ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (Ultimate Guide)

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Affiliate marketing for beginners is a great effective medium. Basically, ClickFunnels is providing training to the beginners and managing the source to earn money from them.

In this way, both beginners and ClickFunnels are being benefit. ClickFunnels is being beneficial because they are being able to sell many courses through the affiliate.

And the beginners are being benefited by earning a bigger amount of commission. So if you cannot find out any means of earning, you can start doing ClickFunnels affiliate.

It can be said that they will train you on funnel marketing without charging any fee. Then you will be able to earn dollars by doing the affiliate by applying the knowledge acquired.

Affiliate marketing in the world is quite popular nowadays. This program is for those who do not have any idea about funnel marketing. Affiliate marketing for beginners is a great initiative by ClickFunnels.

So let us know some information about this program today.

What Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

It is basically a program for beginners. Here, some of the concepts related to funnel marketing are given to beginners. Students are taught how to earn money from ClickFunnels by doing affiliate.

ClickFunnels is just giving this opportunity to beginners only. But it is also very helpful for experts though it is for beginners.

If you are experienced in funnel marketing then it will be a great thing for you. You need nothing to learn. You can just take the affiliate from ClickFunnels and start marketing.

The commission rate by ClickFunnels is usually too high. As a result, there is a lot more chance to make more income by giving less effort. So both the beginner and expert people have the opportunity to earn money from the affiliate from ClickFunnels.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate means associate. The idea of affiliate marketing has come much earlier. The thing is that you sold something to someone on behalf of someone else and she/he gave you a certain amount of commission. Suppose a businessman you know sells mobile. He offered you if you can bring a buyer for him, then he will pay 2 dollars per mobile phone as a commission to you.

You get the commission as promised by bringing the customer. This is called affiliate marketing. That means selling or helping someone to sell something for the commission is affiliate marketing where you do not need to invest any penny. But the question is, if the seller gives you the commission, where is his profit?

The answer is straight. Since you are doing his marketing, the seller does not need to expend any penny for his own marketing. So he can give you that money saving for marketing purposes as a commission.

There is no harm for him in this. Rather the two sides are benefiting. His products are being sold without marketing, and you are also benefiting from the commission.

Affiliate marketing accelerates sales. As a result, thousands of affiliate marketers have been created. The sellers are being able to get the required sales by just offering the commission without doing any marketing.

Various Types of Affiliate

Affiliate program now works on a few different methods. Just like you yourself delivered the product to the buyer or the company delivered your product.

The affiliate works mainly in two ways. Namely:

  • Direct Shipping: Direct shipping is that you will keep the product from the seller beforehand. Then, when the buyer will order then you will deliver it directly. After that, the company will give you the commission. There is no relation to the customer with the company here.
  • Drop shipping: Dropshipping is something like you have done the marketing and taken the order. Then you handed the order list to the seller. Then the seller will ship products to buyers according to the list you provided and you will get a certain amount of commission. Currently, dropshipping is a very popular affiliate system.

What should be learned by a Beginner Affiliate Marketer?

It is inevitable to learn for anything. If you are not educated then success will never touch you. So even to do affiliate marketing, you have to learn a few things. We have mentioned below what things you need to learn.

Running Marketing Automation Software

Now everything in the funnel marketing world is automated. This is because people are not able to do so much work manually.

All these works can be easily done with the help of automation software. That is why those who are a beginner in affiliate marketing will have to learn how to run automation software.

For example, ClickFunnels Actionetics, Getresponder, Instapage, Hotjar, Active Campaign, etc. are quite popular as marketing automation software. Especially, ClickFunnels is the legend in the world of funnel marketing.

Template Design

As a beginner, you have to learn the sales funnel template design. It is not hard work at all to learn these. There are page builders in the marketing automation software. You can easily create templates with tools from there. Likewise, there are preloaded templates in many tools. You will need to edit those according to your own way.

Now the future of the funnel mostly depends on template design. So in this case, you have to create a creative design with great care. The more attractive the design will be, the more likely the sales will be. To deal with others, you have to learn to constantly develop new designs.

Landing Page Design

Landing page design is an important step in affiliate marketing. Basically, from the sales funnel, the visitor lands on the landing page first of all. So this page needs to be neat, creative and impressive. A beautiful landing page can give you the desired sales. You have to learn how to create a landing page design very well.

But now the landing page design is not a difficult task for the welfare of the tools. With drag and builders, you can easily design nice landing pages.

Email Listing

To do an affiliate, you need to do an email listing. This is not a matter of learning at all. You can collect and list emails from different sources. If you save emails to the tools, it will remain there for a lifetime.

Automated Email Sending

An important aspect of affiliate marketing is sending emails. You can now send automated emails with the help of software. You need to learn how to run these email server setup, Auto Responder, etc. These are very easy jobs. You can understand everything after going to the software dashboard.

Need to Learn Audience Research

The audience is your target customer. You need to learn it continuously. If you neglect here you will suffer a lot. The better you can research the audience, the more sales will happen. In this case, you will need to learn who the target customers are, how their age ranges are, where they live, what they are more interested in, etc.

When you can find out all these, you will get a successful audience. Apart from this, you have to learn audience research as A/B split test. The better you can target audiences, the more sales will be converted or the more lead generation will be done.

Campaign Monitoring

The fact is that you may have set up the funnel, but you must also learn to monitor it. If you are not able to monitor it properly, then you will not get the desired success and have to face unnecessary cost.

So your funnel setup will not be helpful for you. That is why you have to learn campaign monitoring very well. And thus, you will be able to understand the condition of the campaign and make any change anytime when it requires.

How Much Income can be made by an Affiliate?

It is difficult to answer the question. Income generally depends on the skills of marketers. The more skills you have, the more you can earn. You cannot survive here without skill.

Generally, an average-level marketer earns at least $200 a month. But it is a very small amount for the experts. They earn more money than this. So if you can become a skilled marketer, you will not have to worry about income.

What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing?

The future of affiliate marketing is quite promising. This is because everything is being online based day by day. All famous companies now sell products online. Almost everyone supports affiliates. The probability is that the situation will increase with time.

So you do not have to worry about its future at all. Rather, as an affiliate marketer, a smart career is waving your hand at you.

Who You Should Choose to Start for the Affiliate?

Currently, most companies offer affiliate options. It was started by an American company. But currently, Amazon is famous for the affiliate.

Considering the commission you can choose ClickFunnels. They gave a 40% commission per sell. So We think ClickFunnels is the best as an affiliate for beginners. Check it out In-Depth Review: ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Even if you exclude their high commission, you should consider their huge resources. They will train you fully for free. If you can sell 10 products per month, then around 250 dollars will be deposited in your account. As a beginner, it is good enough as an initial income.


Final Verdict

Technology has been giving us a lot of things. Its contribution is to create digital employment. Thousands of young people are dreaming big because of technology. Millions of young people in the world are living their livelihood by just doing affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing is a blessing for young people.

And if you talk about affiliate marketing, the thing that comes first is ClickFunnels. They will train you with resources and give you the opportunity to do affiliate with them. You will rarely find out such companies in the world.

We have provided an adequate guideline regarding affiliate marketing for beginners. Hopefully, you will be benefitted greatly from our guidelines. After reading our reviews, we believe you can take the necessary preparation to learn affiliate marketing.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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