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Funnel University

Funnel University is the sister concern of ClickFunnels, the founder of which is Russell Brunson. In this university, the training related to the funnel has been provided to online businessmen, marketers, etc.

Russell Brunson always wants to spread the funnel marketing ideas to everyone. In that continuation, he has written several books. He has created a lot of scripts. He is not satisfied with that. He always wants to teach people internet marketing in the right way.

So he established this university for live courses. Today we will review his remarkable contribution to the funnel university review. Our review will include the curriculum of the university, your benefits, the formulas for business growth, and many more.

If you take lessons from this university, then you will have the ultimate benefits. Russell Brunson is a reputable online marketer.

ClickFunnels is software made by him is quite popular funnel marketing software. It is not necessary to tell that your business will be much better under the guidance of Russell Brunson. And there is a chance to take part in Russell Brunson’s live class at Funnel University.

You may have no information about this university. We are going to provide the necessary information to you about it right away.

Funnel University Overview

Product name: Funnel University (or also called FunnelU)
Product Maker: Clickfunnels
Web Site:

Funnel University Review: Russell Brunson”S Sales Training

Funnel University Review

We will review this online university established by Russell Brunson. A review of anything means to show enough information about it. We will do that today. Much information about this varsity will be included here. For that, at least you can understand how much it is helpful for funeral marketing.

Hopefully, there will be a willingness for everyone to study here after reading our review. The biggest thing is that if you get admission to this Funnel University, you will get some courses totally for free which will cost you $15,000 if you buy separately.

However, if you pay a few monthly fees here, you will be able to get it all for free. If you do not want to miss such a chance then take the time to read the review attentively and then take the decision. So no more delay here and now we are going to start the review.

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What Is the Funnel University?

Many people understand that university means only huge buildings, academic activities, faculty, and doing classes under the supervision of teachers with physical attendance. The online university has changed the idea. Online classes can be taken through the online sitting home.

The Funnel University or simply FunnelU is a similar university. It is basically a varsity of online marketers, businessmen, IT entrepreneurs etc.

Here the secret formula about internet marketing is taught. Everything is taught in a practical way through the live video. The depth discussion is delivered on how to increase sales, determine marketing strategies, and many more.

It is very easy to become a skilled marketer by taking courses costing a little money from the university. And if you become skilled in funnel marketing then the client will run behind you. Funnel University is something like a blessing for digital marketers.

What Will You Get After Getting Admission to The University?

Here is the list of what things you will get from the very beginning from this university after getting admission.

  • Funnel University Newsletter (Individually, market worth of which is $9,997)
  • The New “Funnel Stacking” Book (Individually, market worth of which is $297)
  • 108 Split Test Winners Book (Individually, the market worth of which is $297)
  • Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts (Individually, market worth of which is $497)
  • The DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite (Individually, market worth of which is $997)
  • CF Pro Tools Software Suite (Individually, market worth of which is $1,997) Over 30+ Scripts to Make ClickFunnels EVEN COOLER!
  • Funnel-U Digital Access Pass (Individually, the market worth of which is $2,997)

You may find it very unfamiliar for you. So here is more detailed information about these.

Funnel University Newsletter (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $9,997)

Funnel University Newsletter

You will be given a printed newsletter of Funnel University in the beginning. Basically, it has been made by compiling all the magazines, newsletters together in 2016 and 2017.

In this, there are lots of lectures, tutorials, tips, videos, secrets formulas, and marketing strategies for funnel marketing. This newsletter of ClickFunnel’s price is $9997 separately.

However, if you do the course here you will get it totally for free. For those who are not able to buy this newsletter due to lack of money, there is a great opportunity to get newsletters for free by having funnel courses in the funnel university.

There is a long two-year discussion in it and it is not necessary to say how much help it will be. We will say that Funnel University has brought blessings to all.

The New “Funnel Stacking” Book (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $297)

Funnel Stacking

Then you will get the funnel stacking book for free. If you want to buy this book separately, you need to count $297. But when you will get admission to the university, you will get this book without spending any money.

In this book, Russell Brunson has discussed 3 core funnels. There is detailed information about what is the funnel core, how the funnel core is formed, why it works etc.

Those who want to learn about the funnel core should read this book. You can get a lot of knowledge about the core by reading this book. Note that the funnel core is quite important for marketing. With other university courses, you will get this for free and you will also get lots of tutorials as well.

108 Split Test Winners Book (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $297)

108 Split Test Winners Book

Split Test is an important part of funnel marketing. By this, it is possible to test the different interests of customers. It is possible to start a campaign by A / B segment selecting a dual interest. While everyone is limited to the 3/4 set split test, Russell Brunson has worked with 108 split tests there. In light of the long 20-years experience, he has tested the customer’s interest in various ways.

He wrote those in the book. If you start the course in the funnel university then you will get such a book totally for free. At least for this book, everyone should do the course once. Many do not be able to get success because they cannot select the audience perfectly.

If you can reach your product to the right people, sales will come surely. There are no advantages to spending thousands of dollars by marketing in the wrong places. So if you want to know who is the right audience, take a funnel course at Funnel University.

Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $497)

Funnel-U Black Card

This is a USB disk for Funnel University. But this is not a common disk; there is a valuable video tutorial on it. All video tutorials are about funnel marketing.

We know the easiest way to learn is by watching videos. And videos have been created by those people who have tremendous experience in funnel marketing. Their instruction is suitable for all levels of marketers.

You will get such a useful USB disk for free. When you will go to buy it separately, it will cost $497. Needless to say that the size of this is small so you can carry it in your pockets. If you are away somewhere, you can watch videos of this on your laptop. Though small in size, in terms of work, it is huge.

The Dotcom secrets Labs Software Suite (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $997)

DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite

ClickFunnels has several types of software. You will get all the software together for free. If you buy this software suite without the course, you will need $997. That is also more expensive than your university course.

So, we would like to recommend you, since you are getting this for free so you do not need to buy the suite separately and get admission in the course.

The list of software available in this software suite is given below in different points.

  1. Instant Survey Generator: With this software, you can generate instant surveys. You can survey all easily no matter it is the video, image, or content.
  2. Video Image Generator: When you will become a student of Funnel University, you will also get this tool. For example, you will get the Video Image Generator for free. You have the opportunity to turn every image into the play button directly and you can instantly upload those to Amazon. That is why you can use those in your emails, blog posts, and many more.
  3. Webinar Chat App: Through this tool, your webinar attendees can chat with you. You will be able to increase your engagement with this tool on every auto webinar with the webinar chat box script.
  4. Instant File Uploader: No matter it is PDF, audio, or video files this tool will help you to upload those files. You will be able to send these files to your customers or can add them to your member’s area.
  5. Image Headline Generator: It is possible to create amazing looking headlines with the image headline generator that will mainly increase your conversions.

 CF Pro Tools Software Suite ( Individually, Market Worth of Which Is $1,997)

The most interesting information is that you will get ClickFunnels pro tools for free. For this, you just only need to get admission to the university courses.

The price of the ClickFunnels pro tools software suite is $1,997. Can you imagine, you can get this premium item for free! Using these pro-level tools, you can easily create the sales funnel.

Here is a list of what tools are available in this suite package.

  1. CF Same Billing
  2. CF Order Summary
  3.  CF FB Total Track
  4. CF Toggle On Product
  5. Magic Member Nav
  6. How To Change Page-Type
  7. CF Check Button
  8. CF Promo Code
  9. Edit CF Page Bookmarklet
  10. CF USA Only Shipping Hidden
  11. CF USA Only Shipping Disabled
  12. CF UTM Term Replacer
  13.  CF Member Nav
  14. CF URL Email Replacer
  15. CF Customer Info Replacer
  16. CF Cookie Timed Button
  17. CF 2 Step Track Lead
  18. CF Member Scroll To Content
  19. Funnel U Funnel Hacked
  20. CF Cart Mode
  21. CF Multiple OTOs
  22. CF Lesson Links
  23. CF State Selector
  24. CF Multiple Product Script
  25. CF Unslider Script
  26. CF Top Of Hour
  27. CF Every Fifteen Minutes Webinar
  28. CF Cookie Timed Button
  29. CF Best Seller Highlight
  30. CF Rearrange Products
  31. CF Add To Calendar
  32. CF Remove Expiry Years
  33.  CF URL Keyword Replace
  34.  CF Pass Product
  35. CF Select Default
  36. CF Bump Image
  37.  CF Split Full Name
  38. CF 2 Step Track Lead

Funnel-U Digital Access Pass (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $2,997)

You will be given digital access to Funnel University for free. With this access pass, you will be able to access all their content, videos, audio, books, etc.

It is just like the opportunity to enter into a large library for free of cost. Those who do not do the courses here need to count $2,997 to get access. Why will you miss such a huge opportunity? So try to get admission today in the course.

Funnel University Pricing

You are a little bit afraid of thinking about the fact that the course fee may be a lot more. But in reality, the fees are less. You can take the membership in Funnel University in two ways.

  • Getting subscription costing $67 per month
  • Getting subscription costing $597 annually

Do you want to test those whether it can work or not before you take the course? We are also making that arrangement for you. So now subscribe to this for 14 Days for Free. You have the opportunity to test everything for 14 days.

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Membership Site Overview

When you sign in to your Funnel University‘s account you’ll realize all the previous and up to date monthly coaching. That’s, however, the dashboard appearance like:

funnelu dashboard

What we think is pretty awesome is that you do not only get access to the training videos but you can also download the videos.

funnelu training

With the shared feature of ClickFunnels, you’ll also download each discussed funnel in your account.

Lastly, you’ll get additional access to more coaching and materials like the DotCom Secrets Labs Funnel Repost and DotCom Secrets Labs Split test Reports.


Our Funnel University Review is going to end here. We hope that we have been able to give you a clear-cut idea about this. At the same time, we have shown you how to get $20,000 worth of course in exchange for a small amount of money.

If you can utilize the resources they provide for funnel marketing, you will be the ultimate gainer. Then your online business will develop very fast. The competitors will not be able to take you back.

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