The Secrets Trilogy Books Box Set (2024) ᐈ by Russell Brunson

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Have you ever wanted to know how Russell Brunson, the world’s leading expert in marketing and sales, builds his million-dollar business? The Secrets Trilogy Box Set has all the answers.

Russell Brunson has written extensively about how to use marketing techniques that work today and will continue working in the future.

He knows what he’s talking about because he has already made millions with his marketing skills.

This set of three books is a behind-the-scenes look at how he built his empire through content marketing, mindset strategies, and much more.

The Secrets Trilogy Books Box Set

If you plan to buy these books, they are selling this with a set in a box. So that means you will buy a box and get the following item.

  • Dotcom Secrets book
  • Expert Secrets book
  • Traffic Secrets book
  • Unlock The Secrets Workbook

The first three items are the books related to marketing, funnel, and sales, and the last item, named Unlock The Secrets Workbook, is the practice book to help you learn things practically.

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Get All the Books Written by Russell Brunson in One Set

Now you know what The Secret Trilogy Books Box is. It is a collection of three books and a workbook. You can get the set at the same time by ordering The Secret Trilogy.

We will be discussing through the article all the specific items you will get in the box.

How to Get the Secrets Trilogy Box Set?

You can buy the Secret Trilogy Box set from their website in some steps. First, you have to go to their website.

Then order the Traffic Secrets book, which they are offering for free. After that step, you’ll get an offer to buy the box set of all four books. This is a bit tricky, but they are selling it by that funnel.

  • Step #1: Go to the Traffic Secrets landing page
  • Step #2: Order the Traffic Secrets book (which is free)
  • Step #3: Inside the funnel, you’ll be offered to buy the box set of all four books

What You’ll Get Inside The Secrets Trilogy Box Set?

The Secrets Trilogy Box Set is a collection of four books, as you know already. These are the three best-selling books. The other book is a workbook named Unlock The Secrets Workbook.

The Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets for Online Marketing Success have been bundled up to provide you with an affordable way to experience their combined wisdom in one go.

This is a collection of the ultimate experiences of Russell Brunson, which he got over the past years. You will get specific details about the books in the next part.

The Secrets Trilogy Book no. 1: DotCom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets is a collection of all the knowledge writer Russell has gained over the years, building his company and working with other companies to help them increase their sales.

People like to talk about what they know the best, and that’s why this book will be an essential extension of your marketing strategy.

This book will take you on the roller coaster ride Russell Brunson has been on since starting.

He spills it all in his head. Inside you’ll find actionable insights into decoding consumer behavior so that you can capitalize on these trends for your benefit. It just goes to show-knowledge can be powerful!

If you are an online entrepreneur, you must have a website that is your property. The most valuable asset of your site is traffic.

So you have to know how to attract new traffic, which is taught in this book. Find out how to get traffic, low prices, and so much more by using this book!

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The Secrets Trilogy Book no. 2: Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets Book By Russell Brunson is a powerful guide that will help you create expertise to charge for your time and knowledge. It will show you how to manage the insides to sell from the outside and discover your unique way of being an expert in something- with or without formal training.

It is the next part after the book DotCom Secrets. What you’ll learn in the DotCom secrets book, you will get more info in this Expert Secrets book.

You’ll be introduced to the Expert Secrets traits of those who have mastered their careers. You’re going to learn everything from “building a product” and marketing it effectively.

By attracting clients who trust you and know they need what you have, establishing clear contracts- making them fair.

Then, you will learn to manage expectations on both sides and price your offerings competitively again, being reasonable about your services or products and all the essentials you need to grow.

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The Secrets Trilogy Book no. 3: Traffic Secrets

 Traffic Secrets

“Can you hear the traffic panicking outside your door? You can get more of it with this book.”

Traffic Secrets will help entrepreneurs learn how to get more of the right kind of traffic for their business.

Written by the expert in website optimization and marketing, Russell Brunson, Traffic Secrets is packed with tips on everything from building a winning product to crafting traffic-pulling headlines.

Entrepreneurs looking for just one new skill that will catapult them into success need look no farther than this wealth of advice covering every aspect of online marketing.

Find out why some people don’t succeed in generating traffic when they really want or need it; how free ads are sometimes better than paid ads; when to use social media advertising or other valuable strategies that will make your website reader-friendly and attract new traffic.

Of course, you should try and implement every strategy to get the best results.

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The Secrets Trilogy Book no. 4: Unlock the Secrets Workbook

Unlock the Secrets Workbook

Let’s say you have read all three books. It’ll be great for you. But you must be aware that you will need to apply or try all the knowledge you gain through the books. Why? This is because you don’t know which strategy will fit your business or which strategy will work out best to get the most revenue.

Unlock The Secrets Workbook will help you apply all of the knowledge and concepts found in DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets.

With 600 pages to work through, you’ll be more knowledgeable than ever before on how to create a clear-cut action plan for your internet marketing efforts.

So it’ll be worth your effort. But one thing to keep in mind is that the only way to get this workbook is by buying The Secret Trilogy box set.

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How Much Does The Secrets Trilogy Box Set Cost?

Secrets Trilogy Box Set Cost

You know that you have to buy this box set from the funnel page. Just visit their traffic secret page, then order the Traffic Secrets book. While ordering, they will offer you the box set.

The price of the item is $97 plus FREE shipping. You have to pay this one time. You will be happy to know that this price is only for the three books and Unlock The Secrets Workbook is a bonus. They also don’t charge for the shipping of this workbook.

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The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks

If you are an audiobook lover, then you have good news. There is an option to buy the Audiobooks they are offering as an upsell in The Secret Trilogy sales funnel.

On the funnel page, you will get an option to buy audiobooks as digital downloads. The price of the audiobooks is 74$.

However, you’ll get a good discount since the total cost would be 111$ where each of them is 37$. That means you will get three books for the price of two.

How To Get The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks?

The Audiobooks are sold by an upsell. So while buying the box set, you get the option to purchase the audiobooks. The good news is you will get the audiobooks at a discounted price.

So if you need audiobooks, you have to follow some steps.

  • Step 1: Go to the Secrets Trilogy offer page.
  • Step 2: Fill your name and address on the page
  • Step 3: You should be offered to get the audiobook version of all three books at the end of your purchase.

After selecting the option of the audiobook, you can proceed!

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Final Thoughts

The Secrets Trilogy Box Set is an excellent investment to make if you’re looking for some new content.

It’s the perfect way to get your hands on all of our best-selling books, including DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Unlocking The Secrets Workbook, that will help take your business or personal project to the next level.

Whether you want to use these secrets yourself or turn them into a profitable business, this package can help get you started.

From mastering promotion strategies that work like magic to getting more customers by understanding how people’s brains work when purchasing online products, this boxed edition has everything anyone needs to know about making money from their web presence.

You can buy it now at a low price!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have explicit knowledge about this box set but may have commonly asked questions.

1. How Can the Secrets Trilogy Help Your Business?

Ans: These books have a combination of knowledge about how to grow a business, develop a product or service online, and promote them. The expertise of Russell Brunson will guide you throughout the whole journey to growth.

2. Can I Benefit from Reading Those Books?

Ans: You will benefit by reading the books but must apply the strategies in real-life business because you want to find the right strategy that best suits your business. This is important because every business is different. So the process will also vary. Although, the basic strategies will be the same for all.

3. What if I Already Have One of Trilogy Book, Do I Need to Buy the Box Set?

Ans: Russell spent months rewriting and updating his original book, adding approximately 60K words worth of new content. So the box set is still valuable! If you already own the new versions of those books, you should consider whether or not to purchase Unlock Secrets.

4. How Much Does the Funnel Trilogy Box Set Total Cost?

Ans: The price of The Secrets Trilogy Box set may differ depending on how you buy it. If you buy from the Your First Challenge offer, you will pay $67. Buy directly from the official website – $127. and from Russell Brunson book funnels – $297 (including bonuses)

5. Which Book Inside the Secrets Trilogy Should I Read First?

Ans: Each of the Secrets Trilogy books has been written to be read independently, and they teach different skills—including sales funnel creation, building effective messaging, and driving traffic. It would be best if you read DotCom Secrets first, then Expert Secrets and finally Traffic Secrets. You’ll want to watch the video bonus training & complete the exercises in Unlock The Secret Bonus Book.

6. Can I Buy the Unlock Secrets Book on Amazon?

Ans: No, The Unlock Secrets book is only available within the Trilogy Secrets box set. You can’t buy it anywhere else.

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