Your First Funnel Review 2024: Everything You Should Know

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Your First Funnel

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If you are looking forward to purchasing the best sales funnel course, we have a proper solution for you. we will share with you my experience about accessing Your First Funnel here. You will take this blog as a review blog as well.  Once you know about the course you intend purchase, it will help to make a right decision.

We will share some factors based on my personal opinion here. we have really enjoyed the course. However, you may find these insights pretty helpful if you want to make sales funnel of your own.

Besides, we will also cover the gifts that you will get after buying the course.  Let’s know what’s deep in it.

Howdy! We are intending to share with you one of the best courses regarding sales funnels here. Once you read the review, you will be able to learn a lot and get some ideas about making a sales funnel of your own.

So, let’s see what you will grab from this review.

  • All about your very first sales funnel.
  • What you will actually learn from the course.
  • The bonus element that you will get is totally free.
  • My final recommendation and stuff.

Now, we don’t want to waste your time here. It’s time to cover up the facts pretty perfectly here!

Your First Funnel Review

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About Your First Funnel

About Your First Funnel

If you are a newbie funnel builder, the course is pretty much suitable for you. The course is designed in a way so that anyone can understand it properly. No matter what type of knowledge you have regarding the sales funnel, you will get to know almost everything that you need to while running a sales funnel campaign.

You badly don’t need to be an expert in this particular field.  As it is a live course, we don’t think there will be any topic or segment that can create trouble in your learning process. Besides, the important fact about the course is, you will get a 30-day free trial.

We highly suggest you go with the 30-day free trial so that you can know how things work in this course.  You will get many gifts as well. These are possibly like; free sales funnel template, funnel hackers cookbook and stuff.

However, you will be getting elements like this while progressing through the course. This is the type of coaching programmed that you will definitely love to purchase.

Who Created Your First Funnel Programmed?

It’s always important to know who is really behind the course that you intend to purchase. Well, your first sales funnel course is created by Russel Brunson. Hence, if you don’t know about him, he is a sales funnel master.

Besides, he is the founder of ClickFunnels. You may love to read his books as well. All these means, you will be going to get a top-class course regarding sales to funnel to grow your business. He has made the course in a practical way which will provide you with a lot of ideas.

Who Is Your First Funnel Program for?

As we have mentioned a bit earlier, everyone can have this course. The course will also be pretty much suitable for you if you don’t have enough ideas. We know many of the marketers who are comparatively new in this factor but doing much better once they access the course.

Don’t think about the leads at all, you will possibly get many leads within a short period of time.

How Much Does Your First Funnel Cost?

The main charge that you need to pay will be the shipping cost in this regard. You will have to pay around $29.95 inside the US. On the other hand, if you want to take the course outside the US, you need to pay a bit more. The charge then moves to $89.95.

There’s no issue to feel frustrated about the price. We are saying this because you will get a lot of things totally free of course with this course. These are a 30-day free ClickFunnels trial, list building secret course, 30-day book course, Funnel hackers T-shirt and many more.

The values and the gifts that you are going to get will really be worth the money that you intend to invest in this course.

Your First Funnel Review

Your First Funnel

Here, we will share the impression that we get after accessing the course. Hence, you will be able to make an accurate decision about whether buying the course will be beneficial for you or not.

To be really honest, the first impression is very essential. Once We knew that We are going to get some exciting features with the course, we decided to purchase the course. Besides, don’t have any idea regarding the course or even about the sales funnel.  But, now, we know a lot.

Another most exciting thing about the course is, you will get all the features together. For this, you don’t need to visit here and there to collect your gifts and stuff. There’s a simple interface that will show you what you will get if you purchase the course.

Therefore, finding so will help you know exactly what you are utilizing along with the course.

However, you need to first sign up to access the course. The steps that you will need to follow are also simple as well, you may never be stuck anywhere in your course journey.

Let’s know what you will need to know once you sign up for the course right below.

What You’ll Find Inside the Your First Funnel

Now, it’s time to discover the amazing elements. Let’s say you have signed up for the course. Therefore, you will be able to explore,

1. ClickFunnels 30-Day Free Trial

 ClickFunnels 30-Day Free Trial

You should want that no matter what type of sales funnel idea you have in your mind. ClickFunnels 30-day course is one of the most prominent things that you will get from your first sales funnel course.

With the help of the ClickFunnels 30-day course, you will be able to make the sales funnel of your own. The most important thing is that you will also be able to know how things work with a sales funnel.  Besides, you will have the luxury to explore the websites so that you can realize the impacts of the sales funnel in your business.

Note:  You will only be able to access the ClickFunnels 30-day course if you are a newbie subscriber. On the other hand, you will not get access if you are an existing subscriber for a long time. Besides, if you have already completed the ClickFunnels 30–day course, you won’t access the course anymore.

The step here is really simple. What you badly need to do is, just sign up to your first sales funnel and you will get access in a short time. That’s all.

So, if you want my suggestion in this case, We will inspire you to access it as soon as possible.

2. Free 14-Day Live Coaching

Free 14-Day Live Coaching

We know that you need step-by-step guidance when you are exploring new things. Don’t worry, once you have the free-14-day live coaching in your first sales funnels course, it will provide you with a lot of ease.

You will find experts from the ClickFunnels team who will help in your jersey with the free 14 day live coaching. There will be a lot of homework for you. Besides, you will also be able to learn new strategies that will help you make a perfect sales funnel for your business.

What if you are stuck in a situation? Don’t worry here as well. The experts will always guide you no matter exactly where you are stuck. Besides, once you sign up for the free trial, you will get a Facebook group link. Then, you have to join the Facebook group for better interactions with other members and experts.

Live Coaching

Let’s know what you are going to learn here;

  • Day 01: You will be able to identify your goal.
  • Day 02: Exact coaching.
  • Day 03: The lead magnet.
  • Day 04: Coaching.
  • Day: 05: Capture the process of emails.

Now, you will be provided with the weekend’s homework. Here, you have to revise the things that you have learnt throughout the course.

  • Day 08: Coaching.
  • Day 09:  Follow-up Sequence.
  • Day 10: Coaching.
  • Day 11: Traffic funnel.
  • Day 12: Coaching.

Here, you will also have to take the weekend’s homework.

This is how you will be able to make the most of the free trial. We recommend you perform the trial properly so that you understand what you learn.

3. Free ‘30 Days ‘Book (Physical Copy)

Free ‘30 Days ‘Book (Physical Copy)Do you love reading books? If yes, then we will get something interesting with the course. But what? The headline of this segment says it all.

Whatever, you will get a physical copy of the Funnel Hackers Cook Book where you will find the blueprints about how things work in the sales funnel. Besides, you will also get step-by-step learning in the book regarding the sales funnel.

Therefore, the book is full of some highly essential information that will help you in the long run. Besides, the book is customized easily so that you can read the book with full comfort. The most important part is, you will be able to design your sales funnel after reading the book. So, why late?

The book will provide you with the solutions to problems that you may face while running your sales funnel campaign. To be really honest, we haven’t seen any interactive book like this having better solutions regarding the sales funnel.

4. Free Plug ‘n’ Play Sales Funnel Templates

Sales Funnel TemplatesYou badly need plug and play sales funnel in order to understand the sales funnel properly. However, once you access the ClickFunnels free trial, you will be able to plug this in for your own branding. This plugging will help you to promote your sales funnel prominently.

The essential fact here is, if you want to purchase the plug from somewhere else, you have to pay a lot of money. Luckily, you are getting the plug completely free with your first sales funnel course. So, don’t hesitate to add this to your copywriting for better results.

5. Free Headline Generator Software

Free Headline Generator SoftwareYou need an impressive headline to get the most out of your sales funnel. Once you have included the stunning headline, it will provide you with some additional benefits that help you to make your sales funnel even more effective.

Therefore, you will get some impressive headline templates that you can use in your opry. What you just need to do is, copy the suitable headline and paste it into your copy. Furthermore, a headline plays decent roles to make the sales funnel more engaging.

Besides, the possibility of getting new customers will be highly increased with the help of stunning headlines. You don’t need to spend your whole day thinking about the appropriate headlines for your audience. Instead, the headline generator software will work for you.

If you just put the customer’s demographics on the software, the software will generate suitable headlines for your copy. So, to attain whatever you want from your sales funnel, the free heading generator software will help you a lot.

free heading generator software

This is not the end. You will also get access to many tools out there. Let’s know one by one.

  • Product Specific Avatar Tool: You will be able to know about your potential customers with the help of this.
  • Core Headline Scripts: This will provide you with access to creating core headlines using different formulas.
  • Core Title Scripts: Creating amazing titles with better concepts.
  • Content Idea Script: You can generate plenty of content ideas with the help of the tool.
  • Conversation Starter Script: You will be able to create a conversion starter script using social media and stuff.
  • Conversion Ad Copy Script: If you are looking forward to selling your product on Facebook, the tool will really help you.
  • Email Copy Generator: You will be able to make stunning email sequences with this tool in a short time.

We have got enough idea about how these tools will be going to help you make your sales funnel stand. Hence, you should try to choose the best tools that you need based on your demands.

6. Free ‘List Building Secrets’ Training

Free ‘List Building Secrets’ Training

You need huge email lists to grow your business. But, collecting the expected email list is not like walking through the park. You need to provide efforts to do so. But, with your very first sales funnel course, you will be able to explore the list-building secret training.

List Building Secrets’ Training

Therefore, the training will provide you with some key information regarding making a solid email list. Once you have the expected email list, you will be able to reach your potential customers quite easily.

7. Tony Robbins “Private Collection”

Tony Robbins “Private Collection”

If you like Tony Robbins top-selling course, the private collection package is for you. Here, you will get access to the most popular courses that will help you make your sales funnel pretty impressive.

Tony Robbins

Now, let’s know the courses that you will find.

  • Training 01: Presentation.
  • Training 02: Find your gift.
  • Training 03: Energy for life.
  • Training 04: Love and passion.
  • Training 05: The edge.
  • Training 06: Time of your life.
  • Training 07: Exact wealth.

8. Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” Training Seminar

Training Seminar

You should never miss Dan Kennedy’s training session if you are working with the sales funnel. We know you are thinking about the cost. To be really honest, you need to pay a lot of money if you want to see the lecture of Dan Kennedy live from the hall room.

However, you don’t need to pay a single penny if you access your first sales funnel course. It is really amazing, isn’t it?

9. Exclusive ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker T-Shirt

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker T-ShirtWho doesn’t like a t-shirt? If you are one of them who likes T-shirts a lot, then We have good news for you. You get a free t-shirt with your first sales funnel course.

Otherwise, you may need to pay around $20 to buy the t-shirt from ClickFunnels. But you are getting the t-shirt completely free here.

Check Your First Funnel Here >>

Our Findings on Your First Funnel Program

We have presented almost all the possible aspects in front of you here. Now, you need to make a decision of your own. We again want you to review all the essential features and gifts that We have mentioned here. But, to be really honest again, the course is really worth it.

We have found the steps pretty easy here. Besides, we have come to know a lot of things from this course. We won’t feel frustrated if We don’t get the gifts because We are pretty much satisfied with the learning that We take from the course.

Your First Funnel Overview

Your First Funnel FAQs

1. How Does The Free Trial Work?

Ans: Let us walk you through the creation and launch of your first funnel without charging you a penny. No tricks—promise! After your 30-day free trial, you’re 100% protected by our money-back guarantee. If you decide ClickFunnels isn’t right for you within the first 14 days of signing up, we’ll refund every penny without question.

2. When Will I Receive My Free gift with My Books?

Ans: When you sign up for the ClickFunnels 30-day free trial, you’ll get instant access to all of its digital downloads—including 500+ page ’30 Days Book’ and the ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook.’ For physical copies, allow 4–6 weeks for delivery.

3. Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What’s the Catch?

Ans: Yes, it’s true! There’s no catch. When you say “maybe” today, you can secure up to $8,745 of ‘marketing secrets’—including step-by-step guidance for building your first funnel and collecting qualified leads from loyal customers ready to buy from you! All we ask is that you cover the one-time small payment of just $29.95 for printing, shipping, & handling. As I said earlier, you’ll receive a “hefty” welcome package filled with physical copies of my ’30 Days To Funnel Hacking’ book and the much sought-after “Funnel Hacker Cookbook,” which together weigh in at close to 8 pounds!

4. Who Is This For?

Ans: This is for anyone who has not already built and launched a sales funnel using ClickFunnels. This course will provide step-by-step instructions on building your own first funnel without getting stuck or overwhelmed at any point in the process.

5. What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

Ans: You have a full 30 days to try out the course, and if you are not satisfied for any reason, then just let us know, and we will refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked.

6. Do You Have A Guarantee?

Ans: Yes! We have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your ClickFunnels subscription, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase price. You must email support within 30 days, and they will issue a full refund.


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