What Is a Live Demo Funnel? – The Complete Guide

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Live Demo Funnel

The live demo funnel now makes product selling easier. This is because people can watch a demo live on what they want to buy. That will create more confidence among people to buy the product.

You will be able to generate more sales by this as buyers are also getting benefits from it as well. That is because watching a live demo builds customers’ confidence in the product. Thousands of people are coming to live and selling the product by showing the demo.

This is a recently discovered marketing method. Many do not know the details about this popular marketing method. As a result, you are deprived of enjoying its benefits. For your convenience, we will discuss everything about the live demo funnel.

We will give you an idea of what the live demo funnel is, how to use it in your business, etc. So let’s now know the details about this newly invented funnel.

What Is Live Demo Funnel?

Looking at the name of the live demo funnel is enough to understand what really live demo funnel is. Someone whose name has live in middle will surely be something related to live.

Live Demo Funnel is selling the product by showing the demo live to the buyer. This is done through Facebook, YouTube, Google or any other live sharing site.


It has many Advantages. Buyers can view a demo before purchasing. So they are interested in buying the product easily which you cannot write to or convey to the buyer through pictures. You can sell any product by going live.

You don’t have to set up the funnel for that. No software is needed. Just come to live from a specific platform. However, if you have more audiences then the chances of sales are much higher. The higher the audience, the more sales you will receive.

In a word, the live demo funnel is selling the product by showing a direct demo of the product. You will see such live on various social media.

The Benefits of A Live Demo Funnel

The live demo funnel has many benefits. All are huge advantages for you. Here are some of the benefits you will get from the live demo funnel.

  • No funnel setup is required.
  • A person inexperienced with funnels can do this too.
  • Don’t need to invest that much.
  • The buyer can see the product live demo. Sales are more likely to increase.
  • The buyer is assured by seeing the demo.
  • You can sell products through social media for free.

How to Use the Live Demo Funnel in Your Business

We will give you a guideline on how to use the live demo funnel in your business. This will make your business quite shiny. The effectiveness of live performance is very high.

So you should apply the live demo funnel to your business. Let us see how to apply a live demo funnel to a business.

Its Use in Author or Speaker Business

Suppose you are an author or a speaker. Your job is to earn money by writing a book or delivering a speech. If you want to apply a live demo funnel to such a business, then create a live on popular social media at the beginning.

There will be a demo with your upcoming eBook or speech. This will create a lot of interest for the audience or readers about your product.

You can then sell the product through a link. If people have seen everything live online, they will want to know more about it. Then they will buy your authorship product. The more people you can make trust, the more sales you will have.

Its Use in Ecommerce Business

Currently, eCommerce is a fast-growing business. This is because people have become accustomed to the Internet for the welfare of social media. If you want to apply a live demo funnel to them, that would be the best idea. People usually spend their time on the Internet.

You can go live using any platform in front of them with your most popular and most profitable product. Anyone will be interested and will want to buy a popular product by watching a live demo. If it is highly profitable for them, then your business will be quite demanding.

At present, girls come to live on social media like Facebook and sell different kinds of feminine items at no cost of marketing. The live demo funnel is undoubtedly a huge advantage for eCommerce businesses

Live Demo Funnel in Business to Business

In this case, you can video record the product information without having to go live directly. You can post it by adding FAQ, Question Answer. It is quite useful in B2B. Remember that another businessman will take the product from you.

Through the live, he or she has to understand why it is special, how powerful the quality, the various features of the product.

Then the viewer can understand whether it will benefit his or her customers. If you can present everything beautifully, the live demo funnel is very promising in Business to Business.

Its Use in Affiliate Marketing

Since one has to sell other products in affiliate marketing, the live demo funnel cannot be directly applied. But you can easily convince anyone with a little technique. So first make a fun video. Then highlight your first learning experience, and struggles.

You can also discuss your company’s products in detail. This will make people think that you can earn easily by doing affiliate marketing.

Lastly, you can invite people to join your team to earn. Since the viewer will listen to you all intently, he or she will be convinced to join the team. It works a lot for team building later.

 Use of Live Demo Funnels in Professional Services

Those who offer professional services can easily sell a product or service by showing a live demo. First, you should make a weekly talk show on your service. Anyone can participate there. Highlight the pros and cons of your service at Talk Show.

Explain all service information. Do not fool the customer with your service. When all is done, you can ask them to buy. Since they have viewed everything of your service from your live with their own eyes, the chances of buying are immense.

At present, professional services are provided on several issues. Such as doctor, engineer, law, education consultancy, tour consultancy, etc.

You can try out the live demo funnel on the service you give. Your business will go much ahead.

Its Use in The Retail Business

The number of retailers worldwide is high. They sell mixed products. So those who do business as a retailer can sell live if they want. With the top products of your shop or store, you will go live. Use them one by one.

However, when it comes to showing the products, you should also explain the effectiveness of those products. For example, if your shop’s top product is Men’s Face wash, then you can show it practically by applying it to your face.

You should explain what benefits people will have after using it. In this way, you can slowly gain the confidence of the buyers. Then there will be a lot of sales at live. The live demo has made retail business much faster.

Last Words

The main purpose of funnel marketing is to sell the product. There are several ways you can follow to do that. Among them, the live demo funnel is one of the most effective methods. The number of products that can be sold via live cannot be sold by any other means.

It’s mostly something like selling directly to a buyer. Hopefully, you get a detailed idea about the live demo funnel. We have also explained to you how to apply it to your business. Now it is time to see how you can use it in your business.

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