DotCom Secrets Summit Review 2024! Is It FREE Or Paid?

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DotCom Secrets Summit

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DotCom Secrets Summit is a virtual program arranged by Russell Brunson where top entrepreneurs come and teach their own idea and method of funnel secrets.

Russell Brunson, the writer of the book DotCom Secrets, arranged this for the people who want to be more successful to promote their products and grow more sales.

In this summit, the entrepreneurs will teach exactly the same process to make that kind of funnel. Stay tuned in this post to know what they will teach you at this summit and how to join them.

DotCom Secrets Virtual Summit

Product Name: Dotcom Secrets Summit
Price: FREE Registration (Instant Access)
Training: Interview series
Bonuses:  32 + New High Converting Funnels

What Is DotCom Secrets Summit?

DotCom Secrets Summit

In May 2021, Russell Brunson the writer of the book DotCom Secrets invited 30+ top entrepreneurs (like Peng Joon, Dean Graziosi, and Natalie Hodson) to launch a new Dotcom Secrets Virtual Summit.

In this summit, the entrepreneurs will show the exact process they used in their business to get more sales of their products.

It is an online event as well as a summit where the top entrepreneurs will help you to build a professional-level sales funnel.


About Dotcom Secrets Summit Speakers

There are 32 Speakers in various industries at the DCS summit event.


Dotcom Secrets Summit In-depth Review

Let’s deep dive into this part. We will go through every aspect of this summit to make you understand that you get the clear concept of this summit and get the most output from this.

Day #1

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson: Free Books & shipping Funnel (book funnel)

On day number one, Russell Brunson we will come up for the summit and discuss his successful strategy about the funnel. He calls this book funnel. That means if you want to sell a book then it’ll work very well on bookselling.

The point to be noted is that, at this summit, you will see a series of videos about those topics discussed earlier.

In this video Russell Brunson talked about some key points:

  • Why traditional authors can’t promote their books well (it’s not possible to sell huge books and have a real output without a funnel).
  • ​The basic logic about why the funnel works so well!
  • How you can give away free books and still you can earn money.

Alison Prince

Alison Prince: Physical x4 Funnels

Alison Prince talked about a formula called Physical x4 Funnels. This thing means that you can sell any physical product 4 times more with this funnel strategy.

In this summit, she will teach you how to promote your eCommerce product which will lead the customers from buying one product to 4 products on your website.

If you are into selling physical goods in the eCommerce market then you must try this strategy to stand out. You will find a bunch of methods to do that.

Key points talked by Alison Prince:

  • How to make your customers interested to buy multiple product items in one visit, and offer them more service.
  • What links you will need to feature to show yourself as an expert?
  • Two important sales-boosting elements that the sales funnel must contain to turn the visitors into buyers. ​

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi: $7/month Mastermind funnel

In this video Dean Graziosi, the CEO of will talk. He is the best-selling author of the book Underdog Advantage and Millionaire Success Habits.

He also worked with Tony Robbins to create a training program called Knowledge Business Blueprint in 2019. He talked about the monthly subscription growth at this summit.

In this summit, he will also show you a 7$/month high-value mastermind that’ll generate more revenue.

He will also talk about:

  • Why he launched this funnel and why you should
  • How they got 50% more new mastermind customers over the year, not just in a month.
  • An easy add-on on the thanks page will increase the earning to a high value and will generate lots of revenue.

Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith: Invisible Funnel

He is the creator of The Invisible Funnel & Story Selling. He is recognized as an expert in this field. This thing is so unique and magical that you won’t see it in real-time.

The main strategy here is to give away free gifts, materials, and more to the audience and only charge when the customer likes it. It’ll cost you money but the return you will get must be worthy.

This funnel strategy is very unique and you will learn this from Daegan in his video in the DotCom Secrets Summit video. You’ll learn the below mentioned basic items:

  • Upgraded funnel that will help you target perfectly
  • How to increase the trust of your business.
  • How to eliminate any resistance to your offer that customers might have. ​
  • The SIMPLE but still powerful formula to get Success (S = L/R)

Liz Benny

Liz Benny: Live webinar funnels

Liz Benny from is a member of 2 Comma Club and also founded Kapow Club, which helps entrepreneurs connect with people just like them so they never feel alone!

At the summit, she’ll share how to create a “ONE Perfect LIVE Webinar Funnel” for your event that gets followers excited about registering, shows up nicely engaged by giving value leading to false beliefs being addressed to finally close potential customers at higher prices points.

Trey Lewellen

Trey Lewellen: Ecommerce Funnels

Trey Lewellen is an expert on the eCommerce funnel who sold over $50M in physical product items online by using a sales funnel. This eCommerce funnel is made to sell physical eCommerce products online.

He will teach you:

  • Why this method works so well
  • How can faqs increase sales
  • Stop guessing and start doing this instead (it just takes 1 click)!
  • Use the little trick he showed to increase the 25% purchase rate.

Eileen Wilder

Eileen Wilder: high Ticket Funnels

Eileen Wilder is an expert high-ticket sales, virtual events coach, and co-founder of many successful ventures. She’ll be sharing her secrets to attract premium clients on autopilot at this event!

Her video is 7 minutes and in this little time, she will teach you some good points.

  • Four questions to ask your customer
  • She puts special content on page 3. That’ll pump up the sales.
  • She will talk with you about the follow-up (The 3-Text follow-up)
  • Why you should take a look at those who have already done their homework.

Day #2

Carolina Milán

Carolina Milán: high-ticket Application funnel

Carolina Milán is the CEO of, an online platform that helps entrepreneurs build their brand and create coaching programs or courses by leveraging her expertise as well as other experts in various fields like design thinking for example to help them with these processes

In The DotCom Secrets Summit, she will teach how to create the best offers in your High-ticket funnel; it’s included:

  • The two-step application funnel will automatically build up your list of people who are interested in your offer or program.
  • The EXACT questions to put in the form to pre-qualify applicants, so that you get as much info as you need before you (or someone on your team) ever see on the phone to ensure that your works are going right.
  • How to get the info about their budget in a way that’s not weird or intimidating for them. (When you can do this right, you won’t be dealing with the unqualified people on the mobile phones)
  • A way of how to retain applications whose customers don’t have enough budget for your service which will lead them to the next part of thinking about your service. This will work magically.

Abner Coates

Abner Coates: LinkInBio Funnel

Next, meet Abner Coates, creator of LinkInBio Funnel. The funnel can help you guide your visitors to the perfect offer every time no matter what stage on the value ladder they are in!

It’s usually used for social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), but it could also be applied as an email lead generation tool or even inside a sales page if needed.

In the event, he will share with you:

  • The type of links you should feature in bio
  • The win-win way he always connects with the audience of his business. He will teach the exact way.
  • The simple easy trick you try to do is to increase button clicks and more visitors.
  • What you should put at the top of the LinkInBio Funnel to attract them

Annie Grace

Annie Grace: Free Challenge/experiment funnel

Anni Grace is the founder of Alcohol Experiment and there she helps people sleep better, have less anxiety, and feel more relaxed without any drink.

At the summit, she will share with you the free challenge funnel which she used in her business. You will learn the same thing she did and get success. She will teach you the main points:

  • Why she did give away the content for free?
  • Why it can be critical to selling although it’s free.
  • The way to overcome this sell limitation
  • What needs to do on Day 28 and Day 31 of the Challenge to go to their next steps, and offer them another bump.
  • How she has put 200,000 people through this amazing funnel at Zero Advertisement Dollar!

Lauren Golden

Lauren Golden: ebook + webinar funnel

Lauren Golden is the CEO of and she helps mothers around the world to earn money from home and still save time for the family. At the event, she will teach you to combine two funnels webinar and ebook which will help you bring more leads and customers.

She has implemented the below mentioned key points:

  • You will be familiar with the win-win strategy to get more profit with less risk.
  • The strategy she teaches in this summit is so effective that it can increase the webinar registration rate to 10-15% higher.
  • What to do immediately after someone registers for the webinar.
  • You’ll learn the step-by-step email sequence to maintain to get in touch with the potential customers.

Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque: Virtual Bootcamp funnel

If you don’t know who Ryan Levesque is, he is the CEO of The ASK Method Company. He is also the writer of a best-selling book called Choose and Ask. Ryan Levesque has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, USA Today, and more.

Over the years of experience, Ryan Levesque taught the virtual Bootcamp funnel through DotCom. You will learn how to arrange a virtual Bootcamp funnel and how to reach and get lots of registration for virtual Bootcamp.

Steve J Larsen

Steve J Larsen: LIVE Event Funnels

Live events can also be a great way to leverage sales and earn more profit. But it needs to be promoted in the right way. If the entrepreneur can promote the live events to the right audience then it can bring more revenue for them. Steve J Larsen does the same thing.

In this summit, he will help you learn the methods and strategies to promote your live event to the targeted audience and also get more sign up.

  • You’ll learn why live events are important.
  • How to gain more profit by promoting your live event funnel.
  • How Steve J Larsen has gained thousands of dollars in profit.
  • How to set up the order page to get more sales.

Day #3

Anthony Morison

Anthony Morison: Auto webinar funnel

On day 3 the webinar funnel Anthony used to show how to get book call rates and close rates. He used the webinar funnel here. The process he showed here step by step will help you to bring 12% more leads.

Anthony Morison will teach you a strategy that’ll sound weird but works well. The strategy is to split the thank you page into several where you will offer the customers another upsell. This works like a burst! He will show the best formula to get sales from the webinar.

Bailey Richert

Bailey Richert: Virtual Summit Funnel

She will teach you the best way to give the audience a good experience during the webinar/summit which will lead them to become customers.

You will also understand how you can earn a profit through these free events. The summit can be held in different ways. Bailey Richert will have a general discussion about pre-recorded summits vs live summits and which will be better for you.

You have to know the process of making this. Bailey Richert will teach you how to set up the days of the summit so that the audience gets motivated with your summit. She will teach you some small steps that others don’t focus on and the steps are very impactful so that will work very easily for you.

Dave Lindenbaum

Dave Lindenbaum: Redemption funnel

Redemption funnel is an idea which Dave Linderbaum got from the arcade place Chuck E. Cheese. This helped him to generate millions of dollars. He also showed a unique and different strategy to sell your physical product or info for piggybacking someone else’s traffic or product.

He used it for a pop-up. This simple pop-up will lead them to generate lots of profit without any extra marketing cost. The strategies Dave Linderbaum showed can increase the sales up to 80% and can be consistent if you can follow the strategies practically.

Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera

Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera: Funnel Hub

In this video, the speaker’s Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera talked about the “Shadow Sales Funnel” which was created in the wake and all the awareness programs you are creating in your funnel so that you can focus on the main points. This will lead you without any failure because of the pillar strategy.

They also discussed why your funnel hub is not only different but also fully flipped from the traditional homepage. They also discussed an important strategy about 4 categories.

This is an important thing that you must have 4 categories in your funnel hub then it’ll be easy for your customers to find what they are seeing on the funnel page and what they are searching for to be benefited from your funnel. This will lead them to more conversions.

Natalie Hodson

Natalie Hodson: ebook funnels

Ever thought that whenever you make any visitor your customer how to make them stick into your services? That means you can motivate them to consume your services regularly. This is why the customers are both profitable and will continue being profitable next time. They will be return customers.

Natalie Hodson will teach you the exact process she used to do for her business. She will even show the best place to put the videos on the funnel page so that it can create an impact on the visitors. How to create a simple but high-performing formula that can attract potential new customers.

The headline formula will work best to generate traffic and then the funnel will help them to convert them. She will also teach what to do to anticipate what the customers will need next. This simple hack can increase the profit to sky-high.

Tracie Kelly

Tracie Kelly: Donation request funnels

The best thing about this funnel is you can learn different kinds of funnel strategy and that can work very nicely. Donation request funnels are one of them. You will get to know that a simple donation request funnel can lead you to excellent growth of your business.

For example, you are a business where you want to raise money to invest in. But you don’t know how to do that. Here Tracie Kelly will teach you the strategies she used to get funding. Tracie will show a special video-making formula.

Also, you will learn how to make the donor feel so special by donating to your business. You will also learn to show valid reasons to demand donations from the donors.

Jeff Brewer

Jeff Brewer: Product launch and Webinar funnel

This is an interesting lesson and we recommend everyone to focus on this. This is because every business must have a product or service. So you will need a new customer or client to generate sales as well as revenue.

Here, Jeff Brewer will help you to solve the problem. Every product launch should have specific rules and strategies so that it can get attention at the beginning stage. It’ll help the entrepreneurs build confidence and strength to move forward.

Jeff Brewer will teach you how to use your expertise which you already have and launch a new product or service. He also teaches a unique Hybrid Funnel that will combine the two most effective product launch strategies.

How to get leads by webinar funnel and make leads to convert them as customers later. This thing can generate loads of profit that you can’t even imagine. He has also shown a unique point about the three video processes where you will offer your audience your product.

Day #4

Anissa Holmes

Anissa Holmes: Brick and Mortar funnel

She will teach you to build a huge number of loyal fans at a low cost. You will also learn about how to make your fans more interested in your business and make them talk about it. Another main point you will learn 4 different strategies that any brick and mortar business can use to grow their business.

She will show you the best way to implement the strategies in your community and how to measure if it will work or not. One important point to learn from her lesson is you learn how to decide whether you should continue with a specific funnel campaign or change the nature of it.

Peng Joon

Peng Joon: Unboxing funnels

He will teach you how to generate loads of traffic to your website or business. He exclusively made a method named “impulse buy” which increased the numbers dramatically. Peng Joon also discussed some critical steps where people slip and get in trouble to get rid of. Here you will know how to get rid of this. You’ll learn:

  • To get more customers.
  • Get orders and also return customers.
  • Get the right script to set up the full funnel step by step

Peter Pru

Peter Pru: Ecommerce funnels

An eCommerce funnel is a way to understand the journey of a customer on the website. It is a series of steps that a visitor takes to complete his/her journey and turn into a customer.

The first step is what he does when coming to the website and the last one is making him/her an ultimate purchase. It provides you with information about your customers, it will help you to determine the point at which they abandon your website,

So it can be improved by having more persuasive content or having fewer steps in the checkout process. Peter Pru will teach you the strategies to grow your eCommerce sales.

He will teach you how to get assets for your eCommerce business. Why it is very important to break up the sales pages into two so that customers will get interested in your other products and this will bring you more revenues.

Bridgette campell & Rebecca hannifan

Bridgette campell & Rebecca hannifan

In this video, you will learn the funnel framework that actually pays back. They will teach you to set up the module. It has a twist that’ll initially get challengers to enroll, participate and show up.

You’ll also learn how to create lots of value for your challenge so that people think that they shouldn’t miss that.

Dean Holland

Dean Holland: Free & Shipping Funnel

You have already known how the free & and shipping funnel works. It works so well that you will get a huge profit in return.

At first, it seems like you are losing money but in the end, you’ll know that it is one of a great investments. In this video, Dean Holland will show you how to get the most out of this “Free & Shipping Funnel”.

This way you’ll learn to gain more customers and put a kind of value where they will buy your product more and more gradually. So you will not only be benefited once.

Tim Shields

Tim Shields: Product launch + webinar funnels

He will teach you about the “bait” system to get more customers. You will need to apply his strategy through email, landing page, and more channels to reach potential customers, and this way you can grab a lot of attention from them.

Tim Shield will also show a method about how to create a super valuable “sticky-hook” to boost the webinar joining list.

Day #5

Natasha Hazlett

Natasha Hazlett: Paid challenge funnels

In this DotCom Summit video, Natasha Hazlett will teach you how to short bursts of action. This will get a quick result for your challenge. How to become experts in your field so that the customers can get more trust in yourself which will lead to more sales.

If you want to see how the funnels perform for your business you can try Natasha’s video because her strategies can show you results in short time periods.

Pedro Adao

Pedro Adao: free challenge funnels

The previous speakers talked about the paid challenge. Now Pedro Adao will talk about a free challenge funnel which will also be a great way to get leads and customers. You will never imagine how powerful this can be. This is the best way to get more leads and finally convert them into high ticket sales.

The other members are also teaching their secret methods through this summit. This is why the summit can level up your skill to the sky-high.

Devon Brown

Devon Brown: Affiliate funnel

If you are familiar with funnel from early times you have known that affiliate funnel works best to gain profit. An affiliate funnel is a way of promoting a company’s products and services by referring others to the business.

The affiliate is thus compensated for generating leads or sales on behalf of the advertiser, who gains new customers at no additional cost. This is where you will learn the best tactics from Devon Brown to get more commissions by the affiliate funnel. This is the easy and profitable funnel among other funnels.

You will learn from where to find all the best products and how to present them to the consumers to get their attention and also convert them. He has shown a unique trick called “end in mind” that’ll work best to generate high ticket sales.

Gabe Schillinger

Gabe Schillinger: contest funnels

The contest funnel is called the “Evergreen” funnel by some marketers. At some point maybe it is true because contests maximum times bring good results.

You will be successful every time by doing this funnel. But, like other funnels, this funnel also has some basic structures and formulas to skyrocket the sales for any business. Here comes Gabe Schillinger’s strategy.

He will show the right path to follow the step-by-step method which will lead you to high ticket product or service sales. The foundational strategy here is to offer the contestant the best value prizes at the right time.

Mike Schauer

Mike Schauer: Quiz Funnels

This funnel was discovered especially by Mike Schauer. It is not necessary that he is the main inventor but the fact is he has gained a ton of success through this funnel. That’s why he arrives on the list. You will be taught by him.

He will show you how to set up quizzes, how to publish results, and how to make the right step-by-step for the funnel. Also, you will get an explanation about the psychology and science behind the critical results and more.

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon: Paid Community Funnels

In this part of the summit, you will learn how to build up the paid community funnels. Ray Higdon, the instructor, will guide you with 3 secret formulas. With these formulas, the targeted audience can be reached easily.

He will teach the secrets:

  • Secret 1: You can give a special offer to the person who is supposed to leave the funnel with the community and then it’ll be easy to save the resource.
  • Secret 2: How to make the members excited by your offer.
  • Secret 3: How to set up the funnel to get double sales through the cart.

Dotcom Secrets Summit Price

The summit is free basically. You don’t need to pay money at the initial point. When you enter the name and email of yours, they will give you access for the next five days. If you wish to complete the whole summit you can do that on your own in those five days.

But they also offer a lifetime offer. The reason behind this is, all of the people can’t complete the whole summit within five days. The lifetime access price of this summit is 97$ only.

In the membership area you will get the videos lifetime access and behind the scenes of the framework which are not available on free mode.


Who should attend the dotcom secrets summit?

This summit will be great for the people who are willing to generate sales and lead using funnels. There are various funnel types and various ways to make it. These top entrepreneurs are teaching their secret formula here.

If you read the DotCom Secrets book then you will get the clear real-life concept to create a funnel or if you haven’t yet read the book, you will also get the concept and overview of this book.

Do They have any Upsell?

The straight answer is yes, they do. This is because they are offering this summit for free. So there might be a way to earn money from the visitors but how? This is where upsell arrives.

Russell Brunson is the master of sales and funnel and he knows how to do that. You will get offers about the following products from them.

1. Dotcom Secrets Book

This is the main book where the main concepts and theory are available. They are holding the summit based on this book.

This is a wonderful book which gives information about internet marketing. It’s very interesting to know that the author just started his online business at an early age but now he owns all of internet marketing.

The Dotcom Secrets Book is about internet marketing i.e. promoting your product or services through the internet instead of traditional ways like newspaper, print media, etc.

The book contains all the information for anyone who wants to start an online business and make lots of money. It also has many case studies which you can learn from easily.  Sometimes the book contains video content available for free which will help you understand better.

The concept or idea of this book is to make online business simpler by following some simple steps. The author says that anyone can start an online business if they follow these steps properly, there are no barriers.

Russell Brunson says that one doesn’t need any experience or any technical skills but only the willingness to work hard and learn things quickly.

He stands out from other internet marketing experts by saying he doesn’t believe in selling e-books i.e., information products because it’s all available on the internet for free anyway.

You can get the book for free with a delivery charge. The charge in the US is 9.95$ and 19.95$ for international. Check it out In-Depth Review: DotCom Secrets Book

Get a Free Copy of The Dotcom Secrets Book >>

2. Dotcom Secrets Summit lifetime access

The free access will be for only 5 days. So if you want to get full access then you have to pay 97$. We have already told it to.

They will upsell it to you. But fairly speaking you may have to think about this because you can complete all-day 5 but you must have to do this so fast. But when you get full lifetime access then you don’t have to rush.

Also, they will offer some extra features which are not available in the free version.

3. One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge is a training program to get your traffic to make sales immediately made by Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels. Russell Brunson was an E-commerce entrepreneur who owns ClickFunnels which is a tool to build sales funnels. He created this challenge to get maximum people started with his product, Clickfunnels.

The training contains video lessons. The program will take you by hand and lead you through all steps of building an email list, funnels, Facebook ads, copywriting, and more.

This is a step-by-step training program that will help you to build up your own business. It’s not about affiliate marketing or creating small websites and monetizing them with ads or sales from minimum wage jobs. When You join this challenge, I will provide you with the tools and methods for creating a real online business from zero!

To succeed in traffic generation/ list building, you have to be able to follow all the steps I’ll lay out for you without any delay.

People who are interested in this field may check out the One Funnel Away Challenge to deep dive into the funnel learning journey. Check it out In-Depth Review: One Funnel Away Challenge


Final Thought

DotCom Secrets Summit can be free technically if you wish it for free. But if you want to revise or relax then you may get access to this summit for a one-time fee.

The top entrepreneurs are teaching you the best formula to stand out from the crowd which will be helpful for anyone who is practicing this funnel, sales, and other things related to it.

Another best part is you will see real-life examples. So if you are interested you can try it now for free!

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