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Copywriting Secrets Book

Anybody who wants to be a successful person in the field of online business requires knowledge or a good world to attract targeted customers to his/her market.

For all types of sell, we require the power of the word, and to gain that we need the Copywriting Secrets Book that will help anybody and be a supporter to be the sales person we are dreaming of. Of course, we don’t want to die poor and don’t want to struggle for our whole life.

So, to make an Incredible lifestyle, plenty of money, and freedom we have to learn good copywriting techniques which this unbelievable book will allow us to learn and execute. This book will teach us to be street smart today not tomorrow, which means the apply result will be immediate.

Copywriting Secrets Overview

Name: Copywriting Secrets Book
Author: Jim Edwards
Pricing: FREE + Shipping
Print Length: 265 Pages
Upsell: 1.Copywriting Secrets audiobook. 2.Sales Story Secrets. 3.Funnel Scripts
Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Is Copywriting Secrets Book?

Copywriting Secrets BookExpert Jim Edwards, who is responsible for the Copywriting Secrets Book which discloses simple ‘plugin’ play’ copy formulas to help us get more leads, sales, subscribers, and fans. It doesn’t matter what product or service we are selling or providing online, the book will tell us how to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers.

And of course, we don’t require any experience for that but what we do need is the principles and those are written in this book. There are a lot of people who don’t know the proper definition of Copywriting- in one word it is a form of selling.

Elaborately it is a technique of writing advertising profile-raising resources or it is the act or occupation of writing the text for the purpose of promoting or other forms of selling.

This book shows us the way of street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches us how to get results immediately. We can find this in the copywriting secrets book.

So people can be that smart person by learning the shortcut rules. And those rules are given in this book. They will help us write persuasive copy to get people to buy their products. This book is not about being rich but acting as path finder. So if we do as it says then we will definitely be profitable without a doubt according to the author.

This Copywriting Secrets Book talks about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, sales, and subscribers as well. For a lot of online sales person copywriting is one of their biggest weaknesses. Also lots of people who can’t sale properly or can’t do any sales at all or want to increase their sales and get more subscriptions.

So this book might be the cure for their weakness. The most simple and interesting thing is people face problems when they slip out from important or maybe even from simple rules. Copywriting secrets are one of them which are clearly mentioned in the Copywriting Secrets Book.

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Who Is Jim Edwards, The Author of Copywriting Secrets?

Jim EdwardsThe name of writer of this book is named Jim Edwards. Jim is the Co-Founder of Funnel Scripts along with Russell Brunson, Jim was one of the main individuals to ever publish an eBook on the Internet back in 1997.

Since then he has been traveling and teaching around the world on 4 different continents on everything from webinars, self-publishing, video production, sales copy, email marketing, membership sites, and other e-commerce topics.

Jim is mostly renowned for his online software “wizards” and scripts which make many tedious and difficult tasks such as writing emails, sales letters or video scripts push-button simple.

Jim is also known for his landmark programs including “The Net Reporter” membership, “Mini Site Creator” course, and others. In short Jim Edwards is a copywriting expert who helps people increase sales by creating better sales copy.

As a celebrated copywriting professional and affiliate marketer in current time, many marketers mention to him as someone who delivers useful assistance in helping businessmen or marketers increase their trade rates through simply manufacturing more unique sales copies with regards to whatever type of product they sell or even if they are not the type who is into selling.

In addition to this, Edwards has composed and circulated several books, a number of print books as well as plenty of articles that revolved around selling and marketing.

And, what made him even more familiar was his Copywriting Secrets book that has garnered countless sales around the world.

Apart from being a writer of the Copywriting Secrets book he has also created several software and among those auspicious software products consist of;

  1. Expert Interview Wizard
  2. Instant Sales Video Secrets Wizard
  3. Easy Sales Copy Wizard
  4. Podcast Interview Wizard
  5. The 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard.

What Does Copywriting Secrets Book Talks About?

How everyone can possibly apply the power of words to inspire more or bigger sales, limitless clicks, and more returns no matter what product most marketers advertise and to whom people market our offer? That is a brief description of Copywriting Secrets book is all about.

Unlike other books that are simply filled with principles and mistakes, Copywriting Secrets book only contains the real deal that is certainly applicable and beneficial to what people are exactly targeting.

All the information contained in this book were all real experiences with many years of careful research, studies, and trial and error encounters, and how the author started earning some bucks along the way.

It is hard to say in detail what Copywriting Secrets Book says about. But still here are some important, interesting, and useful words that will help us to understand about copywriting and what the author wants to deliver;

  • Some might think that Jim Edwards just wrote another copywriting book but it’s definitely not. It is beyond just advertising.
  • It is true that this book will help everybody to get more likes, share, and sales and subscribe from traffics but the interesting thing is it not about traffic as well.
  • This book is not about product creation but will definitely help anybody to sell what we want to. So we can consider that as a coaching tool for us or any business person.
  • List building is not part of this book also. But will help to build a huge list of targeted rabid ready to buy subscribers.
  • People always think any book write about business is to motivate or ways to be rich but this book will help any business person to enhance his/her business for sure.
  • If people are frustrated about low sales or lack of clicks and subscribe then it is the book they deserve.

Mainly, Copywriting Secrets book does not the only emphasis what they will do but also helps us to challenge some of the casualties that entrepreneurs, salesmen, and businessmen do why clients do not choose to buy from them. Remarkably, the mistakes were detailed and there were also some ways discussed on how to ward off these impediments from totally ruining their success.

Personally, what makes Copywriting Secrets book definitely a must-read is its 3 M’s of Content that makes marketers’ prospects be attentive to every word people utter, successfully encourage them to purchase, attempt or apply button on a marketer’s page. And, the most interesting page that undertakes the secret code to their prospects’’ “buying brain.”

Word is a powerful thing and if they have the ability to write and create interesting and attractive lines with some beautiful words than a person will be untouchable and have the ability to stay in the market with dignity. Copywriting Secrets book is the treasure that will help us to learn how to use words properly for authentic writing.

Plus, if they have been stressed to influence their prospects and do not know how to build a splendid sales letters more efficiently, then Copywriting Secrets book can also be our one great ally. In this book, one can learn more about the thirteen steps sales message plan that was confirmed to be quite capable of urging prospects to make a buying decision as soon as possible.

Finally, Copywriting Secrets book will be undoubtedly helpful to those who extremely wish to make a huge quantity of cash, enjoy more holidays and not be overly tied with physically and mentally draining jobs. This book can help people to achieve that specifically if they are having problems in making sales these days.

The Problem Of Marketers With Copywriting

One of the people’s main concerns of a copywriter isn’t whether his/her words have hit the mark or not, it’s whether those words are actually being read. People are influenced that many of the companies and organizations people write just published but people do not read it.

Everyone involves in promotion or sales that need to come up with absorbing and well-composed copy, whether it is intended to be used for blogs, websites, press releases, social media or other content marketing drives.

The truth is, not all brands and marketers are adept at this.

As a matter of fact, even the most thought-provoking and enthralling topic will not be catchy if it is filled with errors or composed in a manner that does not engross the readers.

Essentially, through simply paying close attention to the copy’s quality, marketers can be certain that the story of people’s brand will be noticeable. Hence, this does not merely convey producing neat copy but also being very insightful of the usual copywriting entanglements.

The good news is that, once we have a deeper hold of what sales copy is, it will considerably help in opening our eyes to a unique approach of selling offline, in person or through the web.

In copywriting, a simple pronoun change may help vault up people’s sales while typos can remarkably drop the sales. That said, it is clear that it matters to delve into the right words and messages that should be sharing.

One simple mistake can blow away the potentiality of success, so people should be careful.

Many a time, outsourcing the marketers’ sale copy could be the consequence for the business if they implement it in a wrong way. As we can see, there are plenty of mishaps and problems that could block the road toward achievement. Truth is, this does not only happen to newbies but with those who are already well-experienced in the field.

Here, it clearly points out how valuable it is to explore the real deal in copywriting.

As people might already know, speeches are sharper. Whatever word we say, it is what most people will take for real or sometimes seriously.

Thus, everyone should be cautious of every word been decided to use because this could either make or break us in the copywriting field. We are often lured or irked by the manner people utter their words or share their messages. Take note that the same goes for copywriting.

If they eagerly wish people to trust a marketer, it is a must that every word he or she uses greatly influences them in a more constructive approach. And, this is what they will learn in this book- the power of words in copywriting.

In order to combat whatever it is that could obstruct the ladder to success in marketing; one practical solution to consider is mastering a copywriting mindset. What it is and how to develop it; how to exploit it to set the life in motion and how to speed up the business success. Luckily, people can master all of these by having Copywriting Secrets book by one’s side.

This is what the book is for. It details all the substantial information that the marketers need to uncover about copywriting. This is for everyone, beginners or professionals.

This Copywriting Secrets book was authored by Jim Edwards who based all the contents in this book from his real life experiences, long years of careful studies and research as well as many tried and tested techniques that paved the way to his notable success in the field.

Even without any solid preparation or research, a knowledgeable person will fail to achieve his or her goal. For copywriting preparation is a must task to do which may time a marketer fails to perform.

But there are ways, of course, to make things rights sometimes easy as well. To write influential copy, follow a proven copywriting process. Write your copy step by step:

  • Start with solid and full proof research—know who you’re scripting for and collect the right advice to encourage your customer.
  • Plan your copy—Serially place your credible arguments from most essential to least essential
  • Write a rough draft—before going or starting with the final copy a rough draft is a must to make things easy and error free.
  • Modifying copy in several sequences is also important, and checking for spelling and grammar mistakes for sure.
  • Thorough copy reading aloud will also help to find out the weak points and the mistakes.
  • The review will say how the end copy looks in its final design and make any changes required or not.

Copywriting Secrets Book Pricing

Now here comes the interesting part for the buyers. Despite the original price of the Copywriting Secrets book is $10.49 online but the good news is that anybody can have it free of charge.

Just we need to pay for the delivery charge only which costs around $7.95 if shipped in US and $14.95 (for hard cover book) in other parts of the world.

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Copywriting Secrets eBook: Buy on Amazon

To get the Copywriting Secrets Kindle book you have to buy it through the Amazon store. Amazon is the only way to get a legal Kindle copy of the Copywriting Secrets book.

To do so just click the link below:

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PDF Book Download

Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no legal way to get the Copywriting Secrets Book in PDF. Only paper, kindle, and audio formats of the Copywriting Secrets book are available at the moment.

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Does It Really FREE? Do They Have Upsell?

The author Jim Edwards is giving away his one of the most precious Copywriting Secrets book without any cost. But we will only be asked to pay for shipping fees which is $7.95 for the US market and $14.95 for an international market. With the free copy of this book, we will also be offered with some upsells. Those are:

  • CWS audio book
  • Sales Story Secrets
  • Funnel Scripts

Special Offer #1:

1. Copywriting Secrets Audiobook

Copywriting Secrets Audiobook costs only $27 which is a one-time payment. And in the audio format of this book, we will not only get the audio version of the Copywriting Secrets book but also additional discussions (with the author and others as well) and bonus content.

How To Get The Copywriting Secrets Audiobook?

  • Step 1: Go to Copywriting Secrets FREE offer page.
  • Step 2: Fill in your name and address on the page
  • Step 3: You should be offered to get the audiobook version after the paper book purchase.

Special Offer #2

2. Sales Story Secrets

Then we will get $97 of sales story secrets where we can learn like; How to produce stories for sales copy every time, sell more products and services quicker, Step-by-step training video, and transcripts.

How To Get The Sales Story Secrets?

  • Step 1: Go to Copywriting Secrets FREE offer page.
  • Step 2: Fill your name and address on the page
  • Step 3: You should be offered to get the Sales Story Secrets after the paper book purchase.

Sales Story Secrets Masterclass: The main reason for this that Copywriting Secrets book has a lot of steps, blueprints, formulas and tools that will captivate the targeted listeners and influence people to take action, and convert lookers into buyers, doesn’t matter that the service or product we are going to display for all.

7-Story Blueprint: A blueprint is something that gives the most crucial and vital content of any topic, which allows us to learn and execute anything easily. Here Copywriting Secrets book gives such; Story evolutions, 31 story introductions, 7 blueprint secrets to choosing the perfect story, The rest of sales message. And as bonus features the author provided “Million Dollar Story Example” which tells us about some detailed and inspiring examples.

Million Dollar Story Example:

Here we can learn from Copywriting Secrets book;

  • About actual stories of people who made millions of dollars.
  • Model these stories for your own sales copy, blog posts, social media, and more.
  • Stop predicting what types of stories work and actually see them for yourself in black and white.

These Incredible Bonuses!:

This book is giving away a lot of extra valuable features and bonuses that will blow anybody’s mind.

  • Bonus#1: Produce the perfect sketch for a Hero’s Expedition. That will help the people to use these stories for just about anything, including webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts, and more!
  • Bonus#2: It doesn’t matter what service or product is on display, it’s very easy to come up with great sales stories that rock by using this wizard to make your sales story to help sell anything. The story is a powerful thing to make anything a sale. This will help to make that happen for sure.
  • Bonus#3: Brainstorming is a vital factor and for that Copywriting Secrets book is providing as software to generate ideas very quickly. So that the perfect story can be used in any condition. Also, Copywriting Secrets book will help us to generate never ending great story making experience for sales copy, blogs, Facebook Lives, YouTube, etc.

Special Offer #3

3. Funnel Scripts

We all know that Funnel Scripts is a formula or method that will gradually lead someone towards the product sale. A funnel scripts is included for this precious item with a price tag of $697 which generally costs $100 more in the market.

If you’re not sure if you really need to get Funnel Scripts you can join their FREE Training Master Class Webinar, which will teach you how to get all of your sales letters, scripts, and webinar slides written in under 10 minutes:

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Copywriting Secrets Book Pros And Cons


  • Sellers and businesspersons can learn the verified effective methods and tactics on how to use the right words when copywriting to capture the attention and interests of possible customers.
  • For the long-term problems, Copywriting Secrets book might be the ultimate solution.
  • Copywriting Secrets book is a direct way to understand all about marketing advice you may have in mind.
  • The success story is an inspiring thing and inspiration helps up to some level to move ahead of our dream so the author also shares some of his real-life experiences and success stories.
  • The procedures were discussed in a way that’s piece of a cake to exploit and apply in the business even for a beginner.


  • Copywriting Secrets book is not supported by overdrive, windows smartphones, and iBooks, or Kindle.
  • It is true that Copywriting Secrets book is free of charge with a little shipping charge. And, the offer is only for a limited time.
  • The important upsells are quite costly and may not be something that people with a reasonable budget can have it for their own.
  • There are a lot of other related books that can be found on the web and this one offers lots of extra offers that have some similarities, many individuals still find this offer doubtable.
  • When you read it, there are times when you get overly enticed of the contents that make it seem like too good to be true.

Conclusion: Copywriting Secrets Book

No matter what our level is weather we are a beginner or an expert, we will find this Copywriting Secrets book worth reading primarily because it is packed with valuable tips and advantageous methodologies that are proven to be helpful.

The book teaches the readers to get more leads in their business, create more sales, encourage more people to subscribe to their social media networks and be able to create a massive group of followers.

Copywriting Secrets Book FAQs

Here are answers to some of the common questions customers ask about Copywriting Secrets before placing an order.

1. Where Can I Purchase the Copywriting Secrets Book?

Ans: You can purchase the Copywriting Secrets book from the official website at or Amazon.

You can purchase the Copywriting Secrets book from the official website at or on Amazon. And you’ll get a copy of Copywriting Secrets absolutely free (just pay shipping).

2. Can I Become an Affiliate and Promote Copywriting Secrets?

Ans:  Yes, you can become a ClickFunnels affiliate by clicking this link.
You’ll earn 30%-40% commission on any ClickFunnels product you refer to your friends and family. You can find our complete affiliate guide here.

3. When Will the Copywriting Secrets Books Ship?

Ans: If you’re located in the United States, shipping will take about 5-7 days. International Shipping can take up to 10-15 days depending on the country and distance from our warehouse or distribution centre.

4. Can I Get a Refund for My Shipping Fee if I Don’t Like the Book?

Ans: Of course, if you don’t like it for whatever reason (or not), ask us to refund your shipping cost; we’ll do so quickly and without question. You can choose to keep the book anyway!

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