In the funnel marketing world, ClickFunnels has made a lot of responses after arriving. After using ClickFunnels, a lot of businessmen get benefited from it. For this reason, ClickFunnels is high demandable for funnel marketers. This is because the ClickFunnels software is practically tested one. By using it, you can make a complete sales funnel. You would get every material that you need to create a funnel. This funnel contains a lot of features.

Today we would like to discuss ClickFunnels features. Here we would like to share every feature briefly. For this, the greatness of ClickFunnels would increase a lot more. After seeing all the features you can easily understand how important ClickFunnels is for your online business.

Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels has added some interesting and attractive features in this software. After seeing those you would want to use it. They always try to add some new features. For this, marketing accuracy will be getting higher.

You all will be profitable. We would now provide you a detailed guideline about the ClickFunnels features. So let us see what features it contains.

Clickfunnels Overview

Product Information

Product Name: Clickfunnels Software
Vendor: Etison Product
Clickfunnels trial: Click Here
Bonus + Discount: Yes – Get Your Bonus here
Price: $97/month (basic) or $297/month (actionetics)
Niche: Software / Marketing & Sales
Necessarily a technical: No
Training: Yes
Refund: 14 Days FREE trial + 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend: Highly Recommend

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is basically a kind of funnel builder software. With this, you can create a complete funnel building. ClickFunnels is a complete package for creating the sales funnel. There is no work that you cannot do with it.

You can do Landing Page Design, Template Design, Lead Generation, Opt-in Funnel, and Webinar Funnel, etc. After the funnel is created, you can do all the things like mail sending, auto-responding, campaign monitoring, and so on by ClickFunnels.

The demand for ClickFunnels to funnel marketers as automation software is very high. The founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson was a skilled funnel marketer himself.

He has closely monitored the restrictions of funnel marketing staying in the field. Then, after considering the problems, he designed the ClickFunnels. To add different levels of extents to your funnel marketing, they have added almost all software integration systems to this.

For example, you can add mail chimp for email sending, integration of the third party payment processing software for payment etc. Apart from this, you can create all the attractive funnels in ClickFunnels with all the tools. Of course, you would get many of them preloaded.

You do not have to anything much. In one word, for funnel marketing in the automation system, ClickFunnels is an amazing compilation. This software has gained popularity among all.

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Overview of ClickFunnels Benefits

With the pace of market expansion, a lot of products have arrived in the market. The separate sales funnels need to be created for each product. This is because the marketing strategy is different for different products. However, whatever type of product it is, you will be able to make a sales funnel with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has the advantage of creating multiple funnels. Whether your product is consumer products, or cloth items, or mobile accessories, or food, or online products, you can create the sales funnel easily with the help of ClickFunnels.

It has a webinar funnel and as well as membership funnels also. With the help of the webinar funnel, you can very nicely sell online courses. Russell Brunson himself earns a lot of money from the webinar funnel.

There are several reloaded funnels inside it. You just need to click on the desired funnel and select the template. There are many templates provided there by default. Besides, you can also edit templates if you want to.

There are also A/B split test facilities. If you are in Confusion with Audience, then you can test it with the A/B test. ClickFunnels will have Campaign Setup, Campaign Monitoring, Video, Photo, Membership Funnel, Order Page, Thank You Page, Up-sale Page, and Down-sale Page, Check out Page and Advanced Funnel Benefits.

Apart from this, ClickFunnels has great support also. The most support is you can take training from Russell Brunson himself. Russell teaches a lot of things hand to hand through video lectures.

ClickFunnels Features Review

When we buy a product we first notice the features of this product. In fact, considering the features we become able to judge and know about that product. After seeing the features, you understand what can be done with this product. After checking all features you can match it with your demand, how helpful the product is!

For this, we would write an individual review for the ClickFunnels features. For your convenience, we would present the ClickFunnels features in different points in front of you.

Most Important ClickFunnels Features

There are plenty of features in ClickFunnels. But we will discuss only those which are the most important. Now let’s present these features one by one in front of you.

ClickFunnels Features

Drag & Drop Page Builder: The biggest feature of ClickFunnels is its Drag & Drop Page Builder. The page builder is so strong that you do not have to do coding even a single line. You can do all the tasks of creating different pages, designing, editing templates, redesigning and so on by this builder while creating the sales funnel.

The interesting thing is that inexperienced people also can use this page builder easily. Similarly, those who are experienced can also make the sales pages and landing pages more attractive with the help of the page builder. A lot of works can be done automatically by the page builder in less time.

Actionetics: ClickFunnels has an auto responder named Actionetics. It will do auto-reply to the emails when you are not available. This autoresponder is greatly effective for providing quick service to customers. Suppose someone emailed to your support but you are not online. At that time, how would it be if someone automatically responds to that asking to wait until you are available? The ClickFunnels Actionetics feature will do exactly the same things.

Backpack: If you want, you can earn money by staying with ClickFunnels. They will also arrange that for you. ClickFunnels affiliate can earn you quite a lot. So you can do marketing on your site by taking the approval of affiliation from them. The commission from ClickFunnels is very higher than that of other affiliate sites. If the commission is higher, then income will also be higher.

Built-In Shopping Cart: Another excellent feature of them is the built-in shopping cart. This will allow you to track your customers. You do not have to install any shopping cart software separately. It will save a lot of your valuable money. Totally, ClickFunnels is a complete funnel package. Here you will find all the things for the funnel.

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Overview of ClickFunnels Features

Custom Domains: Using ClickFunnels, you can customize domain. From the dashboard, that will be done easily. With the help of the ClickFunnels, you can modify domain as your wish. Undoubtedly, it is a great feature of ClickFunnels.

A/B Split Test: A/B Split test is a great feature of ClickFunnels. Using this feature, you can divide the audience into two parts. Then you can spend dollars from your budget in the two parts equally. Even you can set the percentage of spending dollars for each part. Suppose you have confusion about your audience, then A/B Split test would be very effective at that moment. You can set a type of audience in one part and in another part you can set a different type of audience. Because of this feature, you do not have any tension regarding the audience.

Email Integration: Though you can perform the task of email sending by the ClickFunnels, they have added email integration feature to this to give you more benefits. For your much convenience, ClickFunnels includes email integration feature. If you want you can integrate 3rd party mail server integration with the ClickFunnels. For this, you do not have to face any trouble for using Mail Chimp.

Opt-In Funnel: ClickFunnels give you the benefit of creating the opt-in funnel. By this, anyone can create the opt-in funnel. This feature is rare for other software. Of course, it is a result of their long-term plan.

Click Pops: You would be able to perform the jobs of click pops by using ClickFunnels. In ClickFunnels, you would get every facility of click pops. You just need to create the click pops and then you are done.

Click Opt-In: Click opt-in feature is also included in the Clickfunnel’s feature. If you want you can do it using ClickFunnels. Every feature is included in the ClickFunnels that you need to create it.

All Advance Funnels: One of the attractive features of ClickFunnels is the advance funnel. Using it, you can work with all funnel in advance level. Customizing, designing all you can do with ClickFunnels. Even you can work in advance level using their pre-loaded template. There is a lot of software but most of them do not offer the advanced funnel building feature. By using it, expert funnel marketers make profitable sales. If you want to create an advanced level of the funnel, you can use this feature.

Sales Funnel: This feature is the most usable feature of ClickFunnels. Mainly, a lot of people are using ClickFunnels to make Sales Funnel. By using it, you can create a complete sales funnel. Designing template, creating a landing page, check out a form, lead generation and many more you can do by using it. To create a funnel, you should ensure the best use of ClickFunnels and by doing this you can get the maximum benefit. At the time of designing funnel, you should obviously follow the formulas of Russell Brunson.

Russell is a legend funnel marketer of the funnel marketing world. Sales funnel is the door of selling the online product. The stronger this door is the more chance to increase your sales. From the begging period of creating the sales funnel, ClickFunnels is performing very well.

Membership Funnel: Nowadays many people use membership funnel. Membership funnel is very effective. Mainly membership funnel is created for the website’s subscribers. You would get a good benefit of ClickFunnels for creating membership funnel. Which member has paid, who are using trial version and who are using the free version, which member’s subscription period is at the end and a lot more can be done with the help of ClickFunnels. This feature is excellent for the membership site.

Webinar Funnel: Basically, webinar funnel is a live training funnel. Training of every topic is available online nowadays. Likewise, who are experts can create webinar funnel and sell their experience. Using ClickFunnels, you can create a perfect webinar funnel. If you use this feature of ClickFunnels, no one can participate in your course without paying you.

Hang out Funnel: ClickFunnels also offers the benefit of hang out funnel. Though others did not focus on this, they did not ignore this hangout feature. For this unknown feature, ClickFunnels may get some praises.

Order Page: The order page is very important for funnel marketing. The design of the order page should be attractive and impressive. Otherwise, the buyer loses their interest to order. So ClickFunnels will fully help you to make a beautiful order page. There, you would get a lot of pre-loaded order pages. Just you have to customize with your own choice.

Up Sale Page: ClickFunnels also offers the up sale feature. Though this feature is unknown, it is very useful. So, ClickFunnels has given a great importance to this.

Down Sale Page: Down sale is also a feature like up sale. But it is opposite to up sale. If you use ClickFunnels, do not forget to use this feature.

Share Your Funnel: If you want, you can also get the benefit of funnel sharing. This feature is very interesting. After making a funnel, it can be shareable to another place. Copying campaign’s URL, it is easy to share. This feature is really nice. A lot of people get benefited from it.

Priority Support: In a single word, ClickFunnels support system is amazing. Whenever you get any problem, you will get an instant solution from support if you knock there. Even you can have a live chat with them. For providing the support, they have a specially dedicated team. You would get 24/7 support from them. So, you do not have to worry about their service. They are ready to help you at any moment.

Priority Template Requests: This is an excellent feature of ClickFunnels. You can send a request for a template if you like it. They would give you exactly the same. They do it and that is because they are giving priority to your opinion.

Clickfunnels Features in Terms of The Payment Plan : Nowadays ClickFunnels is selling by two packages. They have also declared what package has which facility. Now, have a look at what package will fulfill your demand.

Test the Function of Clickfunnels for Free: Though ClickFunnels is paid software we would give you a free access to use it. That is because we want our visitors to get benefited from it. Firstly, sign up from our link. After successful signing up, you would get a free 14 days trial version. If you like it, you can move to the premium version.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

We are now going to discuss the pricing of ClickFunnels. They have some packages. You can choose your own package as you like. So now take a look at their price plan.

Startup – $97 per month

Full Suite – $297 per month

Funnel Hacks – $997 for 6 months

Funnel Hacks 1 Year – $1997 for a year

Clickfunnels Free Trial

Benefits of the Start-up package

The facilities they are offering in the Start-Up package are the following:

  1. 20 funnels.
  2. 100 pages.
  3. 20,000 Visitors.
  4. Unlimited Leads.
  5. 3 Custom domains.
  6. 1 billing option integration.

Benefits of the full suite package

The facilities they are offering in the full suite package are the following:

  1. Unlimited funnel.
  2. Unlimited Pages.
  3. Unlimited Visitors.
  4. Unlimited Leads.
  5. 3 billing option integrations.

Check out ClickFunnels Features Here!

User Satisfaction

Before purchasing something, it is necessary to look at user satisfaction. Experts often offer different types of reviews. Since they are experts, they may have different views for different products. You can understand the actual condition of a service through a general customer like you.

If the previous customers are satisfied by buying a service then you can take it. ClickFunnels user satisfaction is good enough. A survey conducted in various social media, blogs, and forums, found that 34 users out of 35 were satisfied using the ClickFunnels.

On the contrary, only one negative feedback was given. That means their customer satisfaction capability is almost 99%. Those who have that much high satisfaction level you can freely take their software.

The ClickFunnels will save a lot of time in the funnel building, as well as it will help you to increase your sales. If you want to grow your business, you should try the funnel marketing using ClickFunnels.

Final Words

We have written all the reviews here about ClickFunnels features. Not a small feature is absent from our review. Hopefully, you have already come to know about its work efficiency after seeing all the open review of this.

Besides, you can also check whether this software can fill up your demand or not. There are a lot of people who publish fake feature news. But ClickFunnels is very clear about that. They have announced all the features that they actually have.

You would get all the features they have announced here. So, no more discussion for the ClickFunnels features for today. We hope, everyone is doing well with ClickFunnels. This is the end of today’s discussion. Another day, we will be here to discuss the other topic of funnel marketing.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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