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You have come here to find out the best Funnelytics review on the internet, right? We will not disappoint you as this is going to be an all out Funnelytics review which will take you through the ups and downs of this fine tool for digital marketing.

Let us make you clear of some things. It is not the typical funnel building tools you get in the market. With this effective tool, you can hack successful funnels and use them in your favor. Imagine you are peeking into someone’s funnel that is highly effective and successful in engaging people and converting them from target audience to customers.

If you also want to design a funnel that will work like this, you have to gather knowledge from these successful funnels and that is not an easy job. Why will someone let you into their funnels? And once you know about those funnels, how will you implement the ideas in your funnel or your client’s funnel?

This is the core idea of Funnelytics review to make you aware of these things so that you can grab the rope and climb higher. Without further due, let’s get started.

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What is Funnelytics?

If you are familiar with digital marketing, you might have already heard about sales funnels. This is a great idea to showcase your products in front of your potential customers and lure them into your designed path so they make a decision of buying products from you.

You will find a lot of funnel building tools out there but nothing is as effective and useful as Funnelytics. Why is it so? It is because Funnelytics offers you a canvas for designing the sales funnels with every possible creativity.

Unlike other funnel building tools, possibilities are endless here and you can go to any extent. To help you in designing the best sales funnel, there are a lot of things included in Funnelytics that will be described briefly in this Funnelytics review.

Funnelytics does some other amazing things like tracking and analyzing your sales funnel. It can be used to make distinctive reports about different aspects of your funnels and can be presented to any of your clients looking for the growth of their business. All of this is included in this amazing tool so that you can easily track and manage all of your sales funnels at ease.

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Who Is Funnelytics For?

This question is here so that you get to know who is eligible for this software to use. But the question should be who isn’t Funnelytics for. Because of the diversified characteristics and features, Funnelytics can be used by different professionals.

From the small business owners to marketing giant, from start-up to corporation, everyone can use Funnelytics in their favor. But you need to make sure that you know every detail of this tool. Unless you are moving around comfortably within this software, you will not get the most out of it.

We will recommend Funnelytics for you especially if you are into designing funnels that will make a difference to your target audience. With the independent canvas, you can portrait the design of your imagination. With other added features, you can decorate the funnels of your dream that will be attractive and catchy and will make a lot for you.

Making funnels is not the end of this journey. You will need this software a lot to judge the performance of your funnels by checking reports regularly. With Funnelytics, you can easily analyze every aspect of your funnels and get the reports in a detailed manner by which you can get a clear picture of your business.

It is often necessary to track the outcome of your funnels so that you get to know what they are lacking. From this feature, you will be benefited much as you can adjust the parameters of success as required. If something is not going right, you will know it instantly with this software and can manage the issues with your funnels.

There are so many reasons to use Funnelytics but there are a few to not. If you can use this software wisely, you can pull out huge possibilities from this. Meanwhile, we will be showing you how to get started with this software and how to use it. Make sure you follow along.

Getting Started

Once you are getting started with the software, you need to pay attention to some points that will make your funnel design easy and simple. Click on the create funnel option and you will be presented with five tabs that need to be managed as per your choice and requirements. What are those tabs and what they stand for? Take a look here.

The first thing that you will encounter here is the page element. You need to choose from a variety of page elements that will go directly into your funnel. To be specific, there will be fifteen page elements and they will contain a short description to help you in choosing.

After you have taken care of the page element, another element called web traffic will come into play. There will be various choices here too to help you in selecting the type of traffic visiting your funnels or websites.

Actions is one of the most important elements that will define what your potential customers need to do. With this element, you can mostly control the mind of your target audience. You need to be careful while setting up this element depending on the type of your product or service.

One more important element in your funnel design is the offline element. It is important for the characteristics of your funnels while you are offline. You have to choose from different options here too.

Templates is the element that will mostly control the reach and effectiveness of your funnels. It is the place where you will imitate the secret tips and tricks from the successful funnels. Let the creative design and effective techniques of those funnels work for you with this template element.

The Three Main Steps

To be familiar with Funnelytics, you have to know well about three main steps of using this tool. Whether you are organizing and tracking your funnels or your clients’, everything is equally easy with this amazing tool.

But how do you know what to do and where to do? This section is for you if you want to know the key to success with this software. Check this out for a better future.

Mapping Your Funnel Strategy

This might be one of the most important things when you are planning to create your first funnel or whatever. As you want to be successful, your funnel should be designed to work. But doing this needs a bit of homework and you have to plan a strategy before you jump in.

Funnel mapping is very crucial to make sure that your funnel will work in real life. If you are not researching your funnel and how to make them better, you might end up with making crap that will only cause you loss.

To prevent this, you can take the help of the funnel mapping tool of Funnelytics. This tool is great for designing ultimate funnels that will pay off. Funnelytics will help you to do so with its easy interface that is very user-friendly. Whether you are a beginner or experienced professional, it will take a little bit to be familiar with.

Once you completely know this tool, you can use it to manipulate success funnels for your business or for someone else. Another good thing about Funnelytics is you will be presented with a lot of templates that are ready to use. These templates are built in such a way that you can fit them in different funnels.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, Funnelytics will always enhance the possibility of success for you provided that you are using this software correctly. Not only you get pre-built templates here but also can optimize them for success.

You might want to take the cream of other successful funnels. This is simplified with this tool and you can easily extract the nectar others’ hard work. The difference with this software is everything is ethical here.

Set Targets And Strategize Your Margin

Everything here can be predefined as you will get a lot of options to set your targets. Why is setting targets so important in funnel marketing? It is because you have to use a lot of resources here and they should be put in the right place so that nothing is spoiled.

To make sure that your resources are going in the right way, you need to set your targets and plan how to use resources on every aspect of your business. Unless you are doing this prior to creating funnels, you will be prone to lose. Who wants that?

But there is nothing to worry about the hectic calculations and planning as everything can be done with a few clicks in this software. You just need to figure out how you want to grow and what are your strengths.

Once you input all the resources and figure the outcome, this software will present you with a detailed report about your planning. Even when you are running your funnels live, Funnelytics will continue to give you detailed reports about different parameters of your business.

This report is so useful that you can decide where to emphasize to catch the speed of the rest. This is to make you aware of what is going inside your funnels and how you can manipulate them. You have to keep in mind that it is not just software.

It will work like an investigator which will scrutinize the happenings inside your funnels and will give you the reports of success and failure which we will be discussing next.

Results Are Delivered

In Funnelytics, whatever data you put in, it will calculate some results. It will not only calculate the results but also present you in a way that is easily understandable, decisive, and customizable. Results are not only data here rather they stand for a clear picture so that you can get the point of what is going on.

Once you understand the result of the investigation of your funnels, you will instantly be able to judge whether you need to modify them or not. Results are shown in a way that you will not confuse one parameter with another. It doesn’t require a Ph.D. degree to capture the results in your mind.

Just a little roam around the software and you will be able to decode the inner meaning of the results shown in this section.

To get the perfect result, you have to be as precise as you can. If you are not providing the software with accurate information, it will not be able to give you the ultimate result and the motive of using this software will be null and void.

Though Funnelytics will not be this simple as stated here, you have nothing to worry about. It is not that much difficult either. What you have to do is just be familiar with the software and have some basic know-how of this software.

It is suggested that you use this software to set your targets and customize your margins before you start creating your funnels. If you know the parameters and their limits well, it will be much easier for you to manipulate people with your funnels as well as managing the funnels with this software.

Major Features of Funnelytics

Funnelytics is way better than other funnel marketing software for some reason. If you don’t know about them, it will be harder for you to decide. This is why we have decided to present you with the most useful features of Funnelytics. Here you go.

Funnelytics Vault

Though it is named vault, it is not a place to save your valuable assets. Rather this is a place where you will find a lot of pre-built templates to work with. Keep one thing in mind, these templates are not just ordinary templates.

You will get a collection of designs that have been used in the top funnels worldwide. Having these templates in your collection is a great support to be successful in the long run as these funnels are proven to be successful.

Drag And Drop Interface

Another great feature of Funnelytics is the drag and drop interface which makes it very user friendly. With the drag and drop feature, anyone can import the important elements onto the canvas and design the funnels of their dream.

When you enter the canvas mode, you will get different options to work with. These options are marked with their names and details so that anyone from beginner to professional can manage them. This makes the software very useful and easy.

With this interface, you can anytime drag required elements on your canvas and place them in the position they need to be. Nothing is as easy as designing the canvas in this software.

Analyzing User Activity

Whenever you are working with a funnel, you might want to know how your target audience is moving around and what they are doing. It is necessary to know what they like and what not because you have to plan accordingly.

With Funnelytics, it is so easy to analyze the behavior of the audience which you can see real time on your dashboard. Once you set up everything for your funnels, you can go to the analyze option and check the parameters for further details.

It will show you the most detailed report of the user activity so that you can decide where to polish the plan. If everything is okay, you are ready to go. This analysis report helps you to master the parameters in case if you are working for your client.

Track External Traffic Sources

Not every software on the market allows you to do this. With Funnelytics, you can track the traffic flow from external sources. This will help you to figure out the sources and their effects on your funnels and websites.

Who doesn’t want to handle traffic smartly? If you are using Funnelytics, you will be far ahead of your rivals who aren’t using this software. Tracking and managing external traffic is no longer a big deal.

Engagement Tracking

Whatever you put on your funnels, you need to know how engaging they are in order to present them in a more appealing way. To know the engagement of the users on your content and track their behavior, you have to use Google Tag Manager to get a detailed analysis.

But the catch is you have to integrate this tool with Funnelytics to get the best out of it. Unless everything is synced properly, you will not get the ultimate result.

Tracking Revenue

One of the great features of Funnelytics is this revenue tracking feature that is only available in the pro version of Funnelytics. Though you don’t get this feature in the free version of Funnelytics, it is highly effective for tracking every active transaction in your funnels.

This way, you can track all of your revenue in a few clicks. And there will be less chance to make any faulty report regarding your revenue.

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The Benefits Of Funnelytics

Why has Funnelytics become so popular? Definitely for some reason. What are those reasons that make Funnelytics the best in its kind? We will check the facts and tell you how it benefits your business and enables you to serve your clients better.

This is going to be a long section so fasten your belt and sit tight. Let’s get going.


From the name Funnelytics, it is clear that you can analyze your funnels with this. Not only analysis, but you can also create some of the best funnels for the world market as you get everything ready for the business.

Coming to the first point, you will get six different types of templates for funnels that you can imitate for your funnels. You can also use this tool to customize funnels for your clients. Creating successful funnels is not an easy job with thousands of competitors on the market.

You have to create something unique that your audience can relate to their lives. Only then a funnel will be successful. But if you are just starting, how will you know the secret tips for a successful funnel? You don’t need to worry as Funnelytics is here to give you the demo of successful funnels.

After researching these funnels, you will be quite aware of the things that are crucial in funnel marketing. Once you master these things, your funnels will start to grow faster. With the Funnelytics vault feature, you will get a collection of templates that are taken from top funnels to help you become successful. If you analyze the templates, you will find the perfect recipe for cooking a tasty funnel that will attract the audience more than ever.

But what if you want to customize the elements of the page on Funnelytics but you don’t know much about the software? It is very easy to customize any page element on the canvas with the built in drag and drop option in Funnelytics.

Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to move the elements in the right place with clear indications on them. It will help you to design an eye catching funnel that is supposed to attract more visitors.

If this drag and drop feature doesn’t look enough, you have one more thing to look at. Funnelytics is one of the finest software to analyze the funnel data in seconds. You just need to input the value of the parameters and everything will be presented in front of you in a matter of seconds.

With this feature, it will be easier for you to decide where to emphasize. Another great thing about this feature is its live action. You can see everything in real time and how they react with the input. This is an opportunity to manage the mistakes when they are happening.

Once your funnels go live and you start making money, you need software to track all of your income. But with Funnelytics, you don’t need any third party software to manage your revenue as it is possible here.

With a revenue tracking tool, you can track all your transactions through this software and there will be zero possibility to lose your hard earned money. As everything is transparent here, you can also be benefited to share the revenue with your partners if you have any.

There are also some pros that should be felt more than being told. Because they have a great effect on your funnel marketing journey with their low and slow existence. But if you can recognize the full potential of those features, they will be your key to success.


Well, anything in this world can never be only good. There is a bad side of anything that you have to suffer. But you have to calculate how much you have to suffer and how tolerable they are. If you can cope with the cons, this software might be a good companion for your business.

We will present some of the difficulties you will face with Funnelytics so that you can be aware of what is waiting ahead. If you can manage them, you are going to get an amazing tool for your work. Let’s see.

Need To Add Traffic Sources Manually

One of the most popular complaints, yes, popular in this sense people are discussing this problem so much, that is you have to add traffic sources manually. Not only the traffic sources, this software is incapable of integrating other software with it. We will get to that shortly.

If you see in other funnel analytic software, they are capable of integrating various third party software to get your work done. One of the main reasons behind this is the age of the software. As those companies are working for a long time and have established themselves in the market with a good business value, it is easy for them to integrate with third parties.

But as Funnelytics is a brand new software that is helping in your job, will need some time to integrate with necessary add ons. You can see it as a bad side if you want but possibilities are they will be compatible with most other tools within a very short time.

Till then, you have to add your traffic sources manually in this software to track them. If you are not entering the proper traffic sources, this software will not give you the perfect result.

Inability to Indicate Email Data

Whenever we talk about funnel marketing, it mostly needs one thing and that is email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get closer to your target audience and flood them with your offers, in a good manner obviously.

But if you don’t get the response report of your sent emails with the software you are using, it might be quite depressing. As response reports help you to know which emails are working and which not. If you know it, it will be easier for you to spread your products.

But if you don’t get the email report, this will be tougher. With Funnelytics, the email marketing system is not that up to date to give every data you need. This is a great loss especially when you need it the most.

Difficulty in Tracking Particular Events

Well, another bad thing about this software is the difficulty you face while tracking particular events. This happens a lot of times so you can get distracted with the information you are getting with this software.

As this software is new yet, it will be difficult to track funnels with multiple pages and you might need to integrate other tools that is not possible here. If you are really up to this software, you have to manage things a little bit.

This software can be the perfect fit for small businesses and start ups as they don’t require a lot of resources. But with a fast growing business, you can face problems with tracking different events at the same time.

Unable To Integrate With Payment Processors

Once you start making money with this tool, you need to turn them into cash or transfer them from here to places for your convenience. But with Funnelytics, it is difficult for you to integrate other payment gateways to take payment from your customers or to access your earned money.

Though this problem isn’t anything permanent and as soon as the newer versions come, these issues will be settled down. Unless you are in a hurry to transfer all your investments or profits, you will not face that many problems with this tool. But let us not give you false hopes as it can be fatal for your business.

Funnelytics Alternatives

Funnelytics has been created to simplify a lot of tasks regarding funnel marketing. But it might lack some useful features that expert marketers need. To match those needs, There are a bunch of software similar to this.

We will introduce you to some of that software so that you can find them when you need them. Let’s see.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be one of the best alternatives to Funnelytics as it will provide you with a lot of features that you can do with Funnelytics. Once you set up Google Analytics to assess your funnels, you are already one step ahead of other users.

But Google Analytics lacks some features like funnel mapping and other advanced facilities that Funnelytics gives you. So, if you are trying to grow faster, you might take a look at this. Otherwise, you will fall behind because of the lack.


Kissmetrics is another software to analyze and track different parameters of your funnels. You can track different events and actions with Kissmetrics and it will show you the results in a similar way as Funnelytics.

This software is also good in revenue tracking as you can track and analyze everything inside your funnels. But if you want funnel mapping facilities like Funnelytics here, you might get disappointed. This software is also not so good at tracking emails and giving you detailed reports.

Wicked Reports

Another great software to track and analyze your funnels is Wicked Reports which can give you detailed reports about your ups and downs. But it might not be as good as Funnelytics in terms of clear indication of different metrics.

But it can be good in several departments that might serve your purposes well and you might be at a good speed if you are using Wicked Reports as your tracking partner.


It is also a good software to track and analyze your funnels as it can give you all detailed information. But unlike Funnelytics, it is not good in funnel mapping and tracking events and others. Though this is not fully compatible with third party add ons, this can be your companion if you are just starting out.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

If you are new to this sector of funnel marketing, it might be a new word for you. So, we have decided to put light on the term sales funnel so that you know everything before you proceed. Sales funnel is an approach where you guide your target audience to go through your designed path to reach a decision.

This decision is mostly about buying your product or services. If you want to be successful in your business, you can’t ignore the importance of a well built sales funnel as it takes people through the four crucial steps of funnel marketing and helps them to come to a conclusive decision.

This decision is known as action. Before the action, they need to be familiarized with your products or services and offers. Once they can relate themselves to your story, it will be very beneficial for you to run those sales funnels as your visitors will end up being paid customers.

If you look at funnels in real life, it is a simple tool consisting of a wider part at the top portion and a narrow tube at the lower portion. This is because they have to guide the substance you are pouring through the narrow tunnel into a definite direction.

Sales funnels also work similarly but the substance here is your visitors. People who are visiting your funnels or websites are not the people buying your products necessarily. If you want to bridge this gap between visitors and customers, you must need sales funnels.

Best Sales Funnel Builder Software

Why Do You Need A Funnel?

If you want to know why do you need a funnel, then the answer isn’t that simple. You have to take several things into consideration to justify the need of a sales funnel. We are here to break down everything in the smallest so that you understand everything.

Let us take a look at the reasons for which sales funnel is a must for your business, whether it is a startup or a corporation.

Building Familiarity With Potential Customers

Websites were vastly used for marketing before the sales funnel term has come. But with the sales funnel idea, everything has changed for a long while. It is now quite impossible to turn people towards your offers without a well built sales funnel.

With properly designed sales funnels, you can build a brand image in the mind of your potential customers which is known as an introduction. If you have products that match the needs of your audience and you come up with a compelling story, they will turn heads and discuss you and your products or services.

This will build your identity in the market and your prospective customers will start to look for you. This is the time when you begin to grow. Watch out carefully and make the best decision possible.


You should use your sales funnels for some definite purposes. Websites are vastly used and they contain a lot of information. But you don’t need that much information to draw the attention of your audience. Rather, such information will divert them from the topic.

So, you have to be precise about what you are using and how it is worthy of your funnels. Only then you will be able to reap the fruits.

You Are Providing Solutions

Sales funnels are there to provide people the best and the easiest solution they need. If it is not easily accessible and doesn’t provide the necessary solution to your audience, they will turn around from your products or services and your sales funnels will go in vain.

So, make sure you are providing something that people actually need and they can go to some extent to get that from you. This is the key to success.


Websites are poor at retaining customers over and over again. On the other hand, sales funnels are very useful to keep people loyal to you. Once they have got a good product or service from your sales funnels, they will keep coming to you, no matter how difficult it would be.

Allows You To Scale

Once you start to grow with sales funnels, you will make it much bigger if you are consistent and trustworthy. With the change of time, you will need different funnels and setups to match your requirements.

The bigger customer base will require greater care and your products should be up to the mark all the time. Your revenue will also grow bigger so you will need tools that can manage everything even when you are not around. To run things smoothly, you must go for a good sales funnel that works.


We are at the end of Funnelytics review which is apparently a guide to your journey through Funnelytics and funnel marketing in a greater sense. If you get things right into your mind, we hope that you will be successful, sooner or later.

You can never expect everything will go smoothly without knowing it properly. It is now time for you to learn things from scratch and use them properly.

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