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There are many types of businesses in the world. But all businesses have a common match. And that is the marketing. Without marketing, all businesses are obsolete. There are many ways to do marketing. But who does not want to choose the best of all? But where do you get the best marketing ideas?

Yes, you have a good question. Well, no one talks about the marketing secrets idea publicly. But there are some people who explain their experiences to beginners. One of them is the Founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. He has come up with a new system named Marketing in Your Car for online entrepreneurs.

This package is very useful. In the case of marketing business or product launching, this podcast idea is widely tested. Russell Brunson has worked for funnel marketing for 20 years. His experience has accumulated numerous achievements in possession. From there, he has organized the program with ideas.

It is basically the different methods of marketing. He made this program with an emphasis on making sales funnel, lead collection, product launching, sales and more.

Marketing in Your Car Podcast Overview

Product name: Marketing In Your Car Pre-load mp3 player podcasts
Created by: Russell Brunson
Sales page: Click here to visit the sales page
Time duration: 3-5 mins each podcast
Niche: Marketing and sales
Price: The FREE MP3 player with the first 257 episodes + Shipping cost less than $10

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What Is Marketing In Your Car?

Marketing In Your CarSeeing the title of the article, you might have thought that there would be a way of learning marketing sitting in the car. If you do not have any idea about it, it seems normal. In the beginning, we also felt like this. It is not a matter of that fact, but a special program on funnel marketing.

The inventor of this is the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. He has originally created this program for funnel marketers, digital entrepreneurs, etc.

The program will provide tips on how to increase web traffic, techniques for making sales funnel, all directions of lead collection and so on. You have to remember, Russell Brunson is a marketing guru. As a pro-level marketer, he has arranged the program in light of his own experience.

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Benefits of Marketing in Your Car

It is not possible to end up saying the necessity of this program for a marketer. From the beginning to the end, all the information about marketing is given in the program. We will now present how you can get benefit from the program at different points. Then everything will be clear in front of you.

  • Higher Conversion Rate: There are many who can bring good traffic but cannot convert it to a buyer. It is a thing that makes you really upset. This program will rescue you from this situation. Several ideas were given on how to convert the visitor into a buyer. By applying these, you will see your conversion rate has increased a lot.
  • Faster Movement Through The Sales Funnel: You can move quickly through the sales funnel. This will increase your sales, and you will get more lead collections. You get plenty of guidelines in the program about how to do this through a sales funnel. Your job is to learn those in the correct way and apply those accordingly.
  • A Stronger Sales Rate: The only purpose of marketing is to increase sales. At the end of the day, the main fact is how much sales you have. Without increasing sales, there is no point in bringing a lot of traffic. If you want to know how to make the sales rate strong then you can take part in this program. Hopefully, your valuable time will not go in vain.

Everything You Need to Know for Your Business to Survive

To survive in the business, there are lots of things to know and if we give you the list of that, then it will be a huge discussion. There is no longer a single business era. You will get a lot of competitors no matter what type of business you want to run.

You have competition with everyone to survive. That is why you have to provide good service, have the right marketing, create a quality product. There is more to do with these visible works.

Do you know what to do when you face an extremely bad situation in the business? If you do not know, this program can meet your needs. Russell Brunson has described several techniques in the podcast marketing formula for business survival.

If you apply those to your own business, you can become an established businessman before the bad times come.

  • How To Sell And Deliver Products OnlineRussell Brunson does not only think of the experts he also thinks for the beginners. Newbie also does not get dropped from his tutorials. He has made very wise discussions about how to start the online business, how to deliver product and so on. The chapter will be especially useful for those who are very new in the business and they will get a lot of benefits. Though you are very new in the online business, you will get enough guidelines to start a new business.

What Is Included in The Program?

We have so far told you the benefits of this program, now we will tell you about its components. Russell has included four topics in it. All of which are necessary for marketers. So now have a look at the components of the Marketing in Your Car program.

Funnel University Monthly

We have discussed Funnel University earlier. It is an online course of ClickFunnels. From there, some monthly magazines are published with some best ideas. This monthly magazine is included in this program.

Funnel University has a great number of meritorious marketers. In light of their experience, they invented new marketing ideas. From there, the best ideas get the place in the magazine.

If you read the funnel university monthly for a few months at a stretch, your views on marketing will change. There are so many beautiful discussions that you cannot but be impressed. You do not have to collect the magazine separately because it is included in the Marketing in Your Car program. You will get the program in it.


There is nothing new to say about the ClickFunnels. There is not a single person who does not know the name of ClickFunnels in the marketing sector.

This software is the second component of Marketing in Your Car. With this, you can create a complete sales funnel. Creating email, template design, landing pages, and many more can be done with ClickFunnels.

Remember, ClickFunnels is the mother company of organizations like Funnel University. It can be possible to make many kinds of funnels. You can say that ClickFunnels is a complete package for funnel marketing.

Perfect Webinar

The program includes webinar funnel also. There are several types of a webinar funnel. It includes the discussion on how to manage those, how to sell a high price ticket, how to give the entry restriction of the visitors without payment etc.

We hope that you will be able to learn new things about the webinar funnel. Because of the perfect webinar, the program has been completed.

  • Funnel Immersion: Through the funnel immersion program, you can start immersing yourself in funnel building and it will help you to make your marketing efforts successful and increase your products sale. This thing is really helpful for your business and finally, you will get the desired result that you are looking for a long time. So you can have a great smile on your face.

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As the reviewer, we always want to bring benefits for you. So today we have brought the full program for free to download.

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Final Thoughts

Actually, there is no end to learning about marketing. Every day, new ideas are to be found here every day. Every idea is not valid for a long time. This is because people are changing. With the changing pace of people, it is necessary to find out helpful marketing ideas that are suitable for the change. Russell Brunson’s marketing in Your Car program will help you to survive in unforeseen situations.

You will also find out lots of instructions for online marketing along with that. This program will make you expert marketers from the learning situation after providing you with the right lesson. Then you will be able to get all the creative ideas yourself and implement that on your own business.

The more you will understand human behavior, movement, and psychology, the better the ideas you will get. And the program is very helpful to learn these. Hopefully, through this program, you will be more efficient in funnel marketing.

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