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Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review

The funnel marketing method is a very effective medium that almost everyone has been using. To be successful in this method, you need to apply the right strategy.

Here you make a mistake means you have to pay a lot. That is why before performing this funnel marketing, you have to achieve the skill. And reading books is one of the best ways to achieve efficiency and skill. It is quite an ancient method.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is also such an effective book. In this book, the author described various secret strategies of funnel marketing. He has discussed some issues in the light of real experience, which you cannot find out anywhere else.

The most amazing thing is the ability of the author to make you understand. The writer compared funnel marketing to cooking. The author has also explained everything beautifully of funnel marketing in step by step processes like cooking with different spices in any nice recipe.

By reading this book you will be able to become a skilled funeral marketer easily. Especially those who do not afford to spend hundreds of dollars online can buy the book with just a few bucks and practice.

The book will help you learn funnel marketing just like a skilled teacher. So let us learn more about this amazing book.

Funnel Hacker Cookbook Summary

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Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review: Written By Russell Brunson‎

Funnel Hacker's Cookbook

We do not want to say a lot of things about this book. Due to the fact that you have not yet read the book, you will not understand its effectiveness.

We will just say that if you are even totally a newbie regarding funnel marketing then the book will help you to be an expert. And those who are quite skilled at this can take their knowledge to the next level with the help of the book.

The author of the book named Russell Brunson explained funnel marketing in a few steps so much clearly and nicely. The book contains everything related to when and how you need to learn what things about funnel marketing.

Because of his exceptional teaching methods in this book, it is much easier to remember the techniques of funnel marketing.

Today we will review the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook. We are going to present some of the magical parts of the book in front of you.

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Who Is the Author of This Book?

The book is written by renowned funnel marketer Russell Brunson. He has successfully done digital marketing for a long time and has succeeded in bringing many companies from the edge of the huge loss.

He became successful by applying different techniques at different times in his funnel marketing career. Besides, he had a very good relationship with renowned marketers. He has presented those techniques beautifully in this book.

The author has actually described the top-level funnel marketing secrets in the book as the secret of success. So it can be said that you will be able to work as a successful funnel marketer if you read the book.

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What Can You Expect to Find in This Cookbook?

Funnel Hacker Cookbook Review

The author discussed all the issues related to funnel marketing through a nice and smooth writing style. His technique of making you understand is completely unique. He has compared funnel marketing to cooking. There we require various things to cook, as well as in funnel marketing.

As in cooking, we need to complete the whole recipe following certain rules and steps, as well as in funnel marketing, a complete sales funnel is created after some certain rules and steps.

You can easily find all the ingredients and recipes for making a sales funnel in this book. There is nothing in digital marketing that you will not find in the book. To highlight the main points of the book, we have mentioned those at different points.

Funnel Ingredients

In the book, the author described the various components of the funnel. He meant the element of the funnel as works of landing pages design, media, image, form, webinar, lead collection, template design, e-mail sending, e-mail collecting, campaign monitoring, and various work to create a sales funnel.

The author gave a detailed description of each of the components. He also has a fair and open discussion about how to prepare what (the material in the author’s language).

He has presented his real-life experience in this book about which components you need to use at what amount in the sales funnel marketing. If you want to gain knowledge about the funnel marketing components, then this book will meet your needs very much.

You will not get all the techniques for making a complete sales funnel in one book anywhere. If you know the steps to make the funnel, then you are going to be a skilled marketer.

Funnel Recipes

According to the type of food, the recipes differ as the structure of the funnel differs from its formation. The author compared the fact to the recipe beautifully.

He created recipes for 37 funnels with different techniques. Such as a recipe for a webinar funnel, another recipe for a sales funnel, a unique recipe for a subscription funnel and so on. It is a matter of fact that the authors have described how to create all the funnels.

When you need any specific funnel you will have to apply the author’s recipe accordingly. After examining a lot, the author finalized the recipes. So there is no doubt about the effectiveness of those. You can safely use any of the techniques whenever you need it.

Russell Brunson has set these techniques not only by his own experiences but also coordinating the experiences of the other successful marketers.

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sales funnel

The Book Will Teach You Landing Page Design

Landing page design is one of the elements of the funnel. It is a very important matter for funnel marketing. After visiting the landing page, if the visitors see that your page is filled with boring elements, then they will return from the page at the moment.

There is no scope to compromise with the landing page design. You need to show the highest creativity here. Reading this book will help you understand how to design the beautiful landing pages.

Basically, all of the tools related to funnel marketing, the rules of landing page design are almost the same. The author has provided instructions on how to use software dashboard tools, which one is for what task, how to fix the quality of the images, and color combinations etc.

If you practice by following the procedure given in the book, you will become a good quality landing page designer within a few days. Attractive landing pages mean the guarantee of more sales/lead collections.

The Book Will Help You Get a Better Way of Delivering Email Successfully

Another important aspect of funnel marketing is to send mail to people’s email inbox directly. What would be the benefit if the emails you send spending a lot of money go to the spam folder?

In many cases, it is seen that the mail cannot be sent from the software. After setting up everything, if we see the emails did not reach perfection, we get frustrated. The full planning failed at that time. In this situation, newer marketers desperately look for solutions.

If you read this book, you will never have to fall into such a situation. This is because the book contains information about how to successfully send emails.

By applying the technique shown in the book, you can send 99.99% successful emails. In addition, the author also has discussed beautifully how to force users to open mail with attractive subject and body text in the emails.

You Can Learn Campaign Monitoring from The Book

You may have successfully made a campaign. But do not you need to know how the sales are, how many have opened the emails, where do the visitors come from the landing page etc.? If you want to know these, you need to learn campaign monitoring.

If you learn the campaign monitoring, you can yourself see all the funnel reports. And the book contains a detailed explanation of campaign monitoring in a very fluent language.

By reading this smooth writing, even inexperienced people will also be able to learn campaign monitoring easily. You can fix strategies by viewing the campaign report from the software dashboard.

Get the Secret Techniques of Lead Collection in The Book

The goal of most funnels is to collect leads. But not everyone can collect the desired leads. There are many reasons for not getting enough leads. If you want to know what the reason is for this, you surely have to read the book.

The secret formulas for collecting more leads have been described in this book. The more tactics you can apply, the more you can collect the leads. The writer has described some secret tactics in light of the real experiences. If you try the book at least once, you would get the proof of our words.

The Features of The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

There are many features in the book. Here are some of the features highlighted below.

Especially Written For Clickfunnels

clickfunnels review

The author himself used the ClickFunnels for funnel marketing. So he wrote the book on the basis of ClickFunnels system. ClickFunnels is one of the best software in funnel marketing. If you want to test this effective software for free for 14 days, then pay a visit here.

Written in The Light of Real Experiences

You will see that most of the mentors are theoretically expert. In reality, they do not have any experience. Though they do not have their own real experience, they use to talk much online.

But the author of this book Russell Brunson is not like that. He has performed funeral marketing with a good reputation for a long time. He has just published his experiences in the form of a book.

The Book Is Like A Teacher

Nobody can teach better than a teacher. But this book is no less than a teacher. As the teacher explains all the things clearly to the students, everything in the book has been described in the same way. It is like that when you sit down to read the book, it seems as if a teacher is teaching you. The book is really like a teacher.

Complete Funnel Marketing Book

There are a lot of works involved in funnel marketing. Many people write different tutorials about those tasks. The complete funnel marketing book will rarely be available in the market. You can find out A to Z of funnels in this book.

How Much Does Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Cost?

You will be surprised a lot if you know that the book is totally free though you have thought that it will cost a lot as it has so many excellent features. We want to assure you that you will get it for free.

We have worked and put in some effort so that you can get the book for free. You do not have to work hard to get it. Just click here once. Within a few moments, you will get the book without spending any money.


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Final Thoughts

Dear all the readers, we did not want to write another book while writing the book reviews. So you do not have to spend here a long time. We are going to end the review of this book after a few more words.

We will just say that if you want to learn funnel marketing with a lot of fun, then this is the best option for you. The writer teaches funnel marketing techniques in all the interesting ways as like as cooking the delicious recipe. Besides, you will get the book totally for free.

If you get such a great book for free, then why would you spend so much money on learning? Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is one of the best free tutorial resources We have ever seen. Since you do not need to spend any money, so you can download the book at least once to see whether it works or not.

In today’s review, we have discussed all the good and bad sides of this book. Hopefully, there will be no hesitation in your mind about the book. Above all, we wish you to become successful in funnel marketing.

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