Top 8 Best Sales Funnel Examples That You Want To Model

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Best Sales Funnel Examples

Do you know the benefit of a sales funnel?  It will help you to increase traffic, and also transform your lead into a buyer.  And there are so many otter facilities you can get from it. Which will make your business into a profitable one.

Are you trying to find out about your sales funnel problem or want to create a high sales funnel?  Then here we are going to help you out from these problems. We make a list of best sales funnel examples.

So that you can realise your business and get some ideas from it. This funnel will fit all types of business modules.

1. Traffic Secret Funnel

  • Official Website:
  • Number of pages: 4
  • Type of funnel: Free & Shipping Funnel

Russell Brunson’s third book is Traffic Secrets. Which is a part of the series book of the secret trilogy. After publishing, the book undertook the New York Times bestselling list. Whoever wants to expand their online business, this book can help them.

The book included the method of conversion rates, and how to escalate traffic. Which will lead you to a better position. Let’s take a look inside the best-selling book funnel to know more about it.

Sales Funnel Steps 


If you are a brand then most of your lead will come from there. And that’s the reason how Russell Brunson made a huge traffic jam. Nowadays digital platforms are the main sources where you gain an audience.

Podcasts have a specific role here. That’s why YouTube, Instagram, etc have huge consumer. However, after researching, we found that Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of traffic.

Bottom Line:  It’s always difficult for small business owners to gather huge traffic.  However, if you can make a good content which can grab attention of the traffic. That will be beneficial for your business. The author also did the same way to gain success.  And the amazing part is that you can get an idea from his experience.

2. Traffic Secrets Free Book Page

Traffic Secrets Book

The most attractive part of the landing page is that you could identify the importance of the video. And we also see the highlighted part and can understand why it is different. These are the great qualities of this book. Cost of this book is $9.95.

The buying process of this book needs 2 steps

  • Step 1: For shipping you have to give basic information of you.
  • Step 2:  After that, give your card information

Traffic Secrets Free Book Page

Get Traffic Secrets FREE Book Here!

3. Order Bump 

If you want to make your buying product into a profitable one, you have to make a plan. There are so many upsell offers in the order box. Like,

  • Traffic Secret Audiobook: $37
  • Video Traffic Secrets Live recording: $97

Get Traffic Secrets Audiobook Here!

Upsell #1: Box Set

After completing the first page upsell, you can customise your order. Here we see red and big titles. Which grab our attention.  That’s how the author gets the consumer’s attention, which is good for them.

There are 3 product options included in this page. Which are:

  • Core product: – $97
  • The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks: $74
  • One Funnel Away Challenge (sales funnel training): $100

Upsell #2: Funnelytics

Selling funnel tics products and getting one time payment is the best deal for you. To make proper funnel tics, the researcher does a hard job. They search for a design which will bring out the solution.

That’s how this project best deals with the price when you purchase the tool. The reasons are

  • It’s more competitive than the official website.
  • You can also have extra reward.

Thank You Page

Here in the thank you page, you will find all the benefits.  And also, you can enjoy it, if you log in there. Which will offer 14 days free trials.

” When You Create Your Free Trials, You Will Also Get The “Funnel Builder Secrets” Course for Free!”

And the next step is to download his free app and follow him on social media sites. So that you can have all the information related to him.

Sales Funnel Structure 

If you see the Traffic Secret funnel closely, you can see the whole process.  And also, can assume how it works. Let’s see the details of this sales funnel.

  1. Free Book Page: The main goal of this free book page is to create brandling, give back advertising and gather information through email.  The total portion is divided into traffic secrets (free)+ audiobook ($37) + live event recording ($97).
  2. Upsell #1:  Box set ($97) +Trilogy audiobook ($74) + One Funnel away Challenge ($100)
  3. Upsell #2: Here you see the increased value of order and also profit. Which converts Funnel tics ($397) + visitors from 100k- 500k ($100).
  4. Thank you, page: After completing all these 3 parts, here you get Clickfunnels free trials.  Which cost $97 and also the Marketing Secrets App.

All of these are the Traffic Secrets funnel method. If you are an author, then you could try this. And we can assure you that you will be grateful.

Why Does the Sales Funnel Work? 

Firstly, if you have ClickFunnels then you know the real consumer. And that will help you to divert them to buy other products.  And secondly, if you get the shipping cost that gives you some sort of advantage.

To see the free tag many people never realise the additional cost of $9.95. And that’s how you can divert your traffic.

Apart from that, Clickfunnels increases the hype that customers feel they are in a winning position.

2. Your Keto Diet

Your Keto Diet

  • Official Website:
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Type of the funnel: Survey funnel

If you gain extra weight, then the keto diet will help you. This diet has gained extreme followers on Facebook and Instagram.  The official website of. diet is the best example. Here you can see how social media can be used for marketing purposes. Now let’s check the details of this sales funnel.

 Sales Funnel Steps:

1. Traffic 

Here, 64 0k audience/ month come from social media on this website. If you see the followers from Facebook and Instagram, you can’t ignore the power of social platforms.  Without ads they generate such large organic traffic.

Bottom Line:  To see the page of this website, you can understand that uniqueness still matters. That’s the reason, these page owners are masters of content generation. And along with that, they use innovative tools. You can learn the idea of engaging people from them.

2. Survey Page

Survey is the proper way to engage people. And this site uses this technique to know the questions that the consumer searches for. They ask some questions and from there they collect the data.

3. Result Page – Interest Stage

Interest Stage

From the survey page, they get the personal information. Like what is the weight, height, metabolic age, etc. After that, they give them a “28 Day personal keto” plan. If you give this chart after completing the survey, that will give them some hope.

28 Day personal keto

And they will be encouraged to follow that instruction.  Between the consumer and products, this survey creates a bridge. Because of the personal diet chart, people will encourage this plan. Apart from that, if you click the “ Get Keto Diet “, you will get a page. Where you have to put your mail address.

Get Keto Diet

4. Offer Page

Offer Page

Now, after completing all the forms, they will divert you to the payment page. Instead of that, many people think this 28-day keto diet will not cost anything. Rather than that, they have to pay $39.9.

Now, they can communicate with the consumer through mail. And can raise conversion rate. This will help you to focus on your valuable customers and their needs.

Sales Funnel Structure 

Sales Funnel Structure 

If you see closely how it works, you will know that:

  • Step 1:  Here, you see multiple questions and choices. And people always want to know about their body structure.
  • Step 2:  As a result, they will give all the information which the page wants. And that will help them to give an offer to a specific customer.
  • Step 3:  And, the offer includes $39.9 to try for 28 days.

If you are a seller of health products then this funnel is perfect for you to follow.

Why Does the Sales Funnel Work? 

When you understand the sales funnel then you know that survey is the prior bridge here. That’s how consumer attraction remains. The personalised diet plan makes this funnel exceptional.

3. Leptitox – Supplement Funnel

Leptitox – Supplement Funnel

  • Official
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Type of the funnel: Video sales letter funnel

The supplements of detox and appetite control make the Leptitox product extraordinary. Formula of Leptitox makes you enthusiastic, calm. Apart from that, it also reduced the appetite of unhealthy food.

Clickbank and other marketers also promote this product. While we researched it, we found that it has 500 gravities.

Sales Funnel Steps 

1. Traffic 

You can’t find it on other online sites. Only Clickbank promotes it and that’s why the traffic comes through affiliate guides.Because Amazon is not a traffic source, that’s why we didn’t count it here.

2. Video Sales letter page

Video Sales letter page

When we checked this page, we found it’s not an attractive one. But we changed our thoughts. After seeing the headlines where they wrote ” 5 Second Hack that Kills Carvings and Melts 62lbs of Raw Fat!”. Which is eye-catching and grabs all the focus.

Pro Tip:  Whenever you sell such products, you must see the social media policy. And you can identify how to make unique ads.

3. Exit pop-up 

Exit pop-up

Every time if you open a tab, a pop-up appears.  Because it’s necessary to connect consumers with the page. Where they show two options.  Which are:

  • Stay on the page
  • Read the text mode

We checked that; this is the best idea to get in touch with consumers.

4. Pricing page & Discount 

Pricing page & Discount

In this segment, you can make an offer. Which includes that if you buy our best value, we will give you Colon Cleanse. And then people who are in the sales pipeline, will get the bundle offer.

  1. Basic – 1 Bottle:  $59 per bottle
  2. Popular – 3 Bottles: $49 per bottle
  3. Best Value – 6 Bottles: $39 per bottle

In addition, if any consumers buy this offer, they will also get an additional free Colon Cleanser.  Here, the discount offer pop-up in front of your eyes. If you scroll the page, we can see it. Which makes it more attractive and engaging also.

After clicking, this is the final price with the discount.

Sales Funnel Structure

The structure of this funnel is easy but attractive. Design of the Leptitox is based on:

  • Video sales letter Page (VSL): Here, they show how to apply the products and sales features also.
  • Pricing Page: In this segment, they give three offers. So that customers can get the profit and also enlarge the value of their deposition.
  • Down-sell Page: At last, they give discounts to make good conversion rates. Alongside it also helps raise the chance to sell first. Because if the consumers plan to leave without buying the products.

For physical products this is the best sales funnel. If you intend to build a business of such nutritional products, physical products, etc then this method will help you. That’s how it works.

Why Does the Funnel Work?

If you are a consumer then they will give various offers and discounts. Here, many affiliates bring traffic. That’s why it will be fascinating to see how operating values convert.

4. Amazon- Ecommerce Sales Funnel Example 

Amazon- Ecommerce Sales Funnel is one of the biggest profitable companies all around the world. They have $360 billion revenue currently. Which is changing rapidly. If you are curious how they work so amazingly, then let’s dig in the Amazon sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Steps 

1. Traffic 


In the E-commerce and Shopping section, Amazon already takes the number 1 position. Their branding is so large that traffic will come automatically.

2. Product Page

Product Page

The Amazon site provides multiple versions of the book. Such as, Kindle, audio, or even hardcover. If you don’t want to buy it, they will still try to sell related products.

3. Thank You Page 

Thank You Page

If you intend to buy some products, they will try to sell more. Similarly, if you don’t buy anything, then they will make more appealing ads. So that you can pay attention to their products. That’s the way they make sure that you may revisit their site.

Why Does the Funnel Work? 

In the e-commerce industry, Amazon has a Supreme sales funnel example. They provide lots of variety, affordable prices, and quick delivery. If you do online sell or even physical selling, you can follow this funnel.

5. Project Life Mastery 

Project Life Mastery

Stephan James is a famous blog writer and his site name is Project Life Mastery. Where you can learn all, the things related to improving our lifestyle.  Like self- motivation, health, mental health, relationship, financial improvement, source of income, spirituality, etc.

Sales Funnel Steps 

1. Traffic 


Here on this website, most people come from organic or through search. And he gets 100k traffic per month which is great. Along with this website, he makes YouTube content to promote his blog.

Bottom Line: To create traffic through the blog is the best sales funnel example. Here you generate traffic without ads and wasting money.

2. Survey Page 

Survey Page

In this page segment, you find a quiz/ survey funnel. Which is similar to the Keto Diet sales funnel.  And these simple tricks grab the attention of the possible consumer.

3. Result Page 

Result Page

This is actually the Thank You page of this Project Life Mastery Funnel. In this part, there are 6 questions.  But after we investigated these questions and answers.

We got to know that every answer has the same result.  And it actually promotes affiliate marketing. There are two initial motives in this result page. Which are:

  • Survey results make free affiliate marketing.
  • Make a strong brand with the help of blog posts.

4. Webinar Page 

Webinar Page

If the consumer completes the first step, then he converts them for a free webinar session. Where he boosts his product.

Sales Funnel Structure 

There are three stages in the Project   Life Mastery funnel.

  1. Survey page: It is used like a viaduct. And here traffic turns into leads.
  1. Result page: After survey, you get user intention and their result.
  1. Webinar page: In addition, you transform the traffic to see the webinar session. And then you can start selling.

Survey funnel helps you to turn your visitor into leads. So, if you want to collect email lists and also traffic, try this funnel.

Why Does the Funnel Work? 

If you sell high quality products then it takes lots of time. That’s why this funnel is different from other funnels. Here you can’t change the traffic to the seller immediately. That’s the reason he uses free webinar sessions to sell his products.

6. Instagram Mastery eBook

Instagram Mastery eBook

Nowadays, Instagram social media has a huge traffic. That’s why it’s easy to promote the products. This eBook also gives you an exact plan, how to make a proper Instagram profile. The author of this book reveals all the secrets. Which can help you to grow.

Sales Funnel Steps 

1. Traffic 

Sales Funnel Steps 

The author has 200k followers in his account. And he also has a YouTube channel. Where the promotional activity included. That’s how eBook selling occurs on the Instagram site.

Bottom Line:  The appealing part of his account is that he doesn’t use it for personal branding. He gathers traffic from Instagram and YouTube channels. That’s why it is known as an effective way to attract consumers without paying money.

2. Order Page 

You may find low-cost products but it has a potential value to traffic. That’s why this funnel is also called the tripwire.

3. Order Bump 

 Order Bump

After completing the order page, you get a one-time offer. Here, you get a training course. Which cost $37. And from this course, you will learn how to find clients in the marketplace.

4. Upsell #1


Those who already finished the order, will be converted to the second page. And then they will get an offer of $297. Where they will get

  • 62 Proven Viral Images
  • 30 Proven Viral Videos
  • 5 Proven Swipe Up Instagram Template
  • 150 Motivation / Quote Post

In upsells you can’t say “if you don’t buy these things, you may not work on the previous product”. This will decrease your selling strategy. That’s why if you intend to sell informative products, then give some tips to be fortunate with your project.

5. Upsell Page #2 

At the end, they will offer you a service which costs $1000 for 30 days. Here they give you:

  • Content ideas and post
  • How to optimise hashtags and test that
  • Add a DM group and see the grip with comments.
  • And at last, they will share the story and showcase that.

6. Thank You Page 

Thank You Page

The engaging system of this funnel is different.  Here, you get a telegram group link. Where, they give all the information about products and take orders also.

Sales Funnel Structure 

Sales Funnel Structure

If you see the Instagram Mastery eBook, you will find four things. Which are:

  • Tripwire Offer: To make a consumer list they offer low-cost products.
  • Order Bump: Repay the ads costs, the product costs $37
  • Upsell #1: Here, you will get $297 to make an Instagram channel.
  • Upsell #2: Last but not least, you will have a $1000 service for 30 days.

To sell information or physical products, you can use this funnel.  Which leads you to have a standard email list and raise profits.

Why Does the Funnel Work? 

Giving away free eBooks is the best way to seize the recognition. And that’s how you can increase traffic.  There are few weaknesses you may have in this funnel. Those are:

  • Free products can make high traffic but gives you low quality
  • Apart from that, some people don’t like free products.

Instead, he gained $7 for a free eBook. And that’s helped him to get an email list.

7. Knowledge Broker Blueprint 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

If you search for top entrepreneurs, you will find out the names of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. And here’s our next sales funnel. In 2019, they launched a training course named Knowledge Broker Blueprint.  And in 2020, they invited Russell Brunson and Jenn Kutcher. Where they disclose their ideas and share their opinion.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic 

They run the campaign for a short period.  And we saw their traffic came from social media platforms. As well as, email marketing campaign. Whenever they figure out their valuable customer, they track their result. And run ads in different places.

2. Register Page

Register Page

Here, to attract the consumer, they make a simple and easy register page. And the page has:

  • Image of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
  • Curious title: “How Could Use This Same Model to Create NEXT LEVEL Success & Impact During These Uncertainties”.

Through the email, traffic will be informed about the training session.  Where they give some informative Info that will increase your success. And also give you a strong networking connection site.

3. Webinar Live Training 

Webinar Live Training 

When we check this page, we get to know a few things. Which are:

  • Hook: To create the curiosity of the traffic they give you a video.  That’s why the title page is named Hook.
  • Story: In this segment, they share the knowledge with traffic. Who redigested earlier?  And try to change them into a buyer.
  • Offer: At last, they will launch the product and give you a link.

4. Question and Answers Page 

Question and Answers Page 

After completing the training, they will give a link of the product. It is a little bit expensive. That’s why most of the traffic hesitate to buy at first. But their conversion rate doesn’t fall because they do email marketing.

Nowadays, Tony and Dean checked different methods.  Like answering the questions from this Q & A page. And here you see 3 main factors:

  • Hook: ” Plus a few things they forgot from the training ” and turn any” (confusion into clarity)
  • Story: Here you can see the video where Tony and Dean answer the questions.
  • Offer: Shortest the customer to the product.

5. Product Page 

Product Page 

If anyone sees the video of the live training, they will move to this page. Here, they will describe what the traffic will get from this course. And will provide the price and payment option.

  • One time payment: $1997
  • Four times payment 4×$597

Plus, they will offer some more bonuses.

Sales Funnel Structure 

Sales Funnel Structure 

This is a webinar funnel.  And if we see deeply, then we get the summary of this funnel.  Which include:

  • Register Page: Make a dramatic title to make awareness. And give the link of a free training session.
  • Live training:  After completing training, they give information and launch new opportunities for a product.
  • Q & A Page:  Answer the questions. So that the potential customer can evaluate the product.
  • Product page: Here, they will give the easy payment option. So that you can purchase it.

In addition, this is the actual Knowledge Broker Blueprint funnel. For services, software or even information product selling, you can use this funnel.

Why Does the Funnel Work? 

There are three factors which bring the success of this program.

  • Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson and Jenna Kutcher are well-known online marketers. That’s why they have a huge fan following. Which gives them a chance to make a big email list.
  • If you missed the program, then there’s no chance to join it again. Because it was held in 2019-2020.
  • Productive sales funnel
  • They are best at selling webinar sessions.

Pro Tip:  We will recommend you to see “Expert Secret Book” or attend the “Perfect Webinar Secrets training ” session.  From there, you can gain the idea of selling products and also can improve your skill.

8. Organifi Funnel

Organifi Funnel

Here’s our last example of a sales funnel. Which is named Organifi Funnel.  It is a reliable brand and grown-up industry. Which is ranked #134 on INC’s survey list in 2016.

To grow in the supplement business or selling product, you must try this funnel.  And that may help you to gain success.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic 

Organifi funnels introduce different channels to their products.  Such as, social media platform, Blog post or even affiliate marketing.

We checked their page. And see that most of the traffic comes from Clickbank and (Blog of the founder) site. Making good communication is their specialty.  That’s the way they create huge traffic.

Apart from that, they sell products on Amazon, Organifi shop and also through the sales funnel. Here, we only focus on sales funnel strategy.

2. Sales Page

Sales Page

All your healthy superfoods in one drink… with no shopping, no Blending, no Juicing and no clean-up”.

This is one of the eye-catching titles at their landing page. Here, they bring stories, evidence and solutions.  So that, you can relate with the product.  The regular price of green juice is $57.95.  But in an upselling package deal they give you $149.95.

As a result, this easy method can turn into a profitable one. Which is known as the face of an Iceberg.

3. Order Page

Order Page

If you see the payment page, you will get two things. Those are:

  • Quantity: Here, you have to enter the number of products that you want to buy.
  • Recommend for you: Upsell product with the price of $27.95.

4. Upsell #1:3 Bottles

Upsell #1:3 Bottles

Here, you see short and engaging content. Which revives the 3 bottles package. After analysing the funnel, we get to know there are some highlighted keywords. Like smart, lose momentum, do not change that, and save $90.84. Which can relate easily as traffic.

5. Upsell #2: Probiotic

Upsell #2: Probiotic

In the next step, you get an offer of $129. Which you can buy or skip. To increase consciousness, they use red text. Such as, “Stop! Wait! Read”. Whenever traffic sees such a line, they will halt. And pay attention to that line.

Here, we see that consumers have many reasons to buy products.  Which are:

  • Check prices and materials.
  • See the offer they include.
  • Read the page.

That’s why, the Organifi funnel uses the content from top to bottom.  And use beautiful colours and layouts. Which gives you a professional vibe.

6. Upsell #3: Organifi Move 

Upsell #3: Organifi Move 

They will not give you all the information.  But they notify you so many times for upselling packages.  You can’t see the customer feedback.  But they gain huge traffic. And that’s why they run profitable business sites.

7. Thank You Page 

At the starting of this page, you see the information if you buy the product. Here, you know the confirmation process, and shipping time. And later, they give you the product price.

Thank You Page 

That’s how they design them thank you page. They always make sure to give a good experience of buying products.  That’s why, this page gives you comfort. Apart from that, they will offer a two weeks free trial for Forever Fit Program. Which divert to another sales funnel channel.

Sales Funnel Structure 

The entire funnel includes

  • Sales package: They provide 3 offer packages.
  • Order Page:  Here, you can buy the exact quantity that you want to buy.
  • Upsell #1:  They try to convert the traffic, who wants to buy 1 bottle to 3 bottles plan.
  • Upsell #2:  Sell probiotic products.  Which cost only $129/3 bottles.
  • Upsell #3:  Here, you will get an offer of $179.9.
  • Thank you, Page 1: In this page, if you confirm the product, they show you a related product.
  • Thank you page 2: Last but not the least, here they change the traffic to another sales channel.

Why Does the Funnel Work?  

In this funnel, you can see various options of selling the bottles.  They have a natural landing page, an amazing offer. Besides, their communication skills make the traffic to buy the product where they disclose the importance of good health and some other related information.


We hope after reading all the examples of sales funnels, you can easily select your business funnel idea. These business modules work in almost every sector.  And this will bring your valuable consumer to purchase the product.  Which will help you to shine.

So, let’s pick your sales funnel and create traffic.  We assure you that if you read all the details in this article, you will not be a failure in any business.

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