Invisible Funnel’s Guide To Selling Products Online

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Invisible Funnel

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Nowadays, the invisible funnel becomes one of the most demanded funnel methods for online marketers. Because it can generate more leads or profit within a short time.

As it works like hidden soft poison, so the visitor cannot understand how you convince him to get his credit card info or email, or phone number.

An invisible funnel is still a mysterious matter to many funnel marketers. That’s why will discuss in full detail the invisible funnel.

So, would you like to know more info about the invisible funnel? Do you know how an invisible funnel works in business? Let’s start to clarify everything

You gonna love my new idea of Invisible Funnel, cause hey, who doesn’t love money? It’s an awesome new policy that will guarantee you new ways to sell your product. There are several ways of boosting your business but the sales funnel has no rival in supporting your business.

In today’s day and world, one has to compete on the topmost level to survive. This strategy of the Invisible Funnel will not just help you survive it will assist you to reach the stars.

Selling Products in The Online Market with The Help of Invisible Funnel

With the help of an invisible funnel, you can get people to give to you money without even selling anything in return, We know it’s hard to believe but it’s true nonetheless.

Invisible Funnel is a part of Event Funnel and it makes it easier to sell your product in the middle of the value ladder.

Many people don’t have an idea of how to sell their product, they think by making a list of a product/service’s benefits or attributes and hoping for the best someone will buy it.

All of this is done in a way that will, of course, generate resistance from people, from the prospect; and this makes it difficult to sell your product/service in the market.

There are several types of sales funnel that will definitely make visitors into paying consumers. These include are but are not limited to:

  • The Sales Letter Funnel: It uses a traditional sales letter to sell your products or services. The Squeeze Page Funnel – Uses curiosity to generate leads with these simple sales techniques.
  • The Membership Funnel: This funnel creates a membership site and sell access to your product using this funnel.
  • The Survey Funnel: Discovers who your visitors are first and then dispatch them in to the correct order of funnel.
  • The Lead Magnet Funnel: This funnel works by giving people something in return for their email address.
  • The Hero Funnel: Create auto webinars that automatically sell your products nonstop over a time period. This funnel lets entrepreneurs provide values perfectly to become more of an authority figure in their industry.
  • And most importantly, the Invisible Funnel.

What Is an Invisible Funnel? how To Make Money Online with It

Let me share an amazing story regarding Chet Homes, who gained massive success in a very short period of time. And this story is a successful example of a sales funnel.

This guy Chet Homes sold an approximately $5000 package overall in a three-hour web conferencing, He managed web conferencing in which he conducted a very innovative business model. In his webinar, he let people join in to play an amazing game without paying upfront.

On a side note, he arranged this web conferencing in an extremely fascinating way, where people would come in and put their credit card down with the hopes to defeat him.

Without any upfront payment, one you can go through that whole procedure over and over again in a three-hour web conferencing. In the end, if you are satisfied with it, you would reward him with $300. If not, then don’t even pay anything.

It’s like going to an adventure. Where, if you enjoyed it, you pay for the experience; and if you hate it, you don’t have to pay for it

Or like going to a restaurant and eating all the food. When you are full, you pay the check only if you liked the food. That is simply an amazing idea, right? This policy does right to both the consumer and the entrepreneur. Well, this is how Chet Homes does business.

There are more techniques like this where the Invisible Funnel lets you create and help run business perfectly, some more funnels like:

  • The Video Sales Letter Funnel – Which makes use of visual images to sell your products/services through a VSL funnel.
  • The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel – It gives a taste of your value first, then asks you, the customer to opt-in for more with the use of a reverse squeeze funnel.
  • The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel – Makes use of a low ticket front end product which makes customers tempted to buy and then upsell them with other expensive products.

Now let’s go in-depth as to how an Invisible Funnel works

How Does Invisible Funnel Work? Marketing Funnel Stages

Invisible Funnel

This is an invisible funnel-web conferencing (it’s different from webinar funnel). Okay, so the major difference between an invisible funnel webinar and any other one is how you arranged the products.

So let me clarify this. What happens on this VSL page it that you are selling your events access but not just as a product where you sell an item and complete the money transaction before you let the customers have access to your event.

If someone purchases an Invisible Funnel, you going to let them access to your event for free, they opt-in their credit card and you let them have a chance to taste their fruit and bill them after 4-5 days or even a month later, not until the event is over (but only if they liked what they tasted).

With that ends the first page of a video sales letter and then on to the order form.

Simply put, after that funnel, you can usually upsell by OTO page, which stands for one-time offer or an upsell page.

You can also sell different products/services. After that, there can be any other forms of products on a bundle offer page or a thank-you page where you thank them for their purchase.

Finally, you can always introduce your consumer to additional products/services that you offer.

Further exploring how the Invisible Funnel works:

In this funnel people often sing-up for a premium webinar but as stated earlier, they aren’t billed right away. However, clients are required to enter their credit card numbers to attend the webinar.

They have to make payment after the webinar is over and if only they loved it.

Why do We Need an Invisible Funnel? – Sales Funnel Creation

Sales Funnel Creation

As the term free always attracts customers, giving out a free turn would surely boost the number of sales. Many customers who would normally not pay any attention to a product would still try the same product out for free.

Once they like it, then they will gladly pay for it after the webinar, however, if the initial free tryout was not given, most of these now paying customers would not even bother to check the product out.

This free option lets you get in touch with many people who usually wouldn’t be paid consumers. Thus, with this live webinar, you have a chance to bond and create a good connection with these initially non-paying clients who will gradually turn into paying consumers.

An invisible funnel let you in open dialogue with customers which then allow you to convince them and create an opportunity to sell high ticket product, even with a very soft sell.

You will not need to create content, craft slides, etc. or spend precious hours of your time on this program because you will be able to share ideas, show off cool themes, and have good face time altogether on an open platform.

How to Use the Invisible Funnel in Your Business?

Author / speaker / coach / consultant… You can add an invisible funnel to your existing business for trial, error and try selling a new product to your current consumer base.

E-commerce… It is always advantageous for your firm to give a little bit of your product for free to the consumer for better understanding and getting the full view of product/service. Then you can offer them the full package for premium subscriptions.

Business-to-Business… Letting customers attend free training or a demo of your products/services will increase their understanding and boost the hype for your merchandise. They would start paying for the product if they witness growth in the prospect.

Network or affiliate marketing… You will need to get customers to attend free training which showcases your product and they will pay if they like the demo. If I were to start selling business ideas, I would make the demo available for the customers and they would only have to pay (the sum as it is to join the MLM) if they really like my ideas.

Professional services … This funnel is a great platform to let people attend in-person. Special training with fellow clientele will attract new customers and like always, they would only pay if they like it. From this, they will be able to buy a bundle of products/services which will only be offered to them in the conclusion of the exercise.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I would offer a customer a steep and attractive discount for my bundle of products/services only if they attend my free special training. If they like it, from there it would proceed towards them buying the bundle-product offer.

People who have an online business or sales products/services really should get these sales funnel for a much better outcome.

Recent statistics have shown that 99% of entrepreneurs don’t know about the Invisible Funnel (which they should have). And now it is time to understand it and make it a possible introduction to your business model. This will surely open up many new opportunities.

If you, by any chance, have read the book DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson (an awesome book that will help you study and get in-depth views about digital marketing funnel) in advance.

You will find that Daegan Smith has a different point of view that make prospects that the customers don’t experience that they’re being sold to. And it is called the Invisible Funnel.

Final verdicts

Hopefully, you have got all the necessary information about the invisible funnel. Now, try to practice in your business. One day, it will boost your business and you can earn a lot.

The invisible funnel idea comes from Russel Brunson who Is a famous funnel marketer.

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