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Sales Funnel Template

Are you familiar with the sales funnel template?  Do you have a business but no sales growth? Then here we are to solve your problem. If you are new in business and have no experience.

The sales funnel template will help to make a proper balance between your product and sale. Whether you are a start-up or an experienced one, this template will work everywhere.

Here We discuss how it will make a huge triumph when you use this sales funnel template in your business module. Here, we also discuss different types of modules. So that you could choose your suitable one.

Have A Cool Sales Funnel Template is Great but It’s Not Enough 

Nowadays, most websites give you so many ready-made funnel templates. But they might not be good for you. Because not every funnel works in every business module.

So here, we will show you the way and you just have to pick your own. Let’s see the sales funnel template first.

This Article Talks and Does Not Talk About?

Here We will not only share the design, template or a method to shortcut. But also, we will explain in detail.

So that, you can easily get the point and make a quick decision. And that will bring victory to your project. That is my ultimate goal.

Sales Funnel Template

Learning a marketing foundation may pull you behind. But it will bring you out in your crucial moments. If you can build good foundations, your business will remain sustainable.

It is always difficult to make anything big. For that reason, you have to make a proper plan. which can lead you and give you hope. And here, we can assure you after reading this article one, you will be the winner.

The Elements That Successful Sales Funnel Have

Everyone likes simple and genuine things. So, we will make this article very easy. For that reason, we did a lot of research. And, make a simple sales funnel where you need only three elements.

  • Design
  • Script
  • Recipes

Actually, most people think that funnel design and sales funnel template will work. But as a result, they all face failure. So, here we will explain in detail these 3 elements for you.

Successful Sales Funnel

The Funnel Recipes 

There are so many different funnels and businesses. So according to your business, you have to choose your funnel. Because you can’t mix one funnel into another. If you do that your work will be damaged for sure. We will give you a simple example to make it clear. Just think, you are on an Affiliate site but use the E-commerce funnel. The consequence you may know.

That’s why we make 12 sales funnel recipes lists and give examples of contrasting businesses.  So, the article is big enough to finish. But if you read the whole process, the benefit will be yours. Which we can guarantee you.

1. Application Funnel

Application Funnel

How to Use the Application funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant: This funnel is used to sell expensive and personal touch coaching. We give suggestions to everyone that put your victory story on the first page. And then ask the traffic to apply it. Where you may use this backslid funnel after every midrange.
  • E-commerce: This site is used to purchase special valuable products. In this section, you can make a video for a new selling thing. And showcase that to see the reaction of the traffic. Rather than that, you can also make a waiting list for that product.
  • B2B Business -to- Business: This B2B business application depends on such a funnel where the results end up in a phone call. Here, the first Opposite Compress page can highlight the triumph of different companies. Which you collected in the past.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This funnel is used to collect traffic for your team. That’s how you can make a proper impression as a team. And also add individuality.  Here also the result ends in a phone call with 4-Question.
  • Professional service: This funnel is for exclusive customers. Who wants special offers and other facilities? That’s why whenever they join this funnel, they can pick coupons and prices.
  • Retail/ Brick & Mortar Business: Here, the funnel gives a huge discount and makes customers apply to it. If anyone accepts their offer, they will deliver the parcels to them.

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2. Ask Campaign 

Ask Campaign 

How to Use the Ask Campaign funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/ speaker/ coach/consultant: Whenever we plan a new idea or business, we use this funnel. Because we always ask customers about what they want or struggle to find out. Then we choose my product.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce business surveys helped me a lot. After the survey result, we have a proper concept for my products. That is because customers can give you honest answers according to their needs.
  • B2B Business-to-Business: This business is a little bit different from other business funnels. Because the range of customers is huge here. So, we asked people which things they need and how we could give them better options. According to their assumption, we can easily make my goal of what to sell.
  • Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, we always make campaigns to see the requirements of the customers. The event can raise awareness and people are encouraged to answer the questions. That result will help me to make an exact plan.
  • Professional service: Asking questions is a great way to find out what the customers demand. After that, this survey helps me to make a proper plan.
  • Retail/ Brick & Mortar Business: Local areas are the best place for retail marketing. So, we make a campaign to discover the details of specific places and people. That will help me to think and make a quick decision on my business plan.

3. Auto Webinar

Auto Webinar

How to Use Auto Webinar funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant:  Affordable price products need a webinar funnel. This can bring you the best idea.
  • E-commerce: This webinar funnel is used for several items and you need to make a discount on those.
  • B2B Business-to-Business: In B2B business, this webinar is better-called Product Demo. Because here we can showcase our product or service to our premium buyers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Here in affiliate marketing, we always make a bundle offer or services. Because of that people try to join and buy a lot to have a cheap price.
  • Professional service: In this section, we make an event and announce a discount. After that, we could know their opinion and needs also.  This webinar is a huge challenge to make a big hit.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: The best funnel for valuable customers to engage in my business. Here, we offer rewards to make them special.

4. Bridge Funnel

Bridge Funnel

How to Use Bridge funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant: Sometimes we get a few customers who don’t know what they want to search for. For that reason, we use this funnel.  First, we will make a short video where we explain all the details about my service. Then according to their needs, we drive them to a specific page. Which they want or buy.
  • E-commerce: In this funnel, first, we choose a certain audience who needs my help. Secondly, according to their need, we made an ad. And build a bridge.  Thirdly, after making a proper relationship, we make an offer to them.
  • B2B Business-to-Business: In this segment, we do research on what the customers want. And after that, we make a bridge to keep in touch with them.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Targeting a specific audience needs some strategy. That’s why we make an ad targeting my customers who need my products.  After that, we showcase my products and give my link to purchase.
  • Professional service: This funnel is used to make an awareness among those who don’t know what we do. That’s why making a bridge with that cold traffic is my first priority. After that, we drive them to the zone. And make sure that they make an appointment.
  • Retail/ Brick & Mortar Business: This funnel is to make a bridge and build a good relationship with customers.  So, we could offer them a perfect offer according to their needs.

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5. Cancellation 


How to Use the Cancellation funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant: This funnel is used if anyone cancels the product. It is also used even if they stop the membership.
  • E-commerce: Here we try to find out those customers who are always searching for things but can’t decide. So, we made an informative video for them. And after that, build a relationship with them.  And then, we reveal to them why this product is similar to what they need. At last, giving them an offer will make our bond strong.
  • B2B Business -to- Business: In this section, we make a cancellation funnel to opt out of what my customers don’t want. But we also gave them an offer for next month to attract them.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Whenever someone cancels or tries to, we use this funnel.  So that, when they see my offer, they will regret it.
  • Professional service: Whenever customers didn’t or denied to upgrade the product.  We use this funnel to make an offer. After that, they can change their decision. Because we offer the best discount which will be profitable for both of us.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: If you see the price increasing what will you do? In this section, we show the increased value market. After that, give them some special offer or reward to get an on-spot purchase.

6. Daily Deal

Daily Deal

How to Use the daily deal funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant: Every week we focus on the product. Secondly, on special occasions or off-days, we give some extra discounts to my customers.  That’s how we show my gratitude towards them. And this offer also includes their family and friends. That is how they could share it with all of them.
  • E-commerce: Similarly, we give coupons every week or on a holiday to grab my customer’s attention. And this offer could be shared with their near one.
  • B2B Business- to- Business: There are few hero products in our every business.  So, we pick one of those and give a cut-price option. That’s how my thank you page makes an appointment for a phone call.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Here, we pick one of the best-selling products and make a great deal. To have this offer, they just need to share it with their known one. And this is how we increase my lead.
  • Professional service: Similarly, we use the same funnel to make a discount. And make sure that my products must be shared with others.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Groupon is the best model to learn how to make a new offer. So, we use that and make an eye-catching offer for new customers.

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7. Hero Funnel 

Hero Funnel

How to Use the hero funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/ consultant: Whenever we tell our real stories, people easily engage with us. And we use this method here with my customers. And ask them to join my social media. That’s how we  could share more stories or lists with them.
  • E-commerce: Similarly, we ask their attention to describe my story. And then to follow my id for further information.
  • B2B Business- to- Business: Using the same process to make people’s attention and divert them to join with me on my account.
  • Professional service: This is also similar and that’s how people follow me on social media.
  • Retail /Brick & Mortar Business: Here, we use the same process.  Because this process is genuine and people can feel the connection also.  That’s how we  make sure they will follow my id on social networks.

8. HomePage


How to Use the homepage funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author /speaker /coach/ consultant: People always have an interest in the birth of every business and the story behind it. So, we use this technique and take one of my products that can relate to the story.
  • E-commerce: The making of my product is always different from others. So, we show this site and tell them the difference.  After that, we put the link, video and give some coupons also.
  • B2B Business- to- Business: Homepage funnel, we use to showcase my business story. Like where we started and my struggling journey.  After making a connection, we put my best products below.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Similarly,  we use the homepage to tell our story and make emotional bonding with customers.  After that, we give products and the link also.
  • Professional service: To build a relationship with customers, we make videos to tell the story of my business.  That’s how we put links with offers/coupons.  So that, they can see and make an appointment with us.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Telling company’s behind the story to grab the attention of customers, Which we used here. And then link up with our best products and services, so that they could see.

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9. Invisible 


How to Use the invisible funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/consultant: To sell new products and see the existing customers, we use this funnel regularly.
  • E-commerce: Offering free registers is always a great attraction for customers.  That’s the way we train and show my products.
  • B2B Business- to- Business: Here, we gave a free demo and training. So that, customers can see my products and then they can buy them.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Making a free demo and training can increase the level of selling.  After using the free products, people will gradually buy them. If those products are good for their needs.
  • Professional service: In this segment,  we prefer to show our service at free cost. And let them experience it. After using the services, we could sell a bundle of services.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Making an announcement that if anyone joins my free training could get an offer. That’s the way we showcase my products. And after the training, they purchase products.

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10. Lead magnet Funnel

Lead magnet Funnel

How to Use the lead magnet funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author /speaker/coach/ consultant: Here, we give a sample ebook, if they give their mail address.
  • E-commerce: In exchange for the mail address, we give them a coupon.
  • B2B Business- to- Business: For this business, we use a small survey. Where we give a paper to fill up the customers personal information like address of mailing, contact and home.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Using products and their info can be a better option for buyers. That’s how they know how to solve their specific problem.
  • Professional service: Giving away reports can give the buyer a proper impression.  In return for that, we collect their name, mail, and phone number.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: This is a door to door service. That’s why a walk-in coupon is the best option to collect email and phone numbers.

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11. Membership


How to Use membership funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/speaker/coach/consultant: Offering membership to buyers can increase the locality. And after that, we can easily do my training. Also, using VSL, we can sell access.
  • E-commerce: Here, we create a free training only for my membership owner to show products demo. That’s how we  could sell the products to them.
  • B2B Business-to-Business: Making an exclusive customer view of my products can help me a lot. So, we will offer this session only for my membership holder. So that, we can get real feedback.
  • Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, we show my plan to my valuable members for free. But we put a condition. They will get this chance if they join my downline.
  • Professional service: This offer will make my members more special.  Because here, we announce the best selling product info and deliver them to my client’s area.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Here, we will make a video sales Letter page for my members  And also include a deal for them to purchase.

12. Product Launch 

Product Launch

How to Use the Product launch funnel in Your Business

  • Selling as an author/ speaker/ coach/ consultant: Product Launch Funnel can grab the attention of the buyer. So, we offer this funnel for a few days and then close it when there’s no room to add others.
  • E-commerce: In this funnel, we make a list of products to sell and open this offer for all. Until we have the stock of those products.
  • B2B Business-to-Business: In B2B business product launch has a specific priority.  That’s the reason we opened a grand virtual ceremony for my new product. And sell beta access. After that, we take close attention to the best access customers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Using this funnel is tough for affiliate marketers. That’s why we gave an extra offer for the launch of my product.  Where we put products line to my downline. After they join my selling segment, we use that extra offer.
  • Professional service: The holiday is the best day to give a great death for my service.  So we grab that opportunity and make my service available on holiday. That’s how we pay attention to my services.
  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Local holidays can make a better deal. That’s why we launch my products on local off days. And tell them this offer only for a day. So they must buy otherwise the deal will close.

Sales Funnel Template Design

If you can choose the specific funnel for your business, now it’s time to pick a design.  In the design segment, a landing page has 3 things. That is:

  • Section
  • Rows
  • Elements ( like image, video,etc)

How to create a beautiful page design 

  1. Search for a design and make sure that you do enough research on that.
  2. After that, search for a professional designer.
  3. And then, invest money to create your own funnel template design.

How to get it?

Search the design on google. Make a free account according to your choice.  After that, see your dashboard to make a new funnel. Choose your desired one and click on it. That’s how you can change the page to your choice.

Sales Funnel Scripts 

Selecting proper headlines, videos,  webinar, content etc is always a difficult situation for all of us. To solve this problem we can hire a copywriter or can learn that. Not but least, you can also use the Funnel Scripts tool to choose your content.

What is Funnel Scripts? Read the review here to get more detail


After reading this article, we know you get the proper knowledge to make a Sales Funnel Template.  Using the 3 sales funnels and also software can make your journey better. So, try this idea and make a certain growth in your business.

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