Funnel Scripts Review & Bonus Offer In 2024

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Funnel Scripts Review

Copywriting is very important for funnel marking. A copy of the writing will give your business a separate identity. It takes a lot of time to do copywriting manually. There are many people who cannot write very well. Then they have to hire a writer for copywriting. It takes a lot of time and also it costs a lot of money.

What if you can do copywriting with the scripts? Yes, it will be possible with the funnel scripts. We will discuss the funnel scripts review today. This software is unknown to many.

So, today, we will discuss the details of this including the uses, benefits, and opportunities, etc. Hopefully, after reading today’s review you will get a different speed in your funnel marketing. Especially you will not work manually for copywriting.

Everything will be faster through scripts. You will only need to provide the input in the right place, and then the scripts will do the rest of the work.

So we will not increase the talk and we will go to the original review now. Listen to some interesting information about these excellent scripts.

The Funnel Scripts Overview

Vendor: Russell Brunson and developed by Jim Edwards
Product: Funnel Scripts
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What Is Funnel Scripts?

What Is Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a powerful copywriting software that helps you create compelling sales copy for your email scripts, video sales letters, and any other pieces of text used to promote products.

In addition to the scripts, users get tools that help them create and customize compelling copy for their businesses.

Brunson and Edwards have combined their marketing expertise to develop a process for creating custom copy based on the target market, business challenges, needs, and product.

The software also comes with a series of instructional videos that every copywriter will find invaluable.

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Free Funnel Scripts Webinar

Free Funnel Scripts Webinar

To learn more about Funnel Scripts, you can join their FREE Training Master Class Webinar. This will teach you how to get all your sales letters, scripts, and webinars slides written in under 10 minutes!

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Funnel Scripts Review & Bonus Offer

Those who are doing marketing on the internet may have heard of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is one of the most popular software in funnel marketing. A funnel scripts is a great tool for them. With this scripts, you will be able to do copywriting quickly. Everything will be automated.

You will not have to do many things. You will just need to provide the input that the scripts asked for. Then the scripts itself will generate your copywriting.

Copywriting has a great necessity in funnel marketing. It represents your business uniquely. If you have to copywrite, then your customers will recognize it differently than your competitors. It will also increase your brand value. Now let us see how to do copywriting with the funnel scripts.

funnel scripts review

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Why Copywriting Is Important for The Business

It is said that the content is king for marketing in the present era. If your copying is not good, then no matter how much you plan it will not work. You will not get the expected sales. If you have a nice copy of your service, the potential for sales increases. Copywriting is very important for the business. Powerful copying will attract your potential customers more. Besides, if there is good copying, there are also a lot of benefits in search engines.

Google always give importance to the quality of writing. Apart from this, copywriting will help you make a great relationship with your buyers. Considering all points, copywriting is a very important and vital point for the business. So there is no scope for underestimating the copywriting.

Copywriting is a must if you want to be successful in funnel marketing. Despite having such a possibility, why would you miss out on such opportunities? Who will want to hand their clients over to their competitors? So you can understand the importance of it.

How to Do the Copywriting

Now the question may come how to do copywriting? This is a very simple question. Copying can be done in many ways.

  • Writing on own
  • Hiring the writer
  • With the software

There are very few people who can write themselves well. Most of the marketers are not good writers. So the possibility of copywriting themselves is less. Even then, if you can write it, it must be done. Someone else would not be able to do their work perfectly.

It can be done after hiring the writer. But there are many problems with that. You will not get timely writing. Now it is left that writing the copy with the software. Since our today’s review is about funnel scripts, we will now have more details about it.

Copywriting with The Software

Now you can do automatic copywriting with the help of software. There are several good quality scripts available in the market for copywriting. But the funnel script will be much better than the competitors. This software is a tool for ClickFunnels. From the beginning of the journey, it is serving with a great reputation.

Enter Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts is actually an organization of ClickFunnels. The job of this is actually copywriting. You will need to give data input as you like. And the funnel scripts will compile that by analyzing the data. It is actually like the fact that you will provide oil to the generator and the generator will produce electricity for you.

What You Can Create with Funnel Scripts

With the help of funnel scripts, you can do all kinds of scripts writing. It produces data according to the input. Yet, a list of all the work done in funnel marketing is given below.

  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Webinar Optin
  • Email Scripts
  • Headlines
  • Ad Copies
  • Sales Copies
  • CTA Copies
  • Video Sales Letter Scripts
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Product Description
  • And many more

How Funnel Scripts Works

The working method of funnel scripts is very simple. The programming has been set inside it in such a way that it can do the copywriting itself after analyzing if you provide the required data in its inputs. That is, the funnel scripts is a bot work of which is to compile the copy in the output according to the input data. You do not have to do a lot to use funnel scripts. You can easily do it from the website. Hopefully, we have been able to make you understand how the funnel scripts works.

funnel scripts review

Top Funnel Scripts Features Reviewed

Top Funnel Scripts Features Reviewed

A Variety Of Scripts Reviewed

Funnel Scripts contains a variety of scripts that can be used for your copy. The scripts are divided into categories, each one containing multiple examples:

Scripts For Videos And Sales Page Copy.

This category comes with several scripts, which include:

  1. Amazon/E-Com Scripts: They have added this feature recently. Using this feature, you can write Amazon product descriptions. Although it is only mentioned for Amazon, it is also be used for any e-commerce site product or service.
  2. Call to Action Scripts: It is possible to create the customized CTA or call to action button by this. And you can take the help of this Funnel Scripts to create text, the image of this call to action buttons. The funnel scripts can do the job well.
  3. Lead Capture Scripts: Lead capture pages will probably stay at the top in terms of the importance of the funnel marketing. This is because it is the landing pages or sales pages. From this page, you can collect all the information about sales and buy, info collection, lead collection, etc.
  4. Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts: Buyers are usually assured if your site has the testimonial. They get convinced easily. Funnel Scripts is very useful to create all beautiful testimonials.
  5. Order Bump Scripts: To create the order bump, the order bump scripts is a unique contribution to the ClickFunnels. With the help of this scriptwriter, you can easily create order bump scripts.
  6. Other scripts include special offer scripts, webinar scripts, origin story scripts, and opt-in video scripts.

Magic Bullet Scripts: As the name implies, the scripts does the best. It can create scripts like magic. There is actually a lot of things to do with it. Let us now see some of its samples.

  • The action they require taking to get the payoff
  • The negative action they need to avoid
  • The big payoff
  • The name of the thing what you are offering in the bump
  • What you are offering for the bump

Email Scripts. Some of the scripts in this category are:

  • Automatic Email Follow-ups
  • Webinar Follow-ups Scripts
  • Webinar Promotion Scripts
  • Faster Teaser And Tweets Scripts

Sales Letters. These scripts are written to be used as a template for constructing sales copy. They include:

  • PPT Sales Videos
  • Long Form Sales Letters
  • Short Form Sales Letters

Advertising Scripts. These scripts will help you create enticing ad copies, boosting conversion rates. These include:

  • Stealth Scoping Scripts
  • Facebook Scripts
  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts

Creating Content. These scripts help you create compelling copy that will attract customers. The scripts in this category include Free Report Scripts and Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts

Title Scripts. These scripts will help you craft better titles for your headlines and email subject lines. Some of the features they include are:

  • Short Scripts For Headlines
  • Subject Lines For Emails
  • Profitable Title Scripts

Downloadable Script Wizards Review

If you are using any of the above scripts, it is important to know that Funnel Scripts also features downloadable script wizards.

Thanks to this additional feature, users can download six wizards and run them on their computers without any problems.

All six wizards have different roles in creating excellent content for your website:

  • Facebook Live And Podcast
  • Masterclass Wizard
  • Perfect Webinars
  • Star Story Solutions
  • Easy Video Sales Letters
  • Easy Surveys

The offline version is designed to help with massive and in-depth copy, while the online version is better suited for faster writing.

Funnel Scripts Easy Fillable Forms Review

All of the scripts presented come with easy-to-fill forms. Input relevant information and you’re good to go!

In addition, all samples are included as a guide – so even if you get stuck while filling out forms they should be able to help.

Funnel Scripts Live Training Review

Funnel Scripts features too many options, making it difficult to understand how they all work together.

Clickfunnels provides live training to its users every thirty days during which they are taught how better use Funnel Scripts for their businesses.

Funnel Scripts Training Videos Review

The scripts collection is massive and if you have to create your own, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Every Funnel Script includes training videos. The videos are short and precise, and they’re also coupled with monthly in-person trainings that provide hands-on feedback for your business as it grows.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

This software comes with three free bonuses, which is a great deal for anyone interested in purchasing it.

The best thing about them is their hidden nature, and you will only see them once your dashboard is completely set up.

The three bonuses include:

  • Inception secrets
  • Live training session by Russell
  • Funnel blueprints
  • Five last funnels

Funnel Blueprints contains all the scripts and templates you’ll ever need to build your own sales funnels, while last five is a collection of funnel templates that can be used with ClickFunnels.

Get Funnel Scripts Here

Funnel Scripts Pricing

In the past, Funnel Scripts cost $497/year. But now you can get lifetime access to use over 60 scripts and training for only a one-time payment of $797—a price that is far below what they offer!

We assume that Funnel Scripts will raise its prices as they continue to add new scripts, training, and bonuses.

But if you watch the webinar (linked above), you’ll see how Jim and Russell have grown their business using these tools—they’re really powerful!


Final Thoughts

We hope that we have been able to make you could understand the importance of scriptwriting. At the same time, we have suggested you automatic software to save time and money. It can be done easily with software that cannot be done by humans in a few months. At present, everything is becoming automated.

In the funnel scripts review, we made it very nice to describe everything in its usage, and how you can benefit yourself. If you want to save time, there is no alternative to copying software for you. You can try the funnel scripts for several months. It is not a so-called scripts. On the back of it, there is a strong and skilled team.

So now you can keep your confidence in it. All the best wishes for your online business and it is all for today. See you soon in the next review.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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