ClickFunnels Pricing Plans 2022: How Much Does It Cost?

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The contribution of ClickFunnels to create a complete Sales Funnel is undeniable. There is no work that you cannot do to create a funnel with it. You can do all the things such as the Landing Page Design, Opt-In Funnel, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel, Membership Funnel, campaign setup, email sending, campaign monitoring etc.

There are many people who think from the distance that the price of the Clickfunnels is much higher. It is actually their ignorance. If you have the right idea about Clickfunnels, then it is easy to understand that the price is rather small compared to the feature.

Today, we would basically like to discuss the Clickfunnels pricing. Hopefully, after this, your fear of Clickfunnels pricing will go away. Their packages are easy and simple. You can easily migrate from one package to another package.

In addition to regular packages, there are many ways to use Clickfunnels. This has made Clickfunnels different from the others. And the Clickfunnels will provide you with a huge amount of resources for funnel marketing which you would not find out from any other software.

Most of these courses offered by them are very cheaply priced. Anyway, we are now going to the deep of the discussion regarding the Clickfunnels Pricing. So let us now get started.

Clickfunnels Overview

Product Name: Clickfunnels Software
Vendor: Etison Product
Clickfunnels trial: Click Here
Bonus + Discount: Yes – Get Your Bonus here
Price: $97/month (basic) or $297/month (actionetics)
Niche: Software / Marketing & Sales
Necessarily a technical: No
Training: Yes
Refund: 14 Days FREE trial + 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend: Highly Recommend

What Is Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is basically one kind of funnel builder software. With the help of which you can create a complete funnel. Suppose you want to design a landing page and you can do that by Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels will help you in the full phase of campaign setup. You can send automatic emails through Clickfunnels.

In the same way, you would be able to do everything such as creating a sales page, order form, order confirmation page, Webinar funnel, Opt-In funnel, Membership site, and a lot more with its help. Besides, if you wish, you can integrate third-party software with it.

ClickFunnels is well-known software to marketers. The founder of this is Russell Brunson who is a skilled funnel marketer. He has created this with the script in the light of his experience. The software is very useful for funnel building.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans Review

We are now going to discuss the pricing of Clickfunnels. We would present every plan they have in front of you in detail. Even the discussion will also contain what benefits you will get in which package. For that, it will be easy for everyone to choose the package they wish for. So let us have a look at their pricing plans.

Clickfunnels Free TrialClickfunnels Package Plan

Clickfunnels usually offers two packages. The advantage of the two packages is different. The price is also completely different. Both of the packages are:

  • Start-Up
  • Enterprise

The two packages are discussed with full facilities here.

Clickfunnels Start-Up Package

The basic level package of Clickfunnels is start-up package. It is a very affordable package but the opportunities are also limited. This package is quite useful for young funnel marketers. All they need to do is contain in this package.

Funnel building, monitoring, campaign setup, and everything can be done by this. The package has a free trial system. To help you understand the full planning of the package is presented here.

What Does The Package Contain?

Take a look at what benefits the package will get you.

  • The Benefits of making 20 funnels
  • The opportunity to create 100 pages
  • 20,000 Unique Visitors
  • Unlimited Contact Leads
  • 3 custom domains
  • A / B split test opportunity
  • Email integration facility
  • Opportunity to create the opt-in funnel
  • Click popes feature
  • Click opt-in arrangement.
  • All kinds of the advanced funnel
  • All elements for making a sales funnel
  • Membership funnel can be made
  • Unlimited Member Benefits
  • Auto Webinar Funnel
  • Hang out Funnel Making Facility
  • The scope of order page creation
  • Up sale pages
  • Down sale Pages
  • Share your funnel

Clickfunnels Pricing

Do not get afraid of the price after seeing the benefits. The price is in your hand. You would have to cost only $97 a month for the start-up package of Clickfunnels. In return, the price is comparatively less than the advantage they offer.

You can test this for free to see how much this package actually works. You can do this through us without costing a penny. For that, click on here and complete your sign up. You are done and will get 14 days free trial.

Start Your Free 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial Now!

Clickfunnels Enterprise Package

The second package of Clickfunnels is the enterprise package. By looking at the name, you surely understand that it is for businessmen. The package is mainly perfect for those who create the funnel for others. Though the price is slightly higher the facility is unlimited.

Funnel marketers can easily choose this package. Compared to the prices and facilities, this package is much ahead of others. So let us get the details of this package.

What Does The Package Contain?

You can have a look at once at what are advantages you can get in the package, and what are the things included in it.

  • The Benefits of making Unlimited funnels
  • The opportunity to create Unlimited pages
  • 300,000 Unique Visitors
  • Unlimited Contact Leads
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Actionetics
  • Backpack
  • Affiliate Program Integration
  • A / B split test opportunity
  • Email integration facility
  • Opportunity to create the opt-in funnel
  • Click popes feature
  • Click opt-in arrangement.
  • All kinds of the advanced funnel
  • All elements for making a sales funnel
  • Membership funnel can be made
  • Unlimited Member Benefits
  • Auto Webinar Funnel
  • Hang out Funnel Making Facility
  • The scope of order page creation
  • Up sale pages
  • Down sale Pages
  • Share your funnel
  • Priority support
  • Priority template request

Clickfunnels Pricing

The price is not too much. You can subscribe to this package costing only $297 per month. Now compare the price and benefits of this software with that of other funnel software. Hopefully, you will get the answer to which one is better.

If you want then you can test the Clickfunnels enterprise package for free to see how it works. We are also making that arrangement for you. Just click on here and sign up with all your information.

In a short time, your 14-days free trial will begin. If you want, you can also upgrade the package to the premium one. Hopefully, after seeing the free trial of this, you will be impressed to go to the paid version.

Start Your Free 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial Now!

Some More Packages of Clickfunnels

You can also get the subscription of Clickfunnels through some more packages. The funnel hacks package is undoubtedly a great package.

Funnel Hacks Package

Funnel Hack Package

The Funnel Hacks Package will be great for those who think that Clickfunnels enterprise package is a little bit over priced. Under this package, you can enjoy an enterprise package for 6 months for just only $997.

But if you would want to do it separately, the cost would be $1800. Apart from this, you can also subscribe to this costing $1997 for 1 year. You can find a lot more in addition to paid subscriptions for Clickfunnels through the Clickfunnels  Funnel Hacks package.

In particular, it is to mention the resources of learning the funnel marketing. These are invaluable resources for you. If you practice these resources, you will develop as a skilled funnel marketer within a few days. If you want to know more about the Funnel Hacks Package, you can pay a visit to the Funnel Hacks Review article.

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How To Get ClickFunnels Free Trial?

You can check the trial version to see whether Clickfunnels works at all or not and how much it is effective. They are also giving you these benefits. You would be able to test any package for free for 14 days. If you want to get a free trial for 14 days, please sign up now by Clicking on Here.

Then everything of the Clickfunnels will be open for you for the 14-days trial. You can test everything in these few days. Hopefully, the Clickfunnels will not disappoint you. Being fascinated by the service, you will be excited to subscribe to the paid version.

Start Your Free 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial Now!

Frequently Asked Question Regarding the Clickfunnels Pricing

The questions that come most and frequently from people related to the Clickfunnels pricing are given below along with the answers.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost per Month? 

The price of Clickfunnels is actually depending on you. They have various packages. You can subscribe to any of the packages. There will be 14 days free trial for you. The start-up package costs $97 per month, and for the enterprise package, you need to spend $297. Apart from this, you can also use the full version of Clickfunnels through Funnel Hack Package.

Does It Have The Facility To Integrate Any Email Auto Responder? 

There is the facility of an autoresponder in the Clickfunnels. However, if you want you can integrate a third-party autoresponder. Clickfunnels will not make any binding for you. The autoresponders that can be integrated are GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft (for email), PureLeverage (GVO), Active Campaign, and even HTML form integration.

Is The Clickfunnels Suitable For Everyone?

 Of course, it is. Clickfunnels is suitable for all levels of funnel marketers. It is also ideal for core-level funnel marketers as well as it can be used by newbies effectively. They have arranged the pricing plan in such a way so that it can be suitable for all levels of funnel marketers. It is also the best service for those who provide funnel services.

Whether We Should Use The Clickfunnels Or Not? 

It is a logical question. We do not recommend anything others before using those ourselves. Of course, we also use Clickfunnels. After getting satisfied with their service, we are recommending it to you. We have been taking this service for ourselves for a long time and also recommend this service to our clients as well.

Does Clickfunnels Really Work Or Not? 

Of course, it works well. Otherwise, they could not survive in the market for so long. Providing quality service and products, they are already much ahead of others. So can be tension-free regarding the effectiveness of it.

Is The Clickfunnels Valid? 

ClickFunnels is running its business in accordance with all laws. So there is no question arising of being illegal. They are not involved in any kind of illegal activity. America is strictly enforcing the law. If their software was illegal then it would have been closed long ago.

Is Everything Available Unlimited In The Clickfunnels? 

Certainly, it is possible. For this, you can try the Clickfunnels Etison suite package. You will get everything in this package and that is also unlimited. And this package is also quite affordable. So there is no tension regarding the limit.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed all the packages of Clickfunnels in front of you. Now you can choose the desired package. Whatever package you choose, you would ultimately get the benefit. Clickfunnels pricing plans are very nice. They are offering you as much as you need.

There are also packages available for the newbie, as well as unlimited packages for experts. No matter what level of funnel marketer you are, you can adapt to the package easily.

In addition to ordinary packages, you can also use Clickfunnels in other ways. In particular, you can use the paid version at almost half the price from the funnel hacks package. If you need to use Clickfunnels for the long term, then we would like to recommend you use the funnel hacks package. It will offer you huge discounts as well as you would get many training resources on it.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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