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I Love ClickFunnels Bonuses

Do I Love ClickFunnels? The answer is yes. If you ask why the answer will be elaborate. There are so many reasons behind loving ClickFunnels.

If you are already using ClickFunnels, you might understand the feeling behind the heading ‘I Love ClickFunnels’. But what if you don’t use ClickFunnels yet?

There will be a detailed list of bonuses that you will get after signing up for ClickFunnels with the link below. Before that, we will inform you about the features and bonuses of ClickFunnels so that you can understand what you are going to get before joining.

This article will be a bit descriptive and informative. We suggest you read the article completely so that you don’t miss out on any bonus. It will help you a lot especially if you are willing to create your sales funnels.

Without further due, let’s get into it and know what it offers. At the end of the article, you will be astonished by seeing the bonuses and their effectiveness.

Let’s begin.

I Love ClickFunnels

I Love ClickFunnels

Why I Love ClickFunnels? Because ClickFunnels is one of the best sales funnel building software currently available in the market.

It was launched by Russell Brunson, who was an online marketer. With his years of experience in online marketing, he realized the importance of such a funnel building software and co-founded it back in 2014.

Till then, this company is growing very fast and is currently one of the fastest growing companies in this sector. This software is very useful for people who are willing to join online marketing but don’t find a perfect platform to start.

Digital marketing needs a lot of resources to be compiled in one place for the convenience of the target audience. But how do you do that? You have to put everything on a website. Here comes the toughest part. Making a website is a hell of a job.

Everyone out there doesn’t have enough technical knowledge to build a website on their own. This is why they have to consult web developers to build their websites and maintain them. It is costly and time consuming. Again, maintaining the website is also a costly procedure.

ClickFunnels solves all these issues in one go. Once you have signed up to ClickFunnels, you don’t need to worry about coding or web development as it does everything for you. You can easily build your sales funnels or landing pages with ClickFunnels.

For your convenience, there is a wide collection of pre-built templates you can choose from. After choosing the right template, there is also an option for customizing them. With the drag and drop editor, you can easily customize the templates as per your requirements.

Not only this but also ClickFunnels offers some other unique features like Backpack and Actionetics. The backpack is their unique affiliate program where you can earn by promoting other people’s products.

Actionetics is their email autoresponder which is integrated with your ClickFunnels account and you don’t need to use any third-party email autoresponders.

We will now look at some of the things that you get immediately after you start your free trial with ClickFunnels for 14 days. These bonuses are so lucrative that you might want to jump right in. Let’s see.

Reason/Bonuses Behind Why I Love ClickFunnels

I Love ClickFunnels

There will be a bunch of bonuses that you get after signing up for ClickFunnels. Everything isn’t mentioned here though. You will get more unique and customized bonuses once you enter your account.

We will have a generalized view of bonuses just for your convenience. Here you go.

  • 14-Day Trial to ClickFunnels
  • Product Secrets ($97 Value)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets ($1997 Value)
  • Ad Skills ($498 Value)
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection ($997 Value)
  • 100+ Funnel Templates ($1997 Value)
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Free Book Funnels Templates
  • Free Webinar Funnels Templates

As we have stated earlier, there is much more to come and we will now break down some of the reasons why I Love ClickFunnels so that you can also join us if you want to taste these bonuses.

Let’s not waste time and make a direct move towards the bonuses.

Start Your 14-Day Trial FREE!

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #1: Unlimited Email & Chat Support

One of the key things that users miss when they join ClickFunnels is the support of an experienced person who has vast knowledge about the tool and the whole business. Anytime you can need support for any problem.

If there is no one to solve your issues regarding the tools and how to use the tools to flourish your business, it will be tough for you to grow as a beginner. You might get familiar with the tools over time, but it will take a very long period.

What if you get an email and chat support from an experienced person who has used these tools for years? If you sign up at the link below, you will get unlimited email and chat support at any time which is considered a key factor to success.

We will discuss your issues over time and find solutions for them. We will also guide you on the right path so that you don’t get disappointed.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #2: Group Convert ($197) + Done-For-You Share Funnel

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #2If you are doing online marketing, you might know how tough it is to collect and build an email list.

This is an invaluable resource for any marketer. But it is hard to collect as no one will come to you and give you their emails without any reason.

Now, suppose you have a Facebook group for online marketing and people are joining there every day.

How if you get their emails whenever they join your Facebook group? Yes, it is possible. We can provide you a tool called Group Convert which can do this work for you.

With this lead capturing tool, you can easily collect your Facebook group leads with one click. If you are a marketer, you might understand the importance of this email list as you can follow them up regularly.

It will also increase the chance of sales as they are getting email promotions from a person that they already know in person or through a Facebook group.

We will also provide you share funnels that are ready to use. You can use those funnels to market your products or whatever you want. This is another reason why I Love ClickFunnels.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #3: ClickFunnels Massive Share Funnel Library + White Label Rights ($997 Value)

ClickFunnels Massive ShareIt is considered one of the best ClickFunnels bonuses where you get a massive share funnel library that you can use in your affiliate marketing.

If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, you might know how important share funnels can be.

The most interesting thing about these share funnels is they come with white label rights which means you can use them in your affiliate links without any permission.

Once you get them, they are all yours and there is no restriction in using them in your affiliate links.

It makes affiliate marketing easier and you get a lot of successful share funnels from some of the top marketers in the world which increases the rate of success. You can also study those funnels to know how they work and how they got so successful.

So, from any point of view, this is one of the best bonuses you can get with ClickFunnels.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus 4: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library, Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus 4We will now focus on these bonuses where you get a million-dollar ad swipe library which will be very helpful if you are looking for ad copies.

From this library, you can use resources to create your ad copies which will be compelling and converting.

Moreover, as top successful marketers have used these ads, you might also get the secret strategies that they use in their marketing. This will make marketing easier for you and you can create your own Facebook ads easily.

Also, you get the ultimate list of lifetime recurring affiliate programs that you can use in your affiliate marketing. This is a great way of earning passive income as you have to do nothing about this.

Once you are established in an affiliate marketing journey, you will continue to get affiliate commissions for a lifetime.

This bonus also comes with white label rights which means you can share this in your affiliate links and don’t need any permission. This will help you to reach your audience much faster.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #5: My Personal Lead Magnets & Editable Templates

In this section, you get some e-books which you can use as lead magnets. But this is not all. You also get some Canva templates that are editable and you can customize them as per your needs. What will you do with these resources?

The three e-book templates you get here are:

  • The Truth About Building An Online Business.
  • The Blog Starter Pack.
  • Passive Income Master.

With the formulas from these e-books, you can easily head on to creating your blog where you will generate paid traffic for your affiliate marketing.

As we have said earlier, this is not all. You will continue to get bonuses like this one after another once you join ClickFunnels with this link. There are more to come and we will move on to the next.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #6: ClickFunnels Courses + White Label Rights ($2000 Value)

Mastering ClickFunnels can be a tough job for beginners. It will take longer for you to succeed with ClickFunnels if you don’t have proper knowledge about the features and tools of ClickFunnels. This is when ClickFunnels courses are important.

Once you join ClickFunnels with this link, you will get access to some ClickFunnels courses where you will learn all the basics and advanced lessons of ClickFunnels that will help you to be familiar with the tool very quickly.

After you have mastered the tool and its various aspects, it will be easy for you to use the tool as per your requirements. You will get lessons from some of the top marketers in this industry who are using this tool for years.

Another good thing about this course is it comes with white label rights. You can easily use them for your personal affiliate programs and once you get them, you can claim them forever.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus 7: ClickFunnels Business Funnels + Bonus Rights ($2000 Value)

I Love ClickFunnels BonusIf you are new to online marketing, it might a bit tough for you to make the best use of ClickFunnels for your affiliate marketing and it will take some time for you to start earning with ClickFunnels. If you want to make quick money, there is an alternative for you which is very effective.

If you have a ClickFunnels account, you can use that to sell funnel building services for the people who don’t have a subscription with ClickFunnels. In most of cases, local businesses or small startups don’t have the chance to use ClickFunnels in the beginning.

You can offer funnel building services for them with your ClickFunnels account and make money without taking much hassle.

In this bonus, you will get 6 business share funnel templates that you can use to make funnels and you can import those funnels directly into your account.

Here is the list of the templates you get with the bonus and you will also get the guideline of how to use them to make money with your ClickFunnels account.

  • Dentist Funnel Template
  • Take Out Restaurant Template
  • Fitness Template
  • Fine Dining Restaurant Template
  • Contractor Template
  • Real Estate Template

Like other bonuses, it also comes with white label rights which means you can use these templates as your own bonuses in your affiliate links.

This will also increase the chance of success for you and you don’t have to pay anything extra for this bonus. Do try this and you will be astonished at the result that how effective it can be.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #8: Done-For-You Sales Funnel with Email List ($1000 Value)

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #8If you are a beginner in online marketing and all these tools, you might need basic training which will make you familiar with everything.

But you shouldn’t spend a lot of time on it as you will fall behind in the real business.

This is why One Funnel Away Challenge can be the best solution if you want to learn from the top marketers of the world.

In this course, you will learn everything from the very basics of funnel marketing to the advanced secrets behind success.

After you join ClickFunnels with this link, you will get access to this One Funnel Away Challenge which will include all the bonuses and graphics for it so you can promote the One Funnel Away Challenge yourself.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #9: Done-For-You WordPress Website ($1000 Value)

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #9For online marketing, nothing can be more essential than a good website. If you have everything organized on a website, it will increase your credibility among the audience.

But building and maintaining a website can be a tough job, especially for beginners. So, you will get a website inside this bonus.

Plus, your website will be set up personally and tuned as required. Your site will be optimized with 10 essential plugins so that your site runs fast and it will also be optimized for search engines.

After that, it will work as the main traffic source for your funnels to build the email list. As a beginner, you might find all these hectic and tiresome. This is why you get everything in the bonus.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #10: My Personal 11 Step SEO Checklist to Get Traffic from Google ($500 Value)

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #10One of the most common questions from beginner marketers is how to get traffic to websites, sales funnels, and email lists. We will answer that here. SEO is the key to get traffic to your websites, sales funnels, and email lists.

What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. Whenever someone searches anything on the search engine, it shows them the most relevant topic to their searches.

This is why you need to optimize your content so that they meet the criteria people search for.

Keyword research is an important factor while doing SEO for your websites. With proper keywords, your chances of ranking higher on the search engine increase.

You will get a secret SEO checklist in this bonus and with this, you will be able to drive traffic towards your websites, sales funnels, and email lists.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus #11: Dofollow Backlink from My Blog [LIMITED ~ First 200 Signups] ($200 Value)

Backlinks are highly effective for driving traffic towards your websites, sales funnels, email lists.

The more you obtain backlinks, your chances of getting traffic or ranking higher on search engines increase. With this bonus, you will be given a backlink from this blog so that you get more traffic into your funnels.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonus 12: Personal Funnel Review [LIMITED ~ First 200 Signups] ($1000 Value)

Well, if you have already built a funnel, you should try a split test to check how your funnel is working and what are the aspects you should take care of. But if you are new to all these, it might be difficult for you to check everything on your own.

This is why you will get a funnel checkup with this bonus where we will review your funnel so that everything works well when you run it live. It is a great opportunity that you don’t get everywhere.

How to Get My ClickFunnels Free Trial Bonuses?

If you want to avail of all these bonuses, you have to sign up for ClickFunnels 14-day free trial through this link. Click here and you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill up your basic information in order to sign up.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, you will get your bonuses within 24 hours. If you don’t get the bonuses at the right time, you can contact them here. You can also contact about any issue you are facing with your account.

Start Your 14-Day Trial FREE!

Final Verdict

We have already discussed a lot of bonuses and why I Love ClickFunnels. If you are also in love with these bonuses, what you have to do is simply signup for the ClickFunnels free trial for 14 days where you will get a chance to justify all these.

If you are satisfied with the contents, you can then opt for buying a subscription which will help you greatly to establish your identity in this business. Now the choice is yours.

I Love ClickFunnels Bonuses FAQs

We will now compile some common questions and their answers so that you clear your confusion before purchasing any of the packages. Check this before you make a decision.

1. Can Click Funnels Replace Your Website?

Ans: It is very difficult to find a replacement for a good website. In this marketing, you need both of them to be successful. It is always a good idea to use your ClickFunnels pages on your blog and it will help you to acquire more traffic than usual. But if you want to use only ClickFunnels, that is also technically possible. There is no hindrance in using only ClickFunnels as an alternative, but it is always suggested to use a website alongside.

2. What Does Click Funnels Do?

Ans: ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that allows you to create sales funnels, landing pages, etc. for your business. At the same time, it offers a wide variety of unique features that you won’t find in any other funnel building software. You can also build membership sites, host online courses, and earn by promoting other people’s products with ClickFunnels.

3. What Does Click Funnels Cost?

Ans: ClickFunnels has two pricing plans in general and you can get a short idea of both. ClickFunnels Standard plan costs $97 per month and you get a maximum of 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 3 unique domains. It is beginner friendly as you don’t need to spend much on such a tool. For professional use, you can choose the ClickFunnels Platinum plan where you get unlimited of everything and you have to spend $297 per month. You also get some unique features like Backpack and Actionetics inside the Platinum plan.

4. Is Click Funnels Legitimate?

Ans: There is no doubt whether ClickFunnels is legit or not. You can also check hundreds of ClickFunnels review on the internet where you will find how people are making money with ClickFunnels. It is a great tool that eases so many issues related to online marketing.

5. Do You Need a Domain for Click Funnels?

Ans: No, you don’t. When you sign up with ClickFunnels, you already get free domains so you don’t need to buy any extra domain for your website.

6. Does Click Funnels Have an Autoresponder?

Ans: An email autoresponder helps you in the automation of your email marketing. Without email autoresponders, your email marketing journey will stop very soon. With various email autoresponders available in the market, beginners often get confused about which one to use. It is also crucial to correctly integrate email autoresponders with your ClickFunnels account so that you get all the features ready. In the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, you get access to Actionetics, which is ClickFunnels’ inbuilt email autoresponder and ready to use. But if you want to use any third-party email autoresponders, you can integrate them with your ClickFunnels account.

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