Funnel Scripts Discount Offer [2024]: By Russell Brunson

Published On: November 30, 2018By 11.9 min read

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Funnel Scripts Discount Offer
Product:Funnel Scripts
Price:Join Today for Just One Payment of $797
Discount Offer Page:CHECK NOW
Webinar Training:CLICK HERE to join the webinar training
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Do you want to make copywriting work for your business? Yes, we all who have business badly want to make that happen. Clickfunnels, offering the Funnel Scripts, thankfully makes the job of copywriting a lot easier for the marketers out there, and you know that.

But what about the pricing of Funnel Scripts? Well, it is justified if you are looking for some sort of discount from the fixed $ 797-lifetime access. The question is, how do you get that discount? Clickfunnels has not officially announced any offer that reduces the amount from $797. But there are ways, no worry!

We’ll cover the most possible ways you can ensure Funnel Scripts discounts. But before that, if you are new, let’s head towards what Funnel Scripts can provide marketers with. 

  • Opt-in scripts.
  • Effective sales copy.
  • Engaging video copy.
  • Impressive email copy.
  • Proper call-to-action copy.
  • Ad copy and more.

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

What Is Funnel Scripts

Compared to the outcome you can have from Funnel Scripts; you don’t need to break the bank to access the super-effective marketing tools. Accessing Funnel Scripts will cost you $797. There are also ways you can reduce the amount and make the most out of the copywriting tool.

Funnel Scripts Discount Codes: All Funnel Scripts Deal

Funnel Scripts Headline Generator
Are you struggling to come up with the perfect headline? Try this tool to create a list of unique headlines that grab the attention of your potential customers.
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Funnel Scripts Free Trial Account
Trying out the Funnel Scripts Lite version is an opportunity to access free script samples and features.
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OFA Challenge Scripts

With a simple push-button, you can create and customize all the scripts you learn from the One Funnel Away Challenge.
Get The Deal

DotcomSecrets scripts

The quickest way to write your Dotcom Secrets Funnel Scripts sales copy in less than 15 minutes.
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Expert Secrets Book Scripts

All the scripts you need to become the expert and authority in your market
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Traffic Secrets Book Scripts

The quick and easy way to create the sales copy and scripts from the Traffic Secrets book.
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Everything You Should Know About Each Funnel Scripts Plan

Are you looking for the best Funnel Scripts deal? Then why not have a glance at the available plans? By going through the Funnel Scripts plans, you can choose one that best provides value for your business. Here’s what we have come out with

1. Funnel Scripts Free Trial

If you want to explore the Funnel Scripts first, then there will be no other plan better than the free trial option you’ve always wanted. This will give you very deep insights into the tool and how you can better utilize it to generate stunning copies within a short period of time.

You can have two exciting features from Funnel Scripts free trial. The very first one you would love to check is the Funnel Scripts headline generator. All you need to do is put some information about the keywords you have in your collection and some additional information.

Funnel Scripts Free Trial

The tool will then provide you with the stunning marketing headlines that you can always find in any type of sales or ad copy. The second one is the Funnel Scripts Lite. Now, the question is what the feature is all about. You can use the feature to access some of the essential tools of Funnel Scripts. So, better go with it.

You should never underestimate the free trial of Funnel Scripts, as there are many tasks you can still perform with a lot of ease. From Niche and Offer Detective Wizard to Lead Capture scripts, all are available in the 30-day free trial.

2. One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts (OFA Scripts)

Are you in search of a great guide on how to make a sales funnel work for your business? If yes, then you should definitely check the One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts. As the name suggests, this is more like a course that teaches marketers how to build their business by making the most of the sales funnel.

Thanks to all the hard efforts of the instructor, Jim Edwards, who went through the challenge and sorted out some key things that needed to be included in the course. The OFA Scripts will also give you a crystal-clear idea about Funnel Scripts. So, it is more than worth it.

One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts

Price: $97. 

Here you can click on this link to join the One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts today! Once you dive into the website, you will see a good number of features of the course and what people who have already joined shared.

3. Dotcom Secrets Scripts

Dotcom Secrets Scripts

Reading e-books can be a real fun these days, especially if the book teaches us how we can make a lot of money. Sounds good?

The Dotcom Secret Scripts is an e-book that will teach you how you can start, continue, and sustain your online business.

The book covers all the marketing materials you should have enough knowledge about. Here you can know the story and learn strategies for making business from zero to the top. Regardless of the internet business you have, you’ll find the book a masterpiece.

From getting high-paid clients to how you can better market what you offer, the book is a complete package for new entrepreneurs or marketers which you can have by paying $97 only.

4. Expert Secrets Scripts

Expert Secrets Scripts

Marketers would love to head from Russell, as he has been able to make a lot of business, even million-dollar ones. Experts Secrets Scripts is another book by Russell where he teaches how to grow your business, making the most out of the most miniature marketing tools and techniques available.

When building a strong online presence, your business should have some detailed strategies. The book teaches how you can ensure a strong presence in your business and attract many customers at the same time.

Beyond that, the Experts Secrets Scripts is all software that you can use to generate compelling copies. So, along with the marketing knowledge you should have to grow your business, Experts Secrets Scripts also deny the need to hire expensive copywriters.

Moreover, it is possible to grab a good number of scripts like ASK Campaign, the 5 Curiosity Hooks and more. Mentioning the wizard, you can have much more, like the Perfect Webinar and the Big Domino.

Price: $97

5. Traffic Secrets Scripts

Traffic Secrets Scripts

The precondition of running a successful online business is to get enough traffic. Without expected traffic, you won’t be able to meet the purpose of your online business. Thanks to the book Traffic Secrets Scripts for making life easier for the marketers out there.

The book teaches how to build a strong reputation for any Internet business and sustain its success. Along with the advanced marketing knowledge, you can also have the luxury of a good number of scripts that you can use to boost sales.

Some of the burning scripts that you can have from the Traffic Secrets Scripts are; 

  • Ultimate Hook Scripts.
  • Viral Videos Scripts.
  • Sales Story Scripts.
  • YouTube Video Scripts.
  • Challenge Funnel Email Scripts.
  • Solo Ads, Email and many more.

6. Buy Funnel Scripts Full Suite

This can be a game-changing marketing material. Yes, if you are looking for a complete package of the Funnel Scripts, then you will definitely love the Funnel Scripts Full Suite. Here you will find all.

Now, based on budget, the Funnel Scripts may seem a bit expensive for many. From that sense, the Funnel Scripts Full Suite can be an affordable option, no doubt. The price won’t be out of your reach compared to the value you are supposed to (from other copy generator tools online).

A bunch of scripts (more than 60) and wizards make the package even more attractive and effective. The copies that you are supposed to have from the Funnel Scripts Full Suite will be bare enough to grow your business.


Funnel Scripts Pricing Conclusion

Now you know the options available when you are on a mission to get a Funnel Scripts discount. So, you should take your time and go with the options you find better suit your business and budget. However, our recommendation is to first go with the free trial to figure out how Funnel Scripts works.

So, don’t ask for any discount, as Clickfunnels doesn’t officially offer any. Rather, go with any of the options mentioned and have a great deal.

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