Funnel Scripts Alternative | Detailed Review and Walkthrough

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Funnel Scripts Alternative

Presently, the content for funnel marketing is quite important. If your content is good, then funnel marketing will be easy for you. It is not possible for all to write good content. You can even write good content without being a good writer with the help of funnel scripts.

This new addition tool of ClickFunnels is great at copywriting. It can write all such as the sales copy, ads copy, content etc. Yet many would like to have alternative options to funnel scripts.

Today, we will discuss the Funnel scripts alternative. We would like to highlight these facts in front of you of who are the alternatives to funnel scripts, whether their capacity is as like as funnel scripts or not.

Clickfunnels always wants to make all your work automatic. In his continuation, they have come up with funnel scripts. Using funnel scripts will save you a lot of money. This is because you will not have to hire someone else for content writing.

The Funnel Scripts Overview

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Who Are the Alternatives to Funnel Scripts?

ClickFunnels has put them at another level as the funnel marketing tool. The result of which they are releasing one tool after another. Clickfunnels basically researches the funnel specifically. Then release the tools after understanding the needs. That’s why their tools are accurate and helpful.

Similarly, one of the excellent tools is the funnel scripts. It will provide all the contents automatically needed for the sales funnel. Funnel scripts alternatives are not worth the search.

That is because it’s very creative and requires a lot of programming and artificial intelligence tasks. A huge skilled team is required to do this which is not available to others. We have found out the alternatives to Clickfunnels after searching a lot. Yet it is not entirely an alternative to that.

You cannot even do 10 percent of tasks with the alternate tools that can be done with funnel scripts. After a lot of searching, we have found out a website called Automated Copywriter. We are considering this as an alternative to funnel scripts.

How Reliable the Automated Copywriter Is as An Alternative to Funnel Scripts?

As already mentioned, there is no one as a perfect alternative to Clickfunnels. And though you may get some, that does not work much.

Funnel Scripts is specially designed for funnel marketing. On the other hand, an Automated Copywriter is created as the general copywriter. It’s basically good for writing plays, scripts, and stories. So automated copywriter for the sales funnel is not that reliable.

The possibility of becoming a failure is high if you do Copywriting with this. We would recommend using the dedicated copywriter for funnel marketing. This is because they are made in that way. So the funnel scripts is better in this case.

What Can Be Done with Automated Copywriter?

An automated copywriter is an independent software. The list of what can be done with it is given below in different points.

Sentence Builder

With the help of an automated copywriter, you can easily build any sentence. It’s really good in sentence building. You can do many things with this such as checking the grammar of the sentences, keeping the punctuation marks right, matching the words, and so on.

We know that the life of good English is the perfect sentence building. Content is created by one sentence after another. You can do this job very well with this. Automated copywriting will make you beautiful sentences.

Automated SEO

SEO is now quite a big factor in the field of marketing. Especially for those who are in affiliate marketing, it is a must to do SEO. Automated copywriting allows you to do some SEO tasks automatically.

You can do automatically those tasks in less time than took a lot of time to do manually. Everything will be done according to your instructions. Though it is a copywriting software, it is a great thing for it to provide automated SEO services.

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Alternate or Funnel Scripts, Which One Should Be Used?

Hopefully, you have to understand which one to use after reading our so long discussion. Those who have not yet realized, let us open up the matter more clearly to them. We can say straight that you must use funnel scripts.

There is no better software than this for the automated sales funnel copy writings. Likewise, it is very user-friendly too. Another interesting fact is that it is a dedicated sales funeral copywriter.

Why You Should Consider the Funnel Scripts Over the Alternatives?

There are hundreds of reasons why you should consider the funnel scripts over the alternatives. Not all the reasons, we would focus on the main reasons and those are given in points below. So now take a look at why you should use the funnel scripts.

Easy to Use

Using funnel scripts is a lot easier. Its interface is very user-friendly. Anyone can use it. Likewise, there is no burden of downloading funnel scripts. You can use it from the website. You can easily download the scripts from there. If you want to edit the scripts, you can also do that yourself as you like.

Dedicated Funnel Scripts Writer

Funnel Scripts is specially designed for funnel copywriting. Since it is dedicated, it is normal that its performance will be much better than others. Clickfunnels knows well how to write scripts suitable for the funnel. As the funnel scripts is dedicated, you will get a lot of advantages in it.

Scripts Download Facility

You can also download the scripts after copywriting. There are all the arrangements kept in it for downloading scripts. You can work offline also as you wish after downloading.

Scripts Editing Advantage

Another big feature of the funnel script is that you can edit its scripts. If you do not like the script created by the software, you can edit it yourself. You can put the cursor where you want to edit the text.

Funnel Scripts Bonus

This is a tool by Clickfunnels. They always offer a bonus with all the products which you will not get from anywhere else. If you subscribe to the funnel scripts, you will get several learning materials with it. From these, you can get a lot of knowledge about funnel marketing.

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Funnel Scripts

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What Can Be Done with The Funnel Scripts?

Funnel scripts can do a lot of work. It can be said that almost all of the scripts writing jobs can be done by this. Some of the main things are highlighted in front of you.

Ads Copy Writing

You can easily write ads copy with funnel scripts. You just need to provide the words you like as the input in the funnel scripts. After that, it will prepare the scripts ready for you by thinking itself. Ads copies made with funnel scripts are of great quality. These can easily attract people. People do not show interest if the text of the ads is not attractive. Even for this purpose only, you should write the ads copy with the funnel scripts.

Sales Copy

Now, copy writings are also required for sales. That can be done with funnel scripts also. If you use it, then it will save you a lot of time. Sales copy will be generated automatically. These may be wrong if you do these manually. But there is no chance to mistake by the software. The funnel scripts will do the things in the way as you input data.

Product Descriptions

The product description is the most important part of the online business. If you cannot show your creativity here, the chances of sales will be reduced. Just having good quality products will not be enough here. The quality of the product should be presented in front of buyers. Then the customers will be able to know about your product. Many people cannot be successful even having quality products because there is no good description in the product description part.

Many people get product descriptions written by writers. But it is not possible for everyone to get the copy written. The writer means very expensive. The funnel script will write beautiful reviews of your product. You just need to give basic information in its input. Then the software itself will create a product description. As everything will be automated, so the description will be very colorful and impressive.

Email Scripts

Now email marketing is quite popular. It’s a step of funnel marketing. There requires a lot of creative writing for email. headings, subjects, content body, and all are needed to be presented beautifully in an organized way. Not everybody can write well. Those who cannot write well have to go to other writers. That is why a lot of money is spent to write the mail scripts.

You can write mail scripts with funnel scripts. It can create all the scripts you need so that you can save money that you will need to spend on the writers.


A perfect heading can change a lot of things. Headings can be compared with attention. The better the heading will be, the higher the attenuation you get. Suppose someone is offering a free sandwich and highlighted it simply. Another one is offering the same and mentioned a free sandwich with extra care. People will be more attracted to the second one than the first one. With funnel scripts, you can easily create all the great headings for the funnel.

Lead Capture Scripts

It is also needed scripts for lead capture. You need the creative text to do these manually which may be beyond your ability. But the funnel scripts will create the landing page text. The more attractive and creative the lead capture scripts will be, the more possibility to get more lead generation. With funnel scripts, you can create interesting lead capture scripts as you wish.

Webinar Opt-In Copy

If you want, you can also write webinar opt-in copy scripts with funnel scripts. For that, you have to provide the necessary data to the input. The rest of the work will be done by the software. Since everything will be automated so everything is expected to be perfect.

Call to Action Copy

Many do not understand that all the beautiful copy writings are needed for call-to-action. The better writings you provide here, the more likely you get higher visitors to visit the link. The call-to-action text has to be as interesting as the heading so that the visitors become interested in clicking the link. Funnel Scripts will make you all the great call-to-action texts. Just you should let it know how to do things.

Video Description Copy

The video is the live status of something. The video shows things most like live. And the video description makes the video more vivid. The better the video description, the higher the engagement of the video. Especially those who are having video blogging have to present the video description and everything in a great way.

Many people cannot do that because of the lacking of good writers. Funnel scripts will meet your needs. It allows you to write the scripts for the video as you wish. Viewers will watch your video more and more after seeing the beautiful scripts. This will increase the chances of sales a lot.


  • There is a live training offered every month.
  • The forms are simple to fill
  • There are educating videos offered if you discover yourself puzzled
  • Its scripts can be edited in your own way.
  • It saves you time in inventing how to make your copy engaging

Funnel Scripts Price

Even with such a great advantage, its price is not very high. If you want to use funnel scripts, you will have to count $797 (One Time Payment).

Though the price seems a little higher, you will have to spend a few times more money when you will manually make copying done by others for each job. Similarly, you have to wait until the scripts is delivered from the writer. Funnel scripts is a better option considering these.

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Final Word

The Funnel scripts is actually such a magical software that it is hard to find an alternative to this. It’s the option itself. So do not waste your time searching for any other software or tool for copywriting. We have analyzed that nothing is perfect as like as the funnel scripts writing.

Funnel Scripts is the dedicated scriptwriter for creating a sales funnel. The funnel scripts alternate available is not so perfect. And that is created for general scripts writings. They will not be able to offer better performance for each of your work.

On the other hand, the funnel scripts has plenty of benefits. Apart from this, there is also the opportunity to have higher training from them regarding the funnel. Therefore, funnel scripts is the best for sales funnel copy writings.

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