Copywriting Secrets Review: Is This Book By Jim Edwards Worth It?

Published On: May 7, 2022By 22.1 min read

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Copywriting Secrets Review

We know you realize the importance of having a better sales copy. End of the day, if you are not able to prepare the best sales copy to drive more sales, you won’t go a long way with your business. A perfect piece of sales copy will provide you with a large number of sales in a short possible time.

However, writing the best copy for increasing sales is not like walking alone in a quiet park. It needs some decent strategies and techniques to get the most out of the copywriting.

You may write and prepare thousands of copies, but you are not sure whether the copies will provide you with the larger benefits or not.

Copywriting Secrets Review: Is This Book by Jim Edwards Worth It?

Copywriting Secrets Review

Among the best copywriters around the world, there are far many things to consider while writing the best copies for your business.

What if there is a book that will provide you with the best solutions to write stunning copies for your business? Copywriting, which boosts the sales of your business, needs appropriate practices, and a book in this regard will help you a lot.

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to share with you a book named Copywriting Secrets so that you can know a lot about the book, and make a choice whether to buy it or not.

However, you will be able to take your business to the next level by getting the most out of the lessons in this particular book.

You may never deny the importance of having the best sales copy. Besides, if you are thinking that a customer will buy from you only by seeing what you are selling, you are in a fool’s paradise. Customers nowadays have become pretty smart.

What you badly need to do is to provide your customers with the values that they want from you. In copywriting, a copywriter tries to motivate potential customers to buy products or services. But you can just write a few words, and ask your audience to buy from you.

Sometimes, you need to educate the customers about the products, and services. It’s important to let them know what exactly you are offering, and whether your business is able to impact their lives or not.

However, we will cover one of the best books by Jim Edwards who has far many potential skills for being the best copywriter. No matter what type of business owner or marketer you are, this book will provide you with real benefits in every stage of your business.

You will be able to write the best copies for your business by accessing the books. But before that, you need to know a lot about the book, and the learnings that you will most probably find in the book.

So, without wasting a second, let’s jump into the review section of the stunning copywriting secrets book review down below.

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What Is Copywriting Secrets?

Copywriting Secrets

The Copywriting Secret is basically a book written by one of the most popular copywriters, and digital marketers Jim Edwards. Besides, Jim Edwards has been here in this field for a long time. Basically, he has shared his expertise in this book.

It doesn’t matter what type of skill you have as a marketer. You will get to know quite a lot of things in the book if you read the lines attentively. The most significant part of the book this, that you will have much practice, and once you have finished reading the book you will be able to write the best sales copies for your business.

This book will allow you to write the best copies using powerful words that might motivate your potential customers to buy from you. A sales copy is not like writing a normal blog post. You have to keep some of the most important factors in your mind, and the book will exactly teach you that properly.

It is possible to generate more leads regarding your business once you are able to write the best copies in the world related to sales. Your potential customers will be able to know what you are selling, and the type of value you are going to provide to them.

Besides, the learning from this book is suitable for almost all sorts of business. Therefore, it means that if you are running a small business or intend to start a business on your own, the book will guide you in your journey for a long time.

Now, let’s see what expertise you are going to achieve after reading the book.

  • You will be able to write the best offer’s content for potential customers.
  • You will know the strategies to boost up the sales of your business knowing the tactics inside the book.
  • You can emotionally motivate your customers to buy products, and services from you.
  • You will get to know who your targeted audience is in a simple manner.
  • You can create a better email list which will also help you to promote your business online.

Therefore, there are also some of the most crucial benefits that you will get out of this book. You will get to know the facts as we start to proceed to the next section of the book. The number of learnings out of this book will largely depend on the types of learners out there.

We believe you are one of the best learners in the world and know-how to get the most out of a book. The book will give you some life-changing lessons regarding your business once you are cooperative enough to read the book.

You can sharpen your writing skills after reading the book. Having good writing skills is always the key to attaining success in online businesses. However, it always feels great to learn from the biggest copywriter like Jim Edwards.

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Who Is Jim Edwards, The Author of Copywriting Secrets?

Jim Edwards

You should know a lot about the author of the book that you intend to buy. But, here in this case regarding The Copywriting Secrets book, you may be familiar with the name ‘Jim Edwards”.

If you know at least something about the sales funnel, Clickfunnels to be more exact, you may hear the name of Jim Edwards who is one of the sales funnel experts around the world.

Jim Edwards has been leading the Clickfunnels successfully for a longer period of time. However, he has been able to let the world know about his excellence in this factor. He is the prisoner of starting hundreds of successful businesses.

Copywriting is always key in your sales funnel process, and when you learn copywriting from a genius like Jim Edwards, you will be at the top in terms of learning.

Besides, Jim Edwards has only familiar with the sales funnel method. You can also find the positive footsteps of the writer on many affiliates boot camps as well. This simply means he is a person with proper marketing skills.

You will be able to know the skills that you should acquire in order to be a better copywriter. Jim Edwards has been writing the best sales copies which have been generating a lot of value for the businesses.

Besides, Jim has been able to create some of the most stunning automotive software which will help copywriter to make their writing even more effective than ever. Jim is constantly writing to teach people about copywriting in different courses, seminars, public speaking, and stuff.

These practices show interest of Jim regarding this field.  So, the most crucial point of this discussion is that you will probably get the book of a writer who has greater experience, and expertise in this field. If we tend to discuss the quality of his writing, it will be like wasting our valuable time.

Who Is Copywriting Secrets For?

This is one of the hottest questions in the town when someone intends to buy a book for him/her. However, who is a copywriting secrets? Well, as we have mentioned earlier, if you really want to grow your business, the book will be one of the master prices for you.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what types of businesses’ you people own. The book is designed in a way where marketers of all classes will find the book so helpful for them.  Even if you are a newbie marketer or have just started to know about the online marketing world, the book also provides some of the most beneficial outcomes for you.

Moreover, businessmen who want to gain more quality leads should collect the book to master the art of best copywriting techniques. However, if you have to write blog content for your clients, you should surely check the book out for gaining better knowledge about online writing.

So, long story short, the book will be helpful for many types of marketers or writers who have a greater interest in this field.

Why Copywriting Secrets Is a Must-Read Book for Any Entrepreneur or Online Marketer?

This is one of the most natural questions that you should definitely ask. What if you don’t read the book? Is there anything that will harm you without reading the book? Why should you manage your time to read a book like this when you have to be pretty busy with your task online?

Look, we can’t stay aside from our stand, and that is the Copywriting Secrets book is a must-read book for any entrepreneur. There are some valid reasons which will prove the points here. Don’t you know some of the marketers who are around in this field for a while but hardly making any money?

What is going wrong with them? Are they making the best copywriting content to generate more and more leads? Just think about the questions, and find the answers on your own.

However, if you are not able to write the best copywriting content, you won’t further your business. Proper copywriting practice will let you attain quality leads, and when you have a quality lead, you can then turn these leads into your regular buyers.

Along with us, we have seen many entrepreneurs being highly benefited after reading the book once. They now know how to make engaging copywriting contents that will motivate their customers to take buying actions.

You will be able to learn the better implementation of using power words in your writing. If you don’t know about power words, power words are the words which motivate people to explore more about what you sell.

There are some emotional aspects that are connected with copywriting practices. You will become experts in knowing the emotional aspects of your potential customers after reading the book attentively.

However, the biggest factor here is that you can get a single piece of the book free of cost! Yes, what you only have to pay is the shipping charge for the book. So, just think about the benefits that you will get with the books.

Let’s say you want to participate in an online course regarding copywriting, if you consider the quality, you have to pay a lot of money for the short course.

Now, if you compare the quality of the book with the online course that you tend to attain, you will find greater benefits with the Copywriting Secrets book.

Copywriting Secrets Book Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

We have come to the core point of our discussion about the Copywriting Secret book review. Here, we will take you inside the book, and what you will probably learn from the book. To be really honest, we have been able to learn quite a lot of things from this book, and we would like to share those with you guys.

It doesn’t matter what type of sales content you tend to write. This book will teach you everything like email, business letters, website writing, copywriting blogs, engaging ads, and so on. As you can never deny the importance of copywriting, you will find these sections even more interesting, and helpful.

Here you will taste 31 formulas of copywriting, and these are pretty essential because Jim has already used these formulas to be one of the most effective copywriters and marketers. Besides, the formulas given in the book are easily relatable.

You will implement these formulas with your writing from day one.

Now. It’s time to have a close eye on goals that you will probably attain once you go through the formulas inside the book.

  • Increase the sales of your business.
  • Motivate people to buy willingly.
  • Target potential audience properly.
  • Increase the number of subscribers.
  •  Structured offers to ensure greater profit.

This is an overall view of the goals that you intend to achieve. However, if we go through the pages for finding the real learnings that you will get, you will be able to know the perspective of the book quite easily.

  • You will be able to master the skills of copywriting in order to grow your business.
  • On page 2, you will get to notice the importance of sales copywriting on a larger scale. Once you know the significance of copywriting, you will be able to write better sales copywriting.
  • There is a big difference between copywriting, and content writing. Copywriting is a piece of content that drives the visitors into buyers. On the other hand, a piece of content writing no longer focuses on attaining buyers directly. Therefore, this book will help you know some of the essential facts about copywriting.
  • You will be able to learn some of the most unique formals of getting more, and more sales. There is something called ‘Secret’ in this book that will help you ensure that you are getting quality leads.
  • It is always essential to perform market research properly. Once you know about your targeted market, you will then become able to target your audience and perform the marketing activities properly. This book will guide you so that you don’t need to invest a lot of your valuable time, and money while targeting the market for your business.
  • Headline for any sales copywriting is always key. But, if you are not very good at writing the best headline that catches the attention of your audience, this particular book will help you a lot in this case.
  • You will also get the motivation of stories from Jim’s life. Jim once left his job and used to face many troubles to come to this place. However, you will get to know the stories and will find many learning materials from those stories.
  • You can cover the top ten reasons why people buy anything from anyone. Therefore, you will be able to capture the psychology of your customers, and once you have known the mindset of your customers, you can perform best regarding copywriting.
  • Before making money through any particular products, and services, you have to ask yourself some of the most important questions. Once you have done answering those questions, it will provide you with a lot of benefits regarding copywriting for your customers.
  • You will be able to master the art of convincing people in the simplest of actions. However, you need to read this book to explore those.
  • You will find one of the most interesting formulas regarding copywriting, and that is the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ formula which will help you to write perfect copies that will provide you with the major benefits.
  • You will learn four techniques about how to sell content free of cost. You will get to know the strategies if you intend to write content on Facebook, Twitter, and stuff for acquiring better leads.
  • You will understand 3M’s of content to better notice the buying process of your potential customers
  •  It is not a good practice to outsource your sales copies. What you need to do is to write the sales copies on your own as you better understand your customers than anyone else.
  • You will undoubtedly hack the process of copywriting in two steps. This means you will be able to master the technique of copywriting within a short possible time.
  • Learn the behind the scene stories of proper copywriting. Besides, you will get to know why all the copywriting materials don’t fit with all products or services.
  • You will know how to define the proper niche that you should target for better implementing your marketing process. Jim Edwards has shown some of the most efficient practices regarding selecting the best niches for your business.

There are plenty of learnings that you are going to get once you have set up your mind to read the book. However, there are more surprises to come once you start reading the book.

Besides, if you compare the shipping charge with the values that you are going to get out of this book, you will be amazed to notice the number of values that you will get from the book.

Copywriting Secrets Pros and Cons

No matter what type of book you intend to choose for reading. You will notice some pros and cons. When we are discussing the Copywriting Secrets book, there is no exception at all.

So, first, we will cover the pros of the book, and then we will share with you the cons related to the book that we have been mentioning.


  • Easy to read, and straightforward tips for the readers so that they can easily interact.
  • The book is suitable for almost all classes of marketers around the world. So, if you are one of the newbies in this arena, you can also take away the learnings from the book.
  • The simplest but exceptional copywriting tips will help the marketing to attain a huge number of leads.
  • There are different success stories available in this book to feel motivated.
  • A perfect solution for all types of copywriting problems.


  • You will get limited support from the book.
  • Some of the optional upsell options can demotivate some people but not in all cases.
  • You may find some of the strategies, and techniques are so simple but this is not a major issue at all.

Copywriting Secrets Book Pricing

The most prominent thing about the pricing is that you don’t need to pay any money for the book. This means you will get the book absolutely free of cost. What you have to pay here is the delivery charge for the book.

If you want to ship inside the USA, you need to pay around $9.95. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to the international shipment, you have to pay $14.95.

Besides, there is also an opportunity for you to purchase the book for Kindle from Amazon. So, if you want to do so, you need to pay around $10.59.  There is an audiobook version as well and it will cost you $27.

Get a FREE copy of Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting Secrets FREE Book

Copywriting Secrets Free Book

Copywriting Secrets Upsells

Once you have done reading the book, it’s time for you to follow some more books or programs in form of an upsell. Well, these are not mandatory but, if you want to track your performance, and so, you may access a few of them.

Now. Let’s know some of the Copywriting Secrets Book funnel/Upsells below;

  • Copywriting Secret Book: This book is totally free; what you need to pay is the shipping charge to get the book.
  • Copywriting Secret Audiobook: The audiobook will charge you $27.
  • Sales Story Secret: You have to pay $97.
  • Funnel Scripts: It will cost $697.

Whatever it will be much better for you if we elaborate on the upsells down below.

1. Copywriting Secret Audiobook

Copywriting Secret Audiobook

If you badly like the audiobook more than the physical copy, then, you should go with the audiobook of the Copywriting Secrets book which will cost you only $27.

You are not only going to have the audio format of the book. Instead, you will also get some additional content which will make your lessons even more exciting.

Audiobooks are easy to consume. So, you can go with the audiobook if you feel comfortable.

2. Sales Story Secrets

Sales Story Secrets

You can access another valuable product with the book, and that is the sales story secret. Well, you have to pay an additional $97 for this.

2.1 – Sales Story Secrets Masterclass

What you will learn are;

  • Create an engaging story for sale copy.
  • Promote products or services fast.
  • Step-by-step training (Videos).

You will have complete learning about copywriting if you access the sales story secrets masterclass. The most significant thing here is that you are going to have a very quality training session that will provide you with practical ideas about copywriting.

2.1 – 7-Story Blueprint

7 Story Blueprint

What you will get from this are;

  • Sales message box.
  • Complete story transitions.
  • The best 31 story intros.
  • 7 blueprint secrets for targeting your audience properly.

2.3 – Million Dollar Story Example

Million Dollar Story Example

What you will get from this are;

  • Attain access to the true stories of million-dollar earnings.
  • Practically implementation of the learning from the story.
  • Utilize stories to make several types of sales copy online.

3. Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts

You will be able to make a bunch of custom sales copies with the help of the Funnel Scripts.

Besides, what you will get from this are;

  • Exceptional Expert Secrets scripts
  • One Funnel Away scripts
  • Ads scripts
  • Copy Secrets scripts
  • Email follow-up
  • And more…

If you want to purchase the Funnel Scripts, you have to pay $787. But you can save $100 if you buy it as an upsell with the Copywriting Secret book (Physical Copy).

Copywriting Secrets Customer Reviews

We are not alone in providing reviews about the book here. However, there are many marketers or entrepreneurs who are sharing their reviews online about the book. These reviews will help those people who intend to buy the book in the future.

Most of the reviews that we have noticed are positive along with some valuable information.

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Copywriting Secrets Review Summary: Is It Worth It?

We have come to the end part of this blog where we have tried to review the Copywriting Secret book. However, if you ask us for a recommendation, we will definitely want you to buy the book for proper learning.  As you are getting the book free of cost, it will be beneficial for you if you grab the book, and improve your copywriting skills.

We have seen some of the most engaging real-life examples from the books that are pretty much relatable. Besides, the book is written with simple words so that anyone can understand the concept of the book.

So, the book of Jim Edwards is really worth buying from our perception. You will get to know something that you hardly compare with the shipping charge that you tend to pay to buy the book. Once you have finished reading the book, you must compliment Jim Edwards for presenting the best book regarding copywriting.


1. Where can I purchase the Copywriting Secrets book?

The book can be purchased here (link)

2. Can I become an affiliate and promote Copywriting Secrets?

Yes, you can. You will probably have a 30-49$% commission if someone buys the book of your reference.

3. When will the Copywriting Secrets books ship?

It will take approximately 5-7 days locally and around 10-15 days internationally.

4. Can I get a refund for my shipping fee if I don’t like the book?

Yes. If you don’t like the book, even if it is shifted, you get a refund of the shipping fee. Besides, you don’t need to return the book.

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