Application Funnel: Selling Your High-Ticket Product

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You have to take help from the application funnel when you strongly encourage a customer to become a subscriber and make the person a subscriber. Currently, you have to be very strategic when doing business or marketing online. Only then can you sell your desired product. This is because now you cannot inspire the customer by the common strategy.

That is why you will have to attract visitors in unique ways. When you will learn application funnel, everything will be easier for you to sell. The curiosity of those who want to know more about it will be removed today. You will get answers to all the questions you have about it.

We will focus on what the application funnel is, how to use it, what the strategy should look like, and so on. Even if you are a beginner marketer, you will still then find full ideas from our tutorial. So let us now know the details.

What Is Application Funnel? – Sales Funnel Strategies

Application funnel is basically a high ticket sales funnel. This allows you to sell different products. In order to get your product or service, customers need to participate in advance by ticketing. Someone will only get access to your seminar or product after only completing payment or subscription. Through this, the visitors are attracted in such a way that they feel tempted to apply.

If you can show the quality of your product beautifully in front of everyone, then you can easily sell a lot from the high ticket. The situation will be such that everyone will wait eagerly for your service. But to do this, you have to be very strategic. By applying a lot of sales funnel strategies you can succeed. The application funnel basically tells the visitor to apply. Hopefully, everyone understands what the application funnel is all about.

The Application Funnel Has 4 Steps. They Are Mentioned Below

This is a high ticket application funnel. Now, this funnel has basically four steps.

Application Funnel

STEP 1-2:- Reverse Squeeze Page/ POP UP Email Opt-In: In this step, you have to make them understand what you are going to do. All the qualities of your course or product should be highlighted. Everything has to be presented in such a way that there is no hesitation for them. Typically you might do a case study or something talks about what you do. And the end of it someone gives you their email address. They click on a button and a pop-up will appear, they put their name and email address in. And they’re you making an application page.

If you want to know how to build Reverse squeeze page you can click here to learn more about Reverse squeeze page funnel

Reverse Squeeze Page

STEP 3:- Application Page: We can fill out a long-form application, give you all the information about who they are and why they should work with you. Then you take them to the Thank You page.

Application Page

STEP 5:- Thank You, Page: On this page, you will collect leads and send a thank you message. Then the buyer will be very happy. This is because the buyer will think you took them very seriously. Here you can give different exciting messages. Customers will be very happy about that. And yes, if you give a tick mark with thank you message, everyone understands that all their processes are done correctly.

Thank You, Page

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How to Use Application Funnel in Your Business?

So far we have discussed what the application funnel is. Now let’s talk about how to implement this into your business. When you understand how to apply the application funnel to your business, success will come under your feet. Let’s now see what to do.

E-commerce: At present, online business is quite wide. Ecommerce has become very popular in third world countries as well. Due to the different offers and discounts, people are becoming more comfortable to buy online. So you can have your new product lunch at E-commerce. Present your product to the buyer through video or article. It is really very helpful.

However, the pricing should be quite strategic. You have to convince the buyers that they are getting a lot of good things for a little money. And you can show a product demo if you make a video. It works quite well in the application funnel.

Business to Business: In this case, you will be able to earn a very good amount by providing service. The people who do business here are your clients. For example, not every company can do digital marketing themselves. They do it by the third party. You can bring all the details to them, including past work experiences. They will be then convinced. You can show how many companies have been successful with your service. When a company understands the quality of your service, then, of course, they will take your service.

Network or Affiliate Marketing: You can also entice people into affiliate or network marketing. They will join your team and work for you. That means they will affiliate your product and increase your sales. At present, a large part of online marketing sales comes from affiliate marketers. This is because they have a good idea about digital marketing. If you pay a small commission, they will sell your product.

You pay the commission but you are not getting any loss. That is because if you do the marketing yourself and sell, it will cost more. Suppose you have 10 affiliate marketers. Suppose you have 3 affiliate marketers. If 10 persons sell 10 pieces of products per day, then 100 pieces of products will be sold within 1 day. To do this, you would have needed a lot of time.

Professional Services: You can also provide professional service through the application funnel. In this way, you will offer exclusive offers to older buyers. They will no longer unsubscribe after seeing your offer. It is also quite an effective process. You can offer different vouchers, coupons for customer retention. Who wants to leave the service when they get a better offer?

So, professional service will be very useful for you. Old customers are your assets. This is because they know the quality of your service. If you do not want to lose them, keep continuing the professional service.

Retail & Mortar Business: Would that do all if you only retain the old customers? Do not you need to catch new customers to grow your business? To do that, you need to implement a separate strategy. You can offer huge offers to new customers. If they accept your offer, they will receive a large discount. This will make it easier for new people to accept your service. This is because if they get a free discount, they will check it out.

Many of the world’s largest companies offer special discounts for new customers. So you can also apply this strategy. Then you will see that thousands of new customers are being added every day. Everyone is buying your tickets. But you have to highlight nicely how much they are getting as a discount.

Final Verdict

If you want to be a funnel marketer, you need to know the different ways of funnel marketing. The more you know, the more strategic you will be. Nowadays many have been quite successful through application funnels. Setting up a high ticket funnel and selling it through the application is definitely a groundbreaking idea. This application funnel can also be used in your professional life.

If you have your own business, you can be very successful by this funnel. So for those who want to learn the application funnel, do not waste time by not watching our tutorial. We hope you will get all the details. Good luck to every funnel marketer.

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