Funnel marketing is mostly content-based thing. It’s much easier for you to succeed if you can provide good contents. You can automatically create all the excellent contents with the help of Funnel scripts.

You do not have to spend time and money on the writers. All-in-one solution for copywriting is Funnel Scripts. It’s expensive for everyone to use. But Clickfunnels has now brought a bonus for you.

If you subscribe to funnel scripts under funnel scripts bonus, you will get a lot of bonuses. The value of the bonuses that you will get is about $8,485. You should subscribe to the funnel scripts even for these bonuses.

So you can kill many birds with one stone. So, here is the detailed discussion on what you are going to get from this bonus package offer, how much the value of each thing etc.

The Funnel Scripts Overview

Vendor: Russell Brunson and developed by Jim Edwards
Product: Funnel Scripts
Price: Join Today for Just One Payment $797 (Unlimited Account- Unlimited Scripts- Unlimited Updates. Guaranteed No Future Payments, EVER!)
Discount Offer Page: CHECK NOW
Webinar Training: CLICK HERE to join the webinar training
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend: Highly Recommend

What Is the Funnel Scripts?

funnel scripts bonusFunnel Scripts is basically a copywriting software. With this, you can do all of the tasks of copywriting. All can be done with this such as ads copy, sales copy, product description copy, video description copies, and email content etc.

You just only need to provide the necessary data to the software input. Then it will do the rest itself. Funnel Scripts is an extension of Clickfunnels. It will save both your time and money.

This is because everything will be automated and just after the input, you will get the output. Funnel scripts can produce thousands of copies in less time. But if you would go to do this manually, it will take a lot of time. That is because the ability of the human being is limited. Besides, you would have needed a lot of money for this content writing.

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Why the Funnel Scripts Is Needed?

Funnel scripts is very much required for creating a sales funnel. All the good contents can bring you the desired sales. Visitors’ response will be also poor if the content is worse. The more fluent and clear the content is, the higher the visitor response would be. Digital marketing is mostly based on content. So you have to be compelled to get your copy writing.

And funnel scripts will do this copywriting job for you. It will write all the copies that are required for creating a sales funnel. There is no work of copywriting which you cannot be done with it. If you are a funnel marketer, then the software will be very useful. Funnel scripts is really needed to do automated funnel marketing. It will save you valuable time.

Who Is the Funnel Scripts For?

This scripts is suitable for all the marketers regardless of the experience. Basically, it is more suitable for those who work on funnel marketing but cannot write good content. Not being a good writer is not your fault. Not everyone needs to know everything. Without being a good writer, you can create good scripts like a skilled writer with funnel scripts. It does not apply to those who are experienced writers.

In addition to this, if you want to create the complete sales funnel in an automation system, the funnel script will give you a great company. Funnel script is an ideal software for those who want to get quality content in less time without spending money behind the writers. It is applicable for all the newbie and experienced funnel marketers.

Funnel Scripts Bonus

Funnel Scripts Bonus

Get Your Funnel Scripts Bonus Offer By Russell Brunson: Get $8,485 Bonus Package for Only $497/year

Clickfunnels has now come up with huge bonuses for subscribers to funnel scripts. After spending just $497, you will get the bonus worth $8,485. These bonuses are a great achievement for you. You are getting premium-level materials totally for free because of the funnel scripts. These bonus courses will be very helpful in learning your funnel marketing.

All these are advanced level funnel learning materials. In addition to this, some packages will be helpful for sales funnel building also. Here, we have mentioned what are the things you will get as a bonus and now take a look at a glance.

BONUS #1: Funnel Scripts Account for 12 Months Value of Which Is $4997

In the beginning, you will be given the full access to funnel scripts for 12 months. The price of this is $4997. But you are getting this at only $497. You can create ads as much as you want within this 12 months of time. You can also get your unlimited product descriptions written by funnel scripts. There will be no type of limitation for using funnel scripts for 1 year. You can renew it for the next year if you wish.

BONUS #2: Perfect Webinar Wizard Value of Which $ 997

You will get a total of four downloadable scripts wizards such as the Perfect Webinar, Video Sales Letter, Easy Survey and Star, Story, Solution Wizards. If you want to buy them separately, you will need to cost $997. But Clickfunnels will give you these excellent scripts wizards as a bonus with the funnel scripts. These are very useful in funnel marketing. Even only for this bonus, you should subscribe to the funnel scripts.

BONUS #3: Star, Story Solution Wizard Value of Which Is $297

Your surprise has not ended yet. Clickfunnels will surely continue to amaze you with the bonus one after another. If you subscribe to funnel scripts, you will get Star, Story Solution Wizard Value of Which Is $297 as a bonus. These will later become your greatest asset. Getting such things as bonuses deserve great appreciation.

BONUS #4: 5 Fast Funnel Template Value of Which Is $1997

There are very well desired 5 best funnel templates available also with the funnel scripts as the bonuses. These are all fully ready-made. You just need to customize it as you like. If you want to buy separately, these five templates will cost you around $2000. But you are getting these templates as a bonus for funnel scripts. The templates are tested so there is a lot more chance of success. Who else will offer $2000 worth bonuses with the $497 worth product? This is only possible for Clickfunnels.

BONUS #5: Funnel Scripts Blueprint Value of Which Is $197

When Russell Brunson launched the funnel scripts blueprint, then there was quite a great response in the market. Blueprint is very useful in determining the funnel strategy. Clickfunnels is also offering such a nice program with funnel scripts for free. Though the price of it is low, the effectiveness is very high. Considering all, it is a win-win situation for you.

Funnel Scripts Price

Although they are offering a lot of things with funnel scripts, they have kept the price low for everyone. If you spend only $497, you’ll get all these things at a time. And it is not like that they are offering outdated products as a bonus. The things you will get as the bonuses are also very helpful for everyone. So, even only for bonuses, you should buy funnel scripts. And everyone knows about the benefits of funnel scripts.

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Final Verdict

There is no better tool than funnel scripts for copywriting. It will write all types of copies for your funnels. Everything can be done in an automatic system. Those who thought that funnel scripts is expensive do not also have anything about the price.

This is because you are getting the huge bonuses with funnel scripts. Funnel scripts bonus will be included the premium level courses, tools, and templates. You would have to spend a lot of money if you want to buy those separately.

Clickfunnels authority deserves a great appreciation for the bonuses. So if you do not want to waste time for your scripts and copywriting, then buy the funnel scripts today. This bonus can be closed at any moment.

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