What Is A Squeeze Page Funnel? The Ultimate Guide

Published On: October 28, 2019By 11.1 min read

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Squeeze Page Funnel

Currently, the squeeze page funnel is very popular for e-mail marketing. E-mail lists can be created easily with this. Many people have been successful in their business by using this funnel.

You can also do this. Therefore, you need to know the details about the squeeze page funnel. The problem is that no one will give you detailed ideas about it. There is nothing to worry about if others don’t.

Here we are with the squeeze page funnel tutorial. The definition of it, how to use it in business, how to create a funnel with it, all will come up in our reviews.

We want to be part of your funnel marketing education. That is why we regularly review the latest funnel strategy and tricks. We will analyze everything openly in today’s review.

So let’s know too many unknowns about it.

What Is Squeeze Page? Squeeze Page Meaning

The squeeze page funnel is to entice the visitor to provide his e-mail intentionally. Something should have there so that he is eager to know by giving his e-mail what is going to happen next. The visitor then subscribes via e-mail and goes to the next page.

In other words, intentionally squeezing the visitor is the squeeze page funnel. Everything is presented before the visitor in such a way that he is obliged to subscribe by mail ID. E-mail ids can be collected in less time with this. People give their e-mail id spontaneously to know the required information.

So you should do squeezing to design the landing page. They can try through the squeeze page funnel whose main target is to collect leads. Russell Brunson also follows the procedure.

Besides, you can make them click through the affiliate link. The likelihood of sales will increase spontaneously when someone follows your affiliate link. Since you successfully took them to the referral link.

There, they can buy different products or services by watching. It may be that they found what they were looking for, which they could not find anywhere else. Then that visitor is your sure buyer. Then you can easily convert anyone into sales.

We have already defined the squeeze page funnel. Now we will clarify what the squeeze page is about. A squeeze page is such a page where you keep the required information. The page where you will get the required leads or sales.

The design of this page should be very simple. Your sales potential will increase if you can introduce creativity and intelligence here.

Squeeze Page Funnel

The squeeze page funnel mainly consists of two parts. One is a squeeze page and another is the thank-you page. The squeeze page is such a thing that makes your visitors interested to subscribe by e-mail. Here they give you their e-mail IDs with great interest.

So, there should be no cheating at all. Then, the visitor will not proceed to the next step.


The visitor will come to the thank-you page if the expected service is given. The squeeze page information brings them to the thank-you page.

Now if you have given everything rightly on the thank-you page as promised, then drive them to the Next Page funnel. Since you are giving the correct information and the visitor is getting it, he will continue to follow your next button.

The idea of the squeeze page has come by keeping eye on the demands of the visitor. The squeeze page has a specific goal that the visitor is looking for. The task of the squeeze page funnel is to drive your traffic to a page that hits their goals.

Where they will get their expected info? The main purpose of this page is to list the e-mail through the subscriber. That’s why you can sort the page by asking the information about e-mail, name, address, and phone number.

Let’s understand a bit about the squeeze page funnel with examples. Suppose you have created a video documentary about agriculture. People will come to your squeeze page and see that they are being asked to subscribe by e-mail to get this tutorial.

However, they could see a demo before that. They will be pretty convinced to view your documentary after watching the demo. Then, you will allow them to view your documentary once anyone subscribes.

Here you create the squeeze page intending to collect e-mail lists. Then lead them to the thank-you page by showing the expected demo. That’s your success. A squeeze page can be used to create curiosity among anyone.

So you too can set up more squeeze page funnels for lead generation. The success rate is much higher in this.

How to Use Squeeze Page Funnel in Your Business?

Now the question may come that how will you use it in your business. It can be applied to any page by following some simple techniques. And its success rate is much higher.

So you can also use it in your business. Here are some examples of how to use the squeeze page funnel in any business.

Use in Authorship Business

It’s a very easy task to use the squeeze page funnel in Authorship Business. In this case, you can show a light demo or trial of your books or audio, videos. It has to be very attractive and fascinating.

So that a great deal of interest must grow to know the rest among the visitors’ minds by watching just the trailer or the spoiler.

You will then give the condition to subscribe to watch the rest by understanding the scope. In this scenario, most people subscribe because it’s free. The next part will be unveiled in front of them if they subscribe.

However, allow them to know the rest of the content on the next page as promised with care. If you do any dilly-dally here, then nobody will be your subscriber in next. You can’t go too far by cheating.

Use in E-Commerce Business

First, write the gist part of a product or a service in an incomplete state for those who want to use the squeeze page funnel in e-commerce business.

In this case, you can write by giving information like why the product was created, and how it was created. Usually, visitors will want to hear your product-making story. He will see that there is no rest of the story when he comes to the end of his reading.

He will then get the option to subscribe to read the rest. He will subscribe easily by email to hear your passionate product-making story. After all, if you have any offer, you can add it too as a complementary to the thank-you page.

When someone gets a bonus for asking for something other, then they will buy it easily. Many marketers are successful in using squeeze page funnels in e-commerce. You can also start experimenting with your business.

Use in Affiliate Marketing

The squeeze page funnel fits very well in affiliate marketing. The reasons are there. Millions of products are there worth doing affiliate. Suppose you start an affiliate to sell a book. Then your job will be to create a squeeze page with some interesting features of this book. This will create a lot of interest in the visitor’s mind.

You will give a condition to subscribe first by email for reading or buying the book if interest creates. At the next level, you will give them a chance to read the book if they subscribe by email.

Everyone has more interested in products like books, documentaries, software solutions. So you can collect many leads by working with these. With this, e-mail marketing can be done later.

Use of Sales Letter Funnels in Professional Service Business

Many people now provide professional services in various subjects. The higher the number of service providers, the more likely you are to be a competitor.

So in the beginning, you should find out the reason why buyers go to your competitor, not to you. Besides, break down the misconceptions people have about your business. Present everything beautifully on the squeeze page.

But don’t finish the whole thing. Visitors will be very impressed with this. He will think that his thought about your service was wrong. When the interest of everyone will grow to know your story, add the subscription option just then.

There will be product sales along with lead collection in this way. You will be far ahead of others if benefits are there for business in both directions.

Use in Retail Business

People can also use the squeeze page funnel who does retail business. Good to say, you will get pretty good results. Here, you can easily create a passion. Since you are a retailer, you should have all kinds of products.

You can provide some important information about it with a signature product from there. But don’t give all the information on the squeeze page.

You will hook the readers to the thank-you page when they will want to know the rest of the content with a good interested at one point in their reading. And this system is quite useful. No one wants to know something half, and the rest is unknown.

So, they will easily want to know the rest of the information by subscribing through e-mail. They have no loss since it is free to subscribe.

Use in Business-To-Business

Business to Business is the first step in business. Since both sides are businessmen here. So you can easily do this by using the squeeze page funnel.

You can generate interest among merchants by saying that how you will easily find a retail buyer. Then the businessmen will read your article with great interest to increase their sales.

At one point in their reading, they will find that your article ends in an incomplete state. It is asking to subscribe to read the rest. Then they will subscribe with interest and go to the next page. And you will have a lot of lead collection in this way.

The more extreme incomplete state you can keep in the squeeze page, the more leads will convert.

How to Build Squeeze Page Funnel?

Building a squeeze page funnel is a very easy task. Since it has only two pages. A squeeze page funnel can be created by following a few simple steps.

Nevertheless, we are providing a guideline about squeeze page funnel build-up for your understanding. See how to do it.

STEP 1: Pick Your Funnel Page

You have to subscribe to the Click-Funnels for this. But don’t worry. You can use a 14-day free trial. Then from the dashboard of Click-Funnels, select the squeeze page funnel. You will see many more types of funnels. There is no need for them now.

Build Squeeze Page Funnel

STEP 2: Pick Your Design

Now you have to choose the design of the page. You will get plenty of designs there as built-in. All the pages are very attractive. Choose the design that suits your preference. Just click and select the design.

In addition to their built-in designs, you too can create your designs with the help of drag and drop pages.

STEP 3: Modify

Now you have to modify your design page. There you have to add your service name, company name, logo, text. You can add videos, images, audio, texts to all.

You can highlight the text with different bullets, numbers. Finally, submit it after modifying everything to your likeliness. Then your squeeze page funnel will be created.

All You Need to Remember When Using Squeeze Page Funnel for Your Business

The reverse will occur if we use the squeeze page funnel everywhere. It will be a tremendous asset for you if you can use it properly. It will not be useful if you use the squeeze page funnel for direct product selling.

So when, where to use the squeeze page funnel? We are now describing it openly. You have to use the squeeze page funnel for lead collection and service product sales. You have created a database with e-mail by squeezing them.

You can use that database for landing pages. Then you can send visitors to direct affiliate links. Many of them will convert. And this is the affiliate marketing stage. Suddenly you cannot sell a product. Finally, you have to sell the product after crossing several stages. The squeeze page is a primary step.

Final Words

Funnel marketing means a great workload. Including the works of Landing page design, mail listing, server set-up, and much more to do. You can succeed in affiliate marketing only if you can do many things successfully.

The squeeze page funnel is one of the best ideas for lead collection. It makes the visitor very interested. As a result, he is obliged to subscribe by email to know the rest of the information. We hope you got all the information about the squeeze page funnel.

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