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Like your brownie and coffee, ClickFunnels for Real Estate is a perfect match. If you are in real estate business, you might find how tough it is to get a prospective customer converted into sales. You might face problem with a lot of different issues that couldn’t be resolved easily.

But you have nothing to worry about if you have ClickFunnels for real estate. It will come to work even if you are doing a small start up and for the high-rise real estate agents relentlessly. But for this, you have to know the ins and outs of this topic.

This article will concentrate on different aspects of ClickFunnels for real estate where you will figure out how it can be utilized to make the best outcome and multiply your revenue. We suggest you read the article completely and you will acquire a lot from this.

Let us not waste any time and dive deep into it. We will be guiding you through different sections where you will be learning a lot whether you are a beginner or an expert professional. We will be starting from a short introduction of ClickFunnels and then move on to the next sections. Let’s begin.

What Is ClickFunnels?

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel building software that allows users to create own sales funnels with much ease. If you are a newbie in this funnel marketing sector and want to develop a sales funnel of yours, ClickFunnels will come handy.

ClickFunnels has a wide variety of pre-designed templates for different types of sales funnels that you can use to serve your purposes. One of the advantages of these templates is they are designed by expert professionals to match your needs.

But this is not the end. You can even customize them more as per your requirements. If you think that the template is not suitable for you for some reason, you can modify them. This enables people to create unique funnels that don’t match with anyone else’s.

Whenever we talk about ClickFunnels, we have to mention their drag n drop editor which is a very handy feature, especially for beginners as they don’t have much technical knowledge in landing page design.

With these features, it is easier for them to drag page items on suitable spots and customize landing pages comfortably. This is also one of the reasons behind ClickFunnels being so popular.

Not to forget, ClickFunnels also offers some other unique features like Backpack and Actionetics. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, you might know the name of Backpack. It is the affiliate platform of ClickFunnels where you can earn money by promoting other people’s products.

Actionetics might not be so familiar to the people who aren’t using the Platinum plan of ClickFunnels as it only comes with the Platinum plan. With this email autoresponder integrated with your ClickFunnels account, you can easily manage email marketing automation and you don’t need to use any third party email autoresponder.

There are many more to discover if you start using ClickFunnels. It is a tool that has made marketing especially digital marketing a lot easier. But no more today on this. We will now move on to why real estate agents should use ClickFunnels and how they can be benefited from this. Let’s see.

Take a look at Our in-depth ClickFunnels review if you want all the details.

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Why Real Estate Agents Should Use ClickFunnels?

You have to admit one thing that internet has taken over all the world. In this era of internet, you have to cope up with the changing situation every moment. Unless you are adjusting with the upcoming trends, you will always fall behind.

You can see a lot from the statistics shows that most of customers are now preferring to check and verify the properties they are wiling to buy. So, you have to create a platform where your prospective customers can take a look of the properties with accurate information about sale.

This will ensure that you are doing your job right with honesty. This is why, ClickFunnels for real estate has become so popular among the real estate agents worldwide. We will now show you some reasons for using ClickFunnels for real estate. Stay with us.

ClickFunnels Is Optimized for Real Estate Lead Conversion

You can ask why we don’t suggest using websites for lead conversion in real estate business. Websites can be confusing for the new comers where it distracts people from the real deal. But with a sales funnel, you can present all the necessary information in a compact way and people will have the option to directly enter into your designed funnel.

On a website, you can attract people but can’t guide them in your desired way. In a sales funnel, it is easier for you to guide your visitors in a way that you want to take them. This ensures greater conversion rate than websites.

ClickFunnels Is Easy to Use for Real Estate Agents

ClickFunnels is a software that anyone can use for their marketing especially digital marketing. There are a lot different types of funnel you can create with this software. As real estate agents are already in a business and investing their time in a different genre, it is tough for them to learn coding and other stuffs from the beginning.

This is why, ClickFunnels for real estate can be the best solution for the real estate agents as it won’t require any extra knowledge on technical sides. It is a ready-to-use software that you can start using from the moment you buy it.

Another good thing about ClickFunnels is there are a lot of training courses on how to make the best use of ClickFunnels to achieve your targets. It is very helpful as it doesn’t require a definite time frame to take courses. You can watch tutorials on your leisure time and it will be enough to guide you through the path of digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Can Help You Build Beautiful Real Estate Landing Pages

You might hire a person to design your pages with a lot of money and can end up with a piece of scrap. You can never be sure about the outcome. But if you use ClickFunnels, it always ensures you are building a landing page that will attract viewers to dig in.

As you already know, ClickFunnels has a lot of built-in templates for you to use. They are designed by expert professionals and review by ClickFunnels team. They are more likely to be successful when they go live.

One more thing to mention here. You can even modify those templates and take them to a whole new level with the unique drag n drop editor ClickFunnels offers. It is very easy to edit your page templates and decorate them as you like.

How Can ClickFunnels Help Real Estate Agents?

Here the question arises that how ClickFunnels is different from other funnel building software? What do they provide that others don’t? We will try to answer some question so that you get a clear idea of how can ClickFunnels help real estate agents.

1. ClickFunnels for Real Estate Can Help You Fill Your Email List With Qualified Leads

Have you ever though about the importance of your email list? If you are already familiar with digital marketing, you might have heard about an email list that is one of the key resources of any digital marketer.

What is this email list? This is a collection of contact information of people who are interested in your products or services. But how do you know who are interested in your business and who aren’t? This is what we call lead generation in digital marketing.

You have to either ask people personally to give their contact details or to put somewhere. But do you think it is possible to physically reach everyone and collect their contact details? It sounds funny, right?

This is why we use different lead generation process in our funnels. You can offer an interesting package or something that will attract people but you have to make a catch here. The catch will lead people to either subscribe or put in their contact details and they will get something in return. This simple technique can enrich your email list easily. And your email list will work like an invest in your business.

With ClickFunnels, collecting leads for your real estate business is much simpler than other funnel building tools. You can create Opt-in funnels with ClickFunnels that will work great for collecting leads. It is a simple process that anyone can imitate just after learning.

Usually, there are two pages in Opt-in funnels. The first page is the Squeeze page/Landing page and the last page is the Thank You page. In the squeeze page or landing page, you place something so interesting that attracts people like bees are attracted by the fragrance of flower.

They will be then guided into a narrow path where they have to put down their contact information that you will be using from the next time. You will offer something useful like an e-book on properties or any sort of items in return.

The next page is the Thank You page where you will express your gratitude towards potential buyers for investing their valuable time and leaving their contact information for you to use.

2. ClickFunnels for Real Estate Can Help You Nurture Your Leads to Clients

Once you have the email list of your potential customers in hand, you can now use it to manipulate their minds with different email marketing strategies. You can send them follow-ups about your products or services that will make them return to you.

Consider you have a property on sale. How do your potential buyer knows that you are selling such a property that will match their needs? This is when the email list comes in play. As you have the contact information of the people interested in your business, you can follow them up with detailed offers about your properties. This will brighten the feelings in their minds as you are caring about them and letting them know what is going on.

With ClickFunnels, it is easier to reach your email list as it has built-in email autoresponder names Follow-up funnels. It was previously named as Actionetics and is integrated with your ClickFunnels account.

For your information, this doesn’t come with all the pricing plans of ClickFunnels. You will generally get two pricing plans of ClickFunnels which are the Standard plan and the Platinum plan.

Follow-up funnels come integrated with the Platinum plan. If you are worrying about what you will do with your email list if you are using the Standard plan, then here is the answer.

You can integrate any of your favorite email autoresponder with your ClickFunnels account provided that they are supported by ClickFunnels.

3. ClickFunnels for Real Estate Can Help You Convert Most of The Paid Traffic

We all are worried about the traffic flow in our funnels and same about the conversion rate. From free traffic to paid traffic, conversion rate plays an important role in the overall success of any business, real estate for here.

If you are worrying about why your paid traffic don’t convert properly, you should take a look at the pages of your expensive websites that aren’t attracting people that much. As we have state earlier, building websites is a hectic job that needs a lot of attention to details and much technical knowledge with vast experience in marketing.

If you build your website by someone who doesn’t understand the aspects of digital marketing or sales funnel, you might end up with something that irritates people. And this can shove your conversion rate deep into the ground.

If you want to avoid this situation and convert more traffic, ClickFunnels has some of the best features for you. Everything here is designed by expert team of professionals who have profound knowledge in sales funnel marketing and years of experience in this industry.

They understand what people need to be an effective customer converted from traffic. This is what differentiates ClickFunnels from its competitors and makes ClickFunnels for real estate the best choice.

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ClickFunnels for Real Estate: Best Practices

While using ClickFunnels for real estate, you have to consider several things to run your business consistently and convert your leads successfully into sales. If you are not aware of the things that are most effective on conversion rate, check the following to know some of the practices that can take your business to the next level.

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Lets You Use Different Pages for Different Audiences

Assume, you are using the same ads for different group of people. How will it work on different group of people where the basic difference is in their interest. You should never use the same ad to attract different customer bases.

For example, if you have a customer base who already know about you and your products or services, you have to be more cordial when addressing them through your ads. It will increase their trust in you and work for converting them more and more.

But, if you want to draw the attention of people who don’t know about you or your products, you have to take a different approach. Telling a compelling story that people can relate with their lives helps a lot in this case.

In simple words, you have to bring variation in your ads depending on who you want to target. ClickFunnels can help you in this job as you can place different ads on different pages. This is a great feature to use and comes handy when you have different groups of people in your customer base.

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Lets You Do Follow Up Calls And Emails As Soon As You Get Their Contact Information

Do you remember the lead generation and email list building section discussed above? What you can do with that email list? First thing you should do after getting the email list done is to follow up your potential buyers through phone or emails.

Why it is so important to follow them up so quickly? Consider you have been introduced with a person in a party. What if the person calls you the next day and asks you about your well being? You will definitely consider him cordial. The same things happens when you follow up your client.

ClickFunnels helps you to follow up your potential customers with cordial emails with its built-in email autoresponder names Follow-up funnels. This is one of the main reasons behind the success of ClickFunnels as a funnel marketing software.

Using ClickFunnels Integrations for Real Estate Business

Whenever it comes to a sales funnel, you have to maintain a lot of things from your ads, email lists, follow up emails, writing a copies, processing payments to many more. But if you don’t know the use of different tools needed for all these jobs, your venture might fail at the beginning.

ClickFunnels is such a tool that can be considered as jack of all trades. You can do a wide variety of tasks with ClickFunnels. Though everything necessary is integrated with ClickFunnels, you can also opt for using some other good options that are available in the market and easy to use with ClickFunnels.

We will now put light on some of those tools that can easily be integrated with your ClickFunnels to outperform ClickFunnels’s built in features. Let us divide those tools in different categories and show you a list of tools that will really come handy when comes to managing everything seamlessly.

Getting Real Estate Leads

For collecting most of your leads, you will need only two tools that can be really useful. One of them is Facebook, the most popular social media in the current world. You will need it for running Facebook Ads.

Another great tool for collecting leads is Google, the number one search engine where you can run Google ads to get amazing real estate leads.

Email Marketing Integrations

One of the most crucial things while using ClickFunnels is the email marketing automation. If you don’t have a good email marketing tool that can follow up your potential customers in a good manner, you might not get the deal real quick.

To do this, you can either use ClickFunnels’s built-in email autoresponder called Follow-up Funnels or any third party autoresponder that are supported by ClickFunnels. We will now give you a list of email autoresponder that are supported by ClickFunnels so that you can recall the names when it is necessary.

  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Hubspot
  • MadMimi
  • Sendlane
  • Ontraport
  • Market Hero
  • Keap

Appointment Scheduling Integrations

How about your customers scheduling an appointment with you to discuss different aspects of your offers? It will give them the extra confidence they need to take the decision of buying from you.

Though you can do it with ClickFunnels, check some of the high performance tools that are also incredible in this task. Please check the following.

  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Calendly
  • Google Calendar

CRM Integrations

Have you ever though about the effectiveness of CRM feature in digital marketing especially in real estate business? What you can do to collect quality leads easily and manage all of their information in one go?

If you are considering a CRM feature to be integrated with your ClickFunnels account to make it easier for managing, you can get a lot of options out there. But all of those tools can’t be equally useful or easy for you. You have to find out a tool that suits you and does the work conveniently.

To do everything smoothly, you can check the following tools.

  • HubSpot
  • SalesForce

ClickFunnels Real Estate Templates

If you struggle to to build your own ClickFunnels real estate sales funnel, then you can consider buying on of these ones:

Real Estate Lead & Squeeze Funnel by DoMy.Site

Get This Real Estate Funnel Template Here <<

Real Estate Listing Lead Generation Funnel

Get This Real Estate Funnel Template Here <<

REAL ESTATE LISTING (Optin and Thank You Page)

 Get This Real Estate Funnel Template Here <<

5 Things You Should Do If You’re Considering to Use ClickFunnels for Real Estate

You might have already outlined a plan in your mind about using ClickFunnels for real estate. But is that all? How would you be sure about the success of your plan? Is there anything additional needed in the plan?

Though we don’t know your plan, we can give you some advise that will help you to achieve your targets. Here are some tips from expert professionals that can keep you updated with the pace of this industry over time. Let’s see.

1. Pick a Copy of Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book

You might already know about Russell Brunson, CEO, and co-founder of ClickFunnels. He was an online marketer before he came into the software company. We could also introduce him as a writer. He has already written some best seller books that have been vastly admired among marketers around the world.

These books are written on different topics of marketing, entrepreneurship, and other aspects of the business. You will learn a lot from his books and they have been so popular for some reasons. People are always looking for his latest books where he will express his knowledge and experience in his way.

DotCom Secrets is one of Russell’s best seller books which was written a few years ago. It is basically the first part of his Secrets Trilogy which is a must read for any business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer.

You should take this book with you if you are planning to use ClickFunnels for real estate. Are you wondering about the price point of this book? You will be glad that this book is completely free! Yes, you have heard it right. This book doesn’t cost you anything. But you have to pay the shipping cost for this book to be delivered to you depending on your geographical location. Related Post: DotCom Secrets Book Review

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2. Pick a Copy of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book

As we have discussed in the first part of the Secrets Trilogy above, this is the successor of DotCom Secrets. One thing to be mentioned about Russell is the writing style he uses in his books.

He writes so clearly and boldly that anyone can find the necessary information from his books. You will never struggle to understand his books. This is another reason his books are so popular around the world.

Talking about the Traffic Secrets book, this is a great resource for entrepreneurs and marketers as you have to deal a lot with traffic conversion. If you know the secret strategies of handling traffic, you might not succeed as much as you wanted.

This is why this book is so important to read and have in your personal collection. This can enrich you with the knowledge that you would never have without meeting Russell Brunson.

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3. Sign Up for A ClickFunnels Free Trial

Haven’t you sign up for ClickFunnels yet? You are surely missing something great. This tool is so versatile that you will be astonished after just one go. But if you are worried about the price range of its plans, we have good news for you.

ClickFunnels has two price plans, one of them is the Standard plan and the other is the Platinum plan. The standard plan costs you $97 per month and comes with a lot of features but in limited quantity.

With the Platinum plan, you get all the features available in the above plan but with unlimited quantity. But you have to pay $297 per month to get access to this plan. If you are not sure about what is offered inside these plans, you can have a sneak peek at them. How?

You can simply sign up for any of the plans but don’t worry. You will get a free trial valid for 14 days. There was an offer of a 30-day free trial but that isn’t available now.

But we think 14 days is enough for you to browse through the software and check the usability of this tool. If you find it useful, you can opt for buying any of the packages. But if you are not satisfied with this tool, you can simply quit and nothing will be charged.

How amazing this offer is! You can get access to all of their features for 14 days without paying anything. This is a great deal to check the tool to your heart’s content. And for your information, no one quits once they start their free trial of ClickFunnels for real estate.

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4. Join the One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

This is an amazing training program that will let you learn about the most sophisticated things of ClickFunnels through some interesting lessons and tricky homework. This course is designed to make you an expert on this tool so that you can properly use this tool in your leverage.

In this course, you will be learning about how to create and run your sales funnel, how to manage them in a manner that helps you to grow faster from the top marketers around the world. This is a 30-day course divided into different sections for each week where you will get lessons on different topics.

You will also need to complete different tasks given with the lessons to make sure that you are learning it right and have the capability of solving strategic problems. This develops the inner quality of you in business and you will be amazed by the result after you have taken this course. Related Post: One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Join the One Funnel Away Challenge Here >>

5. Buy Funnel Builder Secrets

You can easily buy any one of the ClickFunnels packages by paying the fee. You can even pay them upfront to get a discount on the overall price. But what if we show you the way of getting a ClickFunnels account at the cheapest rate?

Yes, that is possible through Funnel Builder Secrets. This is the package that contains ClickFunnels accounts and many other amazing bonuses useful for your journey. In this package, you get more than you invest. We are listing the bonuses here so that you can guess the worth of this package. Have a look.

  • 6 to 12 months of ClickFunnels account
  • Free Funnel Scripts
  • Free Traffic Secrets Membership
  • Free Access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass Training
  • Free Access to the Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Free Access to FunnelFlix

Everything is pretty much the same in both the packages but the only difference is with the duration of your ClickFunnels account. With $1997, you get access to the ClickFunnels Platinum account for 6 months. On the other hand, you get access to the ClickFunnels Platinum account for 12 months at a cost of $2997.

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Final Words

ClickFunnels for real estate can be a great deal if you are trying to concentrate on your business without having the hassle of managing traffic conversion, marketing policies and other hectic jobs.

ClickFunnels for real estate will get the job done for you with the blink of your eyes. All your sweaty days will be gone once you start using ClickFunnels for real estate. This is all for today. Have a plan and execute with pinpoint accuracy.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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