Software Solutions

Funnel marketing is totally dependent on the software. Because the number of works we need to do here will take thousands of years to be done manually. With the help of the software like these, you can do marketing in the automation system.

It needs the software for doing every task like email sending, landing page design, lead collection, campaign creation, campaign monitoring, audience research etc. It is difficult for those who are new to the field of funnel marketing to choose the best one for a lot of software.

Software Solutions

Considering this, the Pro Funnel Builder is offering software solutions service. We usually try to recommend to our clients the best funnel software on the market. Clients also get a huge benefit for that after getting good quality software. And if you can choose the right software for funnel marketing then the success is only a matter of time to come.

We do not recommend any software to others without testing it. Before giving any software service, we check that everything well. If we are satisfied with everything, we only suggest that software. This is because we do not want that anyone gets the bad quality things due to our recommendation.

So, we can say that you can use our funnel software solution without any tension.

Our Favorite Software Solutions

Here is a list of software that we work with. We have added a short description with each of the software. You can understand the software wise functions for that.



ClickFunnels is one of the best automation software for funnel marketing. It is very popular with the funnel marketers.

There is no work in funnel marketing that cannot be done with ClickFunnels. It is possible to do a lot of tasks with this such as email sending, landing page design, template creation, campaign setup, auto responders, lead collection and a lot more.

ClickFunnels will stay ahead of others in terms of delivering successful email. Similarly, there are many built-in template designs inside it.

You can set up the campaigns after slightly modifying those. Similarly, those who are experienced in design can create new templates with this if they want. We have arranged such nice funnel software for you to use it for 14 days in a free trial.



Infusionsoft is the name of high-quality software for funnel marketing. This will allow you to integrate with a lot of third-party software.

The big advantage is that it is so good for collecting the details information of the customers. It can track everything like where did the visitor come from, how they come, where is the location, how much time they have spent on the landing page etc.

This will make it easier for you to get the customer analysis. It also allows you to do marketing automation, sales automation etc. You can even also calculate all the payments of the account.

You will get this most important software for funnel marketing for free from us. We are making the arrangements for you. You can test this software at least once to know how much help it is.


Funnel University:

Funnel University is actually an organization of ClickFunnels. The founder of this is the famous funnel marketer Russell Brunson. You will be able to learn everything beautifully in the live classes of Funnel University in different subjects related to the funnel. If you enrolled in any course at this university, you will get unlimited marketing resource.

In the course, you will get journals, audio, videos, secret formulas of successful persons, and various books written by Russell Brunson and so on. With just a nominal fee, you will get the equivalent of approximately $25,000 worth of resources.

By coaching in this university, you can move forward in funnel marketing than others. For the sake of your knowledge, here is a list we have provided looking at which you can know the resources you will get from this university after admission.

  • Image Headline Generator
  • Funnel Stacking – The 3 Core Funnels
  • DotComSecrets Labs – 108 Proven Split Test Winners (book)
  • FunnelU Black Card – Marketing Course on A USB Card
  • Instant Survey Generator
  • Video Image Generator
  • Webinar Chat App
  • Instant File Uploader

You will get all these things together. You will be able to test these for free to see how much effect these are. So subscribe today to get the 14 days of free trial.

  • Image Headline Generator
  • Funnel Stacking – The 3 Core Funnels
  • DotComSecrets Labs – 108 Proven Split Test Winners (book)
  • FunnelU Black Card – Marketing Course on A USB Card
  • Powerful VSL Scripts
  • OTO Scripts
  • Product Description
  • Free Reports
  • Webinar Option

Funnel Scripts:

Funnel scripts is also another remarkable contribution of the ClickFunnels. Funnel scripts is a great thing for those who cannot write well. With this script, you will be able to create beautiful content easily. You will just need to provide the required input into the software input. The rest will do this.

You will be able to create a few types of scripts and it will show those. You can edit those scripts you created if you like. In the simple word, there is nothing good enough to the funnel scripts for automated copywriting. The works you will be able to do using this scripts are following.

  • Powerful VSL Scripts
  • OTO Scripts
  • Product Description
  • Free Reports
  • Webinar Option
  • Seinfeld E-mail Scripts
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • E-Mail Headlines
  • Fast Teasers and Tweets
  • Headlines

To understand the excellent charisma of this copywriter, complete your sign up for free today.


Get Response:

Get Response is the best options for those who are looking for cheap quality funnel software. They give a lot of things according to your ability. You will be able to do a lot of things like email sending, campaign setup, landing page design, template design, mail header, lead collection, and many more.

Do not think it is not worthy of doing the perfect work due to the fact that the prices are lower than others. Rather, its performance is much better than much renowned software. It is useful for all the new and old category marketers.

There are many pre-designed email templates and landing page templates inside it. Likewise, if you want, you can create many new templates yourself with the help of this. They have added all the tools to it to edit.

You will be able to collect the necessary information of the visitors from the landing page by the Get responder. You can also integrate this with the Click Funnel if you want. You can test the software for free for 1 month.



Stripe is not any funnel marketing software but rather a payment gateway. You will be able to integrate this with a lot of funnel software like click funnel, get responder etc. With Stripe, your customers can make payments with all kinds of payment processors. It allows you to maintain free, paid, the trial subscriber.

The stripe will detect who is the paid subscriber and who is using the trial. When the trial ends, the user will be given the notice to shift to the paid version.

You can sleep in free of tension leaving all the responsibilities of the payments to the Stripe. Because of us, you will get the chance to test it for free. So, try to complete that test today.



Sendgrid is an exceptional email marketing platform. They provide cloud email service. With this, you can send email to any server including SMTP, HTTP and any other. It is quite successful in email deliveries on Android devices, the Windows server etc. Sendgrid is very popular software for all the businessmen.

This is because with the help of this, you will be able to send emails to thousands of subscribers within a short time. Larger companies use Sendgrid to send new updates to their customers.

Many companies including Uber, Airbnb, and LinkedIn etc. take their services. You can use Sendgrid to keep your subscribers updated. If you want to test how much effective it is, then complete your sign up today.


Amazon SES:

Amazon SES is the best solution for those who want to send email to the SMTP server using ClickFunnels. It will be enough to integrate it only with ClickFunnels. Then your subscribers will get the mail on the SMTP server.

Though the setup is a bit complicated, the cost is very low. With the help of this, email can be sent to the SMTP server at a small cost. To do it separately, you will have to pay a lot of money.

Due to the great combination of the ClickFunnels, you will be able to save a lot of money and the results will also be great.

If you want to use Amazon SES, you will first decide to fix the location. If you select the region, all the tools of this will be open for you. If you want to check this affordable email handler, you can start from here.


Final Thoughts

We never want to recommend you poor quality software and make you fall into troubles. We have selected only the tested software here. Each of the software is used in different types of funnel marketing. You can choose any of those that are used for the same purpose. When you will start funnel marketing with the above software, everything will seem a lot easier for you.