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Clickfunnels Actionetics Review

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Funnel marketing is very popular in online marketing. Funnel marketing is now being done in the automation system.

Similarly, one of the great features of automation is Clickfunnels actionetics. This tool will make all your work easier. It will automatically reply to the message sent by the clients and will respond to emails automatically also.

Even if you are not online, that would not be a problem. Clickfunnels actionetics will do everything on your behalf of you.

Today, we have mainly come up with the Clickfunnels actionetics review. In the review, we will discuss its features, prices, benefits, functionality, and so on. If you are a funnel marketer, then read the review carefully.

Then you can understand how a single software can change the marketing system. Clickfunnels actionetics has many advanced level features which will help you stay strategically ahead of many competitors. You will be able to be successful in setting up a strategy in less time.

Clickfunnels Overview

Product Name: Clickfunnels Software
Vendor: Etison Product
Clickfunnels trial: Click Here
Bonus + Discount: Yes – Get Your Bonus Here
Price: $97/month (basic) or $297/month (Backpack, Actionetics)
Niche: Software / Marketing & Sales
Refund: 14 Days FREE trial + 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Is the Clickfunnels Actionetics?

Clickfunnels actionatics

Clickfunnels actionetics is basically an autoresponder tool that is integrated with the sales funnel. With the help of this, you can do a lot of things.

It can be said that if you are far away after making a sales funnel, your work will be continuously done by the Clickfunnels actionetics. Suppose, if someone has email you, then it will reply to the sender on behalf of yourself.

In the case of client support, such auto-responder software is quite useful. This is because the buyer immediately understands your situation. It will not just reply to the email only, but it can perform according to your setup criteria in the sales funnel.

How to Get Benefit from A Clickfunnels Actionetics?

You will be benefited from Clickfunnels actionetics in many ways. You will get a lot more benefits than what you will invest in it. Below is a list of how Clickfunnels actionetics will offer you benefit.

All in Under One “Roof”

If you are already a customer of ClickFunnels, then you will not have to sign up separately. You can manage everything from one account. For that, you just need to subscribe to the Clickfunnels actionetics. After entering the dashboard, you will get everything together. From there, you can do campaign monitoring, sales funnel creating or change the campaign.

In one word, you will get everything of ClickFunnels under one roof. Apart from this, ClickFunnels is all-in-one funnel creator.

So you do not have to use the software separately. In the ClickFunnels, you will get all the things that you need to make a sales funnel. You do not have to take anything if you get the funnel Etison Suite.

Even if you do not want them, then they have many more tool services for you. You can upgrade to them. The whole thing is that no other tool is required for the sales funnel. They will provide all whatever things it takes. ClickFunnels is a funnel marketing academy.

clickfunnels actionetics review

No Need of Third Party Integration

If you subscribe to the Clickfunnels actionetics, you will not have to do any third-party software integration separately. This will allow you to do all the work of automation. Third party software integration is also too much troublesome.

You have to tolerate a lot of hassle when you do these things such as importing contacts, saving contract on the server, etc.

There is no such type of hassle in Clickfunnels actionetics. That is because it is the ClickFunnels made tool. You will have nothing to do. Everything will be automatic. You can easily find out your contact list.

Automated List Segmentation

Clickfunnels actionetics will give you the facility of automated list segmentation. When someone subscribes to your funnel, it will be auto updated.

Similarly, if someone purchases, it will be auto listing. All the information of visitors will be saved on your contact list. From there you can easily find out everything about the buyers. You do not have to manually update the contact because of this feature.

Works on The SMTP Server

The biggest advantage of this is that it also works on the SMTP server. Many autoresponder tools do not work on this server. It’s a great relief for you. This is because those who use this server will not get the auto-reply if it does not work. You do not have anything to worry about it anymore as Clickfunnels actionetics works on the SMTP server.

Will Reply to Email Automatically

The big advantage of Clickfunnels actionetics is it will automatically respond to emails. Suppose, someone has a problem with your product. He or she then emailed you for the solution. But you’re not online at that time.

In that case, the client will stay in anxiety. But what if someone says that you are not online and will respond soon when you are online?

And suggest the buyer keep patience until then. Though it sounds incredible, Clickfunnels actionetics exactly do this. As soon as someone has mailed to your support, it will automatically respond to the email.

For this, the buyer can easily understand your situation. Because of this great feature, you will not have to worry about customer service even when you are not online.

Automatic Facebook Messenger Reply

Facebook is the largest social media. A lot of people spend time on Facebook every day. So now marketing is done separately targeting Facebook. Facebook marketing has become very popular in the field of online marketing.

Ads are usually given on Facebook from the page. And the buyers ask various questions in the inbox of the page to get answers. You can easily reply to messages automatically using Clickfunnels actionetics.

You can modify and set almost all the answer to the questions there. Clickfunnels actionetics even can give an automatic welcome reply as soon as anyone leaves a message there. Support is very important for Facebook business.

If the buyer does not get enough services here, they will not take your service a second time. So, to give quick support to the customer, you should subscribe to the Clickfunnels actionetics today.

Automatic SMS

Nowadays marketing is also done through SMS. Clickfunnels actionetics can send thousands of messages with your single click.

So it’s just like email marketing. It would take a lot of time to send SMS manually. In this process, a lot of SMSs can be sent in less time. For that, you just need to add enough contact to your list of the server.

After that Clickfunnels actionetics will send SMS one after one automatically according to your list. SMS marketing is now quite useful. That is because every person checks their SMS on the mobile phone.

Desktop Notification

Now almost all sites have the desktop notification arrangement. Basically, if there is any update or product launching or article publishing in the site, the notification works there. If you subscribe to Clickfunnels actionetics, then it can send desktop notifications. It will send notifications to the desktop of the visitors as soon as a new feature is added to your site.

Desktop notification is very effective. This is because it can attract visitor attention more. Through desktop notifications, it is easy to always get updated with the customers. To get such a nice feature, you should subscribe to Clickfunnels actionetics. It will always give reminders about your product to your visitors.

Retargeting Ads Benefits

Retargeting is a great thing for giving ads. You can do this work very well with Clickfunnels actionetics. If your audience targeting is not perfect, then you have to do retargeting. Even if you do not get enough response from the audience, you have to change it and make a new targeting.

In this case, it is a very useful tool. With the help of Clickfunnels actionetics, you can make good tactics with your targeting.

Clickfunnels Actionetics Features

This tool of Clickfunnels is enriched with great features. The features of it are presented here in front of you.


You will get contact on top of the dashboard of the Clickfunnels actionetics. It has been placed above all so that you can see the full contact list in less time. When someone signs in on your funnel, then all his information is submitted here. From this menu, you can edit, track, add, delete all the information of the contacts.

If you want, you can download the full contact list from here to work offline. Besides, here you can make a short view of contacts so that you can see everything at a glance. There are several submenus under the contact menu. They are discussed separately here.

Clickfunnels Actionetics Features

  • Contact Profile: Contact profile will come first if you click on the contact menu. Basically, all the information of the visitors here is submitted. This information is required to provide by the visitors at the time of sign up or purchasing to your site. Here you can see the contact’s full name, photo, address, email address, phone number etc. How the visitors are coming in, which links they are coming from and all these things can also be recorded here. In one word, it can be said that all the purposes for which you have set the funnel are submitted here.
  • Tags: It is a new feature of Clickfunnels actionetics that was not available in the previous version. This feature was added in last December. With this, you can tag contact for speciality. This will allow you to differentiate priority targets. By using this feature, you can easily find out your special tagged contacts.
  • Action Scores: It determines how much valuable your buyer is for your business. Basically, the action score is based on recent activity, frequency, monetary and social scores. You can list super priority contact by viewing scores. You can put a tag next to their name who have good scores. This is because they are your golden egg laid duck. So you have to pay extra attention to them. Action score is very useful in audience setup. Setting audiences seeing high scores is more likely to bring you success.
  • Edit Details: Then you would get the edit details button. Using this feature, you can edit the details of the contacts. But it is generally better not to use it. This is because if you edit that then the original data may be lost. Keep the details as it was how the customer signed up with the information. However, you can add extra information without editing the original information.
  • Purchase: In this section you can see all the purchase history of the last 30 days. You can see all the information about who buy the products worth how much, who orders how much items etc. You can also get sales reports easily from the purchase section.
  • Memberships: It’s basically for the membership funnel. You will here get information about how many people have taken your membership, what is their identity etc. It is only applicable for membership funnel.
  • Marketing Automation: This section shows which email lists, broadcasts, and action funnel your contact belongs to.
  • Recent Activity: It is basically the recent activity tracker of the members. All the information of what do the members of your contact list do recently is stored here. After entering here, you can see whether they buy anything or not, how much money they spend to buy the product etc. By tracking the recency activity, you can understand some of the psychology of your buyers.
  • Additional Information: You can see very important information in this section. If any of your contacts do not buy anything, you can also see that here.

Email Lists

It’s the second feature of the Clickfunnel actionetics. Here’s there will be the full list of your email. Here you can upload contacts. Automatic emails will be sent according to this list.

There are many add new buttons for email uploads. After clicking there, you will get the uploading option of the CSV file. You can send emails by selecting from the email list. You can also send emails to all the contacts together if you want.

Whatever contacts you put here, the automation software will send emails to them. No matter you do product selling or lead generation, you will not be able to send automatically without this email listing.

So keep an eye on this feature of ClickFunnels. If you can select active emails here, then who can stop you? Success will then come to your hand easily. Here you can download contacts as well as import them for any other purpose. Clickfunnels actionetics will give you an organized list.

Actionatics EMAIL LISTS


The Broadcast feature is a great feature. With the help of this, you can send emails. Using this feature, you can create and send emails and make sending lists. You can make a schedule of when you need to send which emails. Besides, you can find out sent emails and draft items here also.

actionatics Broadcasts

The total thing is that Broadcast feature does the same thing what we do while creating normal emails. Here are all the components available for email creation. After you set everything up, the software will send everything according to the list. From this menu, you have to select the email template.

Before sending the email, you must fill out some blank boxes. Those are:

  1. Enter the subject line of the email
  2. Enter the email lists you have in the contacts whom you want to send the emails to
  3. Enter the SMTP Configuration
  4. You can add a different name by overriding the SMTP default Form Name in this section
  5. This section is that where you can enter email addresses for sending test emails
  6. You can choose the option of sending email immediately OR scheduling it for a later time

 Action Funnels

This is the system of tracking the movements of your sales funnel. You can see everything here about what kind of activity is going on from your set funnel. You can see whether someone clicks on your funnel or not, where they are going after clicking on it etc.

That’s why you have to create a new action funnel. After clicking on the actionetics menu, there will come the options for creating new funnels. However, during creating the action funnel, keep in mind that if it is life from pause. Otherwise, it will not be helpful.


Rule Group

According to the rules group, funnel action can be triggered. There are several types of rule groups. They can be divided into 6 categories. In the action funnel, you can usually create multiple rule groups.

The list of 6 rule groups is given below.

  • Social
  • Contact
  • Funnel
  • Product
  • Broadcasts
  • Lists
  • Email Step

Each of them is again divided into huge sections. The details of the rule group of each section are given here.

Social: There are a lot of subgroups under the social group. The full list of them is given below.

  • me
  • Angellist
  • Blogger
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • Friendfeed
  • Github
  • Google Plus
  • Gravatar
  • Instagram
  • Klout
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace
  • Picasa
  • Pinterest
  • Placast
  • SlideShare
  • SoundCloud
  • Tumblr
  • Tungle Me
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • WordPress
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube

Contact: The list of sub-groups under contacts is given here.

  • Action Score
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Country
  • Shipping Zip
  • Websites
  • Location General
  • Normalized Location
  • Deduced Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Phone
  • Age Range Lower
  • Age Range Upper
  • Hash Tag

Funnel: From this rule group, you can find out whether or not any contact has visited any of your funnels. Apart from this, you can also understand whether anyone has received the action based funnel or not. There is no subgroup under this. This feature helps to understand the click status of the funnel.

Product: From the product rule, you can find out if any contact has bought something or not and whether the contact has received any action based funnel or not. There is no subgroup rule here also. The big advantage of this is that you can also make sales audits from here. If someone from the contact list buys anything, the history of that will be stored here.

Broadcast: From the broadcast group rule, you can understand who has received the email, how many emails were sent, who did not get it etc. There is no subgroup rule of it too. Through this, the exact condition of the e-mail campaign is known. The sent item, draft, and mail creating and all fall under this rule.

These actions include:

  • Opened Broadcast
  • Never Opened Broadcast
  • Clicked Broadcast
  • Never Clicked Broadcast

Email Step: The last one is the email step, rule group. From this group rule, you can understand whether any contact has been performed at any specifications or not? There are some subgroup rules in it. The list of them is given below.

  • Opened Email Step
  • Never Opened Email Step
  • Clicked Email Step
  • Never Clicked Email Step

Clickfunnels Actionetics Price

There is no system to purchase Clickfunnels actionetics directly. You will have to buy the Clickfunnels etison suite package for that.

The price of the Clickfunnels etison suite package is $297. Does it look too much? But when you get to know that you will get the bonus resources worth $10988, then you will think that what is cheaper than this?


Buy Clickfunnels Actionetics at The Discounted Price

We have mentioned the price above. But there are more ways to buy Clickfunnels actionetics. That’s also a very easy job. You can buy the etison suite package at the discounted price.

For that, you have to take the Funnel Hacks Package. If you take it, you will get Clickfunnels etison suite package totally free for 6 months. Which can be said killing two birds with one stone.

If you need a Funnel Hacks Course, then buy the basic package today costing $997. So you do not have to buy Clickfunnels actionetics separately. Funnel Hacks will get you a huge bonus by which you can learn funnel marketing lifelong.

Clickfunnels Discounted Price

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Final Verdict

Clickfunnels actionetics has made funnel marketing very easy. It is beyond of imagination that how important an asset is for marketers. There are lots of features inside this tool. If you can use all the features properly, your success is inevitable.

Those who perform premium-level funnel marketing can still check the functionality of these tools. Clickfunnels actionetics is very effective for email sending, auto-reply to email, SMS marketing, instant reply to Facebook messages, etc.

We are going to put an end to the Clickfunnels actionetics review here. Hopefully, you all have understood the effectiveness of this. When you join Clickfunnels once, you will be able to understand that you have entered into other levels of knowledge.

If you only subscribe to Clickfunnels actionetics, you will get free access to many of their courses. In this, your knowledge level of funnel marketing will reach another level.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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