The Homepage Funnel: A Guide to Effective Lead Generation

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Homepage Funne

The Homepage funnel is a recently discovered new funnel that the world-famous Russell Brunson has successfully used to a few days now. We all know that you may get extensive leads simply by decorating the homepage attractively.

The only way to keep on marketing online is to make yourself acquainted with new ideas. Otherwise, you will be able to remain on track.

Today we have decided to present a detailed idea to give a detailed idea to those who do not know about the homepage funnel. One by one, we will show you what it is, how to use it, what techniques to apply in order to become successful by using the homepage funnel.

If you can make yourself educated about the homepage funnel, which is new in the market, you will not have to look back. The only thing that would be in front of you is the ladder to success.

So now, let us introduce you to the homepage funnel. A detailed discussion of this is given below.

 3 Types of Traffic

From the famous funnel marketer, Russell Brunson’s book titled ‘DotCom Secrets’ we have learned that there are three distinct types of traffic.

By taking into account the patterns and behavior of the topic, these three categories are decided upon. The three types of traffic that Brunson has written about in his book are:

Types of Traffic

This is 3 types of traffic that Russell talk about in Dotcom Secrets book

  • Traffic You Control
  • The Traffic You Don’t Control
  • Traffic You Own.

Traffic You Control: These are the traffic that you can control. Simply put, the traffic that you have control over is called controlled traffic. This kind of traffic mainly comes from different paid ads. Traffic is brought to the site by advertisements on social media, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. You have total control over them. This kind of traffic is…although expensive, quite effective.

 Traffic You Don’t Control: Uncontrolled traffic is the traffic that you have no control over. This kind of traffic mainly comes from the link-sharing of your site from different places. However, it is an absolutely free service. Currently, social media can drive a lot of uncontrolled traffic to your website. If you have a few thousand of Facebook followers, you can bring lots of traffic to the site simply by sharing the link. This is currently the best way to do free marketing. Many bring traffic through blog referrals, and YouTube channel-sharing links.

 Traffic You Own: Basically, the traffic you have led to is the traffic you own. Basically, the email list, blog, reader, and subscriber–all are owned traffic to you. They are your property, and they need to be properly cultivated. To keep them to yourself, you may need to give various offers. Once a person gets a good service somewhere, he or she will not leave the service. So you should try hard, not to lose them.

Your Blog Is Powerful

The power of a blog is beyond everyone’s imagination. With an informative blog, you can keep anyone engaged. However, be careful that the blog is not filled with garbage ads. Create a blog with the goal of capturing the visitor by posting attractive, informative information. It will greatly help you in collecting the leads.

If you provide quality content, the visitor will visit the home page for more information. Your informative writing will bring in more leads because he will understand that he will get quality articles from you. This will also help your main task of holding the reader.

A blog is where you can show your strength. So it should not be taken lightly at all. No matter how many ads you post, without quality content, it will not work.

You can also link to more related topics below the article. It also helps to increase the visitor. The main means of collecting your leads is nothing but your blog itself. So, develop it properly.

What Is the Homepage Funnel?

The homepage funnel is a menu on the right corner of the page where links to your exclusive content are kept. As a direct result, you will also get home page visitors from other pages.

Once the visitor is hooked, he will continue to read the content one after another. Then, after getting the funnel on your nice homepage, he will continue to read content one by one.

The visitors that come from other pages to your homepage are your uncontrolled traffic. Then you would have to convert them to control traffic and then own them. Only then can you be a real gainer.

Collect traffic email and phone number form the homepage engaging the visitors from various pages. This is how you can build a huge collection of leads within a few days. Simply put, the funnel that is on the homepage is the homepage funnel.

Funnel Map

The first page of the funnel is a very traditional one. On this page, everyone usually provides articles on business, problem-solving, or informative content.

There usually is a link to a certain product or service with the text. If you click the link, a pop-up window appears. All you have to do is subscribe to your mail and various personal information.

Homepage Funnel

The homepage funnel is a lot like that. Once someone gives all his information, he can go to the next page. One thing to keep in mind here is that if you provide another link, then the heading should be catching.

Because if the heading is not catching, no one will want to visit the page by giving your personal information. So you need to be extremely careful.

Only then will the lead collection be possible. After providing the necessary information, you will take the visitor to the next page. There, he will get additional informative articles.

This Is What We Do in Homepage

Let’s go back to that visitor. Traffic has come to our homepage. Now we can sell whatever we want to him because he is now under our control. This is how to funnel marketers collect leads. At each step, you need to be patient.

This process by which we just collected the lead from the homepage is called Funnel Catcher. Now you have to understand what a funnel catcher is.

We will discuss funnel catchers in a different passage to be clearer about this. So let us see what the funnel catcher is, and how to catch leads using it.

Funnel Catcher

The funnel catcher is set up mainly to catch people from different places. The homepage is designed in a way that people are compelled to let themselves get captured. This is a great strategy.

However, to understand that, you need to know more. A Funnel catcher has three parts. If you know how to use them, you can design a homepage based on funnel catcher.

So let’s now look at the three funnel catcher method. They are:

  • Funnel book mastery
  • Marketing secrets training
  • Sales funnel software.

Funnel Book Mastery

There are various types of books that talk about the funnel system. Even that is basically the funnel for selling books. You have to set up the funnel in such a way that the buyer can see some of your same level of products at the same time.

For example, if you sort the funnel with Russell Brunson’s Hot 3 books like DotCom Secret, Expert Secret, and Funnel Hacker Cookbook, then you may add another link inside it.

Now, if anyone clicks on the ‘get this’ button, he will visit the Expert Secrets sales funnel. Where he will see more interesting offers.

Marketing Secrets Training

You can set up a funnel in the same way with Marketing Secret Training. Your job will be to present different funnels on training. Regardless of which course the visitor clicks, your job will be to move to another course where he is waiting for more attractive offers.

Sales funnel software

Nowadays, there are several sales funnel software available for marketing funnel. Using this software, you can easily set up an automatic funnel. ClickFunnels is ahead of the curve among them.

So you can decorate the funnel with an automatic funnel software. They also come in handy in most of the cases. Besides, since you can make a good income by making a referral, you can work on it. You can hope for a better future if you follow these steps.

How to Use Homepage Funnel in Your Business?

Now the question is, how can you effectively use the homepage funnel to enhance your business? There are certainly many ways to use it. We are going to tell you, so you have nothing to worry about. The homepage funnel can be set up in several ways. Here are a few examples.

In Author or Consultant Business:

In order to be successful after applying funnel to this business, you have to be a bit emotional. Because every one of us is emotional. If you can present something to a reader that comes from the depths of your heart, the visitors will surely adore it.

You have just now started your business. You can talk about how the business came about, the struggle you had to go through, the break-even point, and profit-loss in detail. This kind of story is very popular among visitors.

So these people simply believe and subscribe to hear some more good advice. You can also provide advice for beginners at the end of the discussion if you wish.

Use in Retail Business:

You can also use the Homepage funnel in the retail business if you wish. It’s also pretty easy, too. The best way would be to study some of the established company’s offer methods.

Knowing how they publish their offer, how much response they get, etc. will make it easier for you to offer. The main purpose of the Homepage funnel is to capture the customer through various lucrative offers.

You can get more detailed ideas on this from the Funnel Hacker Cookbook if you like; where Russell Brunson himself has openly discussed this. You will study the offer and give the customer a discount so that he or she is compelled to accept your offer. Once the visitor accepts the offer, he will always come back for more.

Use in E-Commerce Business:

Nowadays, you can easily use the homepage funnel to promote e-commerce business. Here you can highlight the difference between your products in front of everyone. Why the product is special, what use it offers, how it can be used, where and how it was made, anyone will listen to these details intently.

In between doing these, you will have to collect the leads. E-commerce is currently extremely popular, and many products are sold here daily. So if you can advertise the effectiveness of your product, you can easily get leads or sales by using e-commerce business.

As Business to Business:

Business to Business or B-to-B is a popular business model. In this method, traders from both ends get benefits. Traders really like to buy goods at special discount rates.

Applying the Homepage Funnel in Business to Business model, you will have to pay huge discounts on the product at the beginning. That product will also have to be very special and exclusive. So that all classes of human beings can easily be used.

However, be careful not to provide a discount at such a high rate that your profit gets a hit. If an attracting B-to-B model is offered, you will have many sales at once.

Therefore, those who want to apply the Homepage funnel in Business must set a discount on the Thank You page.

As a professional service provider:

Suppose you are a doctor. So naturally, you are a professional service provider. So you will need to present everything using homepage funnel so that everyone understands that your quality as a good doctor is beyond any doubt.

You can take your stand regarding any point in the medical field. You can also give live visitors to your appointment. They will come to meet you following that appointment. You can provide everyone with the quality care they need.

In this way, a professional business can achieve a lot of product sales by setting up the funnel.

In Affiliate Marketing Business:

In Affiliate business, homepage funnel is extremely important. Here you can write excellent product and give excellent content. If anyone buys using your referral, you will get a commission. This is what affiliate marketing is all about.

So those who affiliate can do it from ClickFunnel. ClickFanel’s commission rate is very high compared to others. There is also a lot to learn from Russell Brunson’s live.

In a word, to be successful through the homepage funnel in the affiliate business, the product has to be presented as if it would be essential for the visitor. When someone believes that a product will be useful to him, he will buy it.

Retail business:

If you are in the retail business, you can highlight all the good features of your top products and services. This will allow the visitor to understand the efficiency of your product. Then your product sales will be much higher.

Most of the merchants are retailers. That’s why it’s important for them to apply the homepage funnel.

Final Words

At present, funnel marketing is quite competitive. To survive, you have to adapt to many new things and ideas. The homepage funnel is such a new idea. If you can’t keep up with it, you will be left behind.

We didn’t just discuss this funnel here. We also discussed how to use it in business. Hopefully, you can now apply homepage funnel to your own business after reading our tutorial.

If you do everything correctly, success will definitely come. We want to see the smiling face of every funnel marketer because your success is our achievement.

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