Best Clickfunnels Templates & Successful Examples (Updated 2024)

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Clickfunnels Templates

Whenever we think about ClickFunnels Templates, we can visualize a scene where hundreds of pre-built designs for your websites or pages are there to serve your purpose. Whatever business you are in, you can get help from ClickFunnels Templates. Though many people tend to grow their business with ClickFunnels, the secrets of ClickFunnels templates often remain unknown to them.

This will be an elaborative discussion on ClickFunnels templates, where we will break down every component of ClickFunnels templates and make it easier for you to understand. By the end, you will be able to gather vast knowledge about ClickFunnels templates, and you will also be aware of when and how to use them.

Whether you already have an account with ClickFunnels or you are willing to join, it is high time you read this article about ClickFunnels templates which will help you to sort out ClickFunnels templates as per your needs, and you will be able to use them smoothly.

Without further due, let’s get started.

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What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that helps you to create different types of funnels easily. If you are familiar with the marketing sector for a long time, you would know about the difficulties of making a website and running it smoothly.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Making a website needs a lot of technical knowledge about coding and designing the perfect page for the visitors but the website can’t assure you of sales. After ClickFunnels has come into the scene in 2014, the idea of marketing has vastly changed.

You can now make your website or sales pages in a few clicks with ClickFunnels. As it is user-friendly, you don’t need to have much technical knowledge about coding or something. It is just as easy as surfing on the internet. You just need to choose the purpose and other criteria and you are done.

Moreover, you will get access to ClickFunnels templates which is a large collection of templates for every kind of businesses and you can choose the perfect one according to your needs. You just have to choose the right template for your business and ClickFunnels will do the rest.

Not only choosing ClickFunnels templates, but you also can redesign them a bit as your preference. If you want to edit something in the pre-built ClickFunnels templates, you can easily do that with drag and drop editor. It allows the users to customize their sales funnel according to their choices.

And the features of ClickFunnels are not limited to just creating funnels. Rather you get access to some of their unique features like Actionetics and Backpack. Actionetics is ClickFunnels’ email autoresponder which you can integrate with your account and there is no need to use any third-party email autoresponder.

There is another amazing feature called Backpack which is the affiliate marketing program of ClickFunnels. It is a great way of earning passive income where you promote other people’s products and whenever they get a sale, you get a commission for that. Also, the commission rate in ClickFunnels’ affiliate program is higher than its competitors.

But before going to the details of ClickFunnels templates, you should know why using funnels can be more effective in the context of sales than websites. It will give you a clear idea of how funnels can convert more traffic into customers and you can use the secrets in your business too.


Difference Between Websites and Sales Funnels

Well, a website is designed to create a virtual identity where your visitors will get a lot of information about you or your brand. An ideal website generally contains a home page, about pages, contact page, and other related pages.

A website is also the most credible source of information about any brand or business and it enhances the brand image among the visitors. You might include a little bit of history of your company or brand on your website which will attract enthusiasts or researchers.

You can also showcase your achievements and certifications on your website which will increase your credibility in the business. Websites also have a contact page where visitors can contact the brand directly or leave their addresses.

But websites are not developed solely for sales. You may get a lot of visitors on your website and the main purpose of websites is to hold the traffic for an as long time as possible. This will not increase your conversion rate by any means.

This is the main difference between websites and sales funnels. Sales Funnels are designed to convert the upcoming traffic into prospective customers and you showcase your offers on your sales funnels. Once your targeted audience feels interested in your offer, they will dig more.

As you know, sales funnels are divided into four sections and when the audience is being interested in any of your products or service, it is your duty to make the best use of that interest. You should design your landing pages in such a way that increases the craving of them and make them decide to buy the product or service from you and no one else.

Once you get the idea of sales funnels, you can now design different landing pages and different sales funnels depending upon your business. The sales funnels of an online book store and a clothing store will never look the same. There are numerous options where you can work to make your sales funnels better.

Here ClickFunnels templates come handy. It can be difficult for you to focus on designing your sales funnels rather than planning the perfect strategy for marketing. You can easily use ClickFunnels templates as they have researched a lot about effective funnels and present you the best out of them.

With these ClickFunnels templates in hand, you will now focus on bigger things like planning the perfect strategy for your business and you will never have to worry about designing your sales funnels. We will go deep down into the ClickFunnels templates and make you familiar with all of them. Until then, keep reading.

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Why Use A Sales Funnel Instead of a Website?

As we have already discussed, websites are not designed targeting sales. On the other hand, sales funnels are designed to get sales. But what are the things that make sales funnels better in regard to sales? We will show you some of the reasons why sales funnels work better in terms of sales.

Sales Funnels Offer Advanced Marketing Options

Whenever you are selling a product or service, you need some great landing pages to convert your potential customers. A sales funnel requires payment gateways, automated response services integrated with the funnel and all these make sales easier.

It is also easier for your customers to get familiar with your products on your sales funnels and they can make the decision of buying right there. As you have all the options in front of them, they can also choose to complete the process of buying instantly and you don’t need to worry about payments.

But websites often lack these components and because of this, getting sales on websites are quite difficult. It is also confusing for potential customers to figure out what to do and where to do.

ClickFunnels Have A/B Testing Tools While Websites Do Not

You might hear about A/B split testing where you launch two separate versions of your sales funnel at the same time and you will able to figure out which version is working better. Thus, you can save your time with split testing.

Now, what if you are doing this on your website? Well, that is a time-consuming process as you have to modify the codes of your websites and you have to build a new theme or something from scratch. It is often very tough especially if you are in a hurry.

Sales funnels make it easier to test which idea is working better in the real-life scenario and you can then choose the perfect strategy where you save time and money.

Customizable Funnel Order

The same thing goes during the customization of your product marketing. If you have something to change on your websites, you have to go through the code changing process and that will take a lot of time. It can also cost you a lot of money.

But if you are using sales funnels, you can edit the contents anytime with a few clicks and you are always ready to go. Even if you have something to change just before they are supposed to be live, you can easily do that on your sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Allows Funnel Replication and Sharing

It is another great feature of ClickFunnels where you can share your funnels with other users. With this feature, you can share the idea with your friends or co-workers and they can also use the same funnel as you.

But if you think of websites, it is quite difficult to replicate the same for others. This is how, ClickFunnels helps you to be one step ahead, always.


Types of ClickFunnels Templates

Types of ClickFunnels Templates

As you already know about ClickFunnels templates briefly, we will now show some examples of ClickFunnels templates that you can easily use according to your purpose. Whatever business you are in, you will find these ClickFunnels templates very handy. Let’s see.

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E-Commerce Single Item Template

If you are in the e-commerce industry you might need this template the most. This is a template that will help you to create a uniform landing page for your products. Why single item template? Whenever any potential customer clicks on the product, they will be redirected to such a page where they will find everything regarding the product.

It can be the product details, specifications, price, customer reviews and so on. From this single page, they will make the decision on whether to buy this product or not. If your product page is overcrowded, customers will lose their attention and get distracted. You don’t want that, right?

Freelancer Website Sales Funnel Template

If you have s product or service to sell and you are not willing to join someone, you can also do that as a freelancer. But being a freelancer is not that easy as there is no certification of your work at first sight. Why customers will choose you over others?

But if you have a well-built website that showcases your portfolio and how you have progressed this much, it will surely convince them to place the order. There are thousands of portfolio websites out there and if visit them, you will see that all of them are not up to the mark.

So, it will be a great factor for the customers while choosing you for the service. Make sure you show them your best.

Freelancer Website Sales Funnel Template

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Blog Template

Blogging is a great way to grow your network and you will meet many people across the globe through your writings. If you think business, it can be a great way of your income as you can easily promote something through your blogs and it is very popular now.

So, what do you need to start your blogging career? You need a well-organized website where visitors can find their necessary things easily and that won’t confuse them. You can also do affiliate marketing through your blogs and the same thing goes here. With ClickFunnels templates, you can easily achieve the goal.

Personal Coach Template

If you are a personal coach, you will need some proof before approaching any client so that the client understands why you are the most eligible personal coach. But how can you show them your efficiency or credibility? Through lectures only? That is a bad idea in this era of audio visuals.

What you can do is simply create a website that showcases your previous works and it will work like a brand for you. People will be able to see your past career easily and it will convince them about your credibility and you will sustain in the long run. Do you have any doubt? Try ClickFunnels templates and thank us later.

Personal Coach Template

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Podcast Landing Page

If you are working with podcasts, you will definitely need a place where you can organize the podcasts and people can listen to them easily. If everything is not in the right place, who will take the hassle of finding them randomly?

You can use ClickFunnels templates for podcast landing page and it will give the opportunity to organize all of your podcasts in once place so that anyone can find them easily.

Webinar Template

Well, you have to admit that webinars are the latest trend in different industries. With the rise of the internet, it has been easier to arrange seminars on the internet and as these are easily accessible, hassle free, people are looking forward to webinars more and more.

But if you want to arrange a webinar, you should keep some things in mind. If you don’t have a landing page that is enough easy for everyone to understand, people might look back and your target will not be achieved. This is why you need something attractive as well as effective. Why would people join your webinars?

You need to give them something through your webinars and how people will decide that you are not a fraud like hundreds of others on the internet. The answer is if you have a credible website or landing page that shows them every detail of your program, it will help them to opt-in for your webinars.

ClickFunnels Fitness Template

Did you notice that people are being more conscious about their food habits, physical exercises? As a result of globalization, it is now easy to follow what is happening on the other side of the globe. This is why people are giving concern to what they eat and, on the do’s, and don’ts to be healthy and fit.

You might also notice that the newest trend in fitness is various fitness gadgets that help people to stay healthy. It can be anything from a simple app to a treadmill or something. If you want to shine in this industry, you need to have a good website where you will show people why you are the best.

Building a website for the fitness industry can be very difficult if you don’t have ClickFunnels templates to help you out. But if you are reading this article, you might already know what to do.

ClickFunnels Fitness Template

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Real Estate Template

Real Estate Template

This is a huge industry in the current world and the chance of being successful in this industry is quite high. But it is as easy as it seems. If you open a real estate company today, do you think that you will start getting orders from the next day?

It doesn’t work like that. At first, you have to build trust among people and that is when they will rely on you with their hard-earned money. Like all other businesses, you are going to need a professional website for your brand and it is quite difficult to design such a website that is professional, responsive and user friendly at the same time.

But, with ClickFunnels templates, you have nothing to worry about as you can easily design your customized websites in a few clicks. You can also choose what the customers should see and what not. This gives you the opportunity to go beyond your dreams.

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Local Small Business Template

Though people are using websites to flourish their businesses, it is still a problem for the small business entities to run their website. Because of cost and other hassles, local business groups often refrain from using websites and that can be a major drawback for their business.

But as you are getting ClickFunnels membership at a very reasonable price, it will be much easier for you to run your website and you can design the perfect website for your business with ClickFunnels templates.

Membership Website ClickFunnels Templates

What are membership sites for? Membership websites are often used to specialize in some of your customers and you can treat them differently according to their needs. It is a great idea to itemize your service and select the right audience for each tier.

For example, if you are selling something that is not for everyone, or not accessible by everyone, you can divide them into different groups. You can also have a premium, standard or basic offers for a different group of people and these should cost different.

Now, you can easily attract the targeted audience for a special offer after they sign up for membership. But to do this, you need a perfect membership management website that is quite difficult to create and maintain. It will also cost you a large amount plus it will go in vain if people don’t feel comfortable to sign up.

What you can do using ClickFunnels templates is, build a membership website that is simple yet elegant, informative yet organized. Once you are able to draw the attention of your target audience, you don’t need to worry about membership anymore.

Lead Generation ClickFunnels Templates

Lead generation clickfunnels template

To run a successful lead generation site, you have to manage everything in such a way that prospective customers leave their information for further use. To do so, you have to build a website that can capture leads easily.

With lead generation ClickFunnels templates, you can now create your lead generation sites that will work amazingly well.

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Upside Down Homepage Template

If you want to reverse the way people navigate websites, you can use upside down homepage templates to create unique sites that will look attractive and make people give it a try. What do you need to create an upside down homepage?

You just simply place the call to action at the top portion of your homepage and the navigation menu goes to the bottom portion of your homepage.

Single Page Sales Funnel

This is another important kind of page you are going to need if you want to convert more traffic within a short time. The single page concept is to help people making their decisions quickly as everything is presented to them in one place.

Having everything in front of them makes them decide quickly whether to buy or not and it usually ends up buying your product or service. You can make such single page sales funnels with ClickFunnels templates.

Event Template

If you run an event management organization, you will definitely need these ClickFunnels templates where you will be able to build amazing landing pages for your events that are easily accessible and full of information but not overcrowded.

To hold an event successfully, you need to build such a page that will give all the necessary information to the interest audience and there should be a specific declaration about event date and time. You also need to show them some of your past events as your portfolio so they feel interested to join your event.

Urgency Opt-In Template

Sometimes it becomes urgent for someone to buy something and if you are not delivering the product or service in the estimated time, your business might collapse. If you are promising to give a fast service whenever needed, you should have that structure prepared beforehand so that your potential customers don’t get disappointed.

To do this, you need to build an urgency opt-in landing page and that can be easily done with ClickFunnels templates. It will help people to place orders on an urgent basis.

Video Sales Page

If you are selling video lessons or other video materials, then it is a must for you to use ClickFunnels templates. To build a website with video content will be a time consuming and costly decision but with ClickFunnels templates, it will be a matter of few clicks and you will get the perfect landing page for your video contents.

If your videos are not organized in a standard manner, people will lose interest in them and you have to work on algorithms if you want to build such a website from scratch. Using ClickFunnels templates will ease your work.

Quiz Funnel Template

It is kind of a customer relationship management technique where you will be able to uplift the relation of your customers with your brand. It will help you to spread the business more and customers will do the marketing for yourself that too without any cost.

Who doesn’t want to get something like this? You can simply choose ClickFunnels templates to make quiz funnels where people can answer different questions maybe for some rewards. It will strengthen the bond between you and the customers.

Hybrid Sales Page

Creating a sales page is a tricky job and you need years of experience to create a perfect sales page. If you want to integrate the successful strategies in your sales page, it should be dynamic so that it can withstand any obstacles.

To create a hybrid sales page, you should choose the strategy at first and for the rest, you can rely on ClickFunnels templates. With hybrid sales page templates, your work will be half done and you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, like capturing leads and managing sales.

E-Book Opt-In Page

E-book Opt-In Page

E-books can be a great tool for lead generation as you can give away some e-books for pretty much everyone who will sign up for a membership or something and get the books for free. When the audience is getting interesting e-books for free, they will tend to sign up on your landing page and it will be a great asset for your business.

With ClickFunnels templates, you can easily design your e-book opt-in page where you can arrange everything in the correct order and generate leads easily.

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Squeeze Page Template

Why squeeze pages are used? It is because squeeze pages can collect the information of your visitors more efficiently than other pages of its kind. That is why making a good squeeze page extremely important if you want to grow your business.

But it can often be a headache if you are not so good at making squeeze pages. You should keep in mind while designing squeeze pages that the squeeze page should be simple so that people tend to leave their details easily and you get benefited from that.

If you use ClickFunnels templates, you don’t need to worry about squeeze pages anymore as you will get access to various designs from where you can choose the best template for your purpose.

Final Verdict

ClickFunnels templates are a great way to minimize the manual labor of designing websites that will cost you a lot of money. It will also be tough to manage those websites and often it can interrupt your business. But with ClickFunnels templates, you get rid of the unnecessary burden of outdated websites.

Using ClickFunnels templates will be a smart decision regardless of whatever business you are in. We have discussed a vast range of businesses that are covered with ClickFunnels templates. Once you opt-in to use them, you will discover more.

To finalize the discussion, it will be enough to say that ClickFunnels templates are currently the best tool in the market to build your sales funnels and manage them in the easiest way. With so many options of changing your site structure without affecting your content is a great deal. Give it a try and make the best use of ClickFunnels templates.

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