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Freelancer Secrets Review

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Those who want to do freelancing have to learn many things. It takes a lot of time to learn to freelance by following the general procedure. But what if you were taught some secrets formula to learn that?

So you can quickly learn to freelance and can succeed quickly as well. If you want to be successful with freelancing, you will need to read freelancer secrets review.

In the freelancer secrets review, we will highlight many unknown things. For that, you will easily get all the necessary directions. It’s basically an affiliate program of ClickFunnels.

We will discuss the details of the program in today’s discussion. So let us start the freelancer secrets review without further discussions.

Product Details

Vendor: Julie Stoian. Et El
Product: Freelancer Secrets
Front-End Price: $49/ Month or $199 Yearly
Trial: Yes,  $1 for Start Trial 2 Weeks
Sales Page:
Niche: Training
Support: Call Q&A with Julie, Private Community
Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

About Freelancer Secrets Review

Freelancer Secrets Review

Clickfunnels always helps new marketers to turn into skilled ones through different courses. Some of their courses or books are released almost every month. All of them are created to be suitable for new people. One of the great courses is freelancers secrets.

It is not basically made by Russell Brunson. This was made by a tutor of Clickfunnels. From this course, you can learn all the secret information about freelancers.

Through this course, you will be able to know how to be successful, how to work to achieve success quickly and so on. they have arranged the course in such a way that they will certainly develop you as a skilled and expert person.

This program is a new addition so it is unknown to many people. So today we are going to write the freelancer secrets review. Now take a quick look at the review.

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Who Is the Author of The Freelancer Secrets?

Author of The Freelancer SecretsJulie Stoian is the creator of Freelancer secrets course. those who do funnel marketing may seem to know the name. Yes, you should know about her because she is the marketing VP of Clickfunnels.

Besides, she is a skilled marketing coach for many courses offered by Clickfunnels and at the same time, she is also a skilled marketer.

Apart from this, she is also the teacher of the funnel builder secrets course. Hopefully, you all have got the ideas about which level of marketers she is.

She has arranged this program from his longtime experience. She has shown how to work even being a housewife, having children, and being divorced. The program reflected her long term experience.

If you can learn something new about freelancing from such a person, it would be really great. This woman is really very experienced in her field.

There are lots of tested methods in her collection of real-life experiences. If you want, you can easily get a clear knowledge about the way and procedure of freelancing from this program.

The Benefit of This Freelancer Secrets Training

There are wide advantages in this course offered by them. It will help you to build yourself as a skilled freelancer and marketer day by day. so let us see how you can benefit from freelancer secrets course.

Freelancer Roadmap Video: They will give you a video before starting the course. The entire roadmap of this course will be included there. This means that everything included in the course will be shown in that 42-minutes video. Then you will be able to do the course if you want.

Watch the 42-Minute Roadmap and Join Freelancer Secrets Program

Inside the video, you’ll discover the 3 secrets that will forever equip you as a freelancer, agency owner, and marketer… So you can take any idea, and bootstrap it to success!

Freelancer Secrets

  • Secret #1: The ‘upside Down’ Power of Service: This will show you how the freelancer/agency model will be. you can learn how to make a good business model even in an unfavorable environment. Your business will be very successful if you are able to set up a model of freelancer or agency, no matter whatever it happens. And for these, you have to take part in the course to get all the secrets formula.
  • Secret #2: The Biz Intensive Funnel Hack: At this stage, the author will share her own experience. He will show despite being a housewife, how she becomes the 6-digit earning freelancer in a few years. Here, she will highlight his real passion. By doing so you can use her experience in your own freelancing career. Since her experience is derived from real life, so if anyone uses any of these formulas, then the success rate will be even higher.
  • Secret #3: Zucker Booked: At this stage, you will be shown how will you list your email from totally the zero level? Apart from this, you will be able to know a lot of information about Facebook marketing. Remember that emails are very important in the field of funnel marketing. The bigger your email contact list is, the more likely the success will be. from this secret formula, you can understand how to gradually make the email list larger.

What’s Included in Julie Stoian’s Create Your Laptop Life Course?

Now you may have some questions in your mind that what will you get if you take part in this course? We are providing the list of everything that will be included in the course for those who have such questions in their mind.

#1 Personal Secrets (value $997)

Personal Secrets

Under the personal secrets section, you will be taught a lot of things. Now have a look at what is included in that.

  • How to Make Offer: Offer is very important in business. The more you can present your offers in front of the customers are more likely to be able to increase your sales. So the offer structure should be very interesting and straightforward so that customers are attracted to your products just after seeing your offers. If you can attract your customers by offers, then your business will be established within a few days.
  • Funnel Template: You will be able to know how a template should be made for business. The template plays an important role in the funnel design. If you can present your funnel through a beautiful template, then it is very likely to be successful.
  • Sales Scripts: To be successful in funnel marketing, you need to write beautiful sales scripts. If you can present the product beautifully in front of your buyers, they will be more inclined to buy more. Besides, you can get help from funnel scripts to get good sales scripts.
  • Closing Strategy: You will be taught how to close a successful sale. If you can keep a positive sign here, then the buyer will order you further. You can learn about the successful closing strategies from the secret facts that the author will describe in this case.

#2 Influence Masterclass ( Value $497)

Influence Masterclass

The secrets that you will be taught under influence masterclass are mentioned below.

  • Learn the difference between pages, profiles, and groups (for various different tasks). Here, you will be clearly taught more about pages, profiles, and groups and after that, you would be able to differentiate between pages, profiles, and groups.
  • Organic lead generation for people who are not willing to spend money on ads. organic lead generation is the best way for small business who are not able to spend more money on ads. you will be nicely taught how to bring organic leads and how to utilize that.
  • Hack the Facebook algorithm for maximum visibility, reach, and engagement. This is one of the greatest secrets that you will be able to learn. If you can learn and apply that perfectly, you will be able to do better in your business.
  • Proposal templates that you need to get a resounding yes from prospects. A right and attractive proposal template are very important in your landing page. This will help you to increase the positive feedback from your clients.
  • Real-life examples to follow along and learn from (no simulated environment here!). you may get lots of books on this topic, but real life examples are something special that you will not find out in other books or tutorials. So this course is a must for you to learn.
  • Post examples and ideas that are proven to get responses quickly! We all know posting good examples and ideas is one of the greatest things that can bring you quick responses. In this course, you will be able to learn that wonderfully.
  • The exact steps for turning Facebook profile into the top of your funnel. This means when and what you need to do to grow your business gradually. This secret course is really a blessing for those who want to learn to freelance and earn a good amount of money.

#3 Weekly Question-Answer Session with The Author ( Value $9997)

The most interesting aspect of the freelancer secret is that you can ask questions to the author every week. Take note of all your questions and ask them on a specific day. author Julie will answer all your questions.

Since you have a question-answer facility, you will be always connected with the author. Apart from this, you can also ask for any formula that you want to apply in your business. The question-answer session will play the role of incentive care.

#4 Private  Freelancer Community (value $497)

Private Freelancer

There is a private community for those who will participate in the freelancer secrets course. There you all can share your experiences with each other.

Since all of the learners who will take part in the course will be involved in a community, you can get help immediately from the community if there is any problem with understanding about any issue. And certainly, author Julie is also there for you to help.

#5 Job Opportunities (value $997)

How if you get a job from the instructor after completing the course? Yes, it will be possible for you in the freelancer secret course. Julie may offer you a job offer. This is undoubtedly a huge opportunity to work with click funnels.

However, not everyone will get such an offer. Only those who will do outstanding performance can get such offers from Julie. But if there is no job offer from Julie, then you would get from somewhere else as there is no doubt that this is a great course.

Pros And Cons


  • You can have the trial for 2 weeks just only for $1 before you buy.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere you want.
  • Learn and implement it in your business online.


  • Too much knowledge in this course, so you may feel “overloaded”
  • The price is only $49/month or $199/year which is not that much expensive. But if you are a beginner, it may seem high for you.

Freelancer Secrets Pricing

To participate in the freelancer secrets course, you will have to count about $49 a month. It has just only one subscription option. But if you want you can take membership for the whole year with just only $199.

Thus, you will get huge discounts on it. this is such a great that will provide you with countless output and you are paying less compared to the output you will get from this course.

You can also use a trial for 1 month to test it by costing just only $1. if you like it, then you can continue your subscription. But if you do not like the course, you do not need to continue it. to take a trial for $1, take a look at this link.

Freelancer Secrets Pricing

start Trail Just $1 Trial 2 Weeks Now!

How to Take Part in The Course?

If you feel you are taking part in this course after reading our review, then please do not hesitate to register and complete your registration today from here.

For that, you can quickly confirm your seat in it. likewise, you will also get free trials. This is a course operated by Click funnels. If you take part in the course, then it can be said that your business will grow a lot.

Again we are reminding you, do not to waste your time and quickly register for the freelancer secrets course. You will be able to learn much unknown information about business and its application in real life.

Final Verdict

It is better to learn something under an experienced person than to learn by own self. As it can help to learn very quickly, so does help to avoid errors.

Whether it is freelancing or funnel marketing, you can learn that well if you take the training. Clickfunnels has recently released the freelancer secret course. This course will allow you to know many formulas to become successful in real life.

Hopefully, we have been able to highlight all the things about this new course in front of you through a freelancer secrets review. There is no question about the quality and effectiveness of the course.

So, make sure your seat today. This is because if you are late, you will see that there is no seat available for you.

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