GoHighLevel Pricing: The Deal You Should Choose!

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GoHighLevel Pricing

Compared to the features GoHighLevel offers to its customers or users, the price seems standard. Still today, you can have four pricing options for GoHighLevel, and these are starter, unlimited, and pro.

And based on the business you have; you should choose the most suitable one. But unless you are well aware of pricing and the features they come out with, it becomes a lot more difficult for you to choose one. For example, let’s say you run a marketing agency, and for this, you need some tools and resources to perform daily tasks. Now, GoHighLevel can provide you with complete value if you can choose the right plan.

Beyond that, there are always chances to purchase GoHighLevel plans with discounted offers. And you should go with them. Moreover, the more you can explore the all-in-one marketing solution, the better you can use the SaaS software to grow and sustain your business.

So, are you on a mission to increase sales? Are you struggling to get new clients? Does your business demand automation, but you can’t manage them? No worries. This guide will not only let you know the updated GoHighLevel Pricing but also everything you should know about the marketing and management solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel’s starting price is $97, but with optional add-ons, the costs can increase significantly.
  • Opting for an annual payment plan will entitle you to a 16.6% discount, allowing you to save up to $994 each year.
  • Using GoHighLevel’s emailing and phone system is more cost-effective than opting for third-party applications.
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GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

As the day advances, the popularity of GoHighLevel gradually increases. Now, this is mostly because of the essential features the platform offers, along with the resources you need to market and run your business. But affordable price ranges, compared to the features a user is supposed to have, are another key reason for that immense popularity.

Now, let’s get back to pricing! GoHighLevel offers three types of pricing for its users.

Types of Plans Price Duration
Starter $97 Per Month
Unlimited $297 Per Month
Pro (White Label) $497 Per Month
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All three plans come with flat monthly pricing. Plus, there are free trials available no matter what plan you purchase. Another interesting fact is you can even extend the free trial a bit by following some steps. We’ll come back to that. But now, we will give you a detailed overview of the plans.

Starter- $97/Per Month

As the name suggests, the plan is for the new users. Yes, when you are new to any platform, it is always important to go with a plan that comes with the least pricing. You can have essential features and functionalities with the starter plan, and this will help you boost the marketing campaign of your business or clients.

There is another version of the starter plan available. Yes, you can go with the annual package by paying $970 for the same features and resources. And in this way, you can save around $194, which is a massive save indeed.

Now, you might be wondering what is available in the plan, right? No worries, we are about to explore the tools and resources the starter plan can provide you with. If you are a small business owner or run a digital marketing agency, don’t miss what you are supposed to have with the plan.

  • Pipeline Management
  • Campaign Builder
  • Workflow Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Website Builder
  • Power Dialler
  • Google Reporting
  • Standard Integrations
  • Email Builder
  • Call tracking
  • Facebook Reporting
  • Survey Builder
  • Website widget.
  • Basic CRM Functionality.
  • Form Builder.
  • Reputation management and more.

As you can see, you can have all the marketing materials you need to grow your small business. Customer relationships are very key in business, and the plan focuses on that as well. So, if you ask whether paying $97/per month is worth it, our answer will be a big YES!

Unlimited- $297/Per Month

As the price increases, you are supposed to have way more features with the GoHighLevel unlimited plan, which will cost you $297/per month. Now, if the starter package is for small business owners or marketing agencies, the unlimited plan is for businesses that need a wide range of tools and resources to sustain for a long time.

Now, similar to the starter plan, you can purchase unlimited plans on an annual basis. And for this, you need to pay $2970. You are supposed to save quite a lot of money in this way also. To be more precise, the annual purchase of the GoHighLevel unlimited plan saves $594, which can also be a very impressive deal.

If you run a big business or company, then you can make the most out of the features of the unlimited plan. And that’s the effectiveness of GoHighLevel pricing. Now let’s have a quick look at the tools and resources an unlimited plan user can have.

  • All you are supposed to have in the starter plan (as mentioned above)
  • White-label Desktop
  • Basic API access.
  • Membership
  • 24/7 chat support and more.

Let’s say you have explored the starter plan of GoHighLevel and think you need to boost up your business campaign or business activities. Now, in this case, it will be way better to go with the unlimited plan to make the most out of the tools and resources they offer.

Moreover, the access to the HighLevel University will help you a lot in accessing the SaaS software in an even more comprehensive manner. Plus, you can have the chance to come in touch with the experts out there who will teach you how to scale your business or marketing agencies by making the most out of GoHighLevel.

One of the most fascinating and effective features of the unlimited plan is you can have access to the branded app. Now, by using the tool, you can efficiently build mobile apps for your own business and customize them based on the brand image you have. Also, features like label marketing are something to notice as far as growing businesses are concerned for many.

Beyond that, you might want to create unlimited sub-accounts. And this plan allows you to do so. No matter how many sub-accounts you need to create, then again, paying only $297/per month can make that happen.

Pro (White Label)- $497/ per Month

Are you in need of white-label marketing for your business? No worries. GoHighLevel also offers these exceptional features for businesses of all sizes. Compared to the starter and unlimited plan, you are supposed to have way more features (tools and resources) with the Pro plan.

Moreover, the white label CRM can play a prominent role when it comes to scaling your business. But have you ever wondered what some of the exact features you can have from the particular plan are?

  • Offers more customization plans with your GoHighLevel.
  • Allows you to set your own plans based on your business or marketing agency.
  • Enables you to even sell GoHighLevel as a SaaS platform.

Now, similar to two other plans, you can also save a good amount of money if you purchase the annual plan of Pro (White Label) GoHighLevel. Now, going with the annual plan will cost you $4,970/ Per year (which saves $994).

Are There Any Discounts Available for GoHighLevel Individual Pricing Plan?

By becoming a bit smart, you can have discounts from GoHighLevel. And for this, what you really need to do is purchase the annual plans instead of the monthly ones. As you know, GoHighLevel offers three types of plans, and these are agency starter, unlimited, and Pro (White Label).

Now let’s have a look at a table where we demonstrate how much discount you are supposed to have when going with the annual GoHighLevel plans.

Types of Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing  Discounts
Agency Starter $97 $970 $194
Unlimited $297 $2970 $594
Pro (White label) $497 $4,970 $994

Beyond these discounts, users often have some promotional discounts in several periods of the year.

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost?

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost

That’s important, and the answer is a big ‘YES”. GoHighLevel is really worth you’re spending. Look, your business or marketing agency has too much competition online. In order to beat your strongest competitors and ensure your business growth, you need advanced marketing resources, automation, and guidelines.

And fortunately, GoHighLevel ensures all of them. So, if you compare the value you are supposed to have with GoHighLevel to your spending, things will become even more meaningful to you.

GoHighLevel has more than 60k users all around the world, and this simply showcases the effectiveness of the platform when it comes to growing business online.

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1. Does GoHighLevel Offer a Free Trial for Their Pricing Plans?

Yes, you can have a 14-day free trial no matter what GoHighLevel plan you purchase. Now, once the 14-day free trial session is finished, you can extend it to 30 days. But for this, you need to make sure you are an active member of GoHighLevel.

2. What Features Are Included in the Free Trial for GoHighLevel Pricing Plans?

You can have all the features you are supposed to have with the exact plans. For example, if you purchase the Starter plan, you will get all the features that come with the plan. Now, the same thing goes for the unlimited and Pro (White label).

3. How Do I Sign Up for the Free Trial for GoHighLevel Pricing Plans?

First, you need to enter the official website of GoHighLevel. Then, from there, you need to sign up and choose a plan you want to purchase. Now, once you select the plan, you can enjoy the free features of GoHighLevel plans.

4. What Information Do I Need to Provide to Sign Up for the Free Trial for GoHighLevel Pricing Plans?

You need to give some basic information in order to sign up for the free trial for GoHighLevel. For example, you need to enter your name, phone number, email address, and company name. Once you put the information there, you can hit the sign-up button and get started.

Disclosure: We are an independent GoHighLevel Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from GoHighLevel. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of GoHighLevel or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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