic review of the Tripwire funnel for everyone. Even an inexperienced person will get a basic idea about this funnel by doing this. Our reviews will have its definitions, its use in different businesses, and guidelines on how to create it.

So let’s know the top-to-bottom of the tripwire funnel.

What Is Tripwire Funnel?

Tripwire funnel is mainly a low-ticket product that lets you solve a specific problem in life. The price will be very low. But this should be useful for everyone.

If you can provide quite a valuable solution at a low cost, then anyone who accepts your solution will buy the product. People will buy more since the price of the product is very low.

When they are accustomed to your live solution, only then move them slowly towards the high pricing product. Thus, you will continue to increase the product at a geometric rate.

People will surely buy it since it is an affordable product. Now we hope everyone understands the definition of the tripwire funnel. Your task will be to use it in the right place.

This funnel is very popular with internet marketers because it can easily attract people. And it is affordable for everyone since there is a low price product.

So anyone can buy your product or service as a solution to the problem. You already understand the definition of the tripwire funnel. Now you have to use it in different businesses.

How Tripwire Funnel Works

Tripwire Funnel

The function of the tripwire funnel is very simple. Create an opt-in page first. It can be a free shipping offer for different products. You can ship the entire product free as a sample with shipping.

So give a nice description of those who will be attracted to this offer. Create opt-in pages beautifully with information such as why to buy it, what benefit it will get, what is the use of this product, and more. Then enter the order form at the lower end. You will send samples for free if people order.

You can add another order page with it if the order completes it on the order page. There, you can highlight the flagship product of your fleet in a fascinating way to visitors.

This will make the buyer think that it can be bought because you are giving it free. Many converts could be done with this method. Since they are slowly converting from cold to warm traffic.

Sell the Digital Version of The Product

Now you know the work process. You can sell the digital version of that product, too, if you want. It’s a very easy task. Suppose you publish a book.

Someone order a hard copy of that. Then you can also offer an e-book to buy there. Since many people like to buy a PDF book rather than a hard book. Thus, more and more leads have to generate by up-sell and down-sell.

How to Use Tripwire Funnel in Your Business

You must know various types of businesses to apply the tripwire funnel in business. Currently, running businesses can be separated into six categories. Application fields will be different according to categories. So here is how to apply the tripwire funnel in which business has been shown.

Use in Authorship Business

You can easily give a free offer because the product in this type of business is yours. Anyone will want to take your product if you provide free shipping along with the free product. Then you will find no end by making sales.

So set the limit for the free offer. Mention the condition that buyers will get the free book plus shipping facility only when he will subscribe. Provide a demo of some exclusive products of yours, which will be sent as a sample. A lot of upselling will happen from there.

Many people will want to read the main book after reading the demo. You can then sell it without a discount. Fifty people will buy your demo provided books if you give a free sample to a hundred people in this way. This funnel is very effective in the authorship business.

Use in E-Commerce Business

This funnel also easily can use in e-commerce business. Online buyers usually feel comfortable to get an offer. And there will no talk if they get the whole product for free. Everyone will want to take your product.

You can give effective software as a sample in that case. Since no shipping is required for it. It can be delivered online via e-mail. Provide some limitations of the product.

Set a link for the software which he needs to buy to erase the limitation. Then you can see that buyers will buy the premium version of your product to enjoy the feel feature. And you get the lead without any funnel set-up because you had to send e-mail to everyone for free delivery. That is called doing two things in one go.

Use in Business-To-Business

Business-to-business is the platform for wholesale traders. Everything sells here in bulk amount. So you can give a free product to each buyer.

You can choose various types of low price products in this case. Since it doesn’t cost much money even to pay for a sample. Suppose you will sell wifi adaptor of a laptop.

So you can make an offer that everyone will get a wifi adaptor as free. People who sell computer accessories are your visitors. Since everyone is taking the sample, then someone will make a bulk amount order. Everyone will want to buy your product spontaneously if it is good.

So, create an opt-in page with good quality products and make an offer.

Use in Affiliate Marketing

You can apply any product in this funnel for affiliate marketing. You must do a lot of work on that. Make a landing page with your product at first.

You can make a free offer for your product. Everyone will want to take the product if it is free. But its price must be flat so that you don’t have to face much money loss for the offer.

We would have chosen any software as a product here. Since the commission rate of this product is high. Then we would provide a free demo of it. And we would add many upsell, down-sell with the product.

A lot of sales come by following these upsell, down-sell link. You will keep up-sell, down-sell in your every page in this way. Since visitors will see that he is getting another free if he takes this. He will be involved with all the products in this way.

Use in Professional Service Business

You can use it easily in a professional service business. You don’t have any investment since you are doing professional business. You can provide your service to thousands of people for free. Suppose you are a lawyer.

You can give an online service if you want. You can announce that you are making a package about legal aid. That package will be free for all.

People will come then to take your package in groups. Only then you will play the master game. Add more premium level legal service as up-sell. Then people will convert to premium packages for those who are not happy with a free package.

The trial version of companies is also one type of tripwire funnel. A professional business is one of the businesses where this funnel can be applied without loss.

Use in Retail Business

You can arrange for free delivery with a low price product since you are a retailer. You have a lot of products. So you can do it in a product. But you have to be careful to keep the price low.

You have to pay a lot of subsidies if the price is high. Who wouldn’t want to take your offer if they get free shipping, free product? Then you will get a lot of leads through subscription.

Besides, you can make them understand that you have more good products in the store. They can buy them too. Then they will come to your store to buy whatever they need. And upsell, down-sell will continue in this way. This method is very useful for speeding up the retail business.

How to Create a Tripwire

It is a very easy task to create a Tripwire funnel. Since you don’t have to be such an expert marketer to do this. At first, create a beautiful opt-in page using Clickfunnels to create the tripwire funnel. Give a detailed description of the free product you are offering there.

Why readers will buy the product, why they will get free, do not skip writing anything. Readers must understand from your opt-in page that it will be useful for them if they take this free. Then you can ask for a shipping fee, or you can give it for free.

The order form will be at the bottom of the opt-in page. You will ask for different information from them in the order form. E-mail, phone number, credit card number like this. Add a lot of premium services with it when people take your product for free.

Now, the tripwire funnel is ready. You see how easily you made a tripwire funnel.

Example of Tripwire – Behind of Dotcom Secrets Book Funnel

Let Me Give You the Biggest Example of The Tripwire Funnel. Dotcom Secrets Book Is a Tripwire Funnel. Russell Brunson Has Written That. It Was His First Book.

He Makes the Book Full Free for All. only Shipping Charges Were Paid. This Russell Brunson Is the Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels. He Is Familiar with One Name in The World of Funnel Marketing.

Collect the Dotcom Secrets Book Now from Here if The Book Has Not Been in Your Collection Before.

You will see a landing page set up in a two-step order form when you will go to buy the book. That means you have to complete the order form in two steps. You will be given a low price product in the first step.

Example of Tripwire

Opt-in opportunities for a higher price will be given in the second step. There will be a lot of up-sell and down-sell products. But how they have created this two steps order form? What is that mechanism? We will narrate that now.

Two-Step Order Form Mechanics

When we click on, get free now for the Dotcom Secrets book, we can see in the first step that it is asking for information like e-mail, phone number, address. You are giving this information at ease. Then when you click next, your basic info has gone to them.

By going to the second page, they are placing an order without giving correct credit card information. Since they know, it’s free. He is using another method for shipping.

Other Forms in Tripwire Offer

So when you’re ordering on a second page, an offer is constantly bumping into a popup. You can then see the offer when you click on it.

This is how you will be shown one by one product. You can do the same thing in your marketing field. It is quite useful in business.

Forms in Tripwire Offer

What Happens After They Buy the Product?

You may be wondering what happens after they buy the product. It seems natural to think so. We are going to end your curiosity. After ordering, it is first shipped to the address of the person who places the order.

So that product has a lot of one-time offers (OTO). Suppose the monthly subscription fee of someone’s product is 100 USD.

Then he will make an offer; if you buy in one time, it will cost only 800 USD for 12 months. Many people can buy it, seeing a 400 USD discount. And they earn a lot of money from those who make an offer.

Many one-time offers are offered as an upsell inside the free product. Then a low ticket funnel is made again. Later, it is converted to a higher ticket funnel. This flow continues. If you have to give a loss in the first step, you can earn a lot of money in the second step.

Final Verdict

We hope you have read our reviews with great interest. Our hard-working reviews will only be useful when you can use it in your own business. Russell Brunson, however, wrote a free book and started the tripwire funnel.

He made the book free for all. It just cost the shipping fee to buy it. After that, he has sold a lot of software and books through the Dotcom Secrets book.

You can start in the same way. If you can catch the buyer with the offer at the beginning, then you can also sell the premium product with one time offer. You can try the tripwire funnel at least one time if you want to grow your business.

Without benefit, there will be no loss. Our review ends here today. Stay tuned.

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