108 Proven Split Test Winners Book Review 2024 | By Russell Brunson

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108 Proven Split Test Winners

The latest 108 Proven Split Test Winners book is an extraordinary compilation by Russell Brunson. In fact, people are interested in different sectors. So it is very tough to capture them with just a single funnel audience.

So how would it be if you become able to set up the same campaign for different audiences? Yes, this will be possible by the split test.

But it would not have happened in an unplanned way. Setting up the appropriate audiences is necessary. And to do that, you definitely have to take someone’s guidelines. You will be able to get advice on split tests from famous funnel marketer Russell Brunson himself through this book.

We will mainly review the 108 Proven Split Test Winners book today. For that, you would be able to get an idea about the quality of the book. So let us have a look at what the book contains.

What Is 108 Proven Split Test Winners?

Many of you may have understood by looking at the name. Even then those who did not understand what it really is then let us open up the matter for you.

108 Proven Split Test Winners is mainly a book by famous funnel marketer Russell Brunson. The book was originally written on the split test for funnel marketing.

He has shown how to become successful by setting up multiple audiences in the same funnel. He has presented 108 proven tests in the book. As the tips given by him are proven so it can be said that it will come in handy. There is no alternative to multiple audiences to achieve desired success.

That is possible through the split set. The book will help a lot to those who want to experiment on the split test. Since the book was published, there is a great deal of discussion all around.

So let us take a look at some of its magnetic points.

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Who is Russell Branson?

108 Proven Split Test WinnersIf you do not know him in the first uttering, then it can be said that you are new in the funnel marketing world. Russell Brunson is a famous funnel marketer.

He is the founder of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is very effective software for funnel marketing. You will not have any kind of funnel marketing task that you cannot do with this.

Russell Brunson does not restrict his own knowledge to only himself like others. He spreads his acquired knowledge among all other people.

Because of which the institute like Funnel University, has grown up. Each of the tasks of that university is usually done under the supervision of Russell Brunson.

He has already written several books on funnel marketing. Each of his books has gained immense popularity. Russell Brunson has great experience in funnel marketing.

Hopefully, everyone is going to be able to understand all of Russell Brunson’s eligibility criteria.

What Is A Split Test?

We understand as the meaning of the split test is spreading or dividing. However, a split test in funnel marketing is doing experiments after setting up various audiences in the funnel. Because of the split test, you can do research on the interest of different types of people.

By setting up different types of audiences in the same funnel, you can understand people of which class is your real buyers.

In this way, when you become able to establish a specific customer pattern after doing several experiments, then you will be able to be very successful even with a single audience. New marketers should set up the split test over and again.

What 108 Proven Split Test Winners Will Teach You?

This book allows you to learn a lot of things. It can be said that Russell Brunson did not exclude anything in this book about the split test. In the book, he has discussed everything beautifully. So let us take a look at what you can learn from this.

Buy Now Versus Free Trial:-

There are many people who cannot attract customers due to the lack of proper knowledge about setting up the right call to action buttons. Many people do not understand where to write buy now or free trial. As a result, they get caught and fail in the final stage.

Naturally, everyone will be interested in free things. There if you put buy now button then no one will be interested. In these cases, you have to be very tactical. In the book, Russell Brunson has highlighted on the theme of the buy now versus free trial. You can learn them very nicely.

Did You Know?:-

It is normally hard to understand what it will teach you after seeing the heading. So we are going to reveal what you will be taught here. Basically, you will learn here about how to put add to cart button.

If you become a little and put add to cart button on the other spaces, then your sales may rise up to 38%. Russell has openly discussed in the book where and how to place add to cart button. For that, you can learn more about this in detail.

Animated Versus Static Headline:-

The headline in funnel marketing is very important. It has to be used properly. If you do any mistake here means you will be fully loser. Russell Brunson has given guidance to the headline choice in the book.

You can get the idea of how to use the right headline. Up to 29% of sales conversion rates can be reduced if you choose wrong heading. Therefore, you have to take precautions in such cases. You will have to understand the work and then proceed.

When Do You Show Your Order Form?:-

If you ask someone to buy something hastily, then she/he will not buy it, but instead, they can get angry. Marketing is such a thing where every job needs to be done with a lot of skill. Then a successful sale is made. So you should not insist on the buyer to purchase by providing the order form at first. You need to make the customer understand the necessity and quality of your product.

When he or she will understand that he or she needs it, then she/he will be interested in buying it. In that case, if you give an order form, then they will buy it. You will need to read this book to know where and how to show the order forms.

Should You Do a 7 or 30 Day Trial for Your Product?

How long would your free trial be, 7 days or 30 days? It actually depends on the situation. Success is inevitable if you can understand the demand for buyers and set trial accordingly. Both of the two is needed. However, it will depend on the situation how long the trial should be. Otherwise, you will see that you are having a greater loss for the trial customers.

If you want to know how many days your trial should last, then you will have to buy the book. Russell Brunson has discussed these issues very nicely in the book. If you read the book, you will not have to worry about setting the trial period.

Long copy vs. Video Sales Letter:-

Which one you should offer? Should it be a video or a long copy? Both of them are effective according to the necessity. But you have to choose one. It might seem difficult for you to do this. If you have the strategy of Russell Brunson, difficult work seems to be easy. This book will save you easily from this dilemma situation.

The book is very beautiful, he explains the facts when to give it. If you do it right, your sales will increase by 33%. Video or sales copy is your product’s representation. Here, all the qualities of the product must be highlighted. Then the customers will be attracted to your products easily.

All Free Trials Are Not Created Equal:-

Always free does not get any benefit. Especially it is harmful to buyers. Sometimes a free trial requires to be subscribed with a credit card. At the end of the trial, it gets converted in any package automatically. Then money is deducted as the cost without the knowledge of the cardholder. Everyone gets annoyed at this.

Russell Brunson discusses a little bit more about these things here. He has shown that not all free trial carries the same value. If you want to know better about this, you will have to read the book.

Split Test Result of Russell Brunson and Other Renowned Markets:-

This is the most fascinating part of the book. Russell Brunson discusses in this chapter about the result of various split test setups. You will be able to know how his audiences responded. You will be able to know how not only Russell Brunson but also other renowned funnel marketers setup multiple audiences in the same funnel.

Since their methods are proven so you can easily apply them in real life. Apart from this, you can learn techniques from the experts on how to set up multiple audiences. Even only for this chapter, any funnel marketer should buy this book.

Determining the Special Strategy of Landing Pages for Business Growth:-

Landing pages are very important in funnel marketing. Here you are wrong meaning you are the ultimate loser. You need to be strategic. The more strategic someone is, the more sales conversion he or she can make.

Through the book, you can learn the landing page strategy from the experienced people. You can also succeed by utilizing their tested strategies.

Secret Scripts:-

The secret scripts is one of the key parts of the book. Here there are some scripts that will help you build yourself as a millionaire.

You will not get these secret tips easily anywhere. The only reason you are getting everything at a cheap price is the kindness of Russell Brunson. Do you want to get those secret tips? Then buy the book today.

Toilet Letter:-

Although the name is ridiculous, it is a secret formula of Russell Brunson. This formula will help you to become a successful marketer. You will not get these secret formulas anywhere else. So buy the book to get them.

Pros And Cons


  • The book is completely free. Both the hard book and print book are free.
  • Free shipping around the world.
  • Full book on the split test.
  • A lot of secret formulas and strategies have been given.
  • Written by Russell Brunson.
  • Many strategies have been discussed on landing pages.


  • There is other up sells.

108 Proven Split Test Winners Book Price

The book is available for free. Russell did not set any value for this. Both the hardcopy and PDF are totally free. So you can buy the book today for completely free.

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108 Proven Split Test Winners book

You may are be wondering where will you find this extraordinary book. You do not have to think about this.

As we have written the book review, so we would give you the way where you will get this from. You can download the book totally for free right from here. The online version is written in PDF format. So anyone can download and read the book.

By downloading the book, you will be surprised after seeing different tips one after another. The more you read it, the more you will be impressed. Your interest in funnel marketing will increase.

So download this wonderful book right now. Russell Brunson wants to share his knowledge with all. That is why he wrote this great book.


Final Verdict

Hopefully, everyone has got a lot of ideas about the book. Since it is a free book, every funnel marketer should keep the book in their collection. It is not just written by a so-called expert.

The book has a great discussion in several split tests. After reading this, you can make the target perfect. The more likely the targeting will be, the more likely the sales will increase.

108 Proven Split Test Winners book contains only proven formulas. You can try any one of the 108 proven tests included in the book.

In addition to the proven test, many secret formulas will also be available in the book. And since the book is free so there is no problem to keep it in your collection. So, download a copy right now and get that awesome creation by Russell Brunson.

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