Terms & Conditions

This term of getting services from Pro Funnel Builder is a legal contract between you and Pro Funnel Builder. This terms & conditions or terms of an agreement are written so that we both parties are clear on the services you need and we provide. This is to make sure that you have the liability to pay us and we have the responsibility to complete your project. In fact, the terms & conditions are to ensure quality work.

Since this is a binding legal agreement between you and Pro Funnel Builder, please print a copy of this Agreement for your records or you can read it here from this website anytime.

The services

Pro Funnel Builder will provide you with the services for which you requested a quote or agreed while discussion on the website, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. With respect to free-of-charge, we take 50% upfront payment so that we both parties are the insecure position. After completing 50% of the project you need to pay another 25% and rest 25% after completing the project successfully. Pro Funnel Builder reserves the right to cancel your services if you are unable to pay.

Registration process

After discussing with you about the project, we’ll give you an exact budget and deadline to finish it. Before starting you need to sign our agreement paper where the project details, budget and deadline will state clearly. We’ll send you payment request of 50% for starting your project, we won’t work until you pay us 50% upfront. The payment should be processed through Payoneer and your credit card details will be stored there so your data is 100% secure, and we don’t have any access to your credit card or bank details. While sending payment request we give you a detailed receipt describing the project. When we deliver the project to you, we’ll send you a final agreement stating that the project is finished and you got your project done successfully.


You agree to pay any fees to set up or buy the third-party tool. In case of software, plugin, app development you may need buy server or whatever needs to be purchased, you are obliged to pay for that. Besides, if you take any recurring service from us then you are bound to pay within the date of payment otherwise we’ll cancel your service. So, to get uninterrupted services from us on monthly basis you need to pay each month and this will be automatic charge deduction from your card or bank.

Pricing changes and other modification

Pro Funnel Builder keeps all rights to change the pricing of any services both one time and subscription. All the pricing will be posted on the website and pricing will be effective 14 days after such notification. If you aren’t agreeing with our pricing, then you may cancel your subscription before 14 days otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the changes.

Duration and cancellation of services

Pro Funnel Builder reserves the right to cancel any project immediately if you are unable to pay or unresponsive for 14 days at a time. We can cancel your project if you fail to pay on time according to our payment conditions, and we’ll leave your work immediately. The project completion time may vary what we stated, and in this case, we’ll work until your project is finished.

Terms and termination of this agreement

Pro Funnel Builder keeps all rights to terminate any contract or agreement with you if you violate any rules. If you violate any of the agreement, then we’ll terminate without notifying you or with notice. Termination takes place mainly when you fail to pay in most cases.


If you acknowledge and agree to buy any service, and pay for that then NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE unless you tell us within 12 hours of signing the agreement. For subscription service, you cancel at any time you want but no refund will be issued.


Pro Funnel Builder includes services you have taken from us on the website as a testimonial, press release etc. so you are agreed to that terms. We may include your domain & logo in our customer lists or case studies section as a signature of great work we deliver. Also, we include our brand name in the footer section of your website as a footprint so you are agreed to acknowledge.


If you have any questions about this agreement or profunnelbuilder.com services, please contact by email at info@profunnelbuilder.com

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