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One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

Those who already know about ClickFunnels might hear about the One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus and all other pieces of stuff. But many of them don’t have a clear idea about One Funnel Away Challenge bonus. That is why we are here today to make things crystal clear.

If you are a beginner and just started with ClickFunnels, it is time to start your One Funnel Away Challenge bonus which is a training program where you learn how to build funnels practically.

ClickFunnels offers this training program at only $100 where you also get training materials. We will not go towards the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge review today.

Instead, we are going to discuss the One Funnel Away Challenge bonus that you are going to get once you enroll in this program.

One Funnel Away Challenge


Let’s head to this exciting list of One Funnel Away Challenge bonus.

Product Name:One Funnel Away Challenge
Re-Launch Date:2, Jan 2019
Bonus:30 Days hardcover book

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

If you sign up for this training program, you will get some amazing resources that are far costlier than the training price.

Let us take a look at the things you are going to get once you opt for the training. Here is the list.

  • 30 Days of Video Mission from Russell Brunson ($997 Value)
  • 30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian ($997 Value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan) ($247 Value)
  • Bonus: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Bonus: MP3 Player ($297 Value)
  • Bonus: 30 Days Hardcover Book ($97 Value)
  • Bonus: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: Behind the Scenes: Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 Value)

This is not all. You are going to get other bonuses too which we are going to discuss next. Keep reading to know about the amazing One Funnel Away Challenge bonus.


One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 1: Dream Car Secrets Guide ($97 Value)

Dream Car Secrets GuideYou might hear about the Dream Car Contest which is for the ClickFunnels affiliates. It is a simple yet charming contest that allows you to have your dream car just by referring people to ClickFunnels.

Though ClickFunnels is not going to give you the car instantly, rather they pay an extra amount for your car every week.

Once you have 100 active members under your referral, you start to receive a monthly bonus of $500.

If you can refer 200 active members in a month, your bonus gets doubled and you get $1000. In this way, you can own your dream car soon.

If you go with the One Funnel Away Challenge, one of the most exciting bonuses you are going to get is the Dream Car Secrets Guide that costs $97 itself.

You can use this book to know the tips and tricks to increase your referral and earn your dream car as soon as possible.

The worth of this book is about the same as the training course price. Now you say, isn’t it a good deal?


One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 2: Unlimited Chat/Email Support ($1,997 Value)

Once you are enrolled in One Funnel Away Challenge, it is not the ending of the story. You are going to get intensive training.

You might face problems while working on them or you might have queries. What to do then? Nothing to worry about.

You will get unlimited email and Facebook messenger access to some of the most successful affiliates all the time. You can ask them any questions regarding One Funnel Away Challenge bonus, ClickFunnels, or other topics related to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of their experience of working in this industry for years. It will help you to mature in this industry so you will be able to make it better.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 3: Bonus Power Pack Bundle

Now with the training, you are going to work yourself. This is when you need some basic tools but they can be hard to find as well as they can be costly.

But if you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, you are going to get a software bundle pack where you will get most of the tools you will need ever.

Bonus Power Pack Bundle

We will now go through the tools and give you a short description of what they do. Let’s take a look.

  • Group Convert: This is an extension for Google Chrome browser that allows you to build your email list from your Facebook group.
  • Link Wizard: This is another useful tool to track the links to the traffic. It will help you to understand where the traffic is coming from and what is working for you. You will also understand what is not working and what to emphasize. This is a great tool in our opinion.
  • Sticky Reviews: It is a great tool to see the real reviews from your customers where many reviews get fabricated. You can know the actual state with this software.
  • InvoicingYou: This is an invoicing software that allows your clients to pay online easily for your products or services.
  • Magic Zap: This is a great tool for creating custom personalized sales pages.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 4: ClickFunnels Share Funnel Library ($497 Value)

ClickFunnels Share Funnel LibraryClickFunnels has different ways of making money so you can choose as many options as you want. Share funnels are one of them. You can share your funnels with other people who are searching for them to use at less cost.

Once you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, you get access to ClickFunnels Share Funnel Library where you will find different funnels that you can use for different purposes.

You can get the design idea from the funnels as some of them are million-dollar funnels, you can also share them and earn affiliate commissions.

The best part about this share funnel library is it has white label rights that mean you can download and use them in your own affiliate links. Once you get it, it is yours for a lifetime.


One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 5: Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List ($297 Value)

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

With ClickFunnels, you might earn the most from their affiliate programs. But knowing about the affiliate programs and finding the best programs from hundreds of affiliate programs can be a tough job. It will cost you valuable time.

But if you sign up with One Funnel Away Challenge, you are going to get a list of over 130 lifetime recurring affiliate programs that you can use to choose from.

Another thing about this lifetime recurring affiliate program list. This has white label right which means once you get this in your hand, it is yours for the rest of your life and you can share and use it in the way you like.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 6: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library

One Funnel Away Challenge BonusWith the One Funnel Away Challenge bonus bundle, you also get your access to the million-dollar ad swipe library which is a compilation of Facebook ads from the top internet entrepreneurs. This can a great asset for the rest of your life.

You can see the ads and research them to know how the top marketers think about the ads. You can also use acquired tips and tricks from this library.

You can also share it for yourself as this library has white label rights.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 7: ClickFunnels Expert Course Training ($197 Value)

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

This bonus is going to be great if you are a beginner. When people start using ClickFunnels, many of the features are unknown to them and that is why they can’t make the best use of this amazing tool.

Now, think of being trained about ClickFunnels from an expert who will teach you every bit of this software so that you know every nook and corner of the thing. If you are a newcomer to this world, this training can work like magic to make you an experienced professional.

You will get over 40 different lessons in this course which is a One Funnel Away Challenge bonus.


One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 8: Free Copy of DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets

These are the books of a kind that you must go through if you want to be a marketer. These books will enrich your knowledge in marketing whether you are a beginner or a marketing veteran.

Whether you succeed with ClickFunnels or not, these books will be your guide throughout your entire life. You will get to know about selling products online and how to create sales funnels. Give it a try.



Let us finish today’s discussion about One Funnel Away Challenge bonus. This is the tip of the ice in the water.

You are going to get more exciting bonuses once you join this training program. All the bonuses will save you some thousand dollars surely.

Once you are in, you are ready to shine. If you use all these resources carefully, you could make your path to the ultimate success. We wish you the best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people ask about One Funnel Away:

1. Is the One Funnel Away Challenge Legit?

Ans: If you’re serious about following through with each daily challenge and applying what you learn in the course, it will be a valuable resource for your business.
Russell teaches you how to make money from your products or promote other people’s.
The OFA Challenge teaches you the technical skills to set up your Funnel and drive traffic to your offers. So yes, One Funnel Away is a legit program.

2. How Much Does One Funnel Away Challenge Cost?

Ans: One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100 one-time only. There are two options for Orders: digital download or physical kit. If you order a digital version, you’ll need to pay an extra $19.95 fee for shipping within the United States. $29.95. for the outside of the USA.
And provide unlimited access to all video training for life.

3. How Long Is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Ans: One Funnel Away is a 30-day training course that teaches you how to build and launch your own sales funnel.

4. Do I Need to Use Clickfunnels?

Ans: You can join this challenge (and use a similar sales funnel software), but you don’t need to have a Clickfunnels account. You can get Clickfunnels for $97/month. But you’ll need an email marketing program to send your sales emails.

5. Does the One Funnel Away Challenge Offer an Affiliate Program?

Ans: Yes, the One Funnel Away Challenge offers affiliates a 100% commission on all sales they refer. The ClickFunnels affiliate program is a high-ticket program because it’s built on the value ladder. If you refer someone to the OFA Challenge, you’ll be entitled to a commission for everything else they buy from ClickFunnels in the future—including other products, bundles, and books.
It uses the same high-ticket affiliate program structure as Legendary Marketer — so it’s excellent for beginners.

6. Can I Get the One Funnel Away Challenge for Free?

Ans: Yes, you can. The One Funnel Away Challenge is included in FunnelFlix as a pre-recorded video series. As of this writing, there are no live events (or any additional products) available for sale—only the old workshops and other content that were offered before we rebranded ourselves from Amazing Selling Machine to funnel flix.
With FunnelFlix, you’ll get access to the most incredible marketing and sales training from around the world—and if you want to gain access to it all, start here. The old version of the OFA Challenge is among them!
To access FunnelFlix, you need to upgrade your account by purchasing the ClickFunnels Platinum plan for $297/month.

7. Can I Get a Refund for The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Ans: Yes, One Funnel Away has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days of using it, email them, and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.
However, Russell believes you will get so much value from this challenge that you won’t even consider asking for a refund.

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