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Survey Funnel

Many people want to know about the survey funnel but can’t find any good content. In fact, we ourselves did not see any good content in this regard. Wouldn’t you have to know about the survey funnel even after that? No, of course not, we will guide you from A to Z about this.

We will discuss what a survey funnel is, how to use it in business, and how to create a survey funnel. By doing so, everyone will be informed about the survey funnel.

Our review will help you as a skilled mentor because we have written everything nicely in simple language. We want funnel marketing to be straightforward to highlight.

So those who want to know about the survey funnel can read this review with great concentration. Then you will get answers to many unknown questions.

For your convenience, the survey funnel is discussed in detail below.

What Is Survey Funnel?

Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel is a survey that is done by visitors. There are many major benefits to the survey funnel. You can reach exact customers of any product easily through this because through the survey, you are learning all the information from it strategically.

The survey funnel is first taken to a page that contains many types of surveys. You are asked that are you male or female. If anyone answers that male then he is taken to that type of funnel. And if anyone answers that female then she is hooked to girls related several funnels.

There are many benefits to the survey funnel. With this, you can be sure that you are reaching the right things to the right people because the visitor is unknowingly giving you his secret information through the survey. In addition, there are some surveys that need to be emailed to submit.

From there you can also collect the lead collection. To complete such a survey, one needs to submit it there by email. People often survey different things for improving on their own. Many online marketers use survey funnels. From time to time we will discuss the business survey funnel using examples.

How to Use the Survey Funnel in Your Business

Using Survey Funnel in business is a very easy task. It doesn’t require any kind of experience to do this. You can create beautiful survey funnels in business using your own experience.

We will show the use of the survey funnel in various businesses with examples here. Let’s see how to use the survey funnel in any business.

Use of the Survey Funnel in Authorship Business

The survey funnel can now be easily used in the Authorship Business. First, you can ask the visitor to do a survey. Its subject will be about what kind of writing they like to read.

You will keep different options. Then they will be taken to the next page the kind of books they like to read in the integrated sales funnel. Or ask your audience what kind of video documentary they like.

Keep a few options for everyone because everyone likes different things. Take everyone to the sales funnels whatever they like in the survey.

By doing the survey you can get to know their psychological issues. Later you will be successful by applying any other sales funnel to them. The survey funnel is very effective in the Authorship Business because there are more options to be added for surveys.

Use of Survey Funnels in Ecommerce Business

Using the survey funnel in the eCommerce business provides good results. Knowing the customer’s interest can make you easily sell the product in front of them. You can create a survey so that the customers do not even know that you are doing the survey to sell the product to them.

In this case, you can survey them on eating habits. Like what they like to eat, and what kind of food they like most. They will take part in such surveys happily.

Then you can give them a link to their interest related to food. It will create a high chance of buying because they like that food. Speaking of food is just for example. You can survey the eCommerce business with an interest in any product.

Use of Survey Funnels in Business to Business Ground

In this case, you have to be very tactical to use the survey funnel because the visitor himself is a clever businessman like you. First, you create a survey on wholesale business.

For example, if one participates in this survey then it will find a successful business product. People will participate in your funnel to increase their business. Or you can do a survey on business secrets.

In the survey, you can ask several questions such as what you do to increase your customer, can your customer be satisfied with your product, etc. Then take them that kind of sales funnels based on their interest.

Then there will be a high chance for your next page funnel lead collection or sales conversion. If you can use it in business you will be able to survive in the market very well.

Use of Survey Funnels in Retail Business

The survey funnel is most used in the retail business. The buyer here is absolutely in the last stage. So if you know his or her interest you can easily tempt him or her to buy that kind of product.

Suppose your visitor wants to buy different things. So you can ask him or her first what product he or she wants to buy, how much the product works for him or her, how much he or she values it.

Based on his or her answer you can easily take him or her to the next page. Offer the type of product he or she’s shown on the opt-in page. For that, he or she will be surprised to think that what he or she was looking for has come before them.

Most people will then buy the product they need. Thus, the conversion rate will be very high.

 Use of Survey Funnels in Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, the survey funnel fits very well. There are reasons. There are millions of products to survey. Suppose you start an affiliate to sell a book. Then your job will be to create a survey page with some interesting features of this book. This will create a lot of interest in the visitor’s mind.

If you create interest, you will give the condition to read the book or buy the book, they need to subscribe first by email.

Next time you will give them a chance to read the book if they subscribe by email. Everyone is interested in such products such as books, documentaries, and software solutions. So by working with these, you can collect a lot of leads. Email marketing can be done later.

Use of Survey Funnels in Professional Services Business

A large number of people now provide professional services on various topics. Competitors are also very high because of the number of service providers. So in the beginning, you do the survey to find out why buyers go to your competitor instead of coming to you.

Also, break down the misconceptions that people have about your business. Present everything nicely to the survey page. They will think that what they thought about your service is a lie.

You should add the subscription options when they will be interested to know your story. It will increase the sales of the product and you will also get leads as well. If you benefit from business in two ways, you will go far ahead than others.

Survey Funnel Strategy

Strategy is an important thing in business. As good as one is in strategy, the chances are high for him or her to be a successful business person.

So if you want to be successful here, you have to be very strategic. To succeed in the survey funnel, you need to follow several strategies. We will discuss the survey funnel strategy here as a story.

You have to remember that visitors come from different sources. You cannot convert them instantly. They will come to shape through various steps. Then they can be asked for an email.

Don’t ask all your traffic the same questions. This is a fatal mistake. Rather, ask each person different questions. There will also be several variations in the survey in that.

People come to your landing page from different sources. Here they want different informational writing. Or they come looking for video, audio documentary, etc.

Your job is to convert them to leads. The landing page is again called the squeeze page. This is because by squeezing the visitor, you can take their email, phone number, and some personal information.

Then, after taking them on the sales page, you can demand money for buying the product. That’s the funnel marketing cycle. Almost all funnel marketers follow the same strategy.

But we will teach you a different strategy. This will help you to be more successful in the survey funnel. This is to create one type of sales page for people in each category. No matter how you bring visitors from Facebook, Google, or YouTube, the only purpose is to sell the product to them.

People will be very upset if they get the same type of sales message from you. What would be the profit if you could not use the traffic even after spending dollars on bringing traffic?

Survey Funnel Strategy

So you should design a sales page that way by targeting a category. For example, author, professional businessman, offline business, retailer, eCommerce business, etc. There are several categories here. You should write one type of sales letter for the author and then you should write another type of sales letter for the professional.

In this, they would think it was written only for their purpose. Or suppose you have taken an offline merchant on the site. Then write the squeeze page on offline business in advance. Then they will opt-in from the squeeze page on the sales page, which is designed for offline business only.

Because we know what an offline businessman wants, and what he needs. Then you can do various service or product sales to him. This way you can create a separate category of squeeze page for each business and structure the sales page. There is a possibility of a lot of product sales for that.

How to Create Survey Funnel

Creating a survey funnel is quite an easy task. If you have any automation software you can do the job easily. After a few steps, it will be done. But the best way to do this is ClickFunnel. You will get everything in built-in. Just customize it as you like.

Step 1: Subscribe to ClickFunnels

Subscribe to ClickFunnels at the very beginning. You can buy and subscribe if you want, and you can use the 14-day trial also. You can easily create a survey funnel with ClickFunnelz.

Now we will show how to create a survey funnel using ClickFunnel. If you still do not subscribe to ClickFunnels, then subscribe for a free 14 days trial from here now.

Step 2: Setup Landing Page

Now suppose you want to design a landing page for an author. Click on the Author option from the Dashboard of ClickFunnel for that. There you will find various options for decorating the page. Sort it on your own and create a complete landing page. Then you need to proceed to the next step.

Setup Landing Page

Step 3: Creating a Survey

Finally, you have to create a survey with Survey Generator. The survey will be based on all the information you provide. So no wrong information can be given.

You will have to link the landing page to the sales page. Lead can be easily generated in it. When a final survey page is created, do marketing for it. If your strategy is right then it will continue to generate leads.

Creating a Survey

Final Words

There are many ways you can do funnel marketing. But it would be best to follow Russell Branson’s way because he is a wise marketer.

He only shares some of the funnels with the actual implementation of the strategy only if he becomes successful with them online. He has shown that the product can be sold to people only after doing the survey.

Therefore, you should not take the survey funnel for granted at all. The way we highlight everything in the survey funnel today, no one should be ignorant about it.

Follow the rules shown by us and apply them to your business. ClickFunnels is there for you to create a survey funnel. So why are you late in starting marketing?

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