Supplement Sales Funnel Guide (2024) ᐈ Tips & Examples

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The sales funnel is fundamental, no matter what business you run online. You can drive your potential customers online to your website through a sales funnel. We see many companies online are using these supplement sales funnels to grow their businesses.

You may badly want your traffic to convert into your actual customers. Therefore, if you’re going to do so, you need to know how the sales funnel works. Most companies worldwide are gaining a lot of profits through the sales funnel.

Now, let’s have a deep look at the circumstances regarding the sales funnel.

What Is a Supplement Funnel?

Supplement Funnel

You break down your sales funnel activities into several parts to track your customers more. Specifically, it is called the supplement sales funnel. It is always an essential task to consider the approach of your potential customers. Therefore, the supplement sales funnel here plays a prominent role.

Basically, in a sales funnel process, potential customers follow different links to reach your actual products. There’s no shortcut, and you need to follow many steps regarding the supplement sales funnel. In each stage, you will explore some insights into your potential customers.

When a customer becomes a regular or long-time customer, you can offer your customer a supplement, and thus, you will be able to make the purchase happen.

Why Should We Use Sales Funnel for Health Supplements?

We have seen many health businesses or companies set up during the pandemic. Therefore, we can’t avoid health supplements when discussing the supplement sales funnel. As we mentioned earlier, a sales funnel process consists of many necessary steps.

Firstly, it starts with awareness. You won’t be able to create any sales if you avoid the first task of the sales funnel. No matter what types of health business you run, you badly need sales to funnel to grow your business. You will only make sales happen if you go through the sales funnel supplement.

You can’t make people convert to your actual and regular customers just to ask them to buy.  Therefore, you need to create as much value as possible and an excellent call to action. For example, you work with the Covid-19 patient in your hospital, and you want to promote your business online.

Now, you need a sales funnel to reach your target. Your potential customers will follow several steps before turning to your actual customers. They might first see your blog posts, then go through a newsletter, and may come to your hospital.

You can also consider the sales funnel as a customer buying process. But, it doesn’t mean that all the customers follow the same sales funnel, and it depends on their online behaviour, but the sales funnel’s goal may remain the same.

The sales funnel includes steps like awareness, interest, decision, and action included in the sales funnel.

The 3 Types of Supplement Funnels that You Should Use

As we mentioned earlier. Sales funnels are crucial to success for your business. As the activity is much more critical, you need to go with the best strategies. Creating a strong sales funnel is not easy and time-consuming as well.

You will be able to make more impacts on your supplement business with the help of a sales funnel.

1. The Content Funnel

Content Funnel

You need content to reach your potential customers. Therefore, you need to make the best content as the conversion medium, which is considered a king. So, no matter what business you run, you badly need content.

The content funnel is how you open up your door to create quality traffic to your website. As a result, if someone has better content for their users, they will be at the top. Sometimes, it needs to advertise the scope for getting valuable customers.

Content Funnel’s Mission

The main purpose of the content funnel is to create awareness among people. It will be wrong to get sales from the very first content, and however, the content funnel usually frames the task of selling. Once people know about your business, they are one step up from purchasing from your companies.

Use Advertising to Attract

This is not mandatory, but you may need to take the help from the advertisement to promote your content online. There are several forms of advertisement out there. The biggest benefit of the advertisement is, you can really track the behaviour of your potential customers.

Email newsletter is one of the most essential aspects of content advertisement. Once the people have enough awareness about your business, you are then able to send them several offers.

Stages and content building sales funnels for each one

  • Early Stage

The first thing that you need to do is to let your potential customers know about your business or services. In the early stage, the potential customers of your business may not be familiar with your business. Therefore, you need to create awareness among the people in this stage rather than force them to buy.

If you want your potential customers to buy from you from the early stage of the sales funnel, you will be at a loss. There are several things that you can do in this stage like; promote your business through blogspot, Facebook Ads or stuff like that.

  • Middle Stage

Once you are able to create interest among your potential customers about your supplementary business, you have done a lot. Now, it’s time to start showcasing the products you are dealing with. Let’s say a customer has responded to your newsletter, it’s time for you to take him a little closer to your business.

A video, a well-designed ebook, and some essential links will do the job for you. Besides, you have to have that patience because the middle stage of the sales funnel may need a long time to get things going.

  • Final Stage

You have a comparatively greater possibility that the potential customers may buy from you. Once the customers have enough attractions and interest towards your business, it’s your time to turn them into actual customers.

Here, you have to seriously present your supplementary products in front of those potential customers. The potential customers take their final decision in this particular stage.

2. Video Sales Letter or Sales Letter Funnel

Video Sales Letter

There are some differences between these two types of sales funnel  which you need to know. The most effective technique of a sales funnel is to make the combination of the content  and sales funnel into a single segment.

Video Sales Letter

You, as a marketer, may surely know the importance of videos in this competitive online world. Videos will attract people a lot to buy products from you. Therefore, there is a huge role of video sales in terms of the sales funnel. You can make promotional videos to let people know about your business.

Video sales letters can motivate your potential customers to get access to your business. So, if you are not dealing with the videos online, you should definitely do so. You will be able to increase the conversion rate of your business with the help of video sales letters.

Sales Letter Funnel

Sales Letter Funnel

You really can’t deny the importance of sales letters in this online world. Though, videos are one of the most effective ways to promote your business, you will be able to make actual customers with a sales letter funnel. Hence, it will be very very helpful for you if you choose both the video sales letter and sales letter funnel at a time.

The other benefit is that you will also be able to create your brand recognition with the help of a sales letter funnel. So why late?:

Tactic to sell more

You should learn the art of selling. If you don’t know all this stuff, you may not be able to make a strong sales funnel. That;s why it’s important for you to give enough emphasis to master the tactic of selling.

Upsell is something very important when we talk about the sales funnel. If you want to gain a lot of sales, then, you need to create the values for your potential customers. The contents are the key from which you can create the greater values.

There are three upsell strategies you should follow to drive more conversion using the video sales letter or sales letter funnel.

Upsell based on the value

This is something that can talk for a whole day. If you generate value to your potential customers, you will be able to drive more sales. But, the question is, how can you make the best values for your potential customers?

You have to present your products attractively so that the customers may feel the products to buy. Give offers so that you can improve the number of sales of your products. You can also provide bundle services or buy one get one free for gaining upsell. These are the techniques that you should often practice.

Upsell Based on Speed and Ease of Deployment

You should try to present the essential solutions as soon as possible to your potential customers. The increase of the upsell badly depends on how fast you present your products in front of your audience.

As you are dealing with the supplement based on health issues, you have to provide you with the other relative products so that your potential customers feel those products are helpful. Overall, you have to deliver your customers with the best and fast customer service.

Upsell based on the future

You have to solve the future problems of your potential customers with the present products. End of the day, if you are not able to do so, your competitor will beat you.

3. Follow Up Sales Funnel

Follow up funnel is one of the most important parts of a sales funnel process.

Basically, there are two types of follow up sales funnel out there. One for the actual buyers and other for the people who have interest but have no intention to buy. This is important as you are investing in the sales funnel.

For Buyers

Once you know who your potential buyers are, this task will provide you with enough ease. For buyers, you need to motivate them about the products so that they can regularly use the products. Consistency is very key here when you are dealing with supplement products.

You have to track your potential customers very carefully as they intend to become your potential customers. Besides, it’s important for you to keep them motivated for all the time with different stages of their behaviour.

For Potential Customers

The follow up sales funnel for the potential customers is different from the regular buyer. You have to have enough focus on your potential customers as the online world is very much competitive. It’s important to know the exact purpose of your potential customers.

You should provide as much relative information as you can. People like to know a lot of information when they intend to buy anything. Besides, make sure the information about your supplement products is very much authentic. We can’t deny this as we are talking about the supplement sales funnel.

Click funnels Supplement Funnel Example

We hope you have got enough ideas regarding the supplement sales funnel.

In this part of the blog, we will take you through the final section where you will get to see how you can make an effective sales funnel for supplement business.

1. Supplement Sales Page

Russell Brunson supplement funnel

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This is where your potential customers will come to buy your products. A supplement sales page by a website. This type of web page often contains more detailed and attractive information about your products. You can call it a landing page as well.

This is the location where your potential customers might take enough time to decide whether to buy or not. The supplement sales page must be so engaging so that people can’t lose their interests here anymore. Besides, it needs to have a simple call to action and an easy navigation process into it.

To make a perfect supplement sales page, you need to focus on quite a lot of things. First, the words that you are going to use on the supplement sales page have to be very friendly. Then comes the point of visual attractions but don’t make the page so random.

As you are dealing with the supplement products, you need to showcase all the characteristics of your products. In this way, your potential customers will feel a lot easier buying medicine or stuff like that from you. You should also include the pros and cons of that particular product.

2. Checkout Page

Checkout Page

Once your potential customers have come through the landing page, you have now focused on the checkout page. Do you know what the checkout page really is? The page where customers complete their payment procedure is considered as a checkout page.

Unfortunately, there are some customers around there who stop on the checkout page and finish their journey to buy any products. Most of the time, they do so because they don’t find the checkout page enough engaging to complete their payments.

You should create the checkout page in a way where your potential customers get motivated to finish the payment procedure. Besides, it will be a better move you provide with some essential information about your supplement products just below the checkout box.

Therefore, you can also put some similar products on the checkout page. There may be some possibilities where your potential customers may take further choice at the very last time. You can have a better idea if you follow the websites of the renowned e-commerce brands.

End of the day, you should make the checkout page so interactive. Thus, the checkout page is very important as far as the supplement sales funnel for your business is concerned.

3. Upsell Page (Or One Time Offer Page)

Upsell Page

This page is specially made for one-time sales. In this particular page, the potential customers may not spend a long time rather than take an immediate decision to purchase any products. You have to create additional attractions for your products in this section.

You may not look for the new customers here. Whereas, the people who have been following the sales funnel get the section as reward. According to many marketers the Upsell page is very important in the sales funnel process. Before that, you have to know what Upsell sales really means?

What is Upsell?

In the process of upselling, the customers generally take the buying decision not intentionally. This is because the customers don’t know anything about the offers.

With the help of upselling sales, you can make the most profits without finding new customers. You have to create values for your potential customers in this sense. Besides, you will be able to make them as lifetime customers of your business.

When you are dealing with supplement products business online, the main thing is that you have to make customers as lifetime customers as well. Besides, it will be possible to create new relationships with the new customers.

How to Build an Upsell Page?

It’s always important to make a perfect upsell page. End of the day, if you are not able to generate more sales with the Upsell page, you will be at loss. Timing and purchase threshold play a prominent role while building the perfect Upsell page for sales funnel. So, try to make sure of these things.

Supplement Funnel Thank You Page

Supplement Funnel Thank You Page

It’s always important to make the customers feel better when they come to the very next stage of buying things. Here, you have to present a beautiful “Thank You” page with a greeting. In this way, they will feel motivated to buy from you in the future.

Besides, it also boosts the confidence of your customers. They feel that the products will be really worth it having the best experiences. Try to use friendly and emotional lines while you make the page.

Supplement Sales Funnel Best Practice

We hope you have covered a lot regarding the supplement sales funnel here. Now, it’s time to have a closer look at the facts that you badly need to focus on while practising the sales funnel activity.

1. The first Upsell is critical (The Buying Frenzy)

It’s always very crucial to focus one the first time selling while performing Upselling. If your potential customers get enough satisfaction with the very first experience, it will be so amazing. So, take your time to make the Upsell strategies perfectly.

You can include different information while upselling. The information may include discounts, offers and so on which create attractions among the buyers.

2. Use a Pattern Interrupt Message

Pattern Interrupt Message

You can use a pattern interrupt message if you want to create an announcement for the buyers. Well, there are many ways that you can use too. But, using a pattern interrupt message is something that you should look for.

3. Make headlines stand out

Make headlines stand out

You should try to mitigate people with the headlines that you use. Customers nowadays are very much busy. That’s why the headlines have to play a decent part while preparing the sales funnel  for your business.

If you are capable of letting people know about your business with the simple headlines, it will be very great. Hence, use the simple words including proper call to action.

4. Layout


The headlines, images or the videos you intend to showcase must contain simple and effective layouts. We know many campaigns had to face the future just because of a lack of proper layout. You need to showcase your target carefully and simply with the help of proper layout. Then, if you need to highlight the emphasised keywords, do so.

5. Add more comments and reviews

Customers focus a lot on the reviews and positive comments related to your supplement products. Hence, you need to ensure that your products are having more comments and reviews. What you need to do here is, specially present the reviews and comments of your existing customers. In this way, new customers will feel free to buy from you. Just don’t avoid the bad reviews as you need them to showcase intentionally.

6. Offer the highest amount of the front-end offer

Offer the highest amount of the front-end offer

In this stage, you are giving your customers various buying options. You need to present different types of products having different price ranges. Thus, you will be able to create the variations which are really needed to drive more sales.

This is one of the most recommendable selling options. There are some differences though comparing the other sales techniques as well.


Supplement sales funnel is something hot in the town. Business people or markets all around the world are giving extra attention to this form of sales funnel. We hope you have learnt a lot of thighs from here. It doesn’t matter whether you will implement this knowledge of other businesses or yours, it will help you a lot.

You can now go forward with your health supplement business. There are many businesses like yours that are using these techniques to grow their businesses. So why not you?

If you have some further confusion and queries, then, just let us know the facts. Do share this piece of content to let people know about the amazing aspects.

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