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Russell Brunson Books

“Russell Brunson Books Help You Have a New Idea, Tactic, and Strategy to Earn Money Online”

We would like to discuss Russell Brunson Books collection today. He wrote several books so that everyone can easily learn funnel marketing. His books got very popularity. These can be called priceless assets for funnel marketing. He has opened some books for free. Especially his book name Dotcom Secrets has created a lot of responses.

You need to read these books to learn more about funnel marketing. There are many books that are written by Russell Brunson, and you must know about these.

We are going to discuss those books which you should read to learn funnel marketing from basic to advance level. He is teaching funnel marketing to everyone by writing books.

Similarly, by initiating the ClickFunnels affiliate system, he is making the opportunity for people to earn. His lenient mentality is really praiseworthy. Each of his books is about the power of knowledge.

So let us introduce you to some of the important books from the collection of Russell Brunson Books. The best 5 books by Russell Branson are discussed here.

About Russell Brunson

Many of you may know about Russell Brunson Especially those who are involved in funnel marketing known him very well. He is a famous funnel marketer. He is like a legendary in the funnel marketing world. He can earn millions of dollars from a live webinar funnel.

Actually, the identity of him still does not appear exactly right. The biggest acquaintance of him is that he is the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is quite a popular tool for funnel marketing. Russell Brunson always wants to share his experience with everyone. That is why he is taking several courses. Apart from this, he also comes to live and discusses a lot about this. His activities are just limited not only here. Then he started to write books. In the books, he describes the details of funnel marketing in very simple words.

If you want to improve in funnel marketing, then there is no way for you except by following all the techniques of Russell Branson. He not only gives suggestions. At the same time, he shares several secret formulas. As a result, he has now become the leader of the funnel marketing industry.

Hopefully, you all have come to know about Russell Branson’s identity.

Russell Brunson Books Release Timeline

We would like to discuss all the books one after another released by Russell Brunson so far. Take a look at what books he has written.

Now, you can see the timeline below.

Russell Brunson books timeline

Russell Brunson books timeline

And now, we go deep into each of the book.

1. 108 Proven Split Test Winners

Russell Brunson Books

This is Russell Brunson’s latest published book. In this book, he has mainly discussed multiple audiences. The audience is very much important in funnel marketing. If you do not make the targeting right here, then you will not be able to make any positive result even after spending thousands of dollars.

Multiple audiences can be set in the same funnel on the test purpose which is called a split test. If you set multiple audiences in the same funnel, then it can be assumed that anyone will perform right. You will be able to emphasize more on the audience that performs better. In this book, Russell Brunson has discussed such 108 proven split tests.

These are the split tests used by others. That is tested. Automatic results start to come from those that are tested. If you buy the book, you will easily get these proven formulas. Then applying these to your business, you will get success easily. Apart from these, you can set a split test by yourself after reading the book.

What Is Included in The Book?

There are a lot of things in this book to learn. So a list of what is there in the book, what you will be able to learn from the book is given.

  • Which one is effective from the ‘Buy Now’ versus ‘Free Trial’?
  • Some answers to a few questions through how much you know.
  • The discussion on why and which one you should give animated versus static headline.
  • Detailed instructions on where to set the order form.
  • The decision on whether to give a trial for 7 days or 30 days.
  • Discussion on whether to give an article or a video sales letter.
  • Realizing that the free trial is not always good.
  • Split Test Results of Russell Brunson and other renowned funnel marketers.
  • Determining the special strategy of landing pages for business growth.
  • Secret Script.
  • Toilet Letter.

How to Get the Book?

It is very easy to get this book. You just need to click on the link we provided. Then you will understand what and how to do the rest. So do not delay and download the book right now from here.


2. Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom secrets is one of the most discussed books by Russell Brunson. There were a lot of responses after the book was published. Seeing this book, the funeral marketers got a new way. Many have succeeded in real life by applying knowledge after getting it from the book. It is one of the best books written by Russell Brunson.

The book has a lot of detailed discussions about funnel marketing. He has presented everything in a very good way of how the beginners should start, how to evaluate the strategy, and so on. Those who have read the book know how valuable it is. It has been written in such a way that the book is equally effective for everyone from newbie to expert.

From this, the pro-level funnel marketers can get higher knowledge, as well as young people can get basic knowledge. Russell Brunson gave the book free for everyone. It would not be a good thing to miss out such an awesome book after getting it for free.

If you want to earn money after learning funnel marketing, then jump over the book named ‘Dotcom Secret’. It cannot be anticipated that when Russell Brunson is going to make it paid again.

What Is Included in The Book?

The book is mainly written on funnel marketing. Now see yourself what you can learn from it.

  • Section 1: Ladders and Funnels
  • Section 2: Your Communication Funnel
  • Section 3: “Funnelology”
  • Section 4: Funnels and Scripts
  • Section 5: ClickFunnels

How to Get the Book?

There are several versions of the book. If you want you can download the PDF book from our given link. So you should not delay anymore and keep the Dotcom Secret book in your collection.


3. Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Book

This is another book by Russell Brunson that has created a lot of responses. After the publication of the Dotcom Secret book, it also created a storm of discussion. This book is basically written on expert funnel marketer secret formula. Russell Brunson is an expert funnel marketer himself. He is well aware of the experts in this field.

By utilizing his fame, he has presented the secrets of funnel marketing in the light of experienced marketers in front of everyone through the book. Usually, no one wants to share the secret formula. But Russell Brunson did not think in that way about this.

This is because he wants everyone to learn funnel marketing and be self-reliant. Utilizing exactly the same secret formulas that were used by the experts, you can also get a lot of success in funnel marketing.

The book contains valuable things and real experiences of various experts. The various tips and suggestions given by them will be very helpful for you. Since they were successful in this sector, every order given by them is a verdict.

After reading this book by Russell Branson, you will get a lot of secret formulas for funnel marketing. Who can then stop you if you get the secret formula?

What Will You Get in The Book?

Russell Brunson has kept a lot of things in this book for your learning. The key parts of the book are highlighted at a glance.

  • Creating your Mass Movement
  • Creating a Belief
  • The Stack: Selling with Authenticity
  • Many hidden formulas from different experts

How to Get the Book?

You can get the book in many ways. But the easiest way is to collect through us. So, you should not delay anymore and keep the expert secrets book in your own collection.


4. Funnel Hackers Cookbook

funnel hackers cookbook

If someone can teach you funnel marketing with a lot of fun, then it is Russell Brunson. As he is a wise man, he loves to have fun in teaching as well. He has compared funnel marketing with cooking and then published the Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

Funnel marketing has been described in different forms of the recipe in the book. For example, for cooking rice, you have to follow a specific recipe and for cooking meat, you have to follow another recipe.

Likewise, template design, landing page design, funnel setup work are also like a recipe. He has described the method of making a complete sales funnel with different consistent recipes in the book. You can build strong funnel if you can learn the recipes properly. Finally, you will see that your funnel cooking has become quite delicious.

It is a great book to learn funnel marketing in simple words. From beginner to mid-level to expert funnel marketers, everyone has the chance to learn something new from the book.

So, if you keep the book in your collection, you will be benefitted quite a lot. It can be said that without this book, the education of the funnel marketer will be incomplete.

What Is Included in The Book?

We have already said that this book is the recipe for all the funnel marketing jobs. So now quickly take a look at what you can cook with these recipes.

  • Elements (or Ingredients)
  • Page Recipes
  • Page Recipes
  • Many Other Required Funnel Recipes

How to Get the Book?

You will not even have to think of getting the book. Just click on here to get the funnel hacker cookbook as yourself today. Otherwise, you may miss out the chance.


5. Marketing Secrets Blackbook

Marketing Secrets Blackbook

This is an ideal book for those who have already learned funnel marketing. Many of you have studied about funnel marketing all these days and now you see in reality that many of those techniques do not work properly nowadays. The reason is that everyone here is strategic. You just have learned the basics, not the strategy. In the case of marketing, you have to apply a lot of secret formulas.

But where will you get these secret formulas? There is nothing to worry about. Russell Brunson has a solution to everything for you. That is why he has written marketing secrets blackbook.

You will get the solutions of all the problems related to marketing in the book. In this book, you can learn how to succeed in different ways of marketing.

No matter what you do online, your business will not run properly without marketing. Not only the online business but also all types of business would be failures without marketing. To successfully do marketing, you definitely need this book.

The language of the book will say about the level or standard of the book. If you want to know many secret formulas about marketing then you can buy the book.

What Will You Get in The Book?

There are a lot of lessons for you in the book. Here is a list of them. Take a look at what is included in this extraordinary book.

  • First Chapter: Foundations
  • Second Chapter: Become an Expert
  • Third Chapter: Offers
  • Fourth Chapter: Funnels
  • Fifth Chapter: Sales
  • Sixth Chapter: Mindset
  • Written in light of real experience
  • Written in light of 20 years of experience
  • Write about 99 secret ideas
  • He has described only those secrets through which he became successful
  • Fluent writing, excellent word choice
  • Written by the famous Funnel Marketer Russell
  • The book is available for free
  • Published by ClickFunnels

How to Get the Book?

There is nothing to worry about how to get the book. You can collect the book through us. So grab the marketing secrets blackbook now.


Final Verdict

Others write books to earn but Russell Brunson writes books to teach funnel marketing to the people. Because of this, he has already written more than 5 books in funnel marketing.

All are pretty helpful books. Everyone can learn a lot of things from those books. The main feature in his book is that he always discusses the secret formulas regarding funnel marketing.

For that, many people see success no matter it is for a few days or more. So from the Russell Brunson Books collection, you should collect at least two books.

His books will work quite well when you will fall in trouble regarding funnel marketing. We wish all of you become successful in funnel marketing.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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