Funnel Hacking is one of the most widely discussed secret theories in the book named The  Dotcom Secrets. Because it was a new concept, many could not adapt to it.

In addition, the number of people who do not know about funnel hacking is not less. At present strategy is very important in funnel marketing. To do well in funnel marketing, you need to be able to drive competitor traffics towards you.

This is called funnel hacking which allows you to take the traffic of others to yourself. All ideas by Russell Brunson are age-appropriate and unique. He only shares the experienced idea with everybody. So it is essential to say that it will bring you success.

We will discuss this in more detail in today’s review. By doing so, we will eliminate all ambiguous conflicts of everybody regarding funnel hacking. Let’s know the details about it.

Funnel Hacking Meaning

Funnel hacking is a way to understand the ideas of others by own self in order to formulate a better strategy than others. It is a kind of brain hacking, so it is named funnel hacking.

You have to understand what the step is taken by the competitors better than you, how sales funnel is created, how is their copyrighting, title, how the heading and title are attractive and all of these have to be studied in depth.

Whether there are up sales or down sales in their funnel, what is email sequences and all these factors should be taken into consideration. If you understand all this, then you will study and formulate a better strategy than them.

Naturally, if you can create a sales funnel better than them, then people will usually enter your link. Everything else should be interesting if you want to step down another person’s ideas and strategy.

If everything is better, then in a few days, you will see that traffic is driving towards you. Everyone will buy a solution or product in the way you show it. Within a few days, you will be able to hack the rival’s funnel and took it all to yourself. And that’s what the funnel hacking means.

Now we hope no one else has any problem understanding it.

Why Should You Know and Learn About Funnel Hack?

If you are a funnel marketer then it is meaningless to ask such questions. This is because here you have to learn every day. There is no alternative to this. If you stop learning, you will go backward a lot.

Where Russell Brunson has given this successful idea in one of his famous books, if you raise the question of why you should learn funnel marketing then it is not the cup of tea for you.

Many are now successful marketers by learning funnel hacking. They have come to today’s level by testing a lot of things. They never say why I would learn it, why I would learn that.

To be successful, you must know the details of funnel marketing. Not only that, it has to be implemented. Russell Brunson is not only a successful funnel marketer. He has succeeded by examining many ideas.

If you learn this, your main benefit is getting a lot of readymade traffic. However, it takes a long time to convert cold traffic into warm traffic. Then a lot of valuable money is spent.

The reasons why you’ll know about funnel hacking are:

  • To increase Sales
  • To further enrich the Lead Collections
  • To get more traffic
  • To analyze the strategy of others.
  • To step down your tough opponents
  • To further refine your own acquired knowledge

What Exactly I Need to Do when Funnel Hacking?

You need to do some works before you start the funnel hacking. This is called the primary study. Basically, they are divided into 3 stages. You need to do a basic reading of these basic 3 things first. Then, based on the results, you will proceed to the next step.

Landing Page Design

First, you have to design a landing page. This is a very easy task. Funnel marketing falls within the basic level of work. A nice landing page will be created within a few minutes with the Clickfunnels. So you do not have to worry about it.


Here you can provide images, videos, text, audio, email sequences. Only then it will be beautiful scripts. Scripts mean by which you give information. So get scripts ready through a technique of your choice. Please Check our: Funnel Scripts software review

Traffic Source

Now you need to determine what your traffic source is. Traffic comes from different sources. So you have to think about it. Whether you do paid marketing or do free marketing, you need to keep this fixed.

You can bring traffic through SEO and paid campaigns can also bring traffic. Paid campaigns can bring a lot of traffic in less time. However, by doing SEO you can get a lot of permanent organic traffic.

All these things are your own tasks. Now let’s take a look at what you need to do to hack others’ funnel. A checklist for funnel hacking is provided below.

Research Competitors Funnel

You need to research the funnel of the competitors first. You have to find out why people are going to them, what is your difference with them, how much people are satisfied with them, whether or not they are giving the correct information to their content, and how much quality of content they have.

If there is any gap, then it should be marked. Then you need to develop better ideas on research results.

Buy Product

You can buy the product from competitors. Then you can understand why people are going to them. This is the thing where you act as a buyer and know their strategy. Keep note that how they handle things at every step from the beginning to till you buy one.

Screen Capture

At this stage you will capture all their pages, for example, landing page, up-sale page, down sell page, email sequence page, etc. Then you have to study them. Only then you will get the key to success. It’s very easy to do. There is a list of software available for screen recorders. Install anyone on your PC.

Funnel Clone

Then you have to clone their funnels. That means another funnel will be created exactly like that. However, that should not be the copy-paste. If you copy, you will be caught. Rather if you can provide better heading and content, your success is inevitable. Clone in such a way that the competitor does not even realize you are following them.

Research Traffic Source

This time you need to research traffic sources. You have to find out from where the rival traffic comes, whether those are free or paid, etc. You can search on different social media such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest by providing your competitor’s business name.

Then you will know if they are running a paid campaign on social media or not. Knowing traffic sources will help you reach customers more easily.

Research Related Ads

Find out now that if or not they have given retargeting ads on Google or Facebook. You will understand this when you visit their site and then come to Facebook. If retargeting ads are set, Facebook will actually show ads on your competitor site. The same applies to Google also. Retargeting ads means showing your ads repeatedly.

 Research Ads Scripts

The competitor’s ads script is very important. That is because there they did the best. So their traffic is much. You should research more to see how they presented the content. Whether you read or see their content, you will have a clear idea.

You have to understand whether or not you can solve the same thing better than him. Once all of this is done, the path to clone the funnel in front of you will be easier. Then follow that and make a successful sales funnel.

However, we would like to remind you never to copy everything when you hack or clone the funnel. Then you can easily get caught. You need to follow here and you have to provide something better. Only then you can do better than them. But if followed, it has to be done creatively.

Funnel Hacking Step by Step from A-Z

There was some basic discussion about funnel hacking. Yet there are many scopes to discuss more.

We will now show you step by step how to clone a funnel. If you know everything step by step, everything will be easier for you to implement. Let’s see how and what to do.

Funnel Hacking Step by Step

How to Find Good Funnel?

Finding a good funnel is a very easy task. You have to make an account in ClickBank. Log in and search for your favorite niche. You will find many successful sales funnels. For example, suppose you have searched for weight loss.

Then you will experience various successful weight loss funnels in front of you. You can see it by clicking here and thousands of people are shopping for weight loss. That means it’s a successful sales funnel.

Buy and Record a Product

Now buy a product related to the weight loss keyword you searched for. This is because if you don’t buy then you will not understand how they handle everything in the end.

So you have to understand it well. For ease of understanding, turn on the screen recording. It does not necessarily have to be done with the mobile camera. With the software running on the desktop, everything will be recorded. Buy with all the required information and address of your credit card.

Funnel Clone

The task of funnel hacking is done. Now you have to clone the funnel, which means you have to create exactly such a funnel.

However, be aware that this is not a copy of your hack funnel.  Rather it would be better than that. Russell Brunson explains very well that how to create a sales funnel in just 10 minutes. You can find it from Russell Brunson’s lecture.

Here are some things to keep in mind when cloning a funnel:

  • What is the type of content or copywriting?
  • What colors did they use?
  • Whether it is mobile-friendly or not?
  • The headline
  • Did they have social proof?
  • Is the home page short or long?
  • Did they have the pop-up or exit pop-up

When you create a funnel with these thoughts, you will see that a nice funnel has been created. Then you will simply focus on the source of the traffic.

Traffic Hack

Since you’ve built a great sales funnel, your job now is to focus on traffic. Someone will be actually converted if he or she comes to the site you made. There are many ways to bring traffic. But what if you could hack the traffic on your computer and bring it to you?

Yes, you can hack the funnel and bring traffic to your site. But to do that, you have to be pretty crazy. The work is a little difficult but quite possible.

Search the competitor’s site for the following:

  • What is their traffic source?
  • Do they have provided banner ads on Facebook?
  • What kind of content they have provided? Whether or not they have added an image or video?
  • Whether or not they have set any retargeting ads?

Traffic Source

Traffic can be brought from many mediums. But your job is to follow the competitor’s traffic source. To do this, you can take the help of two tools. Then you can understand where their traffic comes from. The tools are:

Here is an example showing everything on SimilarWeb for extracting the competitor’s traffic source.

  1. Visit this site first:
  2. Then input the URL of the competitor’s website.
  3. In a short time, the traffic sources of different mediums of your competitors will appear in front of you. You have to bring traffic to the traffic in the same way.

You will see that more traffic comes from Facebook in the result. That means they run paid campaigns on Facebook. You can see all of them by going to their Facebook page and clicking on info & ads.

You have to notice how they are running the campaigns, what is the content, what is the heading in ads, etc. Then you have to launch the paid campaign in the same system. You will also find that you are getting a lot of traffic from Facebook.

Free Funnel Template

Hopefully, you have already got a good idea of funnel hacking. Now you can use the free template to apply it properly. The task is very simple. There is no need to spend any money to buy them. Russell Brunson has made these funnel templates free for you.

Here are the 3 high-profile funnel templates mentioned.

  • Funnel #1: The supplement funnel that will help you to earn $20000 a day. This is a very useful funnel template that will help you maximize revenue.
  • Funnel #2: The High Ticket Funnel Template. With it, you can earn for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter for you to earn $25000 a year. You can do more if you want. Especially if you have good skills on a subject, you can make a high ticket funnel through it. Thousands of people will buy tickets to attend your webinar.
  • Funnel #3: The best-selling book funnel template. It will teach you how to become a bestseller, how to earn thousands of dollars by selling books. It can let you earn every year if you write new books. Many writers are now on the Top Author list by using this funnel template.

Funnel Hacking Master Class

You can take part in the funnel hacking master class. It will teach you to funnel hacking practically. Basically, this is a training program where Russell Brunson will teach you to funnel hacking, cloning, traffic hacks practically by coming to live.

Since you can learn all this from Russell Brunson, you should take this course. You will get benefit in many more ways by doing this course. If you would try to buy those separately, they would cost you a lot of money.

Bonuses you will get in the funnel hacking master class:

You can get it for only $997. So you can buy this package to learn funnel hacking.

Get More Detail About Funnel Hacks Master Class Now!

Final Verdict

Russell Branson is a visionary funnel marketer. He thought of something from long ago that was just like a dream to others. His position is so high today because he can think of everything. He could have spent the rest of his life simply by doing funnel marketing. But instead of doing so, he is constantly giving new ideas to fans and learners.

Funnel hacking is his mastermind idea. It is possible to clone a funnel by hacking traffic by this in less time. No problem if you can’t do anything from scratch, you can earn a good amount of money by doing creative cloning. If our tutorial is not enough for you then you can take part in the funnel hack master class course.