What Is Bridge Funnel? The Best Way to Convert Cold Traffic

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There are many people who don’t know what the Bridge funnel is. For your information, we will present detailed information about this today. Many have benefited from doing marketing through the bridge funnel.

So today we will end the curiosity of those who want to know about it. We will show you how to build a bridge funnel, and how to use the bridge funnel in business.

Funnel marketing has become quite popular nowadays. This is because everything is now based online. Those who previously purchased from the offline business are now selling everything online. This has led to the creation of many affiliate marketers who sell products to others in exchange for a commission.

If you want to do funnel marketing, you need to do different things. You need to be very strategic then you can be a successful marketer.

So let’s now know the details of the bridge funnel.

What Is Bridge Funnel?

Bridge Funnel

The Bridge Funnel is such a process by which you can find out who you are sending to your next funnel. And the visitor will not know that you are doing this with him.

At one point he will realize that you have arranged so much for him to sell a product or service. The advantage of the bridge funnel is that the visitor crosses several steps one after another without knowing your plan.

Due to which he or she goes to the final step and becomes surprised. Hopefully, no one will have any problem understanding what the Bridge Funnel is.

How to Use Bridge Funnel to Your Business?

There are several steps you need to take to apply the Bridge Funnel in your business. Then your business will succeed. You don’t have to stop when everything is done step by step. There are many people who do not know how to use Bridge Funnel in business.

Here are the detailed rules for you to use the Bridge Funnel in business.

1. Professional Services

You can also provide professional service nicely through the application funnel. In this way, you will offer exclusive offers to older buyers.

They will no longer unsubscribe after seeing your offer. It is also quite an effective process. You can offer different vouchers, coupons for customer retention. Who wants to leave the service when they get a better offer?

So, professional service will be very useful for you. Old customers are your assets. This is because they know the quality of your service. If you do not want to lose them, keep continuing the professional service.

2. E-commerce

In the case of ecommerce, you can use Business Funnel as a problem solution. Assume that people have a great deal of trouble with a certain thing.

There is usually no solution for that. In this case, you will try to solve their problems. Here you must give a tested solution. Once they have solved their problem by following your advice, they will take whatever you want to give.

With problem solving opportunity, you can represent your service or product as a solution to that problem. People will think you have a very good idea about that problem. As a result, they will accept your product.

They will then follow the link you provided and subscribe. You can do this smoothly by advertising on various popular forums or on Facebook.

3. Business to Business

In this case, you will be able to earn a very good amount by providing service. The people who do business here are your clients. For example, not every company can do digital marketing themselves. They do it by the third party. You can bring all the details to them, including past work experiences. They will be then convinced.

You can show how many companies have been successful with your service. When a company understands the quality of your service, then, of course, they will take your service.

4. Network or Affiliate Marketing

Now imagine yourself as an affiliate marketer. Of course, you sell any company’s service or product through the affiliate. So here you will highlight the product or service of your company very well in front of everyone. The main topic of your discussion will be how the public will benefit from your company’s product.

You can even give a tutorial or a guideline on how to get the most out of using that product. For example, if the product of your company is PC accessories, then you can give details about the PC build up.

5. Retail & Mortar Business

Would that do all if you only retain the old customers? Do not you need to catch new customers to grow your business? To do that, you need to implement a separate strategy. You can offer huge offers to new customers. If they accept your offer, they will receive a large discount. This will make it easier for new people to accept your service. This is because if they get a free discount, they will check it out.

Many of the world’s largest companies offer special discounts for new customers. So you can also apply this strategy. Then you will see that thousands of new customers are being added every day. Everyone is buying your tickets. But you have to highlight nicely how much they are getting as a discount.

How to Create Bridge Funnel that Converts

Now the question may come about how to create a successful converted funnel? Yes, it is normal to think so.

We will also answer this question. This is because the main purpose of doing so much hard work is to convert. It is not a matter how much you work hard, if the conversion does not come then it will not work.

So let us now see how to build a successful converted bridge funnel.

Step 1: Understanding Cold Traffic

You have to first understand where the product awareness comes from, and how they come to you. Once you understand this, you can easily convert cold traffic to warm traffic. To understand this, you will research different topics. Here you have to understand whether or not people are really benefiting from your solution, or how much the product will actually benefit them. Along with this, you need to understand why you can’t convert cold traffic.

If you understand everything then it’s only a matter of time for you to convert everyone to worm traffic. For this, you have to present everything very clearly so that the visitor can easily understand the solution to their problems. You have to avoid the use of difficult words. This is because you didn’t come here to teach English literature to anyone. If you can easily cross this step you will not have to look back.

Step 2: Take the Cold Traffic to the Simple Landing Page

Since you have successfully inspired the cold traffic, which is why they must have come to your next funnel. At this stage, you will take them to a simple landing page. Remember that here you have to come up with a long term plan. If you want to do something on the shortcut you will fail fully. If you want to sell anything of the premium level at the beginning, then the visitor will naturally be annoyed.

So give something free in the beginning. Next, he or she will accept your offer to get something else. In this way, you will have to offer a paid course or product sale. You should not try to sell anything to anyone suddenly. You have to work slowly according to your plan. Later you will see that one day they are buying products from you worth thousands of dollars.

 Step 3: The Bridge Page– Connecting Cold Traffic to Your Hot Offer

The bridge page is the middle page between the squeeze page and the offer page. Before the offer page, you can take a survey and take the visitor to the offer page. It is quite useful. Visitors can easily avail of the offer by visiting the offer page. However, you will have to give them a fair idea about this before taking them to the offer page.

Here is a brief idea of all the steps as an example.

Suppose you are working on vitamins or nutrition niche. Your products will be a body strengthener that provides nutrients. So first of all, you should bring them to a landing page where they can get an idea about how to increase body weight. This is like a landing page on how to increase weight. So the visitors will visit this page and read everything very well. But in reality, they will not apply it in real life.

This is because people are lazy by nature. Then you should explain why people are underweight. There must be science-based explanations so that everyone becomes impressed. If you can do everything properly, then the visitor will hear what you have to say. So going to the final step, you should tell the name of the vitamin by consuming which everyone can easily increase their weight.

Or it can be like that using the product, anyone can gain weight quickly. You are done and most people will desperate to buy your product. This is how cold traffic can be slowly converted to sales. Bridge Funnel is a quick and easy way to sell products by providing quick solutions to the problems. This trick in funnel marketing is very useful.

Final Words

A funnel marketer needs to learn a lot of things. This is because selling a product is not an easy task at all. That is why you should deal with the problem first. People want easy solutions to all their problems.

So first of all, you have to will everyone’s mind with a beautiful solution. So then if you tell which product to use, it will be more effective. People will opt to buy the products easily.

But if you want to sell products through the bridge funnel, then you need to follow the chain command. Slowly you have to move from one step to the next. You should not suddenly ask anyone to buy.

First of all, you have to try to be a friend, and then you have to understand the problem and give a solution. We hope you have come to know all the information you need about the bridge funnel.

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