Free Russell Brunson Books: The Ultimate Review [2024]

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Russell Brunson Books

People are going crazy about Russell Brunson books. But why is that? Why has Russell Brunson got so much popularity for his books?

We will discuss everything today. We will also give a brief introduction to Russell Brunson books so that you know what you are going to get.

Before we head to our actual discussion, it will be good to inform you that Russell Brunson has written several books in the past few years.

Most of them became popular across the world. If you are a man of marketing, you might want to read his books as there is a lot to learn from his books.

We will go through the top 5 Russell Brunson books in this discussion. So, buckle up and get ready to be flooded with some of his knowledge and experience that will help you in funnel marketing.

Let’s get started.

About Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a quite familiar name in the field of marketing. He is one of the top marketers in the present world. He has taken funnel marketing to a whole new level.

Back in 2010, he used to sell products online. From those days, he is working on marketing and co-founded ClickFunnels in 2014. ClickFunnels is one of the best tools for building your funnel online and managing them easily.

ClickFunnels offers you a variety of earning method which includes their affiliate programs. You can also create funnels in this platform and turn your startup into a corporation.

Russell Brunson didn’t limit him only in marketing rather he is a good author too. He has written several books on funnel marketing which has become the best seller from time to time. Russell Brunson books are considered as the storehouse of knowledge about funnel marketing.

ClickFunnels is growing fast and currently the leading funnel builder tool. Russell Brunson himself is also a leading marketer nowadays and earns millions of dollars by selling his books, taking webinar sessions and so on.

We are going to give a short description of his books but before that let us take look on Russell Brunson books release timeline so that you know which one to read after which.

Russell Brunson Books Release Timeline

Our today’s discussion will be limited to these 5 books that Russell Brunson has written in the previous years. Here is the list.

Let’s dig into the books and find out what he has given that got so much popularity.

1. 108 Proven Split Test Winners

108 Proven Split Test WinnersRussell Brunson has published this book back in 2013. ClickFunnels was a growing company then but this book has drawn the spotlight on him where he discussed 108 proven split tests. What is a split test?

If you are new to funnel marketing, you can read more about how to create a funnel and what should be the target audience. This target audience plays the most vital role in funnel marketing.

As everything is designed based on the taste and choice of the target audience, you might fail if you don’t select the target audience correctly.

Sometimes it also happens that you select the target audience correctly but you fail because everyone in the target audience might not fit in your funnel. What to do then? The solution is to set multiple audiences when designing your funnel so that someone will always fit in your funnel.

Setting multiple audiences isn’t that easy. You need to have profound knowledge about funnel marketing and target audience. This book helps you to have knowledge of that.

Moreover, Russell Brunson has discussed 108 proven split tests that are already working in different funnels so you can also implement them in your funnels. Having something that is proven to work, you will always be on the greener side.

The specialty of Russell Brunson books is they don’t only give you guidelines but also share lots of secrets tips to work on.

We will now highlight the topics of this book so you can get a better idea in less time.

What Is Included in The Book?

  • Whether a free trial is always good or not.
  • The comparative discussion on animated versus static headlines.
  • Detailed instructions on where to set the order form.
  • The comparative discussion on article sales letter versus video sales letter.
  • 108 split test results of Russell Brunson and other top funnel marketers.
  • Special strategy of landing pages for growing your business entity fast.
  • Secret scripts
  • And many more

2. Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets Book

This is another great book from Russell Brunson. He has published this book back in April 2015. This has become the textbook of funnel marketing in the past few years.

After publishing 108 Proven Split Test Winners, Russell Brunson decided to write this book to give a more detailed idea about funnel marketing to people who want to succeed in their business.

This book covers a wide range of topics that helps you to acquire knowledge of different situations that you might face while you are practicing them on your own.

This book is written in such a language that everyone will understand the topics very easily. This book is equally good for beginners as well as experienced people who have been doing business in this industry for a long time.

If you want to grow your business online and want to learn marketing secrets from one of the top marketers in the world, you must go for this book. This will teach you some invaluable lessons that you will carry for the rest of your life.

This book has become so popular that you often get it as course material for many of ClickFunnels’ courses.

You can get this book for free so it will be wise to read the book as soon as possible. Not only if you have a business but also if you want to start one. Check it Out In-Depth Review: Dotcom Secrets Book

Let us take a look at what you are getting inside this book.

What Is Included in The Book?

This book is divided into five chapters and you get the following things in each of them.

  • Chapter 1: Ladders and Funnels
  • Chapter 2: Your Communication Funnel
  • Chapter 3: Funnelology
  • Chapter 4: Funnels and Scripts
  • Chapter 5: ClickFunnels

3. Expert Secrets Book

This book was published in June 2017. This is another bestseller from Russell Brunson, the CEO, and co-founder of ClickFunnels.

The reason for this book being so popular is you get to know a lot of secret tips and tricks from successful marketers around the world.

Russell Brunson is a marketing genius and working on funnel marketing for a long time. Along with his experience, he compiled more secret formulas from the top marketers who have become successful in their lives. This way, the book became a must read for anyone who is going to start their business.

Whenever you start something new, you must need to go through the trial and error process. It takes a lot of time to climb the peak of success as you don’t know the secrets of that way. Imagine someone is giving you the secret direction to reach somewhere. How easy will be that?

You are right. If you know the secrets of funnel marketing that has already been tried and tested in various successful operations, you have a correct guideline to follow. It will not only make your way easier but also saves you a lot of time.

It is so easy to understand by far. You can take the ideas from the book and implement them in your business easily so that you don’t lose the pace. And what this book contains?

What Will You Get in The Book?

We can sum up the contents of this book as below.

  • Creating your mass movement
  • Creating a belief
  • The Stack: Selling with authenticity
  • Lots of secret formulas for success from the top experts

4. Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

This is more of a recent book from Russell Brunson. This book has become so popular that it is also given to the people in different courses of ClickFunnels as course material. You will be mesmerized by the content of this book if you start to read.

But why the name cookbook? Is this a recipe book? No, it’s not a recipe book. But in some contexts, it can be called a recipe book. Why?

Russell Brunson has compared funnel marketing with making recipes. Now what you do when you make any recipe? At first, you know about the ingredients and their amounts for a distinct recipe. The same ingredients can make different recipes and their tastes also vary.

Making a funnel for your business is mostly similar to making recipes. You also have different ingredients here to make the best funnel. But if you don’t know the recipe, your funnel is not going to work.

That is why Russell Brunson has shared his secret recipes in this book so that everyone can learn the recipes and make a good funnel out of the ingredients. This book is a must read for the people who are especially beginners as they will get to know the basics of funnel marketing.

So, if you are willing to start a new business or disappointed with your current one, you can try reading this book to know the ultimate recipes for success.

This book is so unique that it can be the key to your success. What is inside the book? Let’s find out.

What Is Included in The Book?

  • Elements
  • Page recipes
  • Many other required funnel recipes

5. Marketing Secrets Blackbook

This is one of Russell Brunson’s latest books that has been published in July 2018. If you ask why this book is still popular after so many books from Russell Brunson?

The answer is this book has focused on the marketing secrets that many people don’t know. You might know a lot about funnel marketing but if you can’t implement proper marketing tricks, you are not going to succeed. Simple as that.

Now whether you are doing an online business or not, you are definitely going to need these secrets from this popular book. If you go through this book, you will learn so much that you couldn’t even find it after doing business for a long time.

Why marketing secrets are important? It doesn’t matter what business you are in; you will always need marketing to spread your business or generate more sales. So, it is necessary to have profound knowledge in marketing.

Not only the theoretical marketing knowledge from textbooks is enough but also you need practical experiences from the people who have gone through the same situations.

This book will help you find the best marketing ideas used by some of the top marketers around the world.

What Will You Get in The Book?

This book is divided into six chapters. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Chapter 1: Foundations
  • Chapter 2: Become an Expert
  • Chapter 3: Offers
  • Chapter 4: Funnels
  • Chapter 5: Sales
  • Chapter 6: Mindset

This book has some extra features that you might find useful.

  • It has been written in the light of 20 years of real experience.
  • You find about 99 secret ideas in this book.
  • Secrets in this book are already tried and tested so you can use them easily.
  • This book is written in more of an informal and fluent form so everyone will find it easy to read.


If you have heard about Russell Brunson books but didn’t read them yet, it is time to grab your copy and start reading. You will acquire excellent mastery of marketing especially funnel marketing if you read all these books.

Whether you are trying to succeed in business or already you are in the path of success, these Russell Brunson books will always be your guide no matter what you go through.

It is never let to learn something so give these books a try today and be the creator of success.

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