Knowledge Business Blueprint Review 2024 & BONUS Offer

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Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

Our today’s Knowledge Business Blueprint Review is going to be a complete guide on what is Knowledge Business Blueprint and how you can use it in your favor. Before going to the Knowledge Business Blueprint review, you need to know a bunch of things.

You might agree that this is the era of online learning. With the spread of the internet to the remotest place, it is now possible to teach and learn regardless of where you are. It has become a lot easier for people to spread and acquire knowledge.

You will find a lot of online platforms that give you the opportunity to take lessons at a convenient time.

But still, there is a shortage in some fields especially if you want proper business knowledge from the point of view of experts.

You might also want to share your knowledge and earn through seminars, webinars and in a lot of ways like the renowned professionals. But if you don’t have the proper knowledge of combining that knowledge with your business, you are going to fail.

So, how do you do that? We will find that out in Knowledge Business Blueprint Review. Let’s get started.

Review Summary

Product Name: Knowledge Business Blueprint
Product Creator: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson
Product Type: How to Make money from Coaching or Virtual/ In-Person Masterminds.
Price: $1997
Visit Official Website:
Upsell/ OTOs: There are no upsells.

What Is Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Knowledge Business Blueprint is simply a training program that teaches you to commercialize the latent skills in you. But there is more than you can assume.

It is basically a self-learning method where you get a set of courses and special software called MindMint. What do you do with that?

You can get lessons in this program on pulling out your expertise on something and then you can sell that expertise to someone else or to a group of people eager to use that expertise in their fields. But what makes it so special?

Knowing the possibilities of yourself properly is often the toughest thing you might face. Once you get familiar with the real you, you might want to share the light with the ones who don’t have.

It is obviously a good way to serve mankind. Moreover, it can give you earning for the rest of your life.

If you are already thinking about the mastermind of this program, we will get to that next. Please keep reading.

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Who Is Behind the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Well, if you are thinking that it is planned by someone, you are not totally right. Rather it is the brainchild of three geniuses who are already at the top of their success. Do you want to know who they are?

  • Tony Robbins
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Russell Brunson

Let’s know some more about them.

Tony Robbins

Tony RobbinsHe is a great author and motivational speaker at the same time. He has an amazing capability of making people listen to him whether it is through his seminars, webinars or books.

You will find him in various international seminars speaking about self-development and motivating people.

He is a great person to meet and to learn from. He is also one of the highest-paid speakers right now. He offers a variety of lessons and you get to learn from this top genius about how to develop your latent skills and how to earn using them.

Dean Graziosi

Dean GraziosiNext in the list is another famous author and entrepreneur, Dean Graziosi, who specializes in teaching people. He has written several books which have been very popular and he also hosted television shows.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always get to learn something new from him.

He also runs Underground Millionaire Mastermind, one of his brands that are already generating billion-dollar revenue.

So, it will be fun to learn from him the top secrets of being successful and sharing will be worth it.

Russell Brunson

Russell BrunsonHere comes another celebrity marketer who has already won the heart of millions by guiding them to the path of success.

His most prominent identity will be as the CEO and co-founder of a company called ClickFunnels which helps people to market their products online using a simple yet powerful funnel builder tool.

And this is not all. Russell Brunson is also a great author and has some best-selling books in his bag. He has written several books on marketing especially on funnel marketing and the books have got much popularity.

He also uses to teach people through seminars, webinars, and different training programs. He is also a highly paid speaker currently and it will be amazing for you to learn the secrets of marketing from one of the top marketers in the world.

What You Get Under the Training?

Let us keep things simple. We will now look at the things that you are going to get once you join the Knowledge Business Blueprint program.

As you already know, it consists of the course and software. You also get some extras. Please take a look.

  • Knowledge Business Blueprint Course
  • 6-Months Access to MindMint Software Membership
  • The Private KBB Facebook Group
  • The In-depth KBB Workbook

This is not all. After completing the course, you will get bonus training and that is for free. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s see what are you getting as bonuses. Here you go.

  • The Best of Platinum – Get access to closed-door training that costs around $85,000.
  • Live Monthly Training with Dean – You will get access to Dean Graziosi’s exclusive live session every month.
  • Funnels to Fill – You will get to learn from Russell Brunson about exclusive marketing strategies and how to use them to fill your events.
  • Traffic Bundle – You will also get access to exclusive traffic secrets training from Dean Graziosi’s personal marketing team.
  • Jenna Kutcher Training Bonus – You will get an exclusive two-hour training by Jenna Kutcher who will show you the ways of setting up your event with confidence.

And after all these bonuses, you still have the original course functional and you can use your full potential to market what you have to offer.

Different people have different things to offer and this is your opportunity to prove why your knowledge stands out.

What You’ll Learn Inside the Course?

It is obvious that you get to learn a lot of things when you join the Knowledge Business Blueprint program. This program is divided into four modules for easy learning and you will go to the modules one after another.

So, what is inside the modules? Let’s take a look.

Module 1: Extract it

This very first module is trained by Tony Robbins. It is designed to extract all of your latent potentials. If you don’t know about the potentials you have, you will fail to share them for profit.

So, Tony Robbins prepares people in this module for the upcoming lessons and you get access to a wide range of lessons.

We can share some lessons from this module to give you an idea of what you will have inside.

Lesson 1: Tony Robbins’ Secret to Success

  1. What Does It Take to Succeed?
  2. Mindset Secrets to Scale Your Business
  3. What to Expect Moving Forward
  • Bonus: Tony’s Secret Energy for Life

Lesson 2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client

  1. The Secret Art of Storytelling
  2. Extracting What You Will Teach
  • Bonus: Tony – Why People Buy Feelings

Lesson 3: Story, Teach, Tool

  1. Discovering Your Superpower
  2. Identifying Your Ideal Client
  3. The Narrow Your Niche Tool
  • Bonus: 3 Simple Ways to Eliminate Stress

Lesson 4: Your Toolbox

  1. The Clarity Tool
  2. Who I Am & What I Do
  3. Seven Levels Deep
  4. I Know I’m Being Successful When
  5. Your Not to Do List
  6. The Needle Movers
  7. The Spotlight Tool
  8. The Success Loop
  9. The One Thing
  10. Negotiation Secrets
  11. Ideas Worth Doing
  12. The Connections Tool
  13. The Wrap Up Tool
  • Bonus: 3 Simple Habits to Create Overnight Success

Lesson 5: Your First Agenda

  1. Picking Your Event Name
  2. Picking Your Event Type
  3. Creating Your First Agenda
  • Bonus: Tony – How to Take Massive Action

Module 2: Fill it

After knowing all your possibilities, now it’s time to explore people and connect with them. As much you can connect with people, you will be able to expand your identity as a brand soon. You will be trained by Dean Graziosi in this module about the techniques of networking.

You will also learn to use your capabilities in full swing so that you can get familiar with people as soon as possible. There are more exciting things for you in this program that will be gradually revealed once you join the program.

Module 3: Run it

Running a business or making a sale is quite easy. You can easily sell something that is charming. But that is only for once. If you want to sell the same thing over and over again to a large group of people, it must contain some quality.

If you can’t ensure the quality, you will be dumped after your very first sale. But if you plan for a long-term business, you might not want that to happen. So, what to do for long-term success?

Well, this is maybe the most unique feature of this program that you never stop learning. Once you have learned all the strategies, you will start applying them. But if you fail in something, don’t worry about it. As a member of the mastermind group, they will always have your back.

You will learn to make your first sale as well as how to continue selling by making a long-term relationship with the target audience and how to use the goodwill of your brand to expand it.

Module 4: Knowledge Broker

Here is a good option for you. If you have completed all the modules, you can choose to be a knowledge broker. What is that? You can simply coach other people in making their mastermind career.

If you are not willing to jump-start a business, there is nothing to worry about. You can still use the knowledge you have learned in the previous modules to help other people who are in need. That is called a knowledge broker.

Being a knowledge broker is no less than making your mastermind career. But it is always good to have a profitable way of teaching and you can do that with the Knowledge Business Blueprint program.

Access to MindMint Software Membership

Once you join the Knowledge Business Blueprint program, you get access to an amazing software called MindMint. What does this software do?

This software allows you to manage and automate the process of running your mastermind business. Running an online business is not that easy.

You have to manage a lot of things at the same time. This software can help you to keep everything under control by automating different processes.

What you get inside this software? We will take a look at that now. Stay with us.

  • Event builder: You can build any kind of event structure with the help of this software. You don’t need to worry about different event parameters.
  • Wisdom Extractor: You can easily create your agenda with this feature in a very short time.
  • Website Builder: t is a tool that helps you to build your website with prebuilt templates and more. If you have already built a website, you might know how difficult it is to make and manage a website. You can do that easily here.
  • Customer Tracking & Sales: You also get an automated customer tracking & sales feature in this software.
  • Pre-designed Checklists: While creating or managing an event, you might forget something. So, you have a pre-designed checklist to make sure that everything is correct.
  • Integration: It is a great feature that allows you to integrate with other business platforms so that you can perform better.
  • Managing Payments: You can easily manage all of your payments through its payment processing system. No more worries about payment.

Exclusive Knowledge Business Blueprint Community

Well, this might not be the exact bonus as you wanted but it will be a great privilege to become a member of the Facebook group of Knowledge Business Blueprint. Not only your trainers are there, but you also get to meet a bunch of people interested in the same field.

Why it is so important? If you feel any problem at some point in time, you can easily share the problem in the group and you will always have someone ready to address your problem. You can also share ideas with people even with your trainers.

One more thing. You will be able to build a great network from this group and it will help you a lot whenever you are trying to improve your business or doing something new.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Price and Payment Plans

After the Knowledge Business Blueprint review, it is now time to focus on its pricing so that you can find out what are you spending for so many things.

Their pricing is quite simple. You have to spend $1997 straight to access this program. This is a pretty good price for the companies or startups that want to shine. But if you are a beginner and have a hard time paying it, there are other options for you. We will guide you through that.

You can pay the course fee in four installments. Then you need to pay $597 for every installment. You can also choose to pay $297 for each installment. You will need to pay 8 installments then.

Though it seems a bit overpriced, this program is totally worth this price. You get to learn a lot of unique things from some of the top geniuses in their fields. What else you can expect?

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Knowledge Business Blueprint Pros & Cons

This Knowledge Business Blueprint review will be incomplete without the pros & cons of this program. So, here you get an unbiased Knowledge Business Blueprint review with all the pros & cons of this program.


  • Extracting Your Expertise: This is a great program that can find out your latent expertise and make you use them to earn a lot. You will gain experience and confidence to bloom fully with this program.
  • True Mentorship: You will get to learn from some of the top mentors in the world considering the business education. They are already in a legendary position in their fields. So, it is a great opportunity to learn from these successful persons.
  • Best Community on The Planet: You can also access their Facebook group where you can share your ideas, make new networks and get the answer for all your questions from people around the world.
  • Reprogramming for Success: With this program, you will be mentally ready for success. It is a matter of time to go to the peak, but with this program backing you; success is always a step forward. So, choose to become a successful person for the rest of your life with the Knowledge Business Blueprint.
  • It’s A Very Reliable Program: This is not like other programs available on the internet that offers some lucrative ideas and then don’t work on them. This is not any scam flooding the internet with bullshits. What you get here is 100% real and people are already getting benefits from this program. So, you get a trusted source of training yourself for the future.
  • The Men Behind This Program Are Very Experienced: As we have already introduced you with the mentors in this training program, it is easily assumable that you are going to learn some amazing things from the persons who are the best of the best. All of them have their expertise in different sectors and they are good authors and speakers at the same time. With their years of experience working in this industry, they have designed the course to benefit you the most. So, you are getting some truly experienced mentors and they will always be there to back you with their knowledge and experience.
  • There Are No Upsells: You might be bored of upsells in most of the cases when buying something online especially when it comes to learning. You have to pay for different steps to go ahead. But there is nothing like that here. Once you pay and join the course, everything is there. Whether you pay it upfront or in installments, the course will always give you its fullest.


  • Cost: One of the major inconveniences of this training program is many people find it expensive. In fact, this course seems to be a bit expensive with its price point of $1997 but if you calculate the real value of the lessons and materials you are getting with the course, you will be satisfied.
  • Limited Availability: Here is another catch. You don’t get to register with this course at any time. They offer the course in a fixed schedule and open enrollment for a very limited time. So, it will be wise to be aware.

Who Is This Training Program For?

If you talk about the target audience for this course, it can be anyone like you. This course is not only related to business. It also extracts your full potential and converts them into materials that you can share or sell for a profit.

But if you are not willing to sell anything, even then it will be useful for you and you can use the acquired knowledge from this course in other fields.

So, if you are ready to explore yourself then this course is for you.

Who Should Not Enroll?

There are some cases when people should abstain from this course. Why we are saying that? Let’s see.

  • If you are a lazy person and don’t want to work following plans, then this course is not for you.
  • If you want to be rich just after completing the training program, then this course is also not for you.
  • If you can’t afford or don’t want to spend this amount of money on your betterment, then you should not enroll in this course.

Is It Worth the Price?

One thing that people ask most about this program is really this program worth spending so many dollars. Well, no one can judge better than yourself. You should join the course and assess yourself depending on the outcome.

But if you want recommendations, then this is a highly recommended course from this side. It will enhance your characteristics and you will be able to shine even brighter. Give it a try.

Is Knowledge Business Blueprint A Scam?

Well, whenever something spread on the internet, some people start to call it a scam. The same thing happens in case of this training program and you may find people asking is this a real deal or just a scam?

We would suggest you look at the names behind this training. Do Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi or Russell Brunson sound like a scam? If they are not scamming, then this training program should never be a scam and it is not a scam. Simple as that.

You can try to find authentic negative reviews about this training program. And you will then understand whether this program is a scam or not.

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Final Verdict

We have tried to cover all the necessary details in this Knowledge Business Blueprint review. You will find this very helpful if you are going to join this program. Those who are not ready yet to join this program can also find the answer to their questions.

If you were in need of an authentic Knowledge Business Blueprint review, hope this will fulfill your demand. Go through every nook and corner of the review and decide whether to stay behind or drive yourself to success.

We would definitely recommend this training program for all. And we hope you will be able to intake the lessons and work on them. Hope you will be successful in your unique way. Wish you the best of luck.

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