Expert Secrets Review: Is This Book Still Relevant in 2024?

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Expert Secrets

We have recently finished a book written by Russell Brunson. To be really honest, we have come to a lot of learning out of this book. In fact, the book will be a masterpiece for online marketers and the people who tend to start their online marketing journey.

We have bought this book with the help of some positive recommendations. Thus, we have set up our minds to share the insights with you here in this review blog. What you have to do is, read the review thoroughly to know the importance of the book in your career.

Expert Secrets Book Details

Book Name: Expert Secrets Book
Author: Russell Brunson
Price: Free + Shipping Cost  ($7,95 in US or $14,95 international)
Sales Page: CLICK HERE
Amazon Price: $10.97
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Recommend: Highly recommend

Expert Secrets Book Review: What You Will Learn from This Book

Expert Secrets Book

Even if you don’t have any idea regarding online marketing, the book will let you know that. You will be able to find consistence learning related to online business. The most important fact here is, you will get that learning of setting up a business properly with using sales funnel method.

If you are passionate about online marketing and how it works, you will be more likely to read the review. Hence, you will be able to know the importance of online marketing and how people are making a lot of money using the method.

There are plenty of things that you will come to know from this book that will really make you even more benefited with online business. We will gradually cover the factors here. From customer communication to organizing everything in your business, this book will be enough to guide you throughout your journey.

Besides, you will be able to know We are recommending this book to you. However, you will be able to make a choice whether to buy this book or not.

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Expert Secrets Book Author: Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson

It’s always important to know about the author of the book that you tend to read. Therefore, when it comes to the expert secrets book, there is no exception. Well, the author of this particular book is Russel Brunson.

If you are around there in the field of marketing for a while, you have heard the name. Therefore, he is one of the most popular marketers in recent days. He has written many books and still performs some exceptional courses related to marketing and stuff.

But, the biggest identity of Russel Brunson is, he is the co-founder of Clickfunnels. He along with Todd Dickerson founded the ClinkFunnels. They have been able to make the platform to the next level within a few years.

So, when it comes to talking about the potentiality of the author, you will be highly satisfied. As he is around there in the marketing world for a world, he knows public approaches a lot. He is always pretty fascinated with his learning materials.

Besides, he is also running different types of coaching programs for marketers around the world.  Therefore, we can say that you will be going to read the book of one of the most prominent marketers around the globe.

What is an Expert Secrets Book?

The book is all about digital marketing. You will get to know almost everything to run the online business more efficiently. This is the second book of the renowned marketer Russel Brunson. If you are looking forward to starting your online business, the book will help you a lot.

You will be able to know how to deal with the customers with the help of this book. Besides, there are digital business practices included in this particular book for the readers. However, even if someone doesn’t have any idea regarding online marketing, they can benefit from this book.

What We have discovered after reading the book is, you can make your online business stand out by reading the factors in the book. Another most crucial fact is, you can relate the practices and the tips with the modern business pretty easily. Dotcom secrets is the very first book by Russel Brunson.

What You’ll Find Inside the Expert Secrets Book?

You will find 5 sections in this book. Therefore, we recommend you read the book thoroughly so that you can easily understand the concepts.

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

It’s always important to have a massive amount of mass movement. This segment will help you to get mass movement. Therefore, you will be able to build your strong customer base based on the practices in this.

This book will teach you how you can reach your fun, followers, audience, customers quite prominently. Besides, you will also be able to know about brand promotion and the ways so that you can drive the attention of your potential customers.

Furthermore, you will know the effective methods while communicating with your audience. The terminologies presented in the book are very realistic and we have enjoyed these a lot. You will be able to apply this learning effectively to your business for a long time.

Section 2: Creating a Belief

It’s important to have an impact on your customer’s belief system. Hence, doing so will help you to drive your customers towards your goal. This chapter of the Experts Secret book will help you attain this. You will be able to know the tactics that you can further use to drive your audience towards what you are eying on happening with them.

Therefore, you will get to know the physiological factors that you can use when you communicate with your audience. You will know how your customers behave in several situations. Besides, the tips that you are going to learn will enable you to apply directly to your business.

Who doesn’t want to catch the attention of their potential customers? You will get almost everything reading this chapter of the book.

Section 3: Your Moral Obligation

When you intend to run any business, you have to abide by the moral obligation. The thing is, you help people with your business. But how? When you serve people with the best products that have impacts on their lives, you are helping them in this regard.

You will notice this type of concept in this book with a wide range of factors. Russel Bruson shared his thoughts regarding this issue so perfectly here.

However, the segment is divided into two sections. These are;

  • The stack slides
  • The perfect webinar

When you showcase your product or service before your potential customers, this is called the stack slide. Here, business people promote their business with full values. Then comes the segment of the perfect webinar. Here, you show people how to access your business more prominently.

There are many more ideas available in this book regarding the concept. It will provide you with suggestions about how to maintain the moral obligation with your business.

Section 4: The Funnels

End of the day, you should be able to turn your potential customers into your actual customers. To do so, you need to make a perfect sales funnel for your business. You have to remember the fact is, having thousands of followers won’t provide you with many benefits if you are not able to make actual customers.

Therefore, this segment of the book will teach you how you can perform a particular task properly. Once you have covered up the previous section, this section will allow you to get how things actually work in the marketing world.

Section 5: What’s Next

In the next part, you will get to know how you can get quality traffic for your website. End of the day, your sales funnels won’t be helpful if you are not able to gain a lot of traffic in sales funnels. The book, in this regard, will provide you with the best ideas on how you can ensure quality traffic.

The good news is, Russell Bruson is going to introduce a new book named “The Traffic Secret in a short while.

How Can You Benefit from The Expert Secrets Book?

You may be wondering about the question. Yes, you should buy any book based on the benefits that you will get out of this. The important fact for any book is, you need to cover up the facts attentively to get what you are intending to get out of the book.

However, let’s know what you really get out of this book.

  • You will find your voice as a leader.
  • You will be able to know the step-by-step solution to almost every marketing problem.
  • It will help you to boost your confidence level.
  • You will get a very clear idea about moral obligation, and stuff.
  • It will provide you with some essential ideas when you intend to start your online business.

Besides, there is a bunch of learning out there in each segment of the book. Therefore, you will find twists in every single page you read.

Who Should Read the Expert Secrets Book?

If you are running an online business or intending to run one, the book will be pretty much suitable for you.

Besides, as the book is very much informative, people having an interest in this field can also read the book. No matter what type of marketer someone is, the book will provide the best benefits.

Expert Secrets Price Review

You don’t need to pay a single penny if you want to buy this book. The fact is, just like the other books of Rusell Brunson, this book is totally free as well. However, you just need to pay the shipping charge for this book.

The shipping charge will be $7.85 in the local area. On the other hand, the international shipping charge for the book is $14.95.

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What to Do If You’re Considering an Expert Secrets Book?

Step 1: Grab Copy of the Expert Secrets Book

You just need to order the book. As we have mentioned earlier, you only need to pay the delivery charge in this regard.

Expert Secrets

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Step 2: Get the Funnel Hacker Blackbox

You will also get the Funnels Hacker Blackbox with the book. So, don’t miss the free gift at all. Besides, you have the luxury to buy other bounces with an expert secret book.

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Step 3: Buy Expert Secrets Audiobook

You can also buy the audiobook of the Expert Secrets Book. In order to buy the audiobook, you need to pay around $37.

expert secrets audiobook

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Main Takeaways From this Expert Secrets Book Review

We have come to the later part of this review. Here, you will get to know the key takeaways that you notice with the book.

These Are;

  • How to promote a charismatic character
  • The different storylines help your target audience identify with you and your business.
  • How to master the art of persuasion.
  • How to break down people’s belief system barriers
  • The hero’s two journey
  • How to make a killer presentation to close sales with high profitability.
  • The different presentation scripts one can use when selling your products or services.

Once you start reading the book, you will be able to explore quite a lot of takeaways that will help you grow your business online. We have been trying to implement the best learning from the book.


If you directly asked us to give a straightforward recommendation, we will surely recommend the book. If you care about your business, this book will help you a lot in the long run. To be more honest and specific, this is one of the must-read books that you need to read regarding your business.

However, don’t deny the importance of the book even if it is totally free. Sometimes you will find super learning with the free thing as well. One of the best authors like Russell Brunson ensures it all.


Let’s take a moment to review some critical frequently asked questions (FAQs). We’ve seen people ask about Expert Secrets before deciding to purchase them.

1. Where Can I Purchase the Expert Secrets Book?

Ans: You can buy the book right here, and it will be shipped to you (get Expert Secrets for free—Pay for shipping.)

2. Can You Become a Click Funnels Affiliate and Promote Expert Secrets?

Ans: Yes, you can become a ClickFunnels affiliate by clicking here. When someone buy any of their products, you’ll get a 30%-40% commission on whatever they buy—a great way to make extra money online each month!

We also highly recommend the Affiliate Bootcamp if it’s your first time making money with them (it’s where We started and made $fifteen thousand in six months).

3. How Do I Get Russell Brunson’s Free Expert Secrets Book?

Ans: The Expert Secrets book is available for free download on the ClickFunnels website. You can also get the paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

You can get the book for free at (just pay only $9.95 in the US or 19.95 Intl for shipping)

4. Should I Get an E-Book or Hardcover Copy of Expert Secrets?

Ans: When you purchase the hard copy from the official website at, all free bonuses, such as a 30-day challenge and more, will be included.

But a hard copy of the book purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble will not include any of these offers.

When you buy e-books, the experience is similar to buying print books. However, with e-books, you can reread passages easily and often without packing them for travel or storing them on shelves at home.

5. Do I Need a Clickfunnels Account to Get the Book?

Ans: No! You don’t need a Clickfunnels account to get the book and apply Russell Brunson’s advice in his book “Expert Secrets” to your online business.

6. Are Dot Com Secrets by Russel Brunson Better than Expert Secrets?

Ans: The information in both books is very similar. You can read Expert Secrets and learn a lot of what you need to know about building an online business. Then, when you are ready to start your own online business using ClickFunnels, you can buy DotCom Secrets.

Both books will help you build an online business, but DotCom Secrets will give you more detail on how to do it with Clickfunnels than Expert Secrets does.

7. Can I Sign-Up for Click Funnels Affiliate and Promote Expert Secrets?

Ans: Yes, you can! ClickFunnels has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by promoting ClickFunnels products to your customers. You’ll need to sign up for the free affiliate account here: Clickfunnels affiliate program 

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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