10x Secrets Masterclass Review [2024]: By Russel Brunson

Published On: February 11, 2019By 12.6 min read

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10x Secrets Masterclass Review

Russell Brunson is being called by the legend of funnel marketing. Wherever he puts his hand, he brings out gold. His last sample is 10X Secrets through which he earns $3.2 million in a single sale.

You are certainly wondering after hearing about such a huge income! It is normal to be surprised if you hear someone got that much income in a few minutes.

But now you want to know how could Russell earn so much money? And he explained that to his fans in the 10x Secrets Masterclass. Russell Brunson presented his knowledge of experiences in that and explained all the great formulas.

We are basically going to review 10x Secrets Masterclass today. In our review, the details of the program will be revealed.

Let us start the review right now.

10X Secrets Masterclass Overview

Name: 10x Secrets Masterclass
Sign-up Page: 10xSecrets.com 
Launch day: 8, November – 18, November 2018
Update: 8/11 – 10X Secrets has been launch
Price: $297
Update 18/11: 10X Secrets Masterclass has been closed

About 10x Secrets Masterclass Review

10x Secrets Masterclass ReviewRussell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels. He often plays such marketing tricks that earn a lot of money in a few moments. Everyone is shocked by the secret knowledge of his marketing.

He himself tests any new method first. Then he tells the secret formula of that to everyone. The 10x secrets masterclass is the result of his latest test and experiment.

Russell has described some of the strategies in this program that will help you to increase your sales a lot. There are a lot of marketing secrets in this package.

If you want to be successful in business, you can try to get the secrets of this package. Our writing is on what you will be able to learn from the 10x secrets masterclass review. In the review, we will discuss the latest program of Russell. So let’s start the main discussion now.

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What Is the 10x Secrets Masterclass?

10x Secrets Masterclass

The 10x secrets masterclass is basically a training program that Russell Brunson has designed to increase your sales. But before he releases this in the market, he himself has implemented and tested it in reality. And he was able to sell $3.2 million in a few hours there.

So you can understand how effective his program is. You might not be able to sell so much like Russell.

However, if you take part in this training program, there is no need to say that your sales will increase. In this training program, he has described how he got successes by the last experiment and what trick he has applied.

To teach you this, he has divided it into three parts. All things you will be taught gradually through training. When you will apply the knowledge you have achieved from the 10x secrets masterclass training in your business, your business will grow a lot.

Your sales will also increase a lot as well. Though this is a paid program by Russell but your money will be utilized well. And he is giving this program at a very low price. The value of the things which you will get along with this is more than 800 dollars.

However, due to this program, you are getting those totally for free. Some more information is presented here to make you understand better about it.

What Things Included in The 10x Secrets Masterclass Program?

Now you may have the question in your mind that what are the things you will get and what you will be able to learn after buying this training package?

Well, we are now going to describe them. Russell has arranged this package in a great way. Its features look quite lucrative even after seeing from the above. Let’s see what the things available in this program are.

1. The Sales Psychology

Sales are quite a matter of psychological facts. The more psychological anyone is, the more beneficial he or she is. If you want to sell, you need to know when to close the sale and how to deal with the customer in any situation etc.

Due to lack of sufficient psychological knowledge, many customers are lost. A lot of customers can be lost if you have a lack of sufficient psychological knowledge.

The more you understand customer psychology, the more you can make the sales. At a certain time, you will see that the customer is ready to purchase your product. If you behave in the opposite direction at that time then he will not order.

In simple words, you will lose a valuable customer at that time. When you deal with the customer goes to the extreme stage, you will have to talk about it according to the mental state of the customer.

Russell has tried to explain this in the Sales of Psychology part. You will be able to know how to deal with a customer, how to explain to the customers after understanding their mental condition, how to motivate him to buy and so on in the Sales Psychology part.

If you can understand the details described in the Russell’s Sales Psychology part, you will also be able to understand the mindset of the buyers. Then there will be no tension related to the sales. He has explained all the facts very well in the training.

2. The Precise Sequence and Scripting

Are aware of what you write or tell when you present a product to your customer? You may have less idea about how to present the product interestingly. If your product presenting is not good, then you are a failure.

Sales will not come any way and the customers will think that you sell bad products. There is nothing to worry if you know nothing about product presentation and scripting.

You can nicely learn those from Russell Brunson’s 10X Secret masterclass Review. Russell will show you how to make the precise sequence and how to organize product scripts. You can get a good idea from this chapter about how to write a beautiful script and attract more customers. A script is a mirror of any product. Through the scripts, all the qualities of the product are expressed.

You will also find out a great idea about what, how and when to tell the buyer and how, when and what type of script you need to create.

Russell discusses the special secrets on precise sequence and scripting. When you will utilize them, you can see the results in your own hands. Precise sequence and scripting are very important for selling products.

3. The Micro-Commitments, Pacing and Offer Structure

Micro Commitment, Pacing, and Structure are important parts of the sales. If you have good pace and structure in the sales presentation, your conversion rate will be high. Russell has shown these issues with great importance in the 10X Secrets Masterclass program.

He has described how to fix micro-commitments, pacing and offer structure. If you can show some small commitments in the product presentation then the customer will be able to trust you.

That is because you are giving commitments. Apart from this, Russell has shown how to create the offer to attract more customers. Just giving the offer will not work enough rather it is to be customer friendly. If you offer 1 bottle of milk is free with 10 bottles of milk, it will not attract the buyers. This is because the customer cannot finish 10 bottles of milk in a single day.

Through the training of Russell Brunson, you can learn how to present the best offer. Apart from this, you will also learn how to make the buyer interested to buy by giving micro commitments when you are having a conversation with the customer.

Considering all, you can achieve these types of secret formulas and increase the sales volume a lot from this program.

Benefits of 10x Secrets Masterclass

You would get a lot of benefits through this course. You will get a great help to create a perfect sales funnel. Russell will teach you everything step by step.

He has discussed this in the video about 5.5 hours long. So here is the list of what benefits you can get by participating in this course.

Session #1: Creating An Irresistible Offer

Creating an Irresistible Offer

Russell Brunson will give you step-by-step ideas on the irresistible offer. He has described regarding these in details in the video for about 5.5 hours long discussion. If you can apply the knowledge given by him, you can make a great improvement in the sales.

So let’s see what he will teach in this session.

  1. He will show you how to find out low competition niche. Keep in mind that low competition means selling is a lot easier for you. You can easily find out the low competition niche by following his formula. In the video, he has shown how to do it all.
  2. He will teach you how to find out the high priced product. Low priced products are less profitable. So you have to find out the high priced product and arrange the niche according to that.
  3. Then he will teach how to attract customers with the attractive offers. Remember that if you cannot attract customers, you will not be able to make more sales. So, with all the offers, you have to create interest in them.

Session #2: The Perfect Webinar

Russell Brunson has discussed regarding the Perfect Webinar in the session number 2 of his 10X Secrets Masterclass training program. There can be a lot of income from the webinar funnel.

He has shown that in the video. If you want to know how to build a great webinar funnel for earning thousands of dollars, you will have to see this session with a great mindset.

Then you will get fairly a good idea about the webinar funnel. The more things which you will get in this section are the following:

Session #3: How Russell Brunson Made 3 Million Dollars in 90 Mins at 10x Growth Con?

10x Secrets Masterclass Review

In this session, Russell will show you how he earned so many dollars in just 90 minutes and what is the secret? Because of this is the presentation.

The more attractively you can present your product, the more likely the sales will be increased. Depending on your presentation, the customers will decide whether or not they will buy the product.

Now you can understand how much the presentation is needed for sales. You will be able to know all about how Russell earned so much money, what was his presentation method, what was his planning behind this etc. Mainly, a very cool presentation made him earn $3.8 million in the 90 minutes.

 The Things He Has Explained Are the Following

  • What is the reason that everyone pulls out and turns their flashlight on?
  • How to walk your audience through personal stories and make them want to buy your product.
  • If you go through the video carefully, you can see he tries to close it 3-4 times before the end presentation. And he will explain the reason in the 10x secrets masterclass.

Who Can Participate in This Training Program?

Russell creates some of his programs for the public. This is a program similar to that. Anyone can take part in this. Especially for increasing sales, there are no more things to talk about than this. If you participate in this great training program, your funnel marketing knowledge will increase a lot.

You can take part in this course no matter you are a newbie or experienced or mid-level marketer. Then grow up your knowledge with the help of Russell.

It will seem to you that you are learning new things every day while you are getting the training from Russell. 10x Secrets Masterclass program is very perfect for all kinds of people.

10x Secrets Masterclass Pricing

Despite Russell is giving tips, he did not charge a too high price for this. You can take part in his training course costing just $297. Do not get afraid after seeing the $297 price.

This is because he is giving a huge bonus with it. It can be said that the more things you will get from this course as the bonus that you will get the main premium course for almost free if you consider all the things.

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10x Secrets Masterclass Bonus

If you buy the 10X Secrets Master Class course then there are a huge bonuses waiting for you. The bonus amount is so much that you are getting the main product almost free. Just only costing $297, you are getting a lot more expensive tutorials than this.

So, let’s take a look at a glance at what you are getting as a bonus in this package.

  • BONUS #1: The 10 X Secrets Swipe File
  • BONUS #2: The Perfect Webinar “hack”
  • BONUS #3: The Perfect Webinar Funnel

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have come to understand how important this course is. If you want to earn millions of dollars in a few minutes, then feel free to follow his method. Remember, Russell is a tested funnel marketer.

He doesn’t supervise any marketing method wrongly. The 10x Secrets Masterclass is such a tested method through which Russell has made millions of dollars in a few minutes.

We have described his wonderful and successful marketing program here in detail. We’re hoping that you have gained an adequate idea about this excellent program from our 10x secrets masterclass review.

If you want to learn something new about funnel marketing and want to grow your sales, you should take part in this program.

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