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The business system of the world has been standing on marketing. Business without marketing is meaningless. You cannot make any profit without marketing. Since it is the life of a business, it is necessary to have a good idea about it.

It is required to be quite tactical in terms of setting the strategy, attracting buyers, price determination, etc. If you can set up a great marketing plan then your business is highly successful. To become a good marketer, there is no alternative to study. ‘Marketing secrets blackbook‘ is such a book reading which you also could be an expert marketer.

The author of the book is not an unknown person. He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. Everyone knows him with a single name in digital marketing.

In the book, the author has described a lot of secret formulas of marketing in light of the real experience. These secret tips have been discovered by successful marketers and they have got success implementing them secretly in marketing.

Our today’s review is to tell you all how effective the book is for marketing. We will try as much as possible to give you enough information about the book. Now let us get you the basic information about the book.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook Overview

Name: Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook
Author: Russell Brunson
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Price: FREE
Status: Available

Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review

There are many things come to say about marketing secrets. You might think we will discuss some secret tips. This is not the case at all. Marketing Secrets Blackbook is basically a book name. Secret ideas are very well described and represented in the book.

The author has described 99 secret formulas in the book. In addition, he has nicely discussed all the facts from beginning to ending of marketing. If you can read the book and apply those in your business, then your business will run like a crazy horse.

Every formula given by him in digital marketing is tested. The book has received a lot of praise from funnel marketers. We will write something about this book in form of a summary today. For that, you will be clear inside about the book. Now let us present the introduction to the book.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook

Who Is the Author of The Marketing Secrets Blackbook?

Russell BrunsonThe Marketing Secrets Blackbook has written by Russell Brunson, world-famous funnel marketer and the founder of ClickFunnels. He wrote several books on funnel marketing.

All the books are able to respond a lot. In continuation of this, Russell Brunson has written this book recently with 99 secrets formulas. After reading this book, young people will be benefited and the skilled marketers can also get their knowledge to the next step as well.

He wrote the bookkeeping the fact of everyone in his mind. That is why marketers of all levels buy and read his books. The author compiled the secret ideas of his contemporary successful marketers and also described the marketing strategy.

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What You’ll Find Inside the Marketing Secrets Blackbook

It can be said that the book contains all about marketing. Yet, we will highlight its chapters here briefly. It will make it easier for everyone to know the contents of the book.

First Chapter: Foundations

Russell Brunson has placed the marketing foundation in the first chapter of the book. Here, he has discussed the primary rules and regulations of marketing. Basically, he has made the discussion here about making a product, pricing, profit calculation, etc.

If you can learn this chapter, you can create a beautiful stage for marketing. Besides, he has discussed how to find out target customers. You might go to a mentor to learn these tasks. But after reading the book you can learn it completely for free. This is because we have arranged the way to get the book for free for you.

Therefore, it is your duty to read this book for the foundation of marketing. This will increase your marketing knowledge a lot.

Second Chapter: Become An Expert

Russell Brunson has arranged the second chapter of his book with various formulas on how to be an expert. When your foundation is created, slowly you will move to the expert level. But being an expert is not so easy. You have to learn a lot to be an expert. With this, you have to use your head for brainstorming and you need to find something creative. If you read the book, you can do all that.

Russell has beautifully shown how to become an expert marketer and what the obstacles to being an expert is. He has also discussed a little bit about how to find out a secret idea on one’s own. If you want to have the right guideline to become an expert then you will have to read the book at least once. So try to collect a copy right now.

Third Chapter: Offers

The author has arranged the third chapter with the topic named the offer. The most effective way to attract buyers is to offer offers. Who does not want to get a good product with a discount? That is why people are always looking for offers. Many people cannot present the offer properly to the buyers. As a result, the objective of the offer goes in vain.

That is why it is needed to be tactful to offer. So that it can attract customers easily. But do you know to make interesting an offer what you need to do? If you do not know then you must read Russell’s secret formula. In the way, he described all is really wonderful for everyone and if you all follow his tactics then you will also be able to create a nice funnel.

Fourth Chapter: Funnels

You will get the discussion on the funnel in the fourth chapter. To tell the details on the funnel, it is needed to write a different book. Russell Brunson also has written a few numbers of books about the funnel. Despite this, he has excluded the unnecessary discussions in this chapter and briefly written about the funnel. The name Russell is very renowned in funnel marketing.

He has made a lot of funnels in 20 years of experience. From there, he has presented all the effective methods in the book. Since these are written in the light of real experience, it is not necessary to say that you will be successful if you apply these.

You can read this chapter if you want to read briefly about the important discussions of the funnel. You will be able to know a lot that you might not have dreamed about.

Fifth Chapter: Sales

Sales started after the successful marketing. The sale is the step that begins with the few last steps of the business. After that, the after sales service is left. Through the sales, a marketing campaign receives the fulfillment.

To know how to convert a visitor to a successful buyer, you need to read the fifth chapter of the book. All discussions in this chapter are related to sales. You will get everything like the lead collection, sale confirmation, after sales service, etc.

Apart from these, he also has described many ways to increase sales. Who does not want to increase sales to generate more profits? As an online business, it is even more important. So if you want to get the secret formulas related to sales for free, you can collect a copy of this book today.

Sixth Chapter: Mindset

Mindset is the initial step of the business. In our opinion, it should have been kept in the first chapter of the book. Though the author can tell why he has kept it in the last chapter. No matter wherever it is in the book, the mindset is the subject matter of your learning. So if you want to get a better knowledge of mindset then you can read the last chapter.

You can learn a lot about the mindset with the fluent writing of the book. The mindset has a very good impact on business. When multiple ideas come in front of you then you have to choose one through the mindset. Now understand the importance of Mindset. If you want to get the secret idea on the mindset, you can collect a copy and read that.

Where Does Marketing Secrets Binge Guide Fit In?

Marketing Secrets Binge Guide

The Marketing Secrets Binge Guide is a free 94-page PDF that goes hand-in-hand with the Blackbook and contains 467 podcasts of Russell’s journey from start-up to $100,000,000.

You can download and hear every podcast via iTunes and Stitcher.

In addition, you can visit the “Marketing Secrets” Blog- where Russell’s podcasts are available to watch via YouYube videos. Also, you are able to read the full episode transcripts at your own leisure.

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  • Written in light of real experience
  • Written in light of 20 years of experience
  • Write about 99 secret ideas
  • He has described only those secrets through which he became successful
  • Fluent writing, excellent word choice
  • Written by the famous Funnel Marketer Russell
  • The book is available for free
  • Published by ClickFunnels


  • These ideas may not work in all these places
  • The book size is too big

Collect a Copy of FREE

Though it is astonishing to hear, it is true that such an effective book is absolutely free. To get it for free, you have to collect the book from the link we have provided. We have arranged the system as their partner. So do not delay anymore and collect your copy right now.

The Story Behind Writing The Book

When Russell was failed in a business a little five years back, he decided to start a new podcast the name of which was initially ‘’Marketing In Your Car.’’ it was probably the worst time in his life to think about starting a podcast if he looks back now. He just had to fire almost 100 employees.

Apart from that, he had to downsize his office space from over 22,000 square feet to a little over 1,000 square feet and he had to fight a lot daily to not fall into bankruptcy.

The fact has an impact on him to start a marketing podcast and at this point, he decided to start it. Though the situation seemed not in his favor, he feels so grateful at present that he had started it.

Russell included all of his five years experience of his life in this podcast that has started from the brinks of bankruptcy to establishing a software company that is expecting to do over $100,000,000 in sales this year alone!

Russell decided to rebrand his podcast a few years ago as the ‘Marketing Secrets’ show as the title suits better with the brand of his two bestselling books ‘DotCom Secrets and ‘Expert Secrets

In this year, Russell requested Julie Stoian, one of the great marketers in their community to go back and re-listen to more than 500 episodes of his podcast and find out the best stories, strategies, and examples that have the greatest impact for the business owners from the podcast. Thus this ‘Blackbook’ comes.

She has put countless efforts to get you this Blackbook spending a lot of hours listening, organizing, writing, and rewriting. Thus Blackbook is available for you.

Get Your FREE Digital Copy  ‘Marketing Secrets Blackbook’ Now!

Final Thoughts

This book has recently come into the market. The biggest thing is that it is available for free. As you will get for free, you can keep a copy of this book. If the marketing secret ideas do not work then it is not a big fact for you.

For this, you do not have any financial loss since the book is free. However, those who want to learn new things about marketing seriously try to attentively read the book several times. Although it is free, the secret ideas of the author are of the premium level.

You will get a lot of new ideas on marketing in the book and it will increase your skills a lot. And the more you are an expert in marketing, the better your business will grow.

In the end, we would like to say, there is no alternative to learning to be successful in podcast marketing. Even the writer himself still continues to learn.

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