Clickfunnels VS Shopify: What Is the Dropshipping King 2024?

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Clickfunnels VS Shopify

ClickFunnels Vs Shopify is an unsolved debate to date. If you are entering the marketing world, you will be facing uncounted difficulties regarding the promotion of your products or services. Though there are hundreds of solutions, compiling them together for the best outcome is the real challenge.

And how this ClickFunnels Vs Shopify discussion can help you? We are going to break both of them down to the smallest in order to introduce you to the endless possibilities of these ideas. With either of them, your marketing struggle and online businesses can be a breeze.

ClickFunnels and Shopify have already become popular among marketers for their distinctive facilities that include easy operation, flexible integration capability, and organized content management systems. Both of them have their advantages and we are going to compare them in terms of features, usability, and other aspects.

This might not end the ClickFunnels Vs Shopify debate but will surely help you find the right solution to your marketing problems. After a brief introduction to each of them, we will go deeper to find out who has the most formidable possibilities to accompany you in business. Let’s get started.

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Digital marketing has taken over the industry for quite a while now. In this era of the internet, starting an online business is much easier than ever. But it also brings new challenges along with it such as promoting your products or services to the right audience.

If the product or service isn’t marketed to the right audience, your easy cheesy online business can turn into failure. What can we do to cope with this diverse situation? ClickFunnels and Shopify are two of the most impactful online marketing platforms, if not the most.

Unless you are running a well-established brand or business, you will need any of these online marketing platforms to spread your name among the audience. But how ClickFunnels Vs Shopify debate can be beneficial for you?

To be honest, ClickFunnels and Shopify have some basic differences in their structure. ClickFunnels is much more popular among online marketers while Shopify is the best choice of drop shippers. Why is it so? We are going into that a bit later.

If you are just starting, you might need to undergo a lot of homework to build the right structure for your business. Even if you have worked hard, all your planning can go in vain as the marketing world is changing every day.

So, it isn’t enough to just make a good plan rather you need to update your plan from time to time. Also, you need to take care of a lot of things while competing with existing brands or products. Running an online business includes product promotion, making sales, keeping accounts, handling customers, and many more hassle.

Managing all these can be a real hurdle for yourself. What if you get a platform that gives you all the necessary support to embellish your virtual store with enormous products and services? Fortunately, ClickFunnels and Shopify are two of them.

There are hundreds of more platforms like these two but why we are putting them head to head? It is because ClickFunnels and Shopify both offer a wide variety of services for online marketers and businesses.

From building attractive landing pages to integrating payment gateways and email automation services, both these platforms enable you to gain the desired profit without paying much attention to the technical part.

As everyone is not a programmer, it might take a lifetime for them to learn difficult technical things and implement them in digital marketing. Both these platforms make Dropshipping and online marketing easier in terms of building online shops, creating automated email lists, generating invoices, and so on.

We will take you through different features and characteristics of ClickFunnels Vs Shopify so that you can decide which platform to choose for better performance. Make sure you follow along.

Why Dropshipping?

Dropshipping has become one of the most popular business models because of its accessibility to pretty much everything. Even if you are a new marketer or just starting a business out, you can perform better in this business model.

But to do that, you will need smooth confidence over a good lot of things which include business modeling, sales funnels, automated marketing emails, and so on. Before we get to know how ClickFunnels Vs Shopify helps you in this job, let us clarify both these perform further for your convenience.

What Is ClickFunnels?

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a bombshell, in simple words. It has pretty much everything loaded into its arsenal that you are going to need to run your online business or marketing. This funnel builder tool helps you make catchy landing pages and other sales funnels in a matter of minutes.

Once you are in, ClickFunnels will amaze you with its wide collection of pre-built templates that you can use instantly to make attractive web pages for your business. These templates have been professionally designed to grow your sales number.

Not only these templates are highly professional but also you can customize them as per your requirements. These templates come for pretty much every business you can think of. From customers’ subscription to hosting webinars, from selling products to marketing, everything has been made easier for even the absolute beginners.

ClickFunnels will let you create your customized sales funnels and you can even add your favorite payment gateways for easy transactions across the world. More features of ClickFunnels can help you to establish a successful business which we will discuss later in detail.

The most convenient feature of ClickFunnels might be the compatibility with third-party applications through which you can have clear control over your business. At every point, you are going to need some automation tools that can help you grow faster and work smarter.

From email autoresponders to payment gateways, from affiliate marketing tools to automated mailing lists, everything can be integrated with ClickFunnels to give you better performance, every time.

But does that justify ClickFunnels Vs Shopify debate? To find that out, we will dive into Shopify and discover what it offers. Only then you will be able to point out the difference between ClickFunnels Vs Shopify. Let’s check this out.


What Is Shopify?

Shopify can be heaven for drop shippers as it lets you build your online store enriched with features capable of running a full-fledged e-commerce business. Don’t you have any idea about developing websites or content management systems? Don’t worry.

Shopify allows you to enter into their well-known infrastructure, use their pre-built professional templates for e-commerce, integrate multiple payment gateways, and every other support to run your Dropshipping business smoother than ever.

Unlike ClickFunnels, Shopify is perfect for the businesses that want to run and grow in the same platform with the help of different aids. Though ClickFunnels allows a lot of integration, Shopify offers even more with its extension library.

Here you can add any customized tools to your online store as per your requirement. But don’t worry, you don’t need to design and manipulate them. Rather, professional developers are working to make it even better.

You just need to find out your right tools to handle your business better. These tools can be easily installed and used from the vast extension library. As Shopify also offers inventory management systems, managing the products in your shop will never be a hassle again.

Shopify also integrates with a lot of third-party tools to give you a better experience. It is compatible with 70 payment gateways worldwide which you can use in your business. And the list goes on.

But we are not here to describe all of their features and advantages. Rather we will now compare them in terms of different parameters to find out which platform serves the best for drop shippers between ClickFunnels Vs Shopify. You are cordially invited.


What Are the Differences?

Though ClickFunnels and Shopify are both popular among the marketers, they have some prominent differences if we consider their structural or organizational behavior. Here we are going to discuss those differences so that you can get a clear idea of what you should expect from either of ClickFunnels Vs Shopify.

We have taken some of the basic characteristics of both of them as testing parameters, depending on which we will evaluate these platforms. There might be some more parameters but we are skipping them for now. First things first.

A/B Split Test

What is A/B split test? It is more like not putting all your eggs into one basket. If you have made a plan for your business, you should always have an alternative plan which is known as plan B. If your plan A doesn’t work, you can still rely on plan B.

But trying and testing them separately will cost you a lot of time and money. This is why we integrate separate plans in one place and run them at the same time. This clearly shows us the better way in terms of performance. Then we can head on to the right plan as required.

From the A/B split test analysis, you can always find the flaws in your plan and make corrections before they go live. It is a great feature to use and both ClickFunnels Vs Shopify allows you to do A/B split testing before you launch your product or service in the market.

Prebuilt Designs

Design or the outlook of any online store can have a great impact on the mind of the target audience. So, if you aren’t careful while choosing the design aesthetics, you might fail to draw the attention of a certain group of visitors.

Though you can’t get the attention of all the audience, you can always maximize the number. For this, you need to build a professional-looking and attractive online store that your target audience can relate with.

But doing so can require a whole lot of time and money if you are not a programmer. Then you go to someone who builds the website for you and you continue to pay a large amount for the maintenance of the website. Also, those websites aren’t easily customizable. So, whenever you need a change, you go to the developer and it takes a lot of time.

With ClickFunnels Vs Shopify, you can easily design your online store as per your choice. There is a wide collection of professionally built templates that you can instantly use to build your dream website. Moreover, these templates are easily customizable so you can just drag and drop any item as per your requirement.

Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a must-have add-on for Dropshipping as your customer needs a safe and reliable way to pay their hard-earned money. In this care, the more payment gateways you can integrate with the platform, the more versatility will be added to your store and more people can pay you through their convenient gateway.

Both ClickFunnels Vs Shopify can be integrated with a whole lot of payment gateways. But in this case, Shopify is clearly one step ahead with its ability to integrate with 70 payment gateways worldwide. So, if you are doing e-commerce or online marketing, receiving or sending payments has never been easier.


Automation is something that lessens your hurdles regarding marketing emails, customer queries, and other things. If you have a platform that proactively automates your work, everything will be much smoother.

ClickFunnels is the ultimate house of automation where you can easily handle your mailing list with different marketing offers and many more. But Shopify lacks this feature as it doesn’t have any integration automation tool.

But you can always use third-party automation tools with Shopify to enhance your workflow. You can find them in the extension library and use them for a nominal fee.

ClickFunnels Vs Shopify Pricing

Pricing! The ultimate point of this ClickFunnels Vs Shopify debate where most of you will be deciding which one to choose. So, let us break this down and reveal the cost of both these platforms so that you know everything upfront.

ClickFunnels has pretty simple pricing plans. Between two plans named ClickFunnels Standard and ClickFunnels Platinum, you can choose the right plan for you. How much do they cost?

ClickFunnels Standard plan costs you $97 per month where you get all the basic features of ClickFunnels and this plan is great for beginners. If you are just starting and don’t want to spend much on this platform, you can choose ClickFunnels Standard which will serve all your purposes.

In the ClickFunnels Standard Plan, you will get features like building your funnels with pre-built templates, customizing them, and adding payment gateways.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels Platinum will cost $297 per month for which you can expect everything ClickFunnels has to offer. Along with regular features, you get access to Actionetics and Backpack which are the most unique features of ClickFunnels.

Actionetics is the built-in email autoresponder of ClickFunnels which you can use in your favor. You don’t need to pay any extra penny for third party email autoresponders again if you go with the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

And Backpack is the affiliate program of ClickFunnels where you can have people promoting your products for a percentage from the sale. We aren’t going to that now but it is a great feature to have.

Shopify offers different pricing plans but there is a catch with it. Whatever pricing plan you choose, you have to pay an extra transaction fee on each of your sales.

If you opt for the basic plan with Shopify, you need to spend $29 per month plus a 2% transaction fee on each sale. Upgrading to the regular plan reduces the transaction fee to 1% and the advanced plan makes it 0.5%. Though the percentage is low, it can be a large amount if you are making bigger sales.

ClickFunnels Vs Shopify – Features Rundown

Between ClickFunnels and Shopify, there are noticeable differences in terms of features and usability as a Dropshipping platform. We will take you through the detailed rundown of the features of ClickFunnels Vs Shopify so that you can figure out which will suit you the most.

Essential Features of Shopify Platform

  • Store Builder

This might be the most useful feature for new marketers to embellish their online store using Shopify’s pre-built templates. Once you subscribe to Shopify, you are ready to choose different free and premium templates from their collection.

The best thing about these templates is you can customize them completely as per your requirement. For this, you don’t need any technical knowledge. The drag and drop feature of the page builder allows you to place the right thing in the right place with a few clicks.

From fonts to colors, from icons to logos, you can change everything according to your brand’s identity. This powerful feature sets Shopify to stand out and makes building an online store much easier for you.

  • Powerful Analytics

In today’s world, information is everything. So, it does matter how much information you are getting from the platform you are using to run your business. The more you get, the more you can analyze your performance and make changes to cope with the diverse business world in this era of the internet.

With this kind of data, you get access to every possible movement of your audience which allows you to make further decisions. You can either use built-in analytics in Shopify or integrate third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics to track your performance.

Inside the dashboard, you will get everything organized like a professional report and it makes understanding the data super easy. Once you have full control over this data, you can check sales reports, audience favorites, and other aspects of your online store.

  • Inventory Management

This is a must-have feature for any Dropshipping platform as you need to track your products at any given moment. With Shopify’s built-in inventory management system, you can organize your products by their type, color, size, etc.

You can also integrate third-party inventory management systems to keep track of your products and everything is much easier than any other Dropshipping platform.

  • Extensions

It might be the most exclusive feature of Shopify to provide you a complete extension library so that you can add an extension to your web store to make it fully functional. Though there is adequate features built-in, you can anytime outperform them with the extensions available in the extension store.

There are some free extensions that you can use anytime, anywhere but some other premium extensions will require a special subscription to use. So, if you find something useful in the extension store that can work for you, don’t miss it out.

Essential Features of ClickFunnels

  • Prebuilt Templates

ClickFunnels offers a diverse variety of pre-built funnel templates for any kind of business. These templates are professionally designed to bring you the best outcome. Even though you can customize these templates as per your requirement.

ClickFunnels also allows you to build your templates by dragging and dropping necessary items on any given page, just like Shopify. As we have mentioned earlier, this makes page building a whole lot easier.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Like Shopify, ClickFunnels also allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways so that your revenue grows over time. But to use this feature, you need to subscribe to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan costing $297 per month.

If it is a bit more for you as a beginner, you can opt for the Standard plan but you get only one payment gateway integration there. But we think it is somehow okay to start with one than spending a bunch of money in the beginning.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Inside the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, you get access to Backpack which is the integrated affiliate program of ClickFunnels. Here you make people promote your products for a commission. The commission is depended on the number of sales.

There are integrate tools inside this plan to keep track of the sales people are making so that you don’t need to pay for unsuccessful marketing. It has become so popular among affiliate marketers so you know, your marketing cost is bringing much more with every sale.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Backpack if you are in the Standard plan. It is only available in the Platinum plan.

  • Email Marketing Tools

Like Backpack, you can also use Actionetics inside the Platinum plan which is the built-in email autoresponder of ClickFunnels. With this, you will never need any email marketing tool again. This is so feature-rich that you can manage your email lists to get the most out of that.

This only comes with the Platinum plan, so if you are a Standard plan user, better find a third-party email marketing tool.


This brings us to the decision that between ClickFunnels Vs Shopify, either one can be chosen to flourish your Dropshipping. But one thing is clear, Shopify is leaning more on the e-commerce side. So, its features are e-commerce oriented, and drop shippers can get the most out of it.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is the ultimate choice for marketers as you can build everything here. If you are planning to market your products or services of different categories, you can use ClickFunnels with no doubt.

Final Verdict

It is tough to choose between ClickFunnels Vs Shopify. So, we want to leave this decision to you who are going to run the business. If you are going to run an e-commerce, you can definitely go for Shopify. If you are planning more, you can opt for ClickFunnels.

Whichever you use, make sure you are putting your best to organize your business and keep growing every day. Best of luck.

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