Top 5 Best Automated Sales Funnel Creator In 2023

Published On: March 14, 2019By 20 min read

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Automated Sales Funnel Creator

Nowadays, the sales funnel has become very important in the sector of online marketing. This is because it is much more popular and tested than any other method. With the help of the sales funnel, you can easily attract buyers. There are many things to do to make the sales funnel. Which requires a lot of time for people to do manually. There is nothing to be upset in it.

It’s time to think about the automated sales funnel creator. Today we would like to discuss the automated sales funnel creator. We will show you which are the best sales funnel creator.

When you would get the idea about these tools, you can create all the great sales funnels. If you know the use of multiple tools, there is a lot more chance of becoming successful in marketing. So let’s introduce you with these sales funnel creator software.

About Automated Sales Funnel Creator

Funnel marketing is now automatic. When you can do a job with the help of any software in a short period of time then why will you do that manually spending a lot more time? You should use the automated sales funnel creator as a funnel marketer.

This will save you time on one hand and the results will be also much better. This is because as everything happens automatically, there is less chance of having the error. But the problem is that many people are being cheated by choosing poor quality software while they think of using automated software.

So today we have come up with the review of automated sales funnel creator. For that, you can easily get acquainted with the best tools. We will mainly discuss the most popular tools. We want to guide you correctly about creating a sales funnel. Let’s have a look at everything one by one.

Let Get Started, What Is Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is such a system that lets you bring your customers to your product page to buy something. This can be called the funnel marketing. Funnel marketing is very popular in the field of online marketing. If you want to do funnel marketing, you will have to make a sales funnel. A successful sales funnel can only give you the desired success.

Sales Funnel is again a coherent name of several works. Here you have to do more works such as the audience research, campaign setup, mail sending, campaign monitoring etc. Finally, the successful completion of your sales funnel will be done through the checkout.

There Are 4 Steps to Follow in The Sales Funnel. Those Are:

  • Attention: You will need to get the customer’s attention in this step. You have to present anything in a way so that it can attract people’s interest. If you succeed in this step, then the next tasks will be much easier for you. To get attention, you must present the product in an attractive way.
  • Interest: If you are able to successfully capture the customer’s view, he or she will show interest. This step is fairly simple for you. If the customer is interested, then try to convince them. Enhance their interest with more information if needed.
  • Desire: At this stage, the buyer will be more prone to buy something. And then you have to understand that you are getting a new customer. Convince the buyer at this stage. She or he is surely going to be your buyers.
  • Action: This is the final step. It means that your product is sold by now. The sales funnel action is done. Behave well with the customer at this step. Remember, you have to create frequent customers. Then you can be successful.

Major Stages to Build an Automated Sales Funnel System

To make a sales funnel, you need to pass several steps. Sales funnel is composed of many functions. You need to know the major steps. Those are presented below.

Step 1. Working with The Offer

First of all, you need to be prepared with the offer. You have to make an offer for buyers. You have to have a clear presentation about these things such as what things will be included in your offer, why a buyer will buy your product, what are the benefits etc.

When you can do this successfully, then you have to go to the next stage. You should not make any confusion so that the buyers get confused regarding the offer.

Step 2. Getting Cold Contacts

Cold contact actually refers to the potential range of potential customers. You have to find out the cold contacts at the beginning. If you can do that, it will make it easier for you to reach the customers easily. Your ad will go to the right people through this. There is no benefit if you do marketing targeting all types of people.

So you should find out the cold contacts. To find out the cold contact, you need to focus on the following topics.

  • Seller’s communication style;
  • Literacy of speech;
  • Gestures and facial expressions;
  • ways of acquaintance.

Step 3. Forming the Interest in The Offer

It is a very important stage for conversion. That is because you have to make your potential buyers interested from here. You will need to convert the interest into the offer. If anyone sees in front of him or her what he or she wants, then surely he or she will take that. For this reason, it is necessary to do forming. If you do this step simply, your success rate will increase greatly.

Step 4. Working with Objections

Just selling the products will not do much for you. At the same time, you must listen to the buyers’ objections. You will have to listen to everything about what things customers like or dislike, what are their objections and so on.

In addition to this, you will have to answer the questions in advance by predicting before the buyers ask those. So that the buyer can know all before questioning.

Apart from this, you have to listen to all the talks of the customers and judge those neutrally. That means here you have to look at customer satisfaction. It is a very old marketing method. However, in modern times, it is quite an effective system.

Step 5. Closing the Deal

At this step, you have to close the deal very nicely. The buyer has finished buying from you. Now you can ask the buyer if everything is all right or whether there is any problem or not. Then thank the buyer and close the deal. Whether the buyer will buy or not again later will depend on how nicely you close the deal. So you should close the last step with a lot of sincerity.

If you become successful here, you will get the same buyer again and again. In the language of marketing, those clients are called frequent clients.

Step 6. Analysis of Results

Another step of the sales funnel is the result analysis. This analysis will include whether you have done all things right or not, whether or not you gain or lose, how much is the cost, how many customers have made the order, the age ranges of the people who have ordered, what is their interest, the order is from which area, how they have come to your landing page etc. This result analysis will help you a lot to create a sales funnel.

Step 7: Increasing the Conversion

Now you have to increase the conversion rate. Remember that the goal of creating a funnel is to sell. The more you can increase the conversion rate, the more you will have the sales. To increase the conversion rate, you can attract customers in many ways.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Sales Funnel Tool?

As mentioned earlier, the job of creating the sales funnel is done nowadays with automated software. The effectiveness of all tools is not the same. So before choosing the tools, you need to take a look at some issues.

Here, below is a list of what to remember before choosing a sales funnel tool.

  • Stages wherever you lose the foremost visitors;
  • Groups of viewers that you would like to concentrate and begin operating with them additional intensively;
  • A likelihood of making a buy under specific different conditions;
  • Unnecessary steps within the whole method of the sales funnel, that confuse visitors or complicate the choice to buy.

When You Select a Tool or A Service, Please Keep in Mind the Following:

  • User-friendly Interface: Interface must be user-friendly. Otherwise you can not understand anything inside the tool. Everything will seem very difficult. Choose Tools with Simple Interface.
  • The ability to generate analytics of various components: There must be the ability to analyze different types of components. You can not find out anything if you can not do analytics.
  • Group Work: Sales funnel software must have the benefit of doing group-based work. If you have the ability to work in group matching, you can work on the funnel with the team. Apart from this, there should also be the data storage facility of group-based work. It is difficult to create a complete sales funnel for a single person.
  • Ability to use advanced functionality: There are many advanced level works to do in the sales funnel. If you do not have the advantage of working in the advanced level functions, then it is wise to not work with it. Keep in mind that the more advanced features and functions the more likely the sales are.
  • Quick Start: There should have quick start facility so that you can do everything by investing a little bit in the new situation. Even though it is for the test purpose, you have to invest less in the beginning. Avoid those who have to take huge packages at the beginning.
  • Free Trial: It is good if there is a free trial. This can let you verify everything about the tool. However, this is not an important rule. It is okay if you do not want to follow this.

Best Automated Sales Funnel Creator Tools

Now we will introduce you to the best selling funnel tools. Now take a look at who is at the best 5 in the market.

1. Clickfunnels Automated Sales Funnel Creator

automated sales funnel creator

ClickFunnels Software to Automate Your Sales

Clickfunnels is a legend in the world of marketing. They are far ahead of others in making sales funnel. With the help of this, you can do everything from the beginning to the ending. It is called the complete sales funnel creator. Audience research, target customer finding, campaign setup, payment, sales page designs, and a lot can be done with it. The big feature of Clickfunnels is that it is very straightforward.

A young funnel marketer can easily use it. It has several pre-loaded templates and designs. You will be able to create landing pages by customizing them lightly. You can also integrate other software such as mail chip with Clickfunnels. Email Sending, A / B Split Test, Campaign Monitoring can also be done with Clickfunnels. Apart from this, they also have various online courses.

In which you can learn funnel marketing at a nominal price. Its founder Russell Brunson is a funnel marketer. He knows how the sales funnel works. So you will be benefited from subscribing to it. There is a 14-day free trial system to test the Clickfunnels also. we have a more in-depth review of Clickfunnels here that you can check.

What Can You Do with The ClickFunnels?

You can do a lot of things with the help of Clickfunnels. Yet a list is provided here.

  • Sales pages to sell any goods.
  • Lead pages.
  • Webinar promotions.
  • Online course sales funnel.
  • Product launch campaign.
  • Membership platforms.
  • Network marketing funnel.
  • Fishbowl Funnel which is the ideal solution for local marketing.

ClickFunnels Pricing

They have two plans. You need to spend $97 a month for the basic plan. Apart from this, you will need to spend $297 per month for a business plan. Click here for more details of the plans.


2. LeadPages Funnel Creation Software

 Leadpages Funnel Creation Software

Leadpages Is a Simple Drag and Drop Landing Page Building Tool

As the automotive sales funnel creator, the Leadpages will also remain quite top of the list. It’s basically well known as lead collection software. There is a saying that the name itself is the identity. But in addition to the lead generation, other works of creating the funnel can be done well with Leadpage. And it’s not so expensive like Clickfunnels. Landing Page Design, sales page, Launch Page, thank you Page and all can be made with the help of this.

Apart from this, they also provide an integration facility with other third-party software. Considering all aspects, Leadpages is a great combo among the cheap things. You can make a full sales funnel with the help of the LeadPages.

Their interface will make you attracted. After entering the software, you will find many ready-made templates, designs on the dashboard. You will be able to make your sales funnel after slightly modifying those.

Besides, if you are experienced in this task, then you will find all the tools for designing on the dashboard. It is very effective in terms of providing great performance. That is why funnel marketers love LeadPages very well. Through this, you will get all the reports of the funnel. Apart from this, there is an offline text message facility in it also.

What Can Be Done with Leadpages?

A sample of what can be done with a Leadpages is given below.

  • Landing page design.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Campaign Monitoring.
  • The detailed report of the sales funnel.
  • Effective test results.
  • Offline text and quick sign up facility.
  • Third party software integration facility.

Leadpages Pricing

Currently, they have 3 pricing plans. You can subscribe to any of those you wish.

  • Standard ($ 25 / mo)
  • Pro ($ 48 / mo)
  • Advanced ($ 199 / mo
Get Leadpages Now!

3. FunnelDash Dynamic Lead Magnets for Marketing Sales Funnel System

FunnelDash Dynamic Lead Magnets

Deliver Dynamic Lead Magnets with Our 1 Click Instant

FunnelDash is another effective tool for funnel marketing. You can do all with this. This tool helps in a great way of creating a sales funnel. In particular, you will hardly find any tool better than this especially for Facebook marketing. FunnelDash lets you do marketing with a small budget. This will help you find a week placement in the market. And once you get low competition audiences, who can stop you.

There is a lot more chance of your success where competition is less. And it is also very effective in click per value. You will be able to make the return on the cost that you will spend against each of your clicks. With FunnelDash, you can easily control the budget. Company Setup, Audience Research, Creating Graphical Content on Facebook, Image Editing and a lot can be done very well by FunelDash.

This software will make your social media marketing work much easier. With the help of this, you can design your ads and present it to the audiences in a creative way. For that, the conversion rate of your ads will be much higher for you than for others. This best budget-friendly tool is very popular among all marketers. You can choose this for creating a sales funnel.

FunnelDash Features

Some features of this are highlighted below.

  • Perfect Tools for Facebook Marketing
  • Complete sales funnel can be created.
  • Budget-Friendly Sales Funnel Tools.
  • It can be called click per value.
  • Maximum budget utilization can be done by this.

FunnelDash Pricing

They have offered the yearly membership option not following the monthly subscription option like others. Currently, they have 3 plans.

  • They cost $999 per year for Basic
  • $2999 per year for pro.
  • $11,999 per year for Agency.

 4. Active Campaign Email Marketing for Sales Funnel

Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM.

The Active campaign is quite famous for email marketing. This is one of the best tools to be successful in email marketing. Not just for email marketing, it is also a complete tool for marketing automation, CRM solution, etc. There is nothing in the funnel marketing that you cannot do with it. You can do everything from the basic level to the pro level with the help of this. The Active campaign has lots of functions.

You can get many benefits of the advanced level if you can use those functions properly. Email listing, mail sending, autoresponder, template design and a lot can be done by this. And this is a very cheap tool. Because of this you can easily afford it. As the name of this is an active campaign, so we do not need to say anything about the campaign monitoring. You can learn about all the reports of all your running campaigns.

Besides, this tool is also very useful for setting up the campaign for email marketing. For this reason, Active Campaign remains on the top of the list of preferences of single funnel marketing campaigners. If you buy it, your dollar will be utilized well. Therefore, to create a complete sales funnel, you can go for the Active Campaign. It will help you with all kinds of materials to make the funnel.

Active campaign Features

Some main features of this are provided below.

  • Perfect marketing tools for email marketing, marketing automation, CRM.
  • Price is low so it can be easily afforded.
  • A complete sale funnel can be made.
  • Very effective in all places.
  • With Active Campaign, you can do drip marketing and Lead Nurturing which becomes a trend.

Active campaign Pricing

They have set the pricing strategy a little differently than others. Pricing depends on the number of contacts. Their minimum price is $17 only a month for 1000 contacts.


5. HotJar All-In-One Analytics & Feedback Tools for Marketing and Sales Funnel System

HotJar All-In-One AnalyticsHotjar All-in-one Analytics & Feedback Tools

HotJar is quite top of the choices in the sales funnel sector. It’s basically an all-in-one analytic tool. With which you can learn all the details of the sales funnel. This will help you understand the customers’ demand. As a result, this will allow you to set up useful campaigns accordingly. Conversion does not take much time if you understand the needs of customers. These is perfect tools for everyone such as marketer, analyst, designer, developer, etc.

It is very good to adapt no matter the situation is for UI or UX. This tool can monitor the movements of visitors. This tool will give you the report of where did the visitor come from, what do they do on the site, and so on. In addition, it also tracks how visitors react to the length of the content. And with this, you can create A / B split test while making a sales funnel. Because of which if one set fails then you will be able to compensate with another set.

Apart from this, you can chat with the visitors directly. It will help you understand the customer’s demand and set the strategy accordingly. Undoubtedly, it’s a great automation tool for creating a sales funnel. Its analytical ability is one of the coolest. You should have subscribed to HotZar even for analytics only no matter if you have other tools. This can help you make the conversion rate very high.

HotZar Features

We will now present some features of this in front of you.

  • Click-through cards.
  • Tracking the visitors’ behavior.
  • Conversion Funnels.
  • Forms analysis.
  • Proactive chat.
  • Compare clicks.
  • Creates the FAQ-based questions on the response.
  • Test the reaction of visitors for the content length.
  • Direct chat with the customers.
  • A / B split test facility.
  • Analysis of traffic sources.
  • Tips for improving UX, including different screen resolutions.
  • Recruiting testers.

HotZar Pricing

HotJar has made 3 types of pricing plans. It is mentioned here.

  • Personal – limited forever-free plan, and € 29 / month plus plan;
  • Business – € 89- € 989 / month depending on the number of page views per day;
  • Agency – contact the support team – depends on the number of clients.

Final Verdict

We are going to put an end to our long discussions of sales funnel creators. In conclusion, we would like to give you some advice. To make a sales funnel, you must take the help of any automated software. This is because it will take a lot of time and so your time will be wasted if you go to do it manually. You can easily use the tools which we’ve suggested here. All of these are quite rich in facilities and features.

However, you can choose Clickfunnels if you want complete sales funnel creator. There is hardly any similar tool like this in the market. However, you can choose another automated sales funnel creator than these.

In that case, try to follow the guidelines which we have described above. We wish you can increase your sales a lot more by doing funnel marketing. See you at the next review and stay tuned.

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