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ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

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If you are already familiar with ClickFunnels, you have most probably heard of ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest. The name itself says a lot.

What if you can get your desired car in ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest and make your long-cherished dream true?

You are just a few steps behind getting your dream car with this contest. Before that, let us break down the concept of the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest so that you can get to know what to do.

Keep reading and we are going to introduce ClickFunnels to those who aren’t aware yet of what’s going on.

ClickFunnels is a funnel building tool that helps you to make amazing sales funnels for your business. You can own a business anywhere in the world and generate sales through your sales funnels.

ClickFunnels offers you a large variety of design and customization from where you can choose the perfect one for you.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and Dream Car Contest

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

This contest is based on the ClickFunnels affiliate program which allows you to earn even when you aren’t doing anything.

You have affiliates who promote your product or service to different groups of people. When people buy the product or service, affiliates get a commission.

In ClickFunnels, affiliates get an extraordinary commission of 40%. But this is not the end of the story.

You can also earn affiliate commissions by referring members to this platform. And the exciting dream car contest is all about this.

You may find buying a car quite hard if you are just starting a new business or something. It will be a lot easier if you join ClickFunnels. If the question arises in your mind that what you have to do for this, then you are on the right path.

If you refer 100 members to ClickFunnels, you are going to get a car. It is that easy. What if you refer more than that? There is a more exciting offer. If you refer 200 people to this platform, you are going to get another car. Isn’t it fun?

But here is the catch. They are not going to buy you a car instantly. Rather you are going to get a monthly bonus.

If you have 100 active referral members for one month, you will get a $500 monthly bonus. That is a pretty good amount, right? What if you have 200 active members for one month?

You will get twice which means a $1000 monthly bonus. Well, with this amount you will surely buy a car in the near future.

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How the Dream Car Contest Works?

You don’t have to participate separately in this contest. Once you sign up for the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, you are eligible for ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest.

Start referring members, and the more members you refer, the closer you are to your dream. Here is the way how you can qualify for this amazing offer.

Dream Car Contest

You Have Three Easy Steps to Qualify:

  • Step #1: Refer 100 Active ClickFunnels Members: Your primary task is to refer a minimum of 100 active members to ClickFunnels. Once they join ClickFunnels under your referral, you will qualify for your dream car. You are then eligible to lease the car you want.
  • Step #2: Get $500 Bonus Per Month: After you have 100 active members under your referral for one month, you will be given a $500 monthly bonus by which you can pay for your dream car.
  • Step #3: Get $1000 Bonus For 200 Members: If you want to grab your car as soon as possible, you can refer more members to this platform. Once you have more than 200 active members for one month, you will get a monthly bonus of $1000. That’s twice the previous amount. It will take a further on the way of achieving your dream.

How to Find People Who Need ClickFunnels?

Now the biggest question is where you could find this many people who will need this software for their business.

Well, that should be your headache. After all, the car is going to be yours. You have to plan some ways to get there, isn’t it?

What we can do is to suggest some good ways where you can find your success. But we are not going to do the whole work. You have to work on it and earn it to the goal.

It will be a great idea to search for people who are just starting their business as they will need this software the most.

Once you are able to convince them to use this, it is possible that they are going to use ClickFunnels. Once you succeed, you will find more ways to discover.

Here is another benefit that you can get from ClickFunnels. It is called “Sticky Cookie”. What is this? Let’s get to know.

What is ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie?

It is one of the basic differences with other affiliate programs that you might get a commission once for a sale.

But in ClickFunnels, there is a feature called Sticky Cookie which helps you to get commission over and over again for the same sale. How does it work? Check the following.

How ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie Works?

It is a very unique system that tracks your sales records. Sticky Cookie does mainly –

  • Follow Your Visitors Across All of Their Devices: For example, let someone is registering for a product on their phone. But they might order it after returning home at night on their laptop or pc. You are still going to get the recurring commission for that sale. Sticky Cookie stays on your back.
  • Focus on Front End Products: It doesn’t matter which products you are selling. You don’t need to make a big sale to get a bigger commission. Even if you have made a smaller sale, you will get the commission when they buy any other products. Sticky Cookie helps in tracking everything.
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ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest Winners

Here are some lines about those who have already won the contest and it might boost you to achieve the same goal.

Spencer Mecham

He is currently ClickFunnels #1 affiliate and already won the dream car contest. How he did that?

Well, he targeted small business owners who were in trouble with their businesses.

He made videos about ClickFunnels and let people relate it to their problems. Once they find their solution with ClickFunnels, it was not a tough job for him to win the contest.

Chris Fong

He is also one of the dream car contest winners and an affiliate marketing and SEO expert.

He runs a popular blog called Smart Business Trends blog and he earned his dream car through his blog and Facebook marketing.

We can list more people like this who have won their dream car in this contest. So, why it wouldn’t be you? Ask yourself. Once you get the answer, jump right in to make your dream true.

Final Thoughts

Don’t overwhelm yourself for ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest. It is a thing that is going to happen gradually, not overnight.

You have the chance of getting the car of your dream as well as the chance of getting nothing. If you don’t work with passion for your dreams, they will never come true.

As you know the details about ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest, it’s high time to get into it. Start working today and get your dream car. As the proverb goes, ‘The sooner, the better’.

Dream Car Contest FAQs

1. What Is the Dream Car Contest?

Ans: The dream car contest is an award given to those who successfully promote Clickfunnels. Once you’ve referred enough people, they’ll cover the lease of your dream car every month in exchange.

2. Is The Dream Car Contest Free?

Ans: The Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest is free to enter. Plus, by signing up for their affiliate program (which is also free), you can win a dream car simply by promoting it through your marketing efforts.

3. How Do You Win The Dream Car Contest?

Ans: To win the Dream Car Contest, you must enroll 100 active ClickFunnels members through your affiliate link. As long as you stay above 100 active Click Funnels members, they will send you a $500 check monthly to reimburse your dream car payment.

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