What Is a Lead Magnet? Definition, Ideas, Examples

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Lead Magnet Ideas

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Now, Lead Magnet is a great tool for Funnel Marketing. The more leads you generate, the more likely you are to succeed. Most of us do not know how to do this work.

For this reason, they are deprived of effective formulas like Lead Magnet. But you can easily sell anything using Lead Magnet. The main purpose of our review is to make you familiar with the constant new tricks.

So that you can be successful by applying them to your business. At present, Funnel Marketing stands on strategies. Those who can find out better strategies is known as better marketer.

Like Lead Magnets, you need to be familiar with new strategies if you want to be successful in this sector. Today we will give you a detailed idea about Lead Magnet.

So, let’s break it down now.

What Is the Lead Magnet?

What Is the Lead Magnet?

Let me tell you what the Lead Magnet is about in simple terms. Lead Magnet is an email exchange. You can collect it from blogs, videos, subscribers, and social media in various ways.

Lead Magnet is collected with free offers. The premium products are then mailed to them, which we call as email marketing. You can upload free e-books, audio, videos, documentaries, and informative articles on your blog.

If visitors come to a link, you can ask them to subscribe to get more articles like these. If your contents are good, the visitors themselves will email you to subscribe so that they get this kind of tip.

Here, visitors have to convince with good quality information. Otherwise, no one will subscribe by email. Thus you will manage a huge lead by collecting visitor’s mail one after another.

Since these are genuine email IDs, you can also do email marketing of your website-related products to them. Hopefully, everyone now understands Lead Magnet.

How to Create a Lead Magnet that Convert?

Many will want to know how to convert a Lead Magnet into a sell. Since, naturally, everyone wants to collect their leads. But you have nothing to worry about.

We will fully support you in this regard. You will just follow our instructions step by step. It is basically a part of the sales funnel.

For those who do not know what the sales funnel is, take a detailed look at the sales funnel from here. However, if you want to make a lead magnet properly, you need to follow the following procedures.


You have to plan first. It is said that a beautiful plan is half the success. The plan is the key to success. First, you have to think about what kind of work can generate more leads. Which you can better explain to people. That could be blogging, e-books, audio, video, or live webinar.

Considering all that sounds perfect to you, get down to the field with it by making a strong plan. Budget, time, expected lead, post lead collection plan should be included in the plan. Suppose you will generate a lead with a free e-book. Then you have to look for where to find a free e-book.

Then it should simply be presented to the customer so that they can accept it generously. Or you will be blogging about something related to the problem. Then you have to find the problem first.

Then, guidelines, resources, training, and advice should all be presented to the reader in its solution. When the reader understands that your writing is useful to him. Then he will subscribe by email.

Make Your Lead Magnet Special

Make your Lead Magnet special in the second step. You have to find out why the visitor has to skip so many tutorials and take the solution from only you. In this case, you have to keep in mind that everything must be easy to understand. Nothing can be kept complicated. It should be noted that the reader does not have a bit of trouble understanding.

You can provide special solutions than others. Such as to describe everything beautifully step by step. You can add videos for the reader to understand easily. You can highlight the must doing works with special bullets.

Besides, you can give some advice so that the reader should not suffer such problems in the future. You can write down at the end of the post that if you still have problems understanding after giving the solution, then email you.

If you do these things, the visitor will be pleased automatically. Then you will easily be able to make anyone lead. It will enrich your lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Ideas – Best Lead Magnet Example for Affiliate Marketing

Most of those who do funnel marketing is affiliate marketers. It can be earned through affiliates without investing in products.

So for those who do affiliate, we will give you an example of the best Lead Magnet for affiliate marketing. Only then will you understand how things should work. Examples are given below.

Free Funnel

The best way of Lead Magnet is to provide a free product. If it is free, anyone then will subscribe to your package via email. So you can offer free courses, books, videos, audio for affiliate marketing. You can say that if you subscribe, you will get a free PDF book. Or you will get a free video tutorial.

You can see that a lot of leads have been accumulated to get your free courses. And this is how experienced marketers load their email list. Later, it is used timely to sell many paid products.


We have talked about how to generate lead magnets in the previous step. Since there are lots of lead magnets now, you can take automation as you want. Use it to do email marketing. It will take a long time to do so much work manually.

So if you want to do it easily, you have to take the help of marketing automation software. At present, many automation software reigns with a good reputation in the market.

ClickFunnels will be quite ahead of them. Since its founder, Russell Branson, himself, is a well-known funnel marketer. He understands well what are the requirements of funnel marketing.

So that’s how he designed ClickFunnels. You can offer automation software sales to lead magnet holders. Then many people can buy it, thinking about their future. These are the things that go with automation.

  • Automation checklists
  • Clickfunnels checklists
  • Sort of checklists that would complement one of the training
  • Courses inside the vault could be very handy as a lead magnet

Swipe Files

Swap files are another great way to collect lead magnets. Everyone loves to do it. Especially when people shop online, they swap pages one by one to find products they like on the site. You can also use their swaps to collect leads. There are many ways to do this swap. These are:

1. The Most Profitable Niches or Products

You can find a Profitable Niche to categorize hot items there. Then people can easily find their favorite items. It’s pretty effective. Who wants to waste time finding products?

Keeping a list of everything in one place makes it easy for them to work. And if anyone gets it, they will give you the lead. So do this work with intelligence? Find out the profitable niche or product and keep a list of it.

2. Complimentary Training

Let’s explain Complimentary Training in a slightly different way. Those of us who stay in a hotel is given a complimentary breakfast in the morning. It’s free for guests. But in reality, is it free? They include this breakfast money along with the hotel fare.

Such is the case with the Lead Magnet supplementary. Suppose you are giving training on a topic. That could be how to set up a computer, how to grow vegetables, how to repair mobiles or funnel marketing training.

Whatever it is, you can offer your existing trainees that you will take another course as a bonus. But you have to subscribe.

For example, fish farming teaching is not included in your course. Then you can teach fish farming as a bonus. And this is complimentary training. Who doesn’t want to do bonus training?

Lead Magnet Checklist

There are several checklists in the lead magnet. They are noted with a detailed description.

  • Decide on a lead magnet type: First, use your head to identify what kind of lead magnet will be valuable for your business. It is very difficult to make such a decision. Yet you have to take it. With a bit of strategy and research, the task becomes easier. Your first lead might be the simplest thing, yet work with it. Once the lead type is selected, the rest of the work will be easy simultaneously.
  • Outline the Content: Get a detailed idea of the content of what you are about to do. Content should be written on something that you know very well. Then it will be easy for you to explain to everyone. Now your work is quite done. Once the Content Outline is ready, you need to go to the next step.
  • Write/Hire/Design: Now, your task is what you have outlined in the previous step, write that with a beautiful arrangement. If you cannot write by yourself, write down by someone else with the necessary instruction. And if you require a designer for this work, do it by hiring a designer.
  • Review it: This time you have to review your work. You have to check if there are any spelling mistakes, no grammatical mistakes. If the spelling is wrong, there will be a red mark on the docs file. Click the right mouse and fix it. You can use Grammarly to see grammatical mistakes. Very helpful software.
  • Create your graphics: All of you are ready now, to create attractive graphics for PDF books or content. Present through graphics in a way that will catch anyone’s attention. Everything has to be eye-catching. When you file a PDF, the cover should be attractive. And if there is a blog post, then the feature image should be decorated charmingly. If you can do these things, many visitors will be interested willingly to reading what you have written.
  • Select a channel to deliver your lead magnet: You will then need to select the channel for the PDF or content delivery. For this, you can take the help of various URL Shorteners. When someone clicks on your link, they will go to the Lead Magnet page. You can also use quizzes, coupon codes, along with delivery channels.
  • Design your Opt-in page: This is a fire test for you. You have to design opt-in pages very nicely. Since on this page, the visitor will exchange his email. So the page has to be designed attractively. So that people can easily exchange leads. You can use automation software to design a landing page. With these, a beautiful landing page can be created instantly. Everything on the opt-in page will be interesting, simple, and distinct. It’s best to keep the design light.
  • Write your delivery email:  This is the final step. At this point, you need to write an email. It will basically be used as a delivery email. Basically, if someone exchanges a lead with you, he or she will have to send an auto-email confirmation. Several types of greetings can write in this email. Visitors will be very pleased with it. He’ll think that you’re valuing him a lot. But fear not, you do not have to send so many emails manually. The Autoresponder feature of funnel marketing software will do this. Mail will go automatically.

What Is Lead Magnet Funnel?

Lead Magnet funnel

The lead magnet funnel is basically the same as the opt-in funnel. The funnel that is set up for the lead magnet is the Lead Magnet Funnel.

The difference with the opt-in funnel is that you are exchanging something in the email. And its page numbers are only two. In exchange, you are getting the lead here. You have to give something for free.

The lead magnet funnel has two pages. They are-

  • Opt-In Page
  • Thank You Page

How to Use Lead Magnet Funnel to Your Business?

The Lead Magnet Funnel is very easy to use in business. Your business will shine a lot if you can use it wisely. Here’s how to do it.

  • Author or Speaker Business Use: Suppose you write a book. So make a PDF copy of your book then follow the checklist to create a Lead Magnet Funnel. Here’s how you can attract everyone, if anyone wants to get your latest eBook for free, he or she needs to subscribe here. And if you are a speaker, make a video of your valuable speech and upload it for making subscribers and then email it to them.
  • E-commerce Business Use: Suppose you have a coupon of an e-commerce company. You can easily generate lead magnets by exchanging them. Anyone will want to buy a product from eCommerce with a coupon for a small price. So you can promote it like this way, by subscribing you will get a coupon of Amazon or other popular sites. Then the lead will keep coming in great numbers.
  • Business to Business Use: Its use is easier in Business to Business. Suppose you have such data that doesn’t work for you. Then you can target similar businessmen with the data stored in your hands. Any businessman who finds the news of your data will be taken aback. You can also add paid service with lead. They not only will exchange email but also pay you extra.
  • Network or Affiliate Marketing Use: Currently, many affiliate marketers are working on different products. You can collect leads from them by telling of something which will be taught by them. Suppose you can teach how to solve that problem with that product. New affiliate marketers will accept your offer very well. You can collect many leads in this way.
  • Professional Service Use: It’s a bit of hard work. Since everyone here is as professional as you. Difficult, but not impossible. You can do this with different databases if you want. Suppose you have many phone numbers. Then you can give the phone number exchange offer. Then the SMS marketers will come to you and exchange emails. Thus, it is possible to exchange anything with any professional marketer.
  • Retail Business Use: It’s very easy to use it in retail Business. You can give coupons or vouchers. Voucher’s greed will draw anyone to exchange emails. This is a great way for you to collect leads.

How to Create Lead Magnet Funnel in Clickfunnels:

A lead magnet funnel can be easily created with ClickFunnels. So here we will give you a guideline about how you will do it. Here are the methods for creating a Lead Magnet funnel with ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Start Trial 14 Day Clickfunnels

First, you must subscribe to Clickfunnels. ClickFunnel is not free, but you can use its 14-days trial version. It’s best to use a paid version to get better results.

You can test everything in these 14-days to see how useful it is really. Thousands of marketers are using paid versions of ClickFunnels. If you are unable to use the paid version, sign up now to use the free 14-days trial version from here.

14 Day Clickfunnels

Step 2: Pick Your Funnel

Now you need to select your funnel. Select the Lead Magnet funnel from the menu. Then work will be greatly reduced. Then you have to set up everything step by step. There you will find several menus for setting up.

Your Funnel

Step 3: Pick Your Design Page

Now you have to choose the design page. You will find many design pages as build in. Choose what you like best. Yet any choice you make will be fine. All are very good designs.

Design Page

Step 4: Modify

Then your job will be to modify the design page you have chosen. Modify it and sort it like yourself. This is a very easy task. That’s why ClickFunnels

has a drag and drop builder. You can easily add your logo, image, text. Even you can see a preview of how much the change happens.

You can also see what it looks like on mobile. When you finish editing, submit it. Then your lead magnet funnel is ready. A new marketer also can easily create this funnel with Clickfunnels.

Lead Magnet

Final Verdict:

The Lead Magnet Funnel is now very important. Since it can collect a lot of leads in a short time. Who does not want to give an email if someone receives anything?

So to be successful here, create something as free from the beginning. Then explain to people why they will use it. Once you can convince people, you will not have to gain momentum anymore.

People are collecting thousands of leads with e-books, audio, and video. This way, after collecting a few leads, you will have a huge database. Then you can create a sales funnel by using the lead magnet.

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