There is no alternative to get training when it comes to learning something well. If you get practically trained in any subject or topic, you would not even be able to imagine how much your skills will improve. ClickFunnels has arranged a program to affiliate all of their software. It is called the affiliate Bootcamp.

Affiliate Bootcamp offers a special training program on how to affiliate all the software under ClickFunnels. You will be able to earn even more by participating in this training that will teach you how to affiliate their software. This is really one of the great initiatives from Clickfunnels in funnel marketing. Many people out there do not know much detail about this program. They do not know how this program works or how would they get benefited. If you are one of them, then today’s Affiliate Bootcamp Review is for you.

We will talk about both the pros and cons of affiliate Bootcamp. There will be details on how you can get benefits from this course. By the way, did we mention that this course is absolutely free? Yes, you heard it right. Our aim is to introduce our readers to an amazing course like affiliate Bootcamp.

So that you can earn even more by affiliating Clickfunnels software. It is certainly a good initiative utilizing which you would get lot more than you can imagine. So now let us move on to the review.

Affiliate Bootcamp Overview

Name: Affiliate Bootcamp
Owners: Russell Brunson
Price: FREE
Score: 9.5/10

Affiliate Bootcamp Review

Today we are going to discuss an impeccable program of Clickfunnels. The name of this program is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. This program is for training on affiliate marketing skills. And it is for free of cost. Yes, this wonderful program is totally free for you.

Clickfunnels is a large organization. They have a lot of software. A number of people are earning by marketing this software. But some of them are not seeing the light of success for their lack of accurate guidelines.

Keeping the fact in mind, Clickfunnels has started this campaign individually also keeping the fact of those people in mind. Under this campaign, affiliate marketers can participate in the 100 days training program for free of cost. We would mainly like to discourse about the affiliate Bootcamp review. So let us now move on to the detailed discussion on this program.

affiliate bootcamp review


How Does Affiliate Bootcamp Work?

Now, a question can arise in everyone’s mind that how does the affiliate Bootcamp work? Well, it is a very good question. We also would provide the answer beautifully. Affiliate Bootcamp is a campaign to promote the ClickFunnels within 100 days.

This will start your funnel marketing at the very beginning. After regular practice, you would be able to bring the new subscribers of ClickFunnels. For each refers, ClickFunnels will give you up to 40% commission. ClickFunnels has two plans. One is $97 monthly and another one is $297 monthly. Now if someone registers through your reference, then you would get $40 for the $97 package and $120 for the $297 package.

So think that if you can make 1 person to subscribe every day, then your referral numbers would be 100 in 100 days. That means in 100 days, your income will stand at $3880. Besides, if you have 100 references, you would get a $500 bonus for the car. Hopefully, at this point, you understand how Affiliate Bootcamp work.

Who Is the Founder of Affiliate Bootcamp?

If you are involved in funnel marketing, you already know who this person might be. Those who are still in dark, the famous funnel marketer Russell Brunson is the founder of the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It is not possible to find out any single person in funnel marketing who does not know him. He has numerous impeccable creations for the funnel marketing.

Who Is This Russell Brunson?

Clickfunnels Russell Brunson If you are a funnel marketer and still not familiar with the name of Russell Brunson, it only means that you are still in the fetus phase.

Russell Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels which is amazing software for funnel marketing. It is hard to find any substitute for this software for funnel marketing.

He has also written a few books on funnel marketing. The books have got a huge response around the world. He is considered one of the best funnel marketers. He has profound knowledge in this area.

The name of some famous books written by him are DotCom secrets book, Funnel hacker’s cookbook, Expert secrets book etc. and these books have got an enormous response in the market. It is safe to say that these books have taken the funnel marketing to another level. He is considered the guru of funnel marketing.

So it is not really surprising to know that such an effective and game-changing idea of the affiliate Bootcamp can be come out from the talented person like Russell Brunson.

What Is Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is the complete funnel building software for funnel marketing. With the help of this, you can create the landing pages, sales pages, templates, send e-mails, have campaign setup and monitoring as well as create autoresponders and so much more.

Clickfunnels is also a creation of Russell. He threw a challenge by creating this software at home. Not many companies stood up to this challenge. Most of the funnel marketers are the user of Clickfunnels. No other software can provide so many privileges at once. In the case of other software, it needs to use a lot of third party software to complete a sales funnel.

We hope you have understood the position of Clickfunnels by now. Affiliate Bootcamp is another program under Clickfunnels. They offer the14 days free trial for curious customers to test its effectiveness.

Is The Program Suitable For Newbies?

Yes, of course, the program is suitable for the newbie. This is because training is intended for the newbie. However, it certainly does not exclude experts who want to brush up their skills. Knowledge never gets decreased when you learn.

Russell has prepared this program for everyone out there who wants to learn affiliate boot camp marketing. Literally, anyone can participate in this program. For those who are thinking yourself that you know nothing about the Bootcamp and how you would make yourself adjust with this, you all can rest assured and can register in this course.

This is because Russell discusses everything from the very basics. So even if you are a newbie, you would also be able to learn everything step by step and become an expert by the end of this program.

How Will You Get Benefited From Affiliate Bootcamp?

By this time, you might be wondering Okay I understand now what is boot camp but how will I get benefits? We can assure you that you will not only get benefits, but even your benefits will also be on a huge scale. If you were with us the entire time, you may have also realized that by now.

In case it slipped out that of your mind, let us remind you that you would learn plenty of things from this course. Experts will share their exclusive learnings with you. To make it easy for you to grasp, we are going to explain the benefits with different points. So now let us take a look at those points.

What Exactly Does The Program Offer?

What does the affiliate Bootcamp program actually offer? It does a lot of things. From this program, you would be able to learn a lot of unknown things. You would achieve a lot of knowledge regarding online business growth, increasing marketing knowledge, procedures, and techniques for creating funnels and a lot more. Some of these programs are mentioned here.

A# You Will Learn How To Build An Online Business

In affiliate Bootcamp, you are not taught only Clickfunnels marketing but also it provides knowledge about the online business building. Russell Brunson himself will give you lots of knowledge and advice on doing online business.

For example, how to become an online businessman easily, how to convince a customer, how to set up audiences, how to build lead connections and all these you would be taught through this camp. Actually, Russell is a successful online entrepreneur so he knows these things well.

This campaign is quite useful for being a successful funnel marketer. You can learn much secret information about the online business from this program.

B# You Will Learn How To Create Facebook Ads

In the Affiliate Boot Camp, you will be taught how to give Ads on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media. There are plenty of people spending time here to get entertainment. As a result, it is possible to convince anyone easily through Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads system is also great. They will show the Ads to your target audiences only. You would get the instant results from Facebook Ads. Because of that, lots of traffic can be generated on the site. Facebook Ads can be a large traffic source to bring customers to your affiliate marketing. This means that your online business product is likely to have a lot of sales. Apart from this, since customers are targeted, most of the potential customers will visit the site.

By utilizing the popularity of Facebook, you can easily do the affiliate of ClickFunnels. Those who need the ClickFunnels always roam on Facebook. So if you give ads targeting them, you will start getting sales from the referral and you would get the commission. You would be taught in the Affiliate Bootcamp about how to make a successful campaign on Facebook.

affiliate bootcamp facebook

C# They Will Teach You How To Build Up A Community

Everyone involved in marketing knows the influence of community in marketing very well. If you have a strong community, success will come running to you. If you can make a strong leader out of yourself, the community will follow every word that comes out of you. They will buy whatever you recommend them. But do you know what traits a good leader possesses? To build up a community it is necessary for you to grow your leadership skills.

Affiliate boot camp will provide you with exact teachings. You would learn all of it under Russell’s direct supervision. Then it will become easy for you to build up a large community.


Can You Really Make Money With This Affiliate Program?

Of course, the program lets you earn money. But before that, you have to take adequate training. If you do not have training, you will not know how to make the sales. You will first need to sign in to the affiliate Bootcamp program.

Then you will get access to all the training resources in this program. After this, you have to take training from these resources. Then you have to apply those in real life. If you can learn everything correctly, you will start earning.

Again we are emphasizing that you must learn everything properly. If you quit after half then you will surely fail. Apart from this, you can also do other courses of Russell for earning extra income. You can do marketing after learning those. Choose especially a high priced product for marketing. Then you would get a lot of commission for every sale.

The ClickFunnels will pay you 40% of the total price in each referral. So if you can do all the marketing properly then you do not have to worry about earning money.

clickfunnels affiliate Bootcamp earns

Does The Program Provide Customer Support?

Of course, the ClickFunnels supports each member very importantly. They prefer the customer service first. When you are a member of Affiliate Bootcamp, their customer care will keep you in special incentive care. You would be able to get the solution to any problem through email, live chat, and phone.

The support team will try to solve your problems as soon as they hear your problem. Whenever you get into trouble tell the support team. They will solve your problem. Apart from the affiliate Bootcamp, you can ask for support in any case for any problem.

The customer support of ClickFunnels is always very good. They take care of everyone’s problems seriously. ClickFunnels has reached today’s position due to its advanced services, quick responses, fastener solutions etc. They have a dedicated team to support their customers. So you do not even need to think about customer service.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you got the proper idea about the affiliate Bootcamp as we have been tried our best to make all the things simple. Affiliate Bootcamp is undoubtedly one of the great creations of Russell Brunson. And the interesting fact is that you can attend this program totally for free. This program will help you out to increase your business ideas.

So you can give it a try and gather huge knowledge under the direct supervision of Russell Brunson who is a great funnel marketer. Hopefully, you are not going to miss out this wonderful opportunity to learn necessary things nicely and implement those to your business. We wish all the best for all of you.

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