Clickfunnels Affiliates Program Training: [Ultimate Guide]

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To do Clickfunnels affiliates program training, you have to be a member of them. Then they will themselves do training arrangements for you. It can be said that they will train you on funnel marketing without any cost so that you can later do their affiliate program. They pay a lot of commission compared to others.

ClickFunnels offers up to 40 percent commission per referral. This is a golden opportunity for everyone. They are providing training to the newbie from programs like affiliate Bootcamp. Thousands of young people are now earning a lot of money by getting training from ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels affiliate can earn you a lot more money in less time. But many people are probably ignorant about how they will train you. That is why today we will discuss the Clickfunnels affiliates program training in detail. For that, the matter will be clear to everyone.

Question # 1: Who Is Your Target Market?

Many people make mistakes in determining the target customer. Thereby, the desired results are not developed. So the target customers need to be accurate. Your target customer should be authors who have published any book.

They always like to publish new books, sell more, do courses, and do merchandising sales. And in these cases, the sales funnel is quite helpful.

So if you can make them understand the effectiveness of the funnel, then they will easily become subscribers of ClickFunnels easily. And you will be getting the commission.

Your dream customers should be between the age of 40-50. The buyers of this age are very mature and stable. Apart from it, this age is a good time to work on writing. They can usually accept anything easily.

Demographics of Your Dream Customer:

  • 40-50 Years of Age:- A man crossed the best time of his life at this time. So this age is perfect. At this age, a man becomes established and free from the curse of unemployment. And they can accept whatever they think at this age.
  • $60000+ Yearly Income:- The offers by ClickFunnels are very expensive. If you choose people of the low-income segments, then they will not be able to afford it. So choose those who earn $60,000+ in a year. They can easily afford the large offers by ClickFunnels. This is because it is in their ability. They do not think so much about the money.
  • At Least One Published Book:- Since your target customers are book authors, so you should check that they have published at least 1 book. Otherwise, the desired success will not come. Those who can write a book will write many more books. And for promotion, they will choose the sales funnel easily.

Question #2: Where They Are Congregating?

Your target customer will be roaming with several experienced writers in different Facebook groups, blogs, and forums in various social media. This is because people of the same profession stay in the same place. You can easily find them on these forums, groups, and blogs if you check there.

Basically, your target customers are annoyed at Amazon. That is because Amazon cannot provide them the desired sales. That is why they search for different tips on selling books on different blogs and videos. And this is a golden opportunity for you.

When you will offer them selling books through different sales funnels, they will easily grab the opportunity.

They will think that they have got secret formulas for selling books. Thus, they will be able to sell more books and you will also become able to make a profit as well. If there are more sales, they will also subscribe to other programs of ClickFunnels. This will increase your commission amount a lot.

During Kevin’s Walk-Through Video He Identifies 5 Primary Traffic Sources:

  • Podcasts
  • Blog Posts
  • Video/Youtube
  • Email
  • Facebook/Social

But we will mainly emphasize on two sources. There are other social media also, but there is currently no one as a strong competitor to Facebook. The vast majority of people in the world use Facebook.

And there is nothing more to say regarding this for writers. It can be said that 90% of the writers use Facebook.

Apart from this, another popular way is YouTube. People can learn a lot by watching the video lying on the bed. So the writers roam on YouTube also. You can also reach them by doing marketing.

Two Primary Traffic Sources We Will Be Focusing On:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube

Question #3: What Is the Shiny Object (bait) They Want?

It is a very critical question. The answer is very simple. You need to provide an offer to your dream customer in such a way that they willingly grab the opportunity easily. Suppose you are in trouble. If someone comes then and tells you that he can solve the problem. Then you must take the chance.

You need to present the matter to your dream customer in the same way. He would surely want to grow his book selling more and more. You have to present very nicely that through you he can sell many copies of books. So you can give the dotcom secret book type solutions as the offer. It is very effective. If you offer this for free at the beginning, he will be attracted to you.

Then you will have to talk about the other basic courses of ClickFunnels. At a certain period, your target customer will be interested easily and will want to know more about that. Then tell him about the paid course.

When he understands that the number of his sales will increase in this way, then he will start funnel marketing. Or they may hire you for the sales funnel.

This will get you benefits from both sides. If you can present the offer in such a way, then your dream customer will surely accept it. And you will get your most desired affiliate commission. Apart from this, you can also offer a product lunching videos.

You will present in such a way that 60,000 books can be sold without giving any money to Amazon. Then it will be very attractive.

3 Types of Traffic:

3 types of traffic are available. But the main purpose of the traffic is to convert it to sales or lead. You can control some kind of traffic between 3 types and some cannot. Besides, you will need to offer something to the traffic in such a way that it is in your control.

Let us see how many types of traffics are available.

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1. Traffic You Control

Controlled traffic comes mainly from paid advertising. For example, if you run ads costing $100 on Facebook then everything will be in your control.

Everything will be in your control such as how will they come, how to make them interested, and so on. You will need to offer them in such a way that they become interested in.

It could be an excellent article, video or text message. In the case of controlled traffic, you need to show creativity. As everything is in your control, so everything depends on you.

In this way, traffic comes from Facebook, YouTube, Search Engine and Social Media. Controlled traffic is more likely to lead to more sales conversions.

As it is controlled traffic, so you will have to calculate everything beforehand whether it will bring you profit or not. You will need to see how much traffic will come, how many sales will come and how much profit will be generated. After predicting everything, then you should go for the paid marketing.

Examples of Traffic You Control:

  • Pay Per Click Ads (Facebook or Google)
  • Youtube Ads
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Display Banner Ads
  • Affiliates
  • Solo Ads

2. Traffic You Don’t Control

And there is some traffic that you cannot control. They will come to your site largely on their own willingness. These are called organic traffic. They mainly landed on your landing page from different search engines and various social media. Organic traffic is always valuable. That is because you do not have to spend your money on them.

Likewise, they have come to your landing page out of their own interest so that the lead generation or sales conversion chance is very high. In this case, Google plays a major role. However, you have to do SEO beforehand to rank your site. If you cannot place your site on the first page of Google, then they will not be able to find your site out.

Organic traffic is available throughout the year. You have to put full effort to rank your site. Afterward, they will find you out by searching you on Google.

For long-term business, you need to depend on uncontrolled traffic. That is because you cannot advertise all the time. So those who want to do business in the long term definitely emphasize on organic traffic.

Examples of Traffic You Do Not Control:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Word of Mouth
  • PR

3. Traffic You Own

It is basically the traffic comprised of your fan followers. For example, your email list, followers on social media, and blog fan. That means they eagerly wait for your writing or advice. They are your regular traffic. You do not have to invest any in them. If you think that you have a lot of fan followers, then it is very easy for you to do an affiliate.

This is because your fans are controlled by your thoughts. Whatever you say will motivate them. For example, if you write a product review on Facebook, then your fans will naturally show interest in the product.

And if you give reliance to buy on your references, then that will be better. Your traffic has a great effect on affiliate business. So you should create your own traffic sources as much as possible.

Instant Traffic Hacks

In simple words, instant traffic is to drive back the clients from the competitors. Remember that your customers are not sitting on the sofa to buy the software.

They are basically finding out solutions to their problems. In this situation, if you can tell them that only the ClickFunnels can solve their problem, then that would be a really very good thing. They will take it immediately.

Basically, you have to bring back traffic from the funnel of your competitors. This method is very effective. They know that it is possible to make good sales from sales funnels.

But they do not know that ClickFunnels is the boss of the sales funnel. When you will tell them that ClickFunnels is the solution, then they will take your offer happily. And in this way, you have to hack traffic and drive on your own.

Where Are My Dream Customers Shopping? (direct and Indirect)

You have to find out where your dream customers do shopping. That is not a hard job to do. You can easily find it out. For that, we have chosen 3 different group competitors. Those are below.

Competitors to Focus on Include:

  • My bait or free offer
  • The DotCom Secrets Book
  • Competitors of ClickFunnels

Apart from this, we will also discuss the direct and indirect group also.

  • Direct Competitor: The strong opponent of ClickFunnels is LeadPage as the direct competitor. So we have to find out where the LeadPage gets traffic and what is their traffic source, where they are advertising and who are giving their advertising. If you can find them, you can easily get huge traffic sources.
  • Indirect Competitor: Indirect competitors are those who use more third-party tools in sales funnel software. Such as active campaigns, mail chimp, and these types of tools are used. Monitoring or sending emails becomes much easier with the help of these. We should research where ActiveCampaign is advertising as well to find another potential traffic source.

What Are My Dream Customers Buying?

You have to find out what your target buyers really want. Marketing becomes easier when you understand their demand. For example, if they want to buy the Amazon ads card but if you advertise the watch for them, then your aim will not be fulfilled. Your offer must be related to their interest.

If they get the advertisement for what they were looking for, then the potential for sales is 99%. Many do not understand what the buyers really want. You need to find out what type of product your target customer needs. For example, we have here selected those authors as our target customers who have published their books.

Now it is time to find out what they can buy. Surely they will buy something that will help them sell more books or something that will provide the knowledge to write books. The products they will search for increasing sales or knowledge are below.

Products My Dream Customers (published Authors) Are Currently Buying:

  • Amazon ads for their books
  • Buying book covers and press releases
  • Text software, like Scrivener
  • Books about book marketing
  • Amazon and Facebook advertising courses
  • Social media training
  • Blogging Courses

Model What Works

We should not offer anything at the beginning that people do not want. Rather we have to offer the most related things. For that, we can follow our competitors directly. Russell Brunson gave a nice model to work with the funnel.

Russell always gave importance to start working with acquaintances first. If you do not have a good idea about any funnel model, you should not start working with that. He has advised not to work with more than two unknown models.

Model Each Aspect of Your Competitor’s Funnels Including:

  • Demographics
  • Offer
  • Landing Page
  • Traffic Source
  • Ad Copy

In our case, we have a direct competitor among many who sell marketing courses to authors and he has a few popular lead magnets that he gives away on his website. And Facebook ads and Amazon ads for authors are most popular lead magnets for some of my competitors.

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Final Verdict

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is blessings for unemployed people. This is because they pay a very high rate of commission that no other company can offer. Not only that, but they will also develop you with free training. That means they will teach you funnel marketing. After the necessary training, they will also show you the way to earn through them.

It is a matter of great praise. We have reviewed ClickFunnels Affiliate Program training today in details. We have discussed the competitor, target customer, traffic, traffic hack, etc. here. We have even also provided guidelines on how to drive traffic to your own channel.

Hopefully, you will benefit a lot from our review. We hope you become self-sufficient with funnel marketing. And make ClickFunnels as your affiliate partner from the beginning.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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