Funnel Hacks Review [2024]: Best ClickFunnels Deal

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Funnel Hacks Review

The hack basically means to swindle the possessions of other people. But what if it is done in an ethical way? Yes, you can do that with the funnel hacks webinar.

Here, you will be taught how to clone others’ funnel, how to successfully find out a funnel, etc. If you can clone a funnel from another successful funnel, you can achieve success easily.

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels earned $18000 in a single day. It was only possible with cloning others’ funnel. Since you are cloning in an ethical way, there is no lawsuit hazard you would face.

We are going to discuss further Funnel hacks review so that you can understand it well. It is basically a training session. Russell himself conducts the classes. If you want, you can learn a lot more from the classes. You can even ask questions during live training sessions.

You would also be provided with a lot of free resources from this webinar. With all the resources combined, it would turn you into a full-fledged funnel marketer. That was all for the introduction.

Let us move on to the details of the review.

Funnel Hacks Overview

Product: Funnel Hacks
Offer: FREE ClickFunnels Subscribtion for 6 Months
FREE Funnel Hacks Training Webinar: Click Here
Price: $997
Bonuses: 6-Week Funnel Hacks Master Class, Instant Traffic Hacks, and more…

Funnel Hacks Review

Readers, you all are perhaps very interested to know what this miraculous Funnel Hacks is all about. We are going to answer all of your questions on this funnel hack today. You would come to know about this amazing training program after reading the review.

If any of these training courses are completed by any funnel marketer, his or her success in this field is guaranteed.  The training program will teach you on funnel cloning ethically. Apart from these, there are the basic things of funnel too. Besides, you would get a lot of resources for free.

And if you want to buy those resources individually you will have to spend a lot of money. Keep on reading the Funnel Hacks Review attentively if you wish to know more about it. When we discuss every single detail of the course, you will come to understand how efficient this course is.

What Is Funnel Hacks?


Funnel Hacks System is one kind of training program that is featured with a full ClickFunnels suite. This program includes the ClickFunnels platform, Backpack, and Actionetics. You would not only get the access to ClickFunnels suite program, but you would also get the training and guides in this program to make the most out of your ClickFunnels experience.

You have to pay a certain amount of money to attend the course. A lot of courses will be free for you with the ClickFunnels course. The courses you would get could cost you a lot of money if you want to buy those separately.

The training program is managed by the ClickFunnels founder of Russell. After completing the course, you can earn 10 times more against each dollar you pay for the course.

Russell’s secrets tips will help you to create successful funnels. There is an alternative to this training to learn ClickFunnels. You would be able to attend the training classes from home through live classes.

What Is Inside the Funnel Hacks System?

The Funnel Hacks System worth $9770 is a training system to guide you through the entire funnel building procedure and help you to create effective funnels for any market purpose no matter what objectives you can think of. When you get benefits from this offer, you do not just receive training for ClickFunnels, but also full access to ClickFunnels Etison suites.

Let us take a look at the free resources that would be served with the training program.

1. 6-Months Enterprise Suite [Worth: $1782]

This is the Etison Suite that contains ClickFunnels funnel builder, Actionetics, and Backpack. Generally, The Etison suite alone will cost you $497/month if you buy it beyond promotions. You would get the following options in the complete suite:

  1. Set up the unrestricted range of funnels
  2. It can host an unlimited number of users in your membership funnel.
  3. There are unlimited numbers of pages per funnel

Here Are a Few of The Funnels You Can Produce with Click Funnels:

  • Opt-in funnel
  • Sales funnel
  • Product launch funnel
  • Webinar funnel
  • Membership funnel
  • Auto webinars

The funnel builder lets you produce a diverse range of funnels with a wide choice of page templates to choose from. By the same token, you get the freedom to style and add components to your pages as per your needs. The user convenient UI of the builder allows you to drag and drop components that make your funnel construction a simple job.

Here Are a Few of The Important Things You Can Do with Actionetics:

  • Build up the autoresponder
  • Generate email sequences
  • Develop e-mail lists
  • Sector contacts through tags
  • Produce action funnels for internal and external triggers

Actionetics is an e-mail automation application of ClickFunnels that is an original creation of ClickFunnels. With a nearly alike characteristic of the funnel builder, the e-mail builder facilitates producing e-mails & messages. Among many impressive aspects of Actionetics, Action Funnel is one.

It allows you to hyper-segment contacts to embark on specific actions regardless of the contact is external or internal. Internal actions are made up of eliminating to an email list, adding to an email list, etc. External actions are incorporated being able to get email series.

Here Are Some Functions You Can Anticipate when Utilizing the BackPack:

  • Observe your affiliate progress
  • Observe private affiliate profile
  • Put in order your affiliate funnels
  • Observe payments due
  • Set commission strategies and tiers

Like Actionetics, Backpack is a local application that manages affiliate marketing management. This impressive feature lets you include affiliate programs into sales funnels allowing you to see all your affiliates, commissions, etc.

2. 6 Weeks Funnel Hacks Master Class [$2997]

This is a master class course that involves lessons and it guides you in constructing sales funnels, opt-in funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnel, and membership that are the standardly available funnels for you in the ClickFunnels suite. This training program of various modules goes on for 6-weeks.

3. Instant Traffic Hacks [$1997]

This course incorporates everything you need to learn about obtaining traffic through different channels and driving them into your funnels. It also includes conversations that talk about vital but a wide variety of dependable channels such as social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, and a lot more.

4. Inception Secrets [$1997]

The target of this course is your sales copy. It is planned to inform you in creating highly reliable sales copy that you can utilize in your funnels or your clients’ funnels. If you want to master sales copy development, this is an excellent course for you to sign up for. This course focuses on your market’s requirements, desires, and obstacles and is designed for a targeted marketing message.

5. Soap & Seinfeld Email Sequences [$997]

This course focuses on assisting you to produce high-converting email series and helps you to leverage your email lists optimally. Valued at $997, the course will accordingly help you to create lead nurture e-mails for consumer retention.

What Will They Teach You in This Training Course?

They will teach you various things related to Funnel. You would get more details given below. Now take a look at what are you signing up for.

How To Build Your Very Own Funnels In Clickfunnels

The very first lesson for you in the Funnel Hacks would be “How to build your very own funnels in ClickFunnels.’’ Here, the main focus will be on how to create a funnel. The training will go on for an hour or so. If you watch the video with full attention, you would get to learn a lot.

Fast Product Development Training

Up next, they will show you how to do Fast Product development. They will provide quite a lot of training sessions on this topic. In the first hour, you will get training in Product Development. Another 4.5 hours of the training session will go on about teaching. This total of 5.5 hours will be the turning point of your Funnel Marketing Life.

Opt-In Funnels

Next, they will train the subscribers about Opt-in Funnel. This session will go on for 2 hours. In these 2 hours, you have to pay full attention to the lecture. It will teach you much secret information about Opt-in the funnel. Along with this, in the next 30 minutes, you would be shown everything about implementing Opt-in funnels step by step.

Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is quite important. All your efforts will go in vain if you fail in this session. So it is better to get trained well before creating sales funnels. Now they will responsibly teach you about it all in detail. There will be 1.25 hours lecture on the sales funnel. The lecture consists of how to create a successful sales funnel, how to bring traffic to the landing pages etc. It will come in very handy to increase your sales growth.

Webinar Funnels

Webinar Funnel is also included in this training. This training on this topic will be for one hour. Webinar Funnel is mainly used for selling courses online. This training course you are participating in is a webinar funnel as well. If you have expertise in Webinar Funnel, you will be able to create any kind of tutorial and sell those online.

Automated Webinar Funnel

Nowadays Webinar Funnels can be created automatically with the help of software. There is respective software for ClickFunnels. This saves a lot of your time in creating webinar funnels. They precisely show you how to set up automatic webinar funnels with a lecture of 1 hour. Also, you would get a lecture on the usage of software in creating a video.

Membership Websites

Membership websites usually require a small amount of monthly fee for subscription. For that, one needs to create a membership funnel. This makes it easy to understand who paid subscribers are, who did not pay and who are about to finish using the trial. There is a one-hour training session for the membership funnel in the funnel hacks course. Do not skip this even if you do not need a membership funnel. It would come in handy afterward for you.

Launch Funnel

A different type of funnel is required to launch products. Through this, subscribers are notified beforehand about the product. There is an hour-long training session in the course for the product launching funnel. You can know a lot about the product launching funnel from this session.

Traffic Hacks

Traffic hack is the most crucial part of this training. This is the main attraction of this course. You may learn the other things from elsewhere but learning traffic hack is only possible in this course. On this part, they will teach you how to divert traffic from someone else’s funnel without letting them get noticed. That can be even in a very legal way. This session takes about 1.5 hours. If you manage to learn well, you would not have to worry a thing about the traffic of your site.

Is Funnel Hacking Legal?

If you hear the word hack and the next thing you can think of is unethical, let us tell you that funnel hacking is not unethical at all. Which is not unethical cannot be illegal at the same time.

You have to use your wit and intelligence to copy or hack others’ funnel. Do not copy it entirely. Thus, you do not have to worry about the legality of the funnel hacking.

Who Is It For? Who Is This Program For?

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested to work with ClickFunnels for marketing their products and services.
  • Companies who are interested to utilize ClickFunnels and would like training.
  • Service who want full access to a complete suite of ClickFunnels.
  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking experience with ClickFunnels with Actionetics and backpack for a limited time with training to make the most of the entire suite before you choose to subscribe to the complete suite for the long-term.

Is It Really Possible To Copy A Funnel In 10 Minutes?

Yes, it is very much possible. It was proved by Russell himself. One day after learning little by little you can also be able to copy someone’s funnel that even in 10 minutes. Since Russell is the expert in this task, it is quite possible for him. He himself will be teaching you the ways to hack funnels within 10 minutes.

Can You Really Earn By Taking Part In The Training?

That totally depends on you. How much you are learning and how much you can implement your knowledge depends solely on you. The more you learn and implement your acquired knowledge in this field, the more you would be able to earn.

Funnel Hacks Pricing 

Valued at $997, choosing the Funnel Hacks System will offer you all the advantages discussed above. This offer is a clear steal if you think about the individual offers of ClickFunnels.

One of them is ClickFunnels Etison Suite which costs about $1782. But if you choose the Funnel Hacks System, You don’t only get access to the Etison suites but also a whole lot of training programs including funnel building, sales marketing, and sales.

Get Your Funnel Hacks Bonus Offer Now!

Join The Funnel Hacks Course

After considering everything, if you think this course is helpful, you can join the course. You just have to Click Here to Join. Then complete the sign-up process and make the payment. You will be done with the Webinar course registration. Now you can start learning each session happily.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like the course for some reason after joining, ClickFunnels will give you back your money. They are providing you with that guarantee.

To get the money back, you have to make sure to notify them within the first 30 days. Only so much confidence makes them offer the money-back guarantee option. Since you can get your money back if you do not like the course, you can certainly give this course a try.

Last Words

We have let you know about this amazing ClickFunnels course. Not a lot of people are familiar with this course. Someone will work hard and build up a funnel. And you will copy the funnel in your own way.

They will teach you how to do that. If you follow successful funnels, the rate of your success will increase as well. And also the plus point is that it does not take a long time. This course is a great medium for experts.

They will teach you a lot of other things apart from teaching you Copying Funnel. That would be all for our Funnel Hacks review. Wishing you the highest point of success in Funnel marketing, now we are going to take our leave. Stay tuned for our next review on another ClickFunnels program.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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